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Avon Anew Clinical Derma Full Lip Volumiser

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Brand: Avon / Type: Lip Volumiser / Suitable for: Lip / What it does: volumizeses,

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    2 Reviews
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      06.08.2011 22:12



      gives a natural plumping effect that helps your lips look younger and slightly fuller

      After not being 100% convinced over the volumising effect of the ANEW lip primer I thought I'd try this one instead. It is packaged in a tiny tube with a long slim applicator which, when you give it a squeeze, instantly shoots far too much product out. After I had got over my frustration at this, I had to admit that the formula is pretty good. It has a slight tingling effect, but nothing that verges on painful, and has a lovely marshmellow-y smell. It sinks into your lips quickly and you only need a tiny amount (which in a way makes it even more frustrating that so much comes out every time).

      In terms of how it lives up to it's promise, I would say that it does make my lips appear fuller. This isn't a huge difference and doesn't give them that 'I'm having an allergic reaction' look that you get with a lot of plumpers, but it is a definite difference, and enough of a difference to keep me using this every day for over a year now (and despite the terrible packaging, I'm still on my first tube).


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      04.02.2010 23:45
      Very helpful



      read the review

      I don't normally buy things that are advertised to improve stuff ie reduces wrinkles etc, and in this case lips will feel firmer and plumped after 4 weeks. I think it is all a con to get women to spend their money, a good moisturiser is what you need for most things.

      So if I believe that why did I buy this product - vanity, what else could it be. I have always had quite thin lips but as some of you will know as you start to get older your lips start looking thinner or mine do anyway. People with nice full lips look great with lipstick and stuff on so I was probably a bit jealous of of everybody with nice full lips so I decided to buy it. I can't remember how much I paid for it so have just checked the avon website out and found it reduced fron £15 to £10 so I think I probably paid £10 which is very expensive for me, it must have been a moment of weakness as normally I would never be able to justify to myself spending £10 on something like this.
      It comes in a small 10ml tube and advises you on the tube to avoid contact with eyes.

      When I first squeeze it on to my finger it smells a little minty to me and as I put it onto my lips and rub it in there is a bit of a tingling feeling and it starts to feel like my lips are burning a bit. This could mean it's working and its some activating stuff that I can feel. (who knows) anyway the tingling stops a couple of minutes later, and the cream is absorbed quite well.
      I have licked my lip once when I put this on and I can't say what it tastes like other than cream but my tongue did tingle a bit.
      The avon website states the following.

      Lips look and feel firmer and plumped* after 4 weeks 83% of women showed improvements in the look of fine wrinkling**. 10ml*Consumer study, 154 women.**Clinical study, 36 women.+Clinical study, 28 women.
      (that is copied and pasted so clinical study was 36 of 28?)
      I put the cream on when I could remember mainly at night and ........................................ I can't say my lips are any plumper infact my lips felt dryer in the mornings but this could be because of the cold weather. (excuses) and I can't say I saw improvements in the look of fine wrinkling as I am not sure that I had any as I don't spend my day in the mirror examining (maybe I did and this means it worked a bit)

      I can't recommend this as I really can't see any improvement which is a huge disappointment so maybe I was always right thinking stuff like this is a con!

      I am not going to bother with listing the ingredients as most people don't read that part anyway


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