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Avon Color Trend Holiday Metallic Eyeliner

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Brand: Avon / Type: Eyeliners

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    1 Review
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      31.08.2013 22:55
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      A great makeup buy on a budget

      The eyeliner

      I usually steer clear of colour trend from Avon as I have had poor experiences with the products in the past. One thing I like to use is liquid eyeliner and since they have had a makeover I decided I would give this a try. I do not use eyeliner as often as I like, simply because I haven't found the eyeliner that works for me best for me. When I found this on sale for around £2 I decided at that price it was worth a try.

      I was surprised when it was delivered as it was a lot small than I thought. You receive a tiny tube that twists in the middle to reveal the application wand. There is a zebra print on the handle which in my opinion reflects the small retail as it just looks really cheap. The whole feel to the tub is cheap and the plastic application wand also makes it feel a little flimsy. The information on the bottle is limited with no words other than Avon colour trend eyeliner not even a tube size.

      What I particularly like about this eye liner is how thin the brush is. It can create the smallest of lines and this is one of the things I like with liquid eye liner. The handle is also very small which is great as it makes it easier for me to apply in a straight line. As the brush is small you do need to keep putting the wand back into the bottle for a decent amount of the eyeliner to sit on it, but compared to other eye liner I have used this creates fewer mistakes and so cuts down application time. With larger brushes I tend to make mistakes and then have to remove my eye makeup and start again.

      In use

      As I mentioned before the small brush makes it a dream to apply. I can apply this to my top lids and manage to get a tiny line right next to my lashes. This helps create a more subtle look, rather than huge black lines taking up half of my eyelid. It defines the eyes well without being over the top, so I find I can wear it day to day rather than special occasions. It flows across the eyes easily with no tugging or pulling which helps create a steady fine line of black.

      I do think that the eyeliner is a little watery. I have to be careful after I apply it that I do not move my eyes too much as it smudges very easily. It takes a minute or two to dry, but as it is so easy to apply it isn't particularly longer than other eyeliners I had used. Now I have used this for over a month it literally takes me seconds to apply as I have found the best technique to apply it to my eyes.

      The staying power is fantastic. I have had problems with colour trend in the past, but this has given me a more positive view on the range. I applied this eye liner on a recent family day out. We set of around 8am in the morning and did not return home till around 6pm. Despite being out in the recent heat wave, walking miles and generally sweating a lot this managed to stay put the whole day. When it came to removing the eye liner it had become a little faded, but it was still very noticeable.

      I was expecting there to be a shine to this eyeliner due to the name. I only have the back version so cannot speak for the other colours but it is just plain black. There is no shimmer or anything at all to make it any different to other black eyeliners. The line it creates is not overly black, it is more of a dull shade rather than blacker than black, but I like this as it creates a more suitable look. I have sensitive eyes that usually puff up a lot if I overdo my eye makeup. This was kind to my skin and I found there to be no irritation at all. The eye liner comes away easy with a face wipe or cleanser despite its staying power, so there is no need to rub my eyes a number of times to remove it.

      I think I may have actually found the liquid eye liner that suits me. It is easy to create different looks with the tiny brush, and it can create even the smallest of lines or flicks. I went for classic black but this eye liner is available in brighter colours such as blue and green. The usual retail price is around £3.80 but I bought mine on offer for around £2. I find the eyeliner very easy to use because of the small brush and it lasts all day. This really is a good budget buy, and I will be stocking up on more just in case Avon decide to discontinue it as they do with so many of my favourite items.


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