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Attitude Nail Care System

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Brand: AttitudeLine / Suitable for: Nails / What it does: Smoothes,

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    1 Review
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      22.11.2007 22:26
      Very helpful



      An easy but effective way to achieve perfect shiny, strengthened nails!

      Last week I was walking through the local shopping mall when I was stopped by a salesman He was a real charmer and instantly said 'hey beautiful lady can I have 5 minutes of your precious time?' I obliged and walked with him to a small booth with minus - 417 displayed on. He asked me some very funny questions such as how often do you touch yourself...do you love your body and do you like feeling yourself (he was from Israel and obviously some of the meaning was lost in translation) the questions were all centrered around 'dry skin' and nail condition.

      He did a 'demonstration' using the manicure set...I was pleasantly surprised. My nails looked amazing and very shiny, my hands felt very soft and smooth. He then explained that the manicure set is worth over £100 but for me today only it would be £29.99. Despite the extortionate price I was very impressed with the results so decided to purchase it.

      Attitude Line is based in Southern California and used three main ingredients - Minerals from the Dead Sea, DMAE and Ester-C. The company believe in the health and beauty properties of minerals from the Dead Sea.

      Many of the products contain Dead Sea minerals which apparently have moisturising qualities. There are 21 minerals that can be found in the Dead Sea that cannot be found in any other sea. It is proven to be relaxing, rejuvenating and have bacterial protection. The high proportion of Sodium Chloride levels have made 'Dead Sea salt' highly popular with the beauty profession. Many people pay huge amounts to bathe in the famous salt. The salt is believed to have healing properties for those suffering from psoriasis.

      The manicure set comes complete with four products...the first is the buffer sponge. Describes as 'magic' by the salesman. The next is the mineral cuticle oil, with the exfoliating scrub. The final stage is the 'Indian Summer' moisturiser containing Dead Sea minerals.

      I am very dubious of quirky, gimmicky products such as the 'Attitude Manicure Set' because it they always claim to work miracles but lack that 'oomph'.

      The Buffer
      The cuboid shaped buffer has three different layers. The first layer (the black side) is designed to remove ridges from the nail. It is advised that this stage takes 10-20 seconds. The second stage (blue) is the buff, which is made from a cotton type material. It makes the nail look soft and smooth and takes 30 seconds. The final stage however is the miracle shiner (white) which apparently contains pure silk which helps draw oils to the surface giving a shiny appearance, this stage takes 10 seconds. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my nail for the first time.

      Mineral Cuticle Oil
      The Mineral Cuticle Oil comes in a 30ml bottle. It contains Isopropy, Myristate, Eucalyptus Oil, Dead Sea Salt and Minerals. The Mineral Cuticle Oil is a 'Cruelty Free' product which means that it has not been tested on animals and is environmentally safe. This is applied to the cuticle and the exfoliating sponge is pushed onto the nail and back to help renew cracked or damaged cuticles.

      Indian Summer Moisturiser
      The moisturiser is enriched with Botanical extracts, essential oils, Dead Sea Salt and Minerals and comes in a 240ml bottle. There is no need to use huge amounts due to its oily consistency.

      The Buffer
      When I saw my nail for the first time I was amazed...I couldn't believe how shiny it was without nail varnish. I did feel a little discomfort when using the blue 'buff' stage. My nail felt like it was over-heating. It was almost as if I could start a fire by rubbing two surfaces together...in fact it really made me cringe. After this stage I was so impressed with the overall look I didn't mind a few seconds of discomfort.

      Mineral Cuticle Oil
      The cuticle smelt lovely, the smell of Eucalyptus instantly filled my nostrils. The exfoliating 'finger glove' looked rough and uncomfortable but it was so soft and very refreshing. After this stage my nails felt very healthy and smelt great.

      Indian Summer Moisturiser
      My hands felt as smooth as a baby's bottom after using this moisturiser...in fact I can't remember the last time my hands felt so soft. The smell is beautiful. It is very mild and not as overpowering as the Cuticle Oil. The moisturiser has a faint smell of the sea and although mildly fragranced lasted a long time on my hands (about 3-5 hours).

      I do my hands every 9-14 days and the shine lasts a very long time. The salesman explained that this method is much healthier for nails than using nail varnish. I have managed to get that permanent shine like I would with a clear nail varnish but its completely natural. I have also noticed that my nails feel strong and 'unbreakable'.

      I paid £29.99 for the whole set although I am sure with careful searching you will be able to find it a lot cheaper online. The products are available at http://www.attitudeline.com/shop/?shop=1&cat=5&cart=7463 (American store) sold separately and as a kit. I would strongly recommend the kit although the miracle buffer is ample. At $9.99 (note that there is no UK store...shop based in USA). The buffer is amazing value and has a one year guarantee.

      Since I got this product I have felt so confident about my nails...I have stopped biting them and feel proud to show them off. I have been more able to grow then and they are starting to look very sexy. I must admit that the salesman summed it up perfectly... "you would spend £30 on clothes but this could transform your nails"...its very true I am glad I missed out on my new pair of jeans for this!



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    • Product Details

      Package contains: one 4-way File, a buffer to encourage growth and to polish any final scratches, mineral enriched cuticle oil to renew cracked and dry cuticles and hand and nail lotion for the finishing smooth touch /

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