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Avon Color Trend Eye Contact Eyeshadow Duo

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    16 Reviews
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      01.12.2012 16:04
      Very helpful



      Good when it's on offer

      I bought this duo eye shadow from Avon a while ago, but haven't used it very much.
      I have it in the colour 'Storm' which has a dark forest green and another teal green, which is a lighter green, but still quite dark. I'm sure I also have this due eye shadow in light and dark blue shades, but it seems to have gone missing at the minute.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      The Color Trend eye shadow duo is available in 7 different shades including greens, blues, purples and browns and costs £4.50. It seems that the 'Storm' shade that I have the duo in has been discontinued, but there are still some green colours available in the range.
      It can be ordered online at www.avonshop.co.uk or through your local Avon representative via the Avon brochure.
      It is currently on offer for £2.00.

      ~ Appearance ~
      The eye shadow comes in a small round little compact. It is about 1.5 inches in diameter. The back of the compact is made of black plastic. It has a lightly frosted clear plastic hinged lid, which has the Color Trend name and logo on in blue.
      You can see the eye shadow through the lid. It is easy to open and the eye shadow appears as one large round eye shadow, which changes colour in the middle.
      The lighter green is on the left and the darker green.
      The bottom of the compact has a blue sticker on with the word 'Storm' on it, which is the name of the shade.

      ~ Use ~
      I think the compact seems quite cheaply made. The plastic is thin and the clear plastic lid seems quite flimsy.
      To be honest I didn't expect this eye shadow to be very good quality, but I have found that it picks up onto your brush or applicator easily. Brushing over the eye shadow it is picked up as a very fine powder. It also transfers easily onto your skin and is quite pigmented.
      It blends well and it has a very light shimmer to it.
      The eye shadow is has a smooth silky feel to it.
      Although I don't think it is anything too special I like the colours and it looks good on. The pigmentation is good, but not as great as brands like MAC and Urban Decay.
      I have found this eye shadow to be very long lasting and for me it still looks the same as it did on application some 8 hours later.

      ~ Conclusion ~
      This eye shadow is pretty good. The cheap packaging is its main let down, but it doesn't bother me too much. It is not bad for the price, but I have used more pigmented eye shadows which I prefer to use.
      The eye shadow duo is small and it is very easy to apply, it is more pigmented than I expected it to be and it looks good on my skin. I like that it has a light shimmer to it and it is picked up as a fine powder and creates a nice smooth effect.
      I think at £4.50 it is overpriced, but in my opinion all of Avon's make-up products are overpriced deliberately so that when they put an offer on (which is very regularly) you feel like you're saving money and you have bagged a bargain!
      I think £2.00 is a very realistic price for this eye shadow duo and I think this is around the price I paid for mine.


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      01.12.2012 01:59
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A good budget priced eyeshadow.

      ~*~*~ Avon Color Trend Eye Contact Eyeshadow Duo ~*~*~

      ~ What is it? ~

      This is an eyeshadow compact from Avon's Color Trend range. It contains a circle of two different coloured eyeshadows.

      ~ Why I bought it ~

      Over the years I have bought many products from Avon and have never shied away from the Color Trend range even though I feel it is mainly aimed at teenage girls.
      Avon often have offers over the Color Trend range and at the moment there is a 2 for £4 offer on, I am not sure if this is across the whole range or just on certain products.

      I have been buying these for a while as when on offer they are really good value for money, but I would expect that the first time was down to some sort of multi-buy offer.

      I currently have Snow Storm, Storm and Green With Envy in my vanity case and I use them quite often or as often as I wear eyeshadow anyway.

      I have continued buying it as I do find them a really good eyeshadow for the low price.

      ~ My thoughts ~

      I don't use eyeshadow on a daily basis, usually sticking to felt eyeliner on my upper lid, kohl eyeliner on my waterline and mascara, but when I do fancy a slight change or on nights out I will add eyeshadow to add a bit more oomph to my eyes.

      These compact eyeshadows are good, they come in a black bottom disc with a clear flip top lid which is nice and secure, the lid has Color Trend printed on it in a blue font. Through the lid you can clearly see the colours of the shadow inside which makes it easy to see if you have pulled the correct one out of your over flowing make up bag ... Or is that just me?!

      The first colour I bought was Snow Storm. This comprises of a half and half circle of black and white eyeshdow. The white isn't quite bright white but has a slightly grey hint to it.

      After that I bought Storm which is a teal and really dark teal/almost black shade.

      The next and newest one was Green with Envy, this is a pale grey with a greeny/teal shade.

      I have mostly used Snow Storm over the years and have bought about three of these in total.

      On first use the colour seems really pale and not up to much but after brushing over the surface a few times it slightly breaks up and looses it hard compact state whist still staying firm and not breaking up completely.

      If you want a deep colour you really need to build the colour over you lid and eventually you will end up with a nice smoked eye effect.
      When I use this I tend to use a separate black shadow as I am lazy and think it's quicker! I then use this to add blends of this finishing off with the pale grey/white at the brow bone.

      There are a few colours in the range and they add and take away a few times a year. At the moment there are seven colours in the range, these are -

      Blue Wave
      Hazelnut Hues
      Very Violet
      Green With Envy
      Powder Room Pink
      Sweet Temptation

      They have a usual retail price of £4.50 which I do feel seems a lot for the Color Trend range however they are currently on offer for £2.50.

      Being an Avon product these are available from Avon through a local rep who will visit your house or online at www.avonshop.co.uk. I have also seen them available on ebay.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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        29.11.2012 20:33
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        fine if bought on offer

        ~Color Trend Eyeshadow Duo~

        Color Trend is a make up range from Avon cosmetics. Color Trend products are aimed at younger make up wearers.

        The Color Trend range includes a collection of eyeshadow duo compacts. There are 8 duo compacts on offer including combinations named 'Party Girl' and 'Violetta'. The shades on offer include pink/silver, black/white and also cream/mauve.

        Avon market this eyeshadow duo as being silky smooth and easy to blend. Each duo is presented in a small, round white compact which has a clear (featuring the Color Trend logo) flip up lid. Inside the compact, both shades are packed neatly together. There is no applicator so you will need to use your own.

        ~Price and Availability~

        This eyeshadow duo is available from www.avonshop.co.uk or from your local Avon rep. It is priced at £4.50. Color Trend products are often on some kind of special offer. The current online promotion is '2 for £4.00'.

        ~My Thoughts~

        I have quite a large collection of eyeshadows in my make up box. I like to have a varied collection of shades and own eyeshadows from various brands. I'm not brand loyal - I have some from more expensive brands such as Dior and Clarins but also cheaper eyeshadows from MUA and No7. I usually stock up on goodies when Avon have multibuy promotions on. I have been buying from the Color Trend collection since I was a teenager and feel I can still get away with buying from this range especially since they have recently revamped their product packaging!

        The compact holding this eyeshadow is fairly sturdy and once closed, the lid remains securely shut. The compact is quite small but easy to use. I have my own eyeshadow brushes and prefer to use my own rather than supplied (in other compacts) applicators. I would say the shade range of the duo eyeshadows is quite limited compared to other brands. It has certainly reduced since my first purchase a good few years ago and isn't quite as 'exciting' in terms of shade choice. Some of the duo eyeshadows providing shades which would suit being applied together ie as a base colour and a highlighter.

        I currently have shade 'True Romance' but have experience of 'Glamour Ice'. Completely different shade selections and therefore I used them for different looks. True Romance is a gorgeous pink and silver duo. It doesn't look very bright or engaging when in the compact but is a lovely duo to wear. The surface of each shade turns to a light powder when I run my eyeshadow brush over it. I wouldn't say the shades are very pigmented. I do need to apply a few layers across my eyelid to create a fairly strong colour as one layer is simply too weak in this particular shade duo.

        The eyeshadow sits neatly on my eyelids and feels lightweight. The colour looks smooth and doesn't crease. I like the look of wearing each colour alone rather than blended together. The pink requires an extra layer but the silver goes on quite strongly and has a very slight glimmer to it - a subtle, feminine look overall. I personally prefer Glamour Ice as I like deeper shades for when I am going out somewhere. I do prefer the intensity of my Lancome dark palette but Glamour Ice is a much cheaper alternative. The shades in this duo look great when worn together. The slightly shimmery black is nice across my eyelids with the brighter white highlighting the top of my eyes and blended in a little.

        Whilst there is no fall out of colour from the eyeshadows, I find the colour starts to fade quite quickly from my eyelids. This is a little annoying as the rest of my eye make up is still in place and I need to faff about applying an extra layer of eyeshadow. This is the main drawback of this product and it does seem to be of an inferior quality compared to the more expensive Avon eyeshadows.


        I don't mind buying and using this if I can get it on offer but I find the MUA eyeshadows from Superdrug to be just as good and a bit cheaper too. I found that whilst the shades looked nice on my eyelids and gave a lovely colour, they lacked intensity and vibrancy. I find them to offer a safe colour choice but would opt for a more long lasting colour for important or special occasions. Despite being quite a small compact, this product lasts really well.

        4 stars..thanks for reading :)


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          27.11.2012 20:56
          Very helpful



          Buying from eBay is no hardship, I gotta have these

          Another delightful eye shadow from Color Trend, I have so many of these because I love them all.

          The shades you can choose from are as follows: Green with envy - Green/Silver, Hazlenut Hues - Brown/beige, Very Violet - Purple/violet, Blue wave - light and dark blue, Hot chocolate - dark and light brown, Powder room pink/ light and dark pink, Rain Forest - light and dark green, Snow storm - light and dark grey and Sweet temptation - purple/aubergine. Phew!!!

          I have been recently buying these from eBay as they are selling from £1.49. I have had bad experiences with buying make up from eBay but haven't given up as I don't think people can tamper with eye shadow that much. I have used at one time or another all of these shades except the blue and have to admit they are all the same high quality.

          This has the usual black base with a clear lid holding the Color Trend dot logo. There is no applicator with these but they are small and compact and a great size for throwing in your handbag on a night out. The contrasting colours work well together and I have even matched two different colour schemes together they work well. The powder itself doesn't go powdery, I know that sounds odd but some compacted powders after a while go dusty and that makes them hard to use. These have never done that and that's a bonus, the powder has never cracked in the case either, it is harder to use when you have almost finished it but that's when you buy another one.

          The colour lasts a long time and wears well, it doesn't need re-applying. You can build the colour up with these very well, you can use a little amount have a subtle shade or use more and go for the dramatic look. It also doesn't pucker up in the creases which is the sign of a good shadow. For a cheap brand, this eye shadow is worth its weight in gold and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. I would be lost without these colours in my kit.


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          29.07.2012 00:01
          Very helpful



          Great for people who don't wear eyeshadow very often.

          I bought one of these years ago when I was just starting to get into makeup, I played it safe and bought a half white and half black one, both being shimmery. It cost about £2.50 which I was probably on sale as I would buy most Avon products when on sale because they were always so cheap!

          The eyeshadow palette is very small with a clear lid that lifts up with no click or screw to assure you it fits in place, however I've never had any mess caused from it and the eyeshadow itself has never broken and isn't dusty.

          The shadow is very tiny, it is split down the middle in half and half, so you need to be careful not to mix them together or the lighter colour of the two will become dirty, especially in my one which is white and black.

          I apply this with a finger as I don't use eye shadow very often so see no need for brushes, even so you would need a very small brush as the eye shadow palette is so small. The shadow seems quite compact so you do need to rub it a bit to transfer the colour onto your fingers for application. I always use the white to cover most of my lid, which gives it a nice shimmery look, which isn't too in your face and is perfect for everyday wear as it's fairly subtle. I use the black on the outer corners and in the crease to create a smoky eye look for night, the black is more of a light grey comes out quite fine. I personally like this effect but I know that most people would prefer a dark, bold black. Because the eye shadows go on quite subtle and fine they do not gather in the crease of my eyelid or move around so there's no need to use a primer.

          I am happy with a this tiny eyeshadow and the subtle look it gives as I don't like my makeup to be too bold however it's definitely not the best eyeshadow out there as I have been able to use my friends urban decay shadows (which are amazing!). I wouldn't recommend these shadows for people who love wearing eyeshadow all the time or like to experiment as they definitely would not last long and the colours are very pale. However it is a good product for people like me who don't wear eyeshadow much and like a subtle effect that's not too dark or overly glittery.


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          17.07.2012 18:57
          Very helpful



          Great small eye shadow duo to experiment with different colours

          ---Why I Bought This---

          I have been an Avon Representative for going on 20 years now and have always like using their products. Although I have stopped going out and about and selling door to door I still keep getting catalogues and selling to a few friends that come to the house as we find it an inexpensive way to get our cosmetics without having to go to the shops.

          ---The Brand---

          Avon - which as most people know is sold either through door to door Representatives, through their website or can be picked up on Ebay.

          ---The Product---

          Round 1.75 inch compact of two colour eyeshadows in one package - divided down the centre.
          Colour Trend is the cheaper range of Avon products and aimed more for the teenage market.
          The compact comes in a small cardboard box.
          The eyeshadow is made in China and has a shelf life of two years once opened.
          There is a long list of ingredients printed inside the box.


          Currently £4.50 each on offer for £2.70.

          ---My Opinion---

          Well as some of you may know I do not get out very much these days, but that does not stop me wanting to look presentable and using make-up.
          Rather than have a huge bag of make-up items which I have had for years I like to have a new set of everything each year so come the New Year I will throw away all my half used make-up items and treat myself to some new things.
          However, not having lots of money to waste I tend to stick to the cheaper Avon products or items I can get on offer.
          I find that, although aimed at the younger market, Avon Colour Trend items are quite acceptable to use - whether it is lipstick, concealer, nail enamel or these eye shadows.
          I try and buy them when they are on offer and you can usually pick them up for 3 for £5 if you time it right.
          My little compact of eye shadow is black with a clear lid (as shown above) but the range is currently being redesigned with new packaging and it looks like the compacts are now completely transparent - however the contents are the same.
          There is no applicator with these eye shadows but most ladies have their own set of spare brushes anyway.
          Currently the Trend eyeshadows come in a choice of eigth duos:
          *Chocolate Kiss - chocolate and cream
          *Glamour Ice - dark greya dn white
          *Party Girl - blue and cream
          *Rain Forest - teo shades of green
          *Retrochic - blue and light purple
          *Sunburst - mid brown and cream
          *True Romance - grey and pink
          *Violetta - purple and yellow.

          The idea of the duos is that you have a dark and light shade in one compact - one to use as a highlighter and the other to put across the main eyelid.
          This time I have gone for the more conservative chocolate and cream shades which seem to suit everyone. The cream colour can be used to highlight the top of the eyelid and the darker chocolate shade then covers the rest of the eyelid. I find that the eyshadow lasts very well - I would definitely say it would last all day and I do not find it creases either. The creamy shade is a matt compressed powder as is the chocolate brown. I did detect a few slight sparkles when I applied the brown shadow but these are not noticabe when in use and it just gives enough colour to the eyelid without being overpowering - though you can put it on as dark as you like - I just prefer to be a bit more understated.
          In the past I have also used the purple shades as well as the green duo (having green eyes) and the greys - though I do not think I would fancy yellow myself!
          However although aimed at younger girls they are also suitable for us older ladies as browns suit most people and you do not have to go for the vivid purples and yellows if you do not want to.
          I find these duos really good value - both for the price and the length of time they stay on and how long the compact lasts. You can afford to experiment and not worry if you do not the like the end result.
          I have had no problems using these eye shadows over many years - they are basic powder shadows with no glamour - but most of the time that is what people are happy with.

          ---Star Rating---

          5 stars.

          ---Would I Recommend?---





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          21.10.2011 18:33
          Very helpful




          I went through a massive stage of just ordering everything from the colour trend range, Not sure why, because just checking now most of it has been used once or twice and is still in their original packaging, I think because this range is very cheap for quick fix balms, lip sticks, eye shadows and nail varnish's. A lot of their items are just 99p and are never more than £5 so I am never disappointed, even if the quality isn't the best. The colour trend cosmetic range is aimed at teenage girls which is why it is so bright and priced so cheap.

          This product is small, and I find this a little hard to hold properly in my hand, but never the less this cost me only £1.45 and so was a bargain I bought the hazelnut hues shade, the due eyeshadow has of course got to colours in, this was a hazelnut brown with an undertone of red in, then the other side was a creamy peach colour, mixed together they made a gorgeous dark beige colour, which I often still wear now, sometime's If I'm feeling lazy I'll wear 'natural' style make up as it makes me feel fresh and clean, I'll just wear the peachy side for this as it makes me eyes look wide and tiredless.

          This comes in lots of colours and changes in every catalog, they have chocolate ones, very violet and green with envy, these too was the ones advertised with the hazelnut hues, They sell every colour and they team each bright colour up witha neutral colour that you can wear both together and still look freshed faced. When applying, it took me a few coats before getting an even strong colour which I didn't mind, this wasn't very long lasting so not something I'd recommend for a night out, but just for everyday wear, I had to re apply this after 3 / 4 hours which I also didn't mind because I carry certain make up around with me either.

          Of course for the cheap price you have to sort of expect a cheap quality, this did cease up my eye lids a little which was annoying but nothing I couldn't sort out within a few seconds, to wipe off this was fine, it came straight off without smudging or leaving any stains behind. I would recommend this to anyone despite to re application and the slight creasing, just because the colours are not your average colours you'll find in a normal eye shadow pallet.


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            25.06.2010 22:07
            Very helpful



            Great little compact eyeshadow

            I have a few Avon products and this is one of them.. I have the snow storm colour which is silver and black. The colour trend range is the cheaper avon range so great for buying colours to experiment with..

            The duo eyeshadow is £4.25 either online or from your local rep. However they are always doing deals so worth keeping an eye out for these as I got a free lip gloss with mine! This range comes in 9 different colour shades which includes blues, browns, greens, purple and pink and the silver and black that I have..

            The shadow is in a round fairly flat container and is quite small so great for putting in your handbag... the lid is clear so you can visibly see the colours inside and the lid clips off which I found easier than my Revlon!

            It's a powder shadow which I do prefer and I tend to apply this with a brush. I tend to use the silver more than the black as I use it as a highlighter... I must admit if I am going to use eyeshadow I tend to use either one or three colours so I tend to mix these with other eyeshadows I use..

            Having said that the black is quite dark and it does blend well with a purple one that I have... As for staying power, I will build up my eyeshadow and wear quite a bit so it stays on all night and this eyeshadow is no exception...

            For me though, I do prefer my eyeshadows to come with their own applicators or maybe a mirror and this has neither but perhaps for the price that's why...


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            22.12.2009 22:33
            Very helpful



            Would highly recommend

            I am a huge fan of AVON products, I have used them for the past 7 years and I have also been an AVON representative for the past year but have recently given it up. Because of this as you can imagine I have tried and tested most of their products. The review that I am about to do is on a compact eye shadow duo that you will be able to see a picture as above.

            This is AVONS cheaper version also known as Colour Trend which I tend to find that this more for teenagers rather than the older woman, although a few of my elderly customers had ordered a few products for themselves which they seemed please with, but I suppose what they say is true.... You are only as young as you feel so if they are happy with the products then so am I.

            This compact eye shadow is packed tight with two eye shadows joined together. It has two funky shades in one to create a stunning catwalk look in one little circular container. It comes in a small cardboard box which is presented quite young and trendy which I think that it does its name Colour Trend justice. It is small enough to fit into your handbag or even your pocket although it does not come with a little eye applicator stick.

            This eye shadow comes in variety of different colours which I will list below in just a moment. I love make up and if I am honest with you I have bought this product in most of the colours that are available to purchase. I think that they are such a great product and although they are small I think it is true... Best things really can come in small packages.

            ~ Blue Wave
            Light blue with dark blue which I think is very 70s and suits most eye colours.

            ~ Hot Chocolate
            A mocha chocolate shade with a deep cream that is best for brown eye colours like myself.

            ~ Powder Room Pink
            A strong fuchsia pink and a lighter baby pink which if I am honest I have bought this one and ended up putting it straight in the bin. Let's just say.... Pink and brown just do not go.

            ~ Rain Forrest
            A lovely dark green, with a light moss green shade which suits brown eyes really well.

            ~ Snow Storm
            A light black but darker than grey with a light cream eye shadow that suits any eye colour and really gives that smokey affect that all us girls love so much.

            ~ Sweet temptation
            A gorgeous deep purple with a lilac which my opinion on this is the same as the pink in all honesty.

            All of the eye shadows except the purple (as that it the only one which I have not tried so would be unfair to comment on that one) have lasted for around 4 hours. When removing the make up it only takes a couple of wipes and the make up is gone. I think that this is the kids of make up every girl should go for. I have very sensitive eyes and I am very pleased that this eye shadow does not irritate it.

            You can buy this product from your local AVON representative or log online to the AVON website at www.avonshop.co.uk, email uk.contact@avon.com, write to Avon Cosmetics Ltd., Earlstrees Road, Corby, Northamptonshire NN17 4AZ or telephone 0845 6014040.

            At the moment you are getting these for £4 each which is a little expensive seen you can get them for £2 and if you are lucky enough to get the brochure when the offer is on you can get any colour trend products for 3 for £5 amazing value I think that you would agree.

            I would advice that if you do have an AVON rep to ask them if they could check there other brochure e.g. the one before or after the book they have given you and ask if they could order the cheapest for you. If like me you're representative would want to get their customers the best price for the product. Ask nicely and you could bag yourself a bargain.

            I would highly recommend that every woman should get one of these for your make up bag no matter what age she is. I think that it is a fantastic product especially for the price. I would rate this compact duo eye shadow full marks it is a well deserved 10 out of 10.

            If you have already purchased this product and you do not like you can ask you'rerepresentative to send it back even if it has been opened. You will be fully refunded as long as it is under 30 days since you ordered it.

            Thank you for taking the time to read me review I hope it was of some use to you to help you to decide if this product is for you or not.


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            03.12.2009 09:28
            Very helpful




            I really like a lot of the Avon range of make up and one range I have quite a few items from is the Avon Colour Trend range. This range has a few eye make up items as well as foundation and mascara and powders.

            One item that I liked a lot is the Colour Trend eye contact eye shadow duo. I have liked this item so much that it made me want to try out other colours of the eye shadow.

            The eye duo comes in six different colours such as a green duo a pink duo and a brown duo. The one that I like the most is the brown and cream duo which is called 'Hot Chocolate'. There are two eye colours in the small compact and one half is a dark brown and the other half is a creamy beige colour.

            The eye shadow goes on well when I use a sponge pencil and it stays on my eye lid for a good amount of time. I have not had any problems with the colour smudging too much.

            The range of colours seems to suit my skin tone as I am pale and do not suit colours that are too dark because of my age! I think that the powder is a good quality as it goes on my eyelids easily and has a paler look to it which is my own choice when wearing eye make up colours.

            The colour trend eye shadow is removed easily by using eye make up remover or a wet facial wipe and this doesn't take long.

            The compact is a small size and it does not take up too much room in my make up bag the way that other eye shadows do. This is good for when I travel over to Spain or if I want to take the eye make up out with me on a night out.

            The eye shadow duo is not the cheapest and the usual price is £4.25. This is for two colours though and I think that the eye shadow lasts a good amount of time. I always buy these eye shadows when they are on offer though so I pay less for them.

            An offer I got recently was for any three items costing £5 so I got two of these eye shadow duo compacts and another item for £5 which meant I saved a lot so I was pleased.

            I will keep buying the Avon colour trend eye shadow duo as they last me a long time and so I do not think they work out to be too expensive. I also like the range of colours and think they suit me as they are not too dark for my age.

            They are worth a try and I recommend them.


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            06.09.2009 21:56
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            7 Compacts = 14 Different Looks!

            I love these eyeshadows from Avon and am lucky because my cousin gave me the whole set of them when she gave Avon up and was left with a load of stock.

            They're so brill because every eyeshadow has got 2 colours in it so I have got 14 different colours in 7 compacts. I don't need to own any more eyeshadows but they are my downfall so I don't think I'll ever stop buying them!

            All of the different shades go on brill and they are quite sheer so you can build the colour up to the strength you want. All of the colours are trendy and up to date and out of the 14 colours there is only one that I don't wear and that is because it's a very funny green and it doesn't suit me well.

            The powder goes on smooth with an eyeshadow brush but it doesn't apply as good when you use them little sponge applicators. It lasts quite good for a cheap eyeshadow and doesn't clog in the creases round my eyes and that's good because the eyeshadows only cost £2.00 and I've used some that were loads more expensive than that and have faded quicker.

            The colours you can buy are:-

            BLUE WAVE

            This is a navy blue and a shade thats a bit darker than baby blue. The colours go wicked together and looks good with blue mascara for a bit of a retro look that looks good at the minute.

            HOT CHOCOLATE

            Beige and dark brown shades that suit loads of different skin tones. I use the beige as a highlighter and shade the dark brown above my top eye lashes and you can get a trendy smudged look real easy with this eyeshadow.


            This is a plum and a lilac eyeshadow compact. They are going out colours I think because the plum is very dark for daytime make up. These 2 colours don't go right good together but do blend good with some of the other eyeshadows from this range.

            POWDER ROOM PINK

            This is 2 different pinks, one dark and a light one. They go brill together and look wicked in the summer when you want to keep your make up looking more natural. These pinks also go nice with the Hot Chocolate compact because brown and pink goes so well together.

            SNOW STORM

            I don't use these 2 as actual eyeshadows because the black one is too dark and the off white shade that comes with it is more of a highlighter than an eyeshadow. The black one is a good shader and sometimes I use it as an extra thick eyeliner and smudge it round my eyes.

            RAIN FOREST

            This one is a weird bottle green colour and that is the one I said earlier that I don't like because there is no depth to the colour and it looks strange on me. The other green is another dark one but it looks a bit nicer than the other one but I would say this compact is my least favourite out of all of them.

            These eyeshadows are usually on special offer for £2.00 but the normal price is £4.25 and that is still good but I'd wait until they are on special offer because for £2.00 they are a proper bargain.


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              16.07.2009 01:30
              Very helpful



              Buy it if it's reduced, otherwise choose a different eyeshadow for better value for money.

              I have the pink version of this eyeshadow, and chose it for two reasons: I loved the unusual colours, and it was half price. As there's not that much in it, and it's not particularly good quality, there's no way it's worth the usual £4.25 it's usually sold for. Having said that, it was worth my £2, as it's fairly decent, and the colours are pretty. The difference in quality between this and other (better) eyeshadows is in the texture and the intensity of the colour. This eyeshadow was hard to apply, as it's very tightly packed, which makes it difficult to get enough on the brush. Once it was on, the colour wasn't as bright as I had hoped, and it wasn't as vibrant as it looked in the pot. I had to apply quite a lot for it to show up. This is perhaps because I don't do subtle, though! The colours may be better suited to somebody who is looking for a more muted effect, but as the colours are described as "funky", I was a bit disappointed.

              Although I wasn't too impressed with the colour, I would try this product in other shades... If it was half-price! Quality-wise, you probably won't find better for £2. If, however, you have £4 to spend on an eyeshadow, I would recommend giving this one a miss and going for one of Avon's better eyeshadows. Their Precision Glimmer Eyeshadow is fantastic, and much better value for money at £5!


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              19.03.2009 11:02
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Beauty on a budget!

              The color trend range of make-up from Avon cosmetics has the slogan "beauty on a budget" and it is not difficult to see why! The whole range offers great value for money, whilst not compromising on quality or standards, in my opinion anyway, and Color Trend is one of the most popular Avon brands with my regular customers.

              The eye contact eyeshadow duo is a firm favourite with many of my customers and costs around £4, although one of the recent Avon brochures had an offer on Color trend products, which allowed you to select any 3 products for the sum of £5.... bargain! Therefore, as is usually the case , I sold about four times the amount of Color trend products during the time that this promotion was on (and took this opportunity to re-stock my own make-up bag at the same time!)

              The eyeshadow itself has a nice smooth consistency, not at all crumbly like other eyeshadows I have used, and I tend to find that whilst it is not the best eyeshadow in the world when it comes to avoiding fading or creasing, it is by no means the worst, with usually only one touch-up job needing to be applied on a day/night out, at most.

              The colours are available in six combinations: BLUE WAVE (sky and dark blue duo), POWDER ROOM PINK (light and dark pink duo), SWEET TEMPTAION (plum and lilac duo), RAIN FOREST (sage and green duo - same as in the picture here), SNOW STORM (a grey shade and cream duo), and HOT CHOCOLATE (brown and beige duo).

              I regularly use the BLUE WAVE shade and like how the two colours compliment each other nicely, and can be worn together (which I do). I find that the lighter shade of blue works well as a sort of "highlighter" when applied above the darker shade, and both colours blend together nicely.

              As the eyeshadow duo is a neat size, I find it convenient to pop into a handbag for a night out, for those important touch-up jobs! It is not like some of those other brands where the eyeshadow is as big as your powder compact!

              I wear make up and eyeshadow every single day and other budget brands, in my opinion, do not come close to this one. It does everything that you want it to, for a reasonable price. Other budget brands that I have used in the past simply smudge or are not good quality shadow, and both these faults are not evident in this product.

              My only complaints, if I had to name any, would be that the packaging is really basic, and a bit cheap looking. That said, I am paying for the product inside the packaging, and this isn't a huge problem for me personally. Also, it might be convenient for some people if they supplied a little applicator or brush with the eyeshadow duo, but again, I have an overflowing make-up bag, so this isn't a huge inconvenience to me.

              Lets face it, we are all looking to save a few pennies these days, and when you consider that eleswhere in the Avon brochure a SINGLE eyeshadow currently retails for £5 (albeit one that is supplied with a wee brush), I think that the fact that you are getting a duo for the same price (cheaper, actually) will soon make this a firm favourite with more and more of my customers as time goes on.

              All in all, I think if you were to try it for yourself you would be pleasantly surprised.... I know I was!


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                07.01.2009 22:41
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                These products are aimed at young girls but you can still make use of them if you're into fashion.

                The colour trend makeup range is for young girls who want to wear makeup but as a parent you don't want them to be overly madeup. The colour the eyeshadows give are bright and party like but you need to use a lot to get any real colour on your eyelids.

                If you want some bright colours to match an outfit and you're a bit older you'd benefit more from the boots natural collection but you can order these from avon anyway just be prepared to use a bit more than you would normally.

                These eyeshadow duo's have the positive of having 2 colours for the price of 1 you can use the darker shade on the outer corners with a blended softer colour in the centre of your eyelid. This will make your colour last longer and look flawlessly professional as the colours have been selected to go together.

                The price of these mean they're great stocking fillers and little extra gifts for your nieces, daughters and sisters. They're also usually on offer and you can stock up so that you've got plenty of colours to choose from when it comes to coordinating your own makeup.


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                  21.12.2008 15:15
                  Very helpful



                  Excellent for the price and experiementing with new colours.

                  Continuing my trend of reviewing make-up products, i thought i would move along to the next item in my new and improved make-up bag (a lovely little Revlon item, but that is for another day!) the 'Colortrend eye contact eyeshadow duo'

                  The packaging
                  Currently in the 3 for £5 offer (as of 20/12/08), this eyeshadow is normally £4.00, so a real saving to be had. Rather than standard eyeshadow which have one block colour, the colortrend has 2 distinct colours molded into one circular compact.

                  The eyeshadow comes in a small box, and to be completely honest, i was surprised just how small this eyeshadow is. However, the best things can come in small packages! and inside the box is a very nice little eyeshadow.

                  The compact itself is a small circular plastic, with the colortrend logo emblazoned across the front. Made in bulk of thick black plastic, the top is hinged clear plastic so you can see the shades through the container. The hinge seems strong and the little catch is solid stopping you from ending up with a bag full of broken powder! Overall, a nice looking item and nice and compact for even the tiniest of handbags!

                  The eyeshadow

                  Avon offer a variety of different colour options for this shadow (on a side note, keep changing from 'color' to 'colour' is confusing the wotsits off my spellchecker!!) and as the name 'duo' suggests, each has two different colours contained in the compact. I chose the 'snow storm' as i am a little goth thing ;) which is a creamy white and grey/silver. The other colours available are;

                  - Blue wave (Light blue and a dark blue. Very 70s!)
                  - Hot chocolate (a deep cream and a mocha chocolate shade)
                  - Powder room pink (strong fuchsia pink and a lighter baby pink)
                  - Rainforest (lovely dark green, with a light moss green shade)
                  - Sweet temptation (Gorgeous deep purple with a lilac)

                  I can really only speak for the snow storm, but these colours are all lovely (and with the offer right now, you can get all of them for £10!)

                  As may be expected with such a small eyeshadow, there is no brush supplied which is somewhat annoying and i tend to look like a drunken panda when i apply anything with my chubby digits! What is lovely though is the power you have over shade with this duo, you can mix the colours in, or use separately for different effect. I think this is especially prominent with this one, with the gray and white making a lovely combo for the 'smokey eyes' look. Whist this is good, this could be considered equally as annoying if you prefer distinct and consistent colours as after a little use you end up with basically a smudgy colour in the middle of the two.

                  The eyeshadow is pretty long lasting for the price. Essentially, colortrend is not a high end make up, and is often aimed at younger teenagers experimenting with styles without spending a fortune. However, this shouldn't put you off as colortrend still offers something for everyone, as a reasonably priced, everyday product. Also, the shadow has a lovely almost glittery finish, adding an extra shine to your eyes.

                  Where to buy?

                  As far as i am aware, colortrend products are only available from Avon. There are a couple of different ways to buy there products, my personal favourite is to order online as there are often deals for free postage or to get a little treat extra for free. Plus, you get loyalty points which you can redeem on special offers.

                  you can order online at www.avonshop.co.uk, email uk.contact@avon.com, write to Avon Cosmetics Ltd., Earlstrees Road, Corby, Northamptonshire NN17 4AZ or telephone 0845 6014040. Alternatively, contact Avon for your local representative who will be able to supply you with a catalog and take your order directly

                  (taken directly from my review of 'read my lips' lipgloss)


                  Once i got over the mini size of this product, i was really chuffed. It allows you to mix and mould the colours you want for a very very cheap price. I think you would be hard pushed to get a single colour of this quality and price for £4, let alone two. If you want a solid, consistent colour it might be better to go for the colortrend single, rather than the duo. Overall, im chuffed with this, a fantastic quality little product.


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