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Avon Color Trend Eye Duo

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Brand: Avon / Type: Eyeshadows / Subcategory: Eye Colour / Suitable for: Eye

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    4 Reviews
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      30.11.2012 20:11



      Great product separately

      Another brilliant idea from Color Trend that doesn't quite hit the nail on the head! Two in one idea again which caught my eye, I bought the brown version which was a very striking brown eye pencil with a liquid eye shadow.

      The whole thing is very small, quite disappointing when it arrived as I thought it was going to be normal eyeliner size and it wasn't. The colour itself was beautiful no faults there. The pencil though a lovely colour, was a little chunky for my liking and it felt more like I was colouring in with a crayon than an eye liner pencil. The shadow although a lovely colour wasn't quite the colour I was expecting as it had a very gold shimmer to it and I was going for the brown look. That was a little off putting and I wouldn't have bought it if I had known quite how gold it was going to be. The bright blue container was also a little off putting, I know it is aimed at younger age group, I am not sure the item has to be that colour!

      Each end of this product on its own is great, the shadow covers well, although it does tend to crease if you put too much on, the eye liner goes on well, although a bit thick sometimes as it is hard to be delicate with such a chunky pencil. If you have applied the shadow, the eyeliner will not go on over the top. It either slides around on top or completely removes the eye shadow you are going over. Great idea which works separately but you can't wear both together.


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      03.01.2011 17:07
      Very helpful



      would probably ignore next time they are on offer

      Avon Colortrend, a range aimed at younger people, however, even though I am 21 plus a few extra years, I still like to keep an eye out for bargains as some things are quite good from that range even if I am a little older than the market they target.

      Colortrend Eye Duo was released, and, at a bargain introductory price of (I think) £2.00 I though I should give it a go.

      It is a hard plastic tube, which contains a liquid eye shadow on one end, and a creamy eye liner on the other end. The blue plastic centre is the lid which just unscrews to get to the eye shadow part, and the eye liner just has a clear pop off top.

      The eyeliner first, is quite a chunky shape to it really (I am used to the likes of thin khol pencils) so found it a little strange to use, however, I found it applied easily, creating the effect of liner that smudges round for a nice subtle look, so yes, was quite pleased with the liner, just had to be careful not to apply it to thickly.

      The creamy eyeshadow is applied with a sponge applicator which is housed within the lid, unfortunately, I dound this eye shadow a bit to watery, a little transparent for application. When worn, it is a lighter colour than appears in the tube, and has gold specks to it, so, did attract some comments when worn about the sparkle it created. Although it seems very light in colour, it did seem to work quite well with the darker eye liner.

      Overall, the eye shadow on this item, it quite a runny mixture, and colour wise was quite deceiving as a lot lighter than any illustrations in the avon book, however, I do feel the colours ended up working nicely together, and do think the creamy liner makes the duo work. I would not buy this at full price, not sure if I would bother buying at special prices either to be quite honest with you, but I have this one item, which, although not great, I am sure I will use a few times.


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      08.10.2009 13:15
      Very helpful



      A Rubbish Product Even Though Color Trend Is Usually Quite Good

      When I had a bit of a spend up on Color Trend make up in Avon recentley one of the things I brought was something called an Eye Duo which is an eyeshadow and eye liner in one tube. I brought 3 actually because they were on special offer and got one of each of the 3 colours available.

      When my order come I was shocked at how small the Eye Duo and didn't even know if it was big enough for my hand to hold while applying it! I've learned something with Color Trend and that is if Avon call something cute in their description then it's going to be proper small!

      The eyeshadow is rubbish, it's a runny liquid eyeshadow that you have to apply through a little foam disk that is on the end of the tube. It's impossible to apply neatly and even when you get it looking ok after half hour the eyeshadow has creased and smudged and just looks like it's been applied by a 5 year old playing with her mums make up! The nicest colour out of all of them is the eyeshadow included in the one called Bronzed Glow because it's a nice glimmery brown colour which looks nice when it's first applied but it's as crap as the rest of them when it comes to its staying powder and I was left with the same creases as the other 2 colours.

      The eyeliner bit is better because it's got the same sort of creamy texture as a lipstick so it's easy to apply in a smooth line and also wicked if you want a smudged look because it never quite drys completely. The only problem is that the eyeliner is quite a chunky crayon so you have to be careful not to accidentally press down too hard on your eye lid otherwise you'll get a massive thick line that just looks stupid. It's ok if you use an eyeliner brush but that defeats the object of using a 2 in 1 product if you've got to remember to also put a brush in your bag.

      I won't bother with this again and even though I've kept the Eye Duo it's only because I like the eyeliner and do use it sometimes because the colour stays on loads better than I expected being as it was such a creamy liner.

      It usually costs £4.00 and that is a major rip off for something that should be in the pound shop becuase it's so crap.


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      09.07.2009 12:12
      Very helpful




      Any regular readers of my Dooyoo reviews will be aware by now that I work part-time as an Avon representative when my poor health allows. This means that I have access to a lot of great offers and new products that are available from Avon.

      Whilst perusing the Avon brochure recently, I noticed that the 'Color Trend' make up range in the book had an offer on. Whilst I am on the subject, I will point out that the Avon Color Trend range is one of Avon's ranges that seems to do really good offers a lot of the time. So, if like me you are a fan of these products, I would suggest that you use these times to stock up on your favourite items from the range as you can really make some huge savings!

      The offer on the Color trend range on this occasion was that every product in the range was available to buy at the purse-friendly sum of £2.50. When you consider that some products in this range cost upwards of £4, you will appreciate what a good 'buying opportunity' this was.

      As I knew my make-up collection could do with a few replacement items, I opted to take advantage of this offer and stock up on a few basics. One such product that I chose was the Color trend 'Eye duo'. The normal brochure price of this product is £4, so I was pleased to be making a reasonable saving on this product.

      I was initially attracted to the eye duo because of its 2-in1 qualities. I thought that this would make it a convenient product, in terms of going away for the weekend or popping it into my handbag for touching-up my makeup on a night out.

      The information in the Avon catalogue didn't really tell me too much about the product, other than it was an eye shadow and eyeliner duo. It appeared to be a liquid eye shadow with a built-in eyeliner in the top of the lid. I could see that there were three shades to choose from, and I chose 'Royalty' which looked to be a lilac-coloured eye shadow with a plum-coloured liner.

      The 'Royalty' version of this product is actually the one which is at the top of the Dooyoo page, so hopefully you will get an idea of the colourings.

      When it arrived from Avon, it was not supplied in a box or anything; it simply had a protective 'seal' around the product. This didn't particularly bother me one way or the other but what DID shock me a little was the size of this product - I couldn't believe how tiny it was! It measures a little over three inches in length, which is probably around half the length of one of my 'usual' eyeliner products.

      Anyway, when the seal was removed I saw immediately that most of the length of the eye duo was made up from the eye shadow part of the product. - This liquid was contained in a clear compartment at the bottom end of the little tube. First impressions were good - the eye shadow looked to be quite high quality and the lilac colour looked very nice (it was more of a plum, or was certainly a deeper shade than I had first thought, but it looked impressive).

      The top part of the eye duo is essentially made up of a 'crayon' of eye liner. This sits atop the tube of liquid shadow so that both your products can be used individually. You can quite easily screw off the 'lid' containing the eyeliner which will reveal a sponge-type applicator which can be used to apply your liquid shadow. I did find that this was a little 'clunky' to use though, and definitely requires a steady hand!

      What I found is that the eye shadow was quite poor quality which let the product down on the whole. I found that the liquid shadow was too runny, and this made it difficult to apply. I also had problems with 'creasing' and more often than not ended up with a bodge-up of a mess all over my eyelids. When using this eye shadow, it normally took at least three attempts to get it looking right, which tended to just put me off from choosing to wear it the next time I was 'doing my face'.

      If it wasn't for the fabulous product on the tip of this 'crayon' like little item, I would probably write it off from the start, telling you not to waste your time or money.

      Let me explain...

      The tip of the eye duo is the most gorgeous, creamy eyeliner. I have used all sorts of eyeliners from liquids to pencils over the years and have not been as impressed as I am with the Avon Color trend eye duo liner for a long time - more years than I care to remember!

      The eyeliner is easy to apply, for the first few times that you will use it, until it starts to wear down. This is because it is 'pencil shaped' although its consistency is more like that of a lipstick, NOT an eyeliner pencil. The shape of the liner means of course, that it has a point, which is very convenient when it comes to applying the liner in the corners of my eye.

      Because of this almost 'creamy' consistency though, it means that there is of course no way to sharpen the tip. I also find that the amount of eyeliner given on the eye duo is nowhere near up to matching the amount of eye shadow we are given.

      Because I love this eyeliner so much, I actually went out and bought an eyeliner brush, so that I could poke around in the little (by now flat) lump of product and retrieve a bit more to apply.

      I also found that by using a brush, I was able to salvage the eye liner, as without one I was making an untidy line around my eyes, no doubt because the 'pencil shaped' tip of the product was long gone.

      I am finding it quite difficult to explain all of this, and hope I am coming across clearly. If you imagine that the eyeliner is like a very small miniature lipstick (but for use on your eyes obviously) then you will maybe get an idea of what I mean about the problems I have encountered with the 'shape' of the product. There is no way to 'wind up' the bottom of the tube to make more appear or any such feature. We are given a triangular lump of eyeliner and that's it! Hopefully the picture at the top of the page on Dooyoo will help to put across my explanations when it comes to the shape of this product.

      I find that once the eyeliner has been applied correctly (with my little brush) it stays put all day, and I have actually applied it in the morning, wore it all day long, then gone out in the evening with only a minor touch-up needing to be applied.

      The eyeliner part of this product is the only thing that makes it a winner. If I could award THIS element to the eye duo alone, it would get full marks. However, Avon market and sell this product as a 2-in-1 item, so I feel that I need to deduct two stars because of the cheap and nasty eye shadow they have used alongside this fabulous eyeliner.

      The eyeliner by itself though, is what makes me love this product, and in fact I have ordered two more of these because I think it is so great. It is by far the best eyeliner I have used in years, and therefore this in itself is enough to win me over.

      The eye duo comes in another two shade options as well as the 'Royalty' one (which is purple). The other shades are 'Bronzed Glow' (which is a gold colour eye shadow with a brown liner) and 'Princess Pink' (which looks to be a pink coloured eye shadow with a black liner), although I have not tried either of these.

      The Avon Color trend eye shadow duo is a fairly new product, only really being available from the start of this year. That means dear dooyooers, that its shelf life is no doubt drawing to a close and Avon are most likely planning its demise as we speak! I think that my experience with Avon removing lots of my favourite products over the years is probably contributing to the fact that I am creating a small 'stock pile' of these, because the eyeliner is truly a winner.

      A three star product, but only because the eye shadow lets it down. Otherwise, it would get full marks from me!

      ** If any people from the Avon Marketing team are reading this, could we please please have the eyeliner available to buy on its own? Please? I promise to buy heaps of it! **


      Thanks for reading my review.


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