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Artdeco High Performance Lipstick

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Brand: Artdeco / Type: Lipstick / Suitable for: Lip

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    2 Reviews
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      08.03.2015 16:26
      Very helpful



      Artdeco Pure Moisture Lipstick

      The Artdeco Pure Moisture Lipstick is available for GBP 12.80.

      The lipstick comes in a silver-coloured packaging. On the closing cap is the product name. The lipstick includes 4 g.

      The lipstick is described as follows. "For women who don't want to compromise on quality: brilliant color intensity, noble shine, good durability combined with the highly effective anti-aging ingredient hyaluronic complex and minerals from white tourmaline. The result: young, smooth lips which are supplied with intense moisture. The hyaluronic complex with its moisturizing properties is a big help. Hyaluronic Filling Spheres® absorb the skin's moisture, thereby expanding and filling up lines and wrinkles from the inside. White tourmaline, a gemstone which provides trace elements such as magnesium, calcium, iron and silicon supplies and promotes skin vitality and the preservation of youthful radiance. Oil obtained from carrots, beta-carotene, improves the elasticity of the skin. Vitamin E fights against free radicals and premature aging of the skin. Nourishing oils from the fruits of wild rose and natural waxes maintain the skin smooth and soft. Paraben-, silicone oil-, fragrance- and mineral oil-free. Also suitable for sensitive lips. With protective UV filter."

      The lipstick has a firm consistence and can be applied well. The colour is evenly and intensive, a slight shimmer can be noticed. The lipstick is covering. The lipstick coveres dry and cracked skin. The lipstick leaves a pleasant feeling on the lips. The skin does not dry, a caring effect can be noticed instead. The scent reminds of vanilla.

      The lipstick can be noticed for about 4 hours, the color intensity lessens over time.

      I can recommend the Artdeco Pure Moisture Lipstick, as the colour is evenly and intensive. The lipstick has a caring effect and can be noticed for about 4 hours.


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      20.09.2011 23:33
      Very helpful
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      Nice for special occasions

      Artdeco is a range of make up that I have heard of in the past but never actually tried as I believed it to be quite expensive, that was until my wedding. I used a beauty therapist who lives quite locally to me to do all of the wedding make up and Artdeco is the range that she always uses. After a trial I was very impressed with the make up particularly the lipstick she used and decided to buy one myself for the day so that I could touch it up.

      The lipstick comes in a small rectangle black box just slightly bigger than the lipstick itself, the word "Artdeco" is written length ways down the box in silver writing with the range of the lipstick written next to this, in my case it sae "Glam Stars Lipstick", this is then repeated in a second language just underneath. If the box is tilted in the right light you can see a slight swirly pattern at the bottom of the box. This is literally all the information that is on the front of the box, exactly the same information is repeated on the back of the box as well. Along one side of the box is a large list of ingredients written in white to make them stand out against the black background. On the lid of the box is a large square which shows the colour of the lipstick and has the range and colour number written within this coloured box, again in my case it says "Glam Stars 94 Lipstick". This is all for the information that is on the outer packaging, it is very plain and simple but does looks quite stylish.

      The Lipstick
      The lipstick comes in a shiny back rectangle case, it has the word "Artdeco" written length ways down it in silver to match the outer box. The case pulls apart in two halves to reveal the actual lipstick itself, the lid is quite large taking up half of the case. Once the lid is removed it reveals a round case containing the stick of lipstick, to wind the lipstick up you simply twist the bottom half of the base. The lipstick comes in the traditional stick with a slightly angled end, the word "Artdeco" is also engraved into the lipstick itself. Once finished the lid clicks in place, this can be quite hard to do, and with the case being made from shiny plastic it can be a bit tricky to remove. The colour lipstick I chose is a dark pinky purple with a bit of sparkle in it, the colour of the lipstick is quite accurate to the shade it looks when applied, some lipsticks I have tried in the past look a different colour compared to the shade they look when applied.

      I purchased my Glam Stars Lipstick through the person who was doing my wedding make up, and to be honest I cannot remember exactly how much I paid. However I do know that Artdeco make up and the Glam Stars lipstick range can be purchased online from sites such as www.garden.co.uk. They sell the Glam Stars range for £12.75, which is a bit on the expensive side for a lipstick but worth it if it lasts well and from what I have seen this is pretty much the standard price for this range, unless you purchase it from sites such as Ebay which I have seen it advertised on.

      The colour I have purchased is colour 94, this is a dark pinky purple shade, however there are others available within the Glam Stars range including
      *05 fuchsia Shimmer
      *08 Antique Rose Shimmer
      *11 Dark Red Shimmer
      *14 Copper Shimmer
      My lipstick does not have the actual name of the colour on it, just the number. These are the colours which are available from Garden, however there are a lot more colours in the range as I was informed by the beauty therapist but the colours available depends on which site you are shopping on.

      My Opinion
      I have been very impressed with my Artdeco Glam Stars lipstick, the colour I have is the exact colour I wore on my wedding day, the shade suits me perfectly and lasted extremely well, I did have to touch it up a couple of times throughout the day especially after our meal, however it did not wear off after one drink as with some lipsticks I have tried in the past. When I applied the lipstick is glided on smoothly and evenly, the lipstick has a slight sparkle to it which also spread itself out evenly across my lips. The colour I have is quite dark so I find I do not need much of it at a time meaning that so far it is proving to be very long lasting, it looks like I have used hardly any of the lipstick. I do think it is a bit on the expensive side for a lipstick, however Artdeco is a well know brand used in many top beauty salons and it is of excellent quality, it is worth the money providing you are going to get the wear out of it. I would recommend the Glam Stars Artdeco lipstick to anyone looking for a good quality product that lasts well and is easy to apply, however I would not buy this on a regular basis, for me this is something that is more for a special occasion, in this case my wedding. For every day make up I will probably stick to cheaper brands, however I would consider buying it on occasions.


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      Artdeco / Type: Lipstick