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Avon Color Trend Kiss n Go Lipstick

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    21 Reviews
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      22.08.2014 21:22
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • Cheap
      • Lasting
      • Colour


      • "No Frills"

      Cheap and cheerful Avon lippie

      Price& Availability

      Color Trend Kiss and Go Lipstick is available direct from an AVON rep or from the website. The RRP is £3.75 but it is currently on offer for £2.50 in the latest brochure (campaign 15 2014). It can also be purchased on eBay from £1.99 depending on the colour.

      The colour range changes often but the currently consist of:
      * Deluxe (Plum)
      * Lucky Kiss (Mauve)
      * Doll Pink
      * Violet Friday
      * Flirt (Peach)
      * Poppy Love
      * Passion (Red)
      * Pink Holiday
      * Amethyst


      All colour trend products have changed their packaging from the black and pink shown in the picture to a plain white packaging. This is a standard lipstick tube, it has a clear pannel in the middle so you can see what colour the lipstick is which is useful. In purple writing on the side it says 'AVON Color Trend' and there is a purple sticker on the bottom with the colour on it - mine is Duluxe. The mechanism on these lipsticks work well and I have never had any problems with the 5 or so I have owned. The lid also clicks on firmly so there is no worry of it falling off.

      In Use

      This is actually the lipstick I wear most often which might seem strange as it s a really dark plum colour but I will explain why.

      Although this is a dark plum colour it can be layered and if you press lightly when applying you get a much lighter purple shade which I think is really pretty and great for everyday wear. Then if you are going on a night out or something that you what a bolder look you can layer it or just press harder to get all manner of shades of purple.

      This is one of the longest lasting lipsticks I own, I don't buy super expensive make up so obviously there are much better quality lipsticks available but in this price bracket this is the best in my opinion. If I only put it on lightly it will last all day at that shade, if I put it on thick it will start to fade a little after an hour or so but will only fade down to a light purple so you never end up with naked lips.

      Matte Finish
      This has a nice matte finish which adds to its versatility because you can leave it matte or add gloss if you want. I normally leave it matte as it gives a better colour. I have found that some matte lipsticks can dry your lips but I don't find that with Avon Kiss n Go, I wouldn't say they are particularly nourishing either but they are somewhere in the middle and that is acceptable to me.

      Had to delete the rest of the review to fit the word count


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        19.01.2013 12:33
        Very helpful



        You get what you pay for

        The lipstick

        While browsing through the Avon catalogue I came to colour trend section of the booklet. This is more affordable range of products that are easy on your pocket but still promise great results. I decided for £3 I would give one of these lipsticks a try and so ordered with my representative. I chose the lipstick in the Amethyst which is a lovely rose pink colour. The colour of the lipstick is a little different from what I was expecting from the swatch in the catalogue, but luckily I still liked it. The colours are all a little bright and quirky. They are unusual shades and seem to be marketed towards younger girls, but there is a large range available to choose from. As soon as I received the product the low quality began to shine through with the casing just feels really light, cheap and as if it could break any minute. It does have a plastic feel and is not something I would trust to roll around my handbag without becoming broken. I could see from the picture it was not anything fancy, but close up it is even worse quality than I expected. It does have a pocket money make up type feel to it which for the price I suppose is what I should have expected.

        In use

        The lipstick actually looked rather good once I removed the lid. The bright warm colour looked highly pigmented, and it looks like the perfect consistency for a lipstick. The casing is ok to hold in my hands while applying it to my lips, but again nothing fancy. The lipstick appears to be nice and creamy so I thought the colour would transfer easily to my lips. As I was applying the lipstick hardly any of the colours transferred at all. In fact after the first swipe across my lips it was hardly noticeable I had even applied anything. I like a natural look for day to day wear but this was barely visible, and just left a shear result over my lips.

        You can build the lipstick up on your lips so the colour actually begins to show. This can take quite a few layers until there is a noticeable colour. After the third swipe I was happy that you could see the colour, and it did look rather pretty. As you have to add so much of the product to get a half decent result I found that my lips feel caked in the product and it does sit really heavy on my lips. I really do not like this as I like to apply something to my lips and be able to get on with my day, so this was a huge downside for me. Looking in the mirror my lips did not look like I had shovelled it on as the colour was only just visible.

        There are some good points. One thing I do like about this lipstick is the smell. It has a sweet scent, and it does not taste horrible and that is important to me in a lip product. Also the lipstick did not dry out my lips at all which is good as my lips can dry out instantly. It is weird because the heaviness of the product reminds me of a lip balm, yet it does not seem to add moisture to my lips either. It leaves my lips in the same condition as before I used it. You do need to make sure you have no dry areas on your lips before applying. Like most lipsticks it does tend to cling to these areas making them stand out, so moisturising your lips before use is a must. Another thing I liked about this lipstick is it does not run bleed or smudge anywhere but your lips. This means it does not end up looking messy despite having to add a lot of the product. I find this can be a problem with cheaper lipsticks so I was happy with it.

        I do drink a lot of tea and talk a lot, but the staying power was the worst thing about this lipstick. After application I found I was lucky if it lasted more than an hour. You can build it up on your lips so it lasts a little longer, but I really do not like the heavy feeling that leaves. Even with three lots of this lipstick on it begins to disappear quickly. It fades rather patchy too, so you have to try and top up as you go so it does not look messy. Also because it takes so long to get any lasting colour on your lips, it is not something you can reapply quickly.


        I really cannot recommend this lipstick at all. It may be cheap but it certainly is not cheerful. You need to apply a lot of the lipstick for any colour to be transferred to your lips and even then it is barley noticeable. The staying power is poor and it really does shoe that sometimes you should pay that little extra. There are some good points, but the main purposes of this lipstick are left behind. For that reason I would not buy this again despite it regularly being on offer at half price.


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        06.12.2012 23:38
        Very helpful



        Don't kiss, just go!

        I have had a few Color Trend lipsticks from Avon over the years.
        I bought this Color Trend Kiss 'n' go lipstick a while ago as it was priced at just £2.00 and I liked the colour.
        I bought it in a shade called Shimmer Pink, which is pink and has a light shimmer to it, in case you didn't guess.

        ~ Packaging ~
        The lipstick comes in a black plastic twist up stick with a clear plastic lid, which fits over almost the whole stick and has the Color Trend logo in black. The shade of the lipstick is on a small sticker on the base of the lipstick.

        ~ Price and availability ~
        This lipstick is currently available to order from the Avon brochure for just £1.75, which is a reduction from their usual retail price of £3.75 each. It is available in 12 different colours and it can also be purchased online at www.avonshop.co.uk.

        ~ Use ~
        The lipstick twists up easily to reveal about one inch of lipstick.
        The lipstick has an angled edge for ease of application and it glides across the lips easily and feels soft and moisturising.
        It has a light shimmer to it, but it is not the first thing you would notice about the lipstick and it adds a nice touch of subtle colour to my lips. It does not feel as moisturising as other lipsticks that I have used and it feels of inferior quality.
        You can feel the tiny shimmery bits when you rub your lips together even though they don't look very evident on your lips.
        The colour also doesn't appear as obvious as I expected. It looks quite a bright pink in the lipstick, but the colour needs to be built up to appear anything more than natural and reflective with a light shimmer.
        Once the colour has been built up the lipstick is fairly long lasting and is still evident a few hours later except for if you are eating or drinking, in which case it needs to be reapplied.
        I have often found that cheaper products such as Avon's Color Trend range are still good enough to be usable and I have used their lipsticks in the past and found them to be alright, but my most recent Color Trend lipstick is not a good advert for their products.
        I would not buy another lipstick from Avon's Color Trend range as I would rather pay more and get something better quality. I would recommend a lipstick from the MUA range (available in Superdrug), which actually costs less and is better quality (you get 3 lipsticks for £2.00 or they cost £1.00 each).


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        27.11.2012 19:16
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Just dont even try it, Avoid at all costs

        Another prime example of Color Range at its worst. I have tried these lipsticks and have to admit, they are by far the worst I have ever used.

        The actual design isn't too sad, they have a black base with the Color Range logo on it, and a clear lid that fits well, and the swivel action also works very well. That is basically all the niceties out the way, I have nothing else complimentary to say about this product.

        Sorry to do this to you Avon but you really dropped the ball with this product. Firstly the colours, they may look ok in the catalogue or on the models, ignore that! The actual colour is nothing like what you think it is going to be. They are light and dreary, I bought a brown and a pink shade, when I first took off the lid, I noticed a distinct smell coming from the lipstick, it is not wholly unpleasant but it is a strange chemical odour. The second thing you notice with this lipstick it when you try to apply it, it just doesn't work. I know that is a strange thing to say about a lipstick, but you run it over your lips and nothing happens. In order to get any colour from it, you have you use a fair amount of pressure and really drag it along your lips. Although this may leave you with a bit of colour, the texture of the lipstick is horrible, it is gritty and rough. It has a matte finish which is really quite unpleasant. Trying to get it off is almost as hard as trying to get it on in the first place. I only paid £2.50 for the lipstick which although a waste of money, wasn't a huge fortune I suppose.

        I would not use this lipstick again, I even tried to put lip gloss on top in the vain hope it might make it more pleasant but even this failed. I would say avoidance is probably the best course of action here.


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          08.11.2012 02:03
          Very helpful



          I wouldn't buy again.

          So luckily for me I picked this little lipstick up for £1.50 from eBay as nobody had bidded on it, it was brand new and sealed and sold from a lady who stocks Avon, the average price of this lipstick is around £3.50 and is only available online or through the Avon catalogue.

          The packaging is very simple and nothing special, its a black plastic tube with a purple/pink dotted pattern and a clear plastic case to protect the lipstick. The lipstick is the usual twist up style and if you would like to know the shade name of your lipstick its printed on the bottom.

          Since I have bought this lipstick, Avon have updated the packaging. The new packaging is very different, a lot more modern and interesting and they have also renamed the colours.

          The colour which I have is Pink Sunrise which in the new shades is named Pink Holiday. The colour is a lightish pink mixed with a dark nude which is a very natural colour and great for most skin colours to pull off.

          Treat your lips to a rich and creamy lipstick in hot stay-true colours that last for hours. SPF15.

          I really wouldn't say this lipstick is creamy or rich, infact I think its very sheer and light and you need a good few coats for it to start looking rich and opaque on your lips.
          I would describe it as more of a tinted lipbalm rather than an actual lipstick, its moisturising on your lips and leaves a slight sheen and a hint of colour, you're still able to see your own lip colour underneath which actually makes this lipstick seem really natural.
          It has a lovely fruity scent to it and a slight taste which I find pleasant, but if you don't like scented/flavoured lip products then I would avoid this as although its not very strong it is noticeable.
          I find the lipstick needs topping up every hour or so to keep your lips looking moisturised with a hint of colour, if not I find the lipstick comes off on its own very easily so make sure you keep this in your bag.

          WOULD I BUY AGAIN?
          Although I only payed £1.50 for this I don't think I will be repurchasing as it doesn't give me the results which I want, if you want something which is a good price, cheap and natural then this would be good for you.

          Thank you for reading and hope my review was of some help.


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          23.09.2012 13:08
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Inexpensive and great for general use.

          ===The lipstick I am reviewing is the same appearance as in the image above but in current catalogues Avon has revamped the packaging which is now white and renamed the colours===

          ===Why I Bought This===

          I have often bought Avon Colour Trend lipsticks over the years and the one I bought this time was being discontinued. Called Iced Champink, I had bought it back in the 70s and it was going for all those years so decided to try it again for old times sake.

          ===The Brand===

          Avon is a long established direct selling network which used to sell just door-to-door but you can order directly from their website these days if you do not have a local representative handy.
          Avon has 18 different brouchures issued throughout the year - or their stock can be viewed online.

          ===The Product===

          Standrd stick of lipstick.
          Comes shrink wrapped in black cellophane.
          Ingredients are printed on the inside.
          The lipstick tube itself is black and a clear plastic push on cap.
          Twist up base and angled head to the lipstick.
          Made in Germany.

          ===Colour Trend===

          Avon Colour Trend is their most 'basic' range - both in packaging and price. Probably aimed more for the younger teenage market or those on a tight budget. The range nevertheless does have quite a reasanable range fo products which are now coming in different white packaging.


          £3.75 each but currently £4 or 2.


          *Beige Star
          *Doll Pink
          *Lucky Kiss
          *Pink Holiday
          *Poppy Love
          *Violet Friday

          ===My Opinion===

          I have bought many of these Colour Trend lipsticks over the years in a variety of colours - as I usually like to have both a brownish and a pinkish shade on the go at any one time.
          The colour I bought was in the old style black and clear packaging as it was being discontinued - though I would venture to suggest that the new shade 'Pink Holiday' is also quite similar to the 'Iced Champink' I had purchased. I only paid £1.
          Avon's website states - 'Treat your lips to a rich and creamy lipstick in hot stay-true colours that last for hours*. SPF15. (*Consumer Study, 33 people.)
          It has been many years since I had bought Iced Champink and although it is a pale pink in the tube when you put it on it is much 'whiter' and more shimmery than I remembered - lookng more like the pale 1960s lipsticks.
          However it glides on nicely and even stayed quite well after I had eaten, which was a surprise. this is not marketed as a long stay lipstick, and in fact I often find those quite drying anyway. This type of lipstick may be a little more sheer than some other highly pigmented versions, but it does have a decent coverage and is fine for everyday and general use. The shade I had is quite pearlisd in its appearance.
          The lipstick has a good creamy texture and mine is also quite shiny. Having added SPF is a bonus - if we ever have the sun.
          The lipstick does have a sweet sort of smell if you actually sniff the stick - but it does not have any taste as far as I have noticed and the smell does not linger so is not annoying.
          These lipsticks are inexpensive and last absolutely ages. It may be difficult to judge the colour from the brochure but these items can be returned to Avon if you are unhappy with the shade or you can ask your Representative to get you some samples. Personally I find the little samples great for using in my handbag - they are tiny little lipsticks with a plastic push on lid - but if you do that make sure thay are in your make-up bag as the lid can slip off.
          I would not say that these lipsticks are worth the full price but when bought on offer as 2 for £4 or 3 for £5 they are a cheap way of getting new colours and for having an inexpensive treat for yourself.

          ===Star Rating===

          4 stars - a good cheap product but may not have the staying power of the long lasting types.

          ===Would I Recommend?===





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            15.03.2012 13:18
            Very helpful



            Not the best quality lipstick on the market

            I bought one of these lipsticks for £1 from the Avon brochure, I thought this was a bargain not to be missed!

            The lipstick comes in attractive packaging and you twist the lipstick up to apply. The lipstick has a sweet scent to it, sort of a vanilla scent. The scent is nice but once the lipstick has been applied to your lips the scent soon disappears.

            I find the lipstick easy to use. It has a creamy consistency and the colour is rich and feminine. My lipstick was a pink shade and the colour was lovely. It doesn't bleed and it stays put all day. The only issue I had with applying the lipstick was the fact that it can sometimes need a few coats before the desired coverage has been achieved. I like my lips to have lots of colour and this one needs building up a little before you notice the full effect of the colour. Building the lipstick up that much can sometimes lead to caking and/ or flaking.

            Another bad thing about the product is that it can sometimes leave your lips feeling a little dry, especially if you use it quite often. It doesn't feel that moisturising on the lips and if your lips are already feeling sore it doesn't make them feel any better. It doesn't make them feel any worse either.

            The lipstick does keep well though and it's available in lots of different shades. It's cheap and it'll get you by, but it's not the best quality if i'm being honest.


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            21.10.2011 16:33
            Very helpful




            For anyone who reads my reviews on a regular basis will now know that I have bought many of avon products and a lot of the colour trend and i'm quite happy with most of them and will continue to buy. Colour trend is very cheap but that doens't mean their quality is always cheap, a lot of their products I have found work better and have better shades than brands such as barry m.

            'Avon Color Trend Kiss n Go Lipstick' these are usually around the £3.50 mark but when I had a flick through they was only £1.75 so I thought I'd grab myself a bargain and I purchased a couple of these in case the price went up next time. There are 11 shades available and I purchased the vino disco, champink and amethyst.
            the other shades are :
            - girlfriend
            - sheer cafe
            - winter wine
            - raisien wine
            - pink sunrise
            - sequin
            - rich berry
            - cafe au lait

            The vino disco in the picture is a bright red colour, when applied this went on very smooth, yet the colour wasn't a strong shout out colour I had hoped for but was very subtle as if it was just a lip balm, but it wasn't a big loss as I have decided to just use it on a regular every day basis. The champink is a light nude pin colour with a little kick of sparkle to it, I wear this when I'm going for a natural look as it's looks very fresh on me. The amethyst is a deep red in the picture and this did not disappoint at all, this went on lovely and looks wicked with pale skin, rose-y cheeks and dark eyes.

            Wiping off this was fine, I had to wipe a few times with the amethyst as it stain a little, but I had been re applying it all night to keep the colour bright and fresh. the colours are long lasting but of course you have to top up every hour at least like most lipsticks.


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              20.02.2011 17:33
              Very helpful



              Not one I'd recommend.

              Review of Avon Colour Trend Kiss n Go lipstick.

              I bought two shades of this lipstick just before Christmas from a neighbour who works as an Avon representative. The product was part of an offer in the brochure and they worked out around £2.50 each, so they seemed a very reasonable price. The usual price for this lipstick is £3.50, according to Avon's website.

              The choice of colours was pretty good, around eight different shades to select from. I chose 'Raisin Wine', a brownish red and Café au Lait, a light brown colour.

              **The Lipstick and how To Buy**

              The lipstick is presented in a black plastic twist up tube. The cover is clear plastic and the actual tube has the Avon Colour Trend logo in a lavender colour.

              The lipstick is marketed as a true to colour, rich, creamy and moisturising lipstick and as mentioned above, there is a fairly wide selection of colours to choose from.

              Avon products can be purchased via an Avon representative or from the company website:-

              It is worth mentioning that many cash-back sites offer cash back on Avon purchases and there are often voucher deals for free delivery available on line, so it is worth checking before you order!

              **If this lipstick were a car, it would be a write off!**

              **In Use**

              The colours were not as I had expected, I appreciate that it is not always possible to get an exact match when looking at the printed page, but the Café au Lait was so pale that it was more of a beige than a brown and the Raisin Wine shade was a decidedly deep plummy-red shade.

              The Café au Lait reminded me of a 1960's lipstick, as it was almost white against my skin. In fact it is totally unwearable for me and was passed on to my granddaughter who is just reaching the age to experiment with cosmetics.

              The Raisin Wine lipstick, although not quite as I expected, was a better colour for my complexion and it does look nice. The lipstick glides on easily, it is a little on the sticky side, but as I generally blot lipstick anyway, I didn't mind this too much. I appreciate that many women prefer a glossy finish to their lips, but unfortunately glossy lips just make me look though I am drooling!

              The lipstick feels pleasant on the lips and it does feel as though the product is moisturising your lips.

              As an older lady and a smoker, I do have fine lines around the lips which can cause lipsticks to 'bleed'. Avon Colour Trend was perfectly fine in this respect and I did not experience any colour bleeding issues.

              So why am I calling this lipstick range a write off?

              Well, I applied the Raisin Wine lipstick, went off to our friends drinks party and was perfectly happy with my make up. After about 2 hours, during which I had smoked a cigarette and had a couple of soft drinks, I headed to the loo. Catching sight of myself in the bathroom mirror, I realised that I was bare lipped! Not a trace of lipstick remained! I hadn't noticed that I was leaving lipstick prints on my glass, but it was gone....completely!

              In fairness I'd been chatting,drinking, eating peanuts, smoking and the lipstick could have simply worn off, but the staying power was abysmal in my opinion.

              For the purpose of this review I put the lipstick on and kept checking the condition of it. After about one and a half hours and one cup of coffee, the lipstick was gone!

              **My Conclusion**

              Bluntly, don't bother with this one if you want a lipstick that lasts! It is a shame as the colour choice is excellent, the price is reasonable, but for just over an hours wear, it really is not worth buying. If I could award this no stars, I would, but as Dooyoo do not permit a zero rating, 1* it is!

              I would not recommend this lipstick to others. It is a write off!

              Thank you for reading.

              ©brittle1906 February 2011

              N.B. My review may be found on other sites under the same user name.


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                02.02.2011 13:49



                A very cheap quality lipstick

                I shouldn't have expected much success with this Avon Color Trend lipstick as it was so cheap, i actually bought it in a 3 for £5 offer in the Avon brochure. It caught my eye because it had so many shaded available which all looked so nice, the shade you could buy were;

                Iced Champink
                Raisin Wine
                Rich Berry
                Cafe au Lait
                Pink Sunrise
                Vino Disco

                Being a girly girl myself i opted for the Iced Champink shade which is a vey light shiny pink. But i was so disappointed with the results of this lipstick, it didn't last long on my lips at all. It might be called Kiss n Go but if you kissed anyone while wearing this lipstick it would be sure to come off straight away! As a result i found myself constantly having to reapply it.

                The coverage it has on my lips was poor too and you could literally see any slight crack in my lips where i'd missed on applying it. The lipstick had a tasty smell but that's about the only positive thing i can think to say about it. I've found most of Avon's Color Trend range to be of poor quality to be honest, i'm not a fan.


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                26.09.2010 06:14
                Very helpful



                an ok lipstick, great if you don't want to spend a lot

                How to buy:

                You can't find avon in shops but you can request a brochure or an avon rep online or order on site at http://avonshop.co.uk
                I've only ever bought 2 products from avon myself, but i did it so the avon rep would come round and drop the products off as i didn't want to pay p&p. You fill in a small order form table and then leave it outside in the avon catalogue for the rep to pick up. Then they'll deliver it on the date shown/specified.

                First impressions/reasons for buying:

                1. It's cheap
                2. It looked like a decent colour
                3. Felt like adding to make-up collection since i'd thrown a lot of stuff away
                4. Wanted to try out avon products
                Color trend

                These products shown are possibly for younger females just getting into make-up or for people on a budget (based on the ads).
                They're the cheapest make-up products in the brochure.

                I purchased mine for £3.50 and is available on site for the same price.
                The link in case you would like to view it is: http://avonshop.co.uk/product/make-up/lips/color-trend-kiss-n-go-lipstick.html


                There's a selection of shades and it's easier to see them by looking in the brochure as you can see them all on a page. There are swatches shown on site. I don't think i would be in a position to list and talk about them as i haven't tried them or seen them in person myself but am able to talk about the shade i ordered and will below.
                There is a small choice of shades: pink colours, red shades and a few neutrals.

                Opinions of Champink:

                First off it's nothing like the swatch shown online, it's more of a shimmery colour when applied although it doesn't look it before applied that is the look given and I think that is important as it gives people the wrong impression about what colour they're going to buy.

                Product claims:

                Fantastic stay - true colour. : I don't know where they got this from! I disagree completely.

                Rich, creamy and moisturising. : It is a creamy colour but not particularly rich/pigmented. I don't feel as though it's moisturising my lips but it does feel moisturising on the lips. I'd say it gives a moisturising finish not matte.


                I can't make out what it smells like but it definitely smells different to some lipsticks i've used however it doesn't overpower it or put you off using it. You only really recognise it when applying.
                What it looks like on

                It's a frosty light pink with a shimmery effect. It feels like it'd come off easily.


                It doesn't give a really good colour so you have to keep building it up by applying and applying so it looks even. I don't really find this a suitable selection of lipstick for somebody who doesn't want to reapply throughout the day or smokes. Even eating and drinking would make it wear off. It's not long lasting at all and doesn't stay put for long. You'd have to apply frequently.

                Overall opinions:

                I can't fault the price but the quality of the lipstick isn't very high. It's a good colour when you've applied it over & over however this isn't practical and can be annoying. You'd expect it to stay for at least an hour or so but it just doesn't.
                I'd say it's worth the price but definitely not a decent product.


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                17.02.2010 13:42
                Very helpful



                A poor lipstick all round

                So as usual found myself bargain hunting through Avon, and I come across this lip stick my attention was immediately draw to the colour Iced Champagne, it was such a light lush pink colour and the models lips looked fab as she modelled it. Straight away I brought it. So two weeks later it shows up great I thought!

                I had a good look at it and still loved the colour although it was slightly different from the magazine. I tried it on and found I was not that impressed.

                The lip stick comes in a variety of colours from reds to pinks and nude, so there is no shortage of choice so you will find your colour. How ever I found that this lipstick is something a little girl would play with and not very appropriate for older girls and women.

                The lipstick itself is very week and easily breakable to you have to be very gentle, but at the same time if you leave it in your handbag or on the side too long and it gets warm it will melt into a sticky mess.
                It does not spread that well and therefore is really tricky to apply. The results are not that impressive either, the lipstick does not spread and becomes all lumpy and rough on the lips, which is not an attractive look. It claims to be rich and creamy but it is everything but that.

                It does not last long at all on your lips it disappears very quickly, and dries the lips out too so it is not kind at all.

                I will say though that the tip of the lipstick shape is a great idea becomes it curves like the shape of your lips so theoretically it should go nicely on your lips.

                So on to the case, it comes in an all black casing with a clear lid the clear lid is a great idea as you can see exactly what colour you have and is easy to find in your make up bag. Plus the twist bottom is really easy to move so there is no problem getting the lip stick up.

                Price wise it will cost you £3.25 which is kind of expensive when you can walk in to a local shop and pick up another brand for about 50p more!
                You will find though that there is always offers on in Avon like buy one get one free/ for £1, or even have price so do look out for this if you would like to give it ago but I would say give it a miss this time.


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                18.11.2009 14:25
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                I love when the new Avon book gets thrown my way by my mother in law, who also just happens to be my Avon lady, most of the Avon products are great and its kind of fun to get a package full of nice things every now and again, even if I have paid for it myself.

                Avon Color Trend Kiss n Go Lipstick however is now one lipstick I shall be avoiding, unlike most of the other Trend products on the Avon range, simply because it isnt really great quality at all, it feels cheap on your lips and dried my lips up after using it. It may seem harsh but this lipstick reminds me of the cheap lipsticks you got as a child in them little toy cases, apart from the fact that its available in a range of actually nice colours.

                If I havent put you off Avon Color Trend Kiss n Go Lipstick is available for 3.25 normally but at the moment its on offer for 2.50 which is a good price for lipstick but you do get what you pay for.

                Avon Color Trend Kiss n Go Lipstick comes in 8 different shades, Amethyst, Café au Lait, Iced Champink, Pink Sunrise, Raisin Wine, Rich Berry, Sequin and Vino Disco. I can be positive though about this lipstick, the range of colours are quite nice and there is something almost for everyone, my favourite shade is the Amethyst shade, however even though I have kept it in my make up bag, I think I have only used it about 5 times in 1 year.

                So the quality of this lipstick doesnt really match the quality of other Avon lipsticks, but it is very cheap and affordable and you do get what you pay for, this lipstick would probably be best suited to a younger teenager who doesnt have as much money to spend on makeup and is still only learning exactly how to use it.


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                  13.10.2009 10:24
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                  It's cheap and cheerful... But not the best!

                  Any regular readers of my reviews will be aware by now that I work as an Avon representative when my poor health allows, mostly as a hobby, although I do love to earn a couple of pounds for my pocket at the same time!

                  I did make a conscious decision recently to update my make-up bag - some of it anyway - and this decision made me sit up and take notice when a recent Avon brochure was running a great offer on some of the cosmetics and make-up items.

                  I do like some of the items from the Avon 'Color Trend' range of cosmetics and think that they offer great value for money. I noticed that the recent brochure (campaign 14 in case it is relevant) was offering a free foundation when you ordered any other product from the Color Trend range.

                  Given that the foundation cost over £4 each or so, I recognised immediately that this was a good opportunity to replace not only one of my old tatty lipsticks or eye shadows, but I could also receive a new tube of foundation at the same time, absolutely free! With that I set about making my order and decided to update my old tatty lipstick.

                  I ordered the Avon Color Trend "Kiss 'N' Go" lipstick, which cost me £3.25 in this brochure. The range of these lipsticks contains a total of eight colours or shades, ranging from very dark shades such as the "Rich berry" to something a bit lighter such as the "Pink Sunrise".

                  As I was looking for something in between, I opted to try the "Raisin Wine" shade which looked to me like it had a sort of light browny undertone to it but with a darker reddish hue. I therefore thought that this shade might be nice to wear on an evening out, if I was wanting a more dramatic look.

                  When the lipstick arrived from Avon, I wasn't surprised to see that the packaging was of the usual fairly basic standard that I have come to expect from the Color Trend range of cosmetics. The main colour of the packaging for this range is black and there is a little spot design on the side of the tube.

                  My partner and I were going out that evening and I decided to give my new lipstick a bit of a trial. Removing the plastic 'lid' from the lipstick tube, the lipstick was easy to twist up, ready for use in the usual manner. I could see that the colour was a little darker than I had expected it to be but decided to apply it all the same.

                  I found that the lipstick was easy to apply and I do find that some cheaper branded lipsticks struggle with this. The Avon Kiss N Go lipstick however was of a reasonable enough quality that it glided onto my lips without too much effort.

                  I did find that the lipstick had quite a noticeable scent to it which was particularly evident when I was applying it. Once it had been applied, I did find that the scent dulled down a little but at first I felt it was quite overpowering and heavily-scented. To be fair I do find that most lipsticks are quite heavily scented nowadays but the Avon Color Trend one was no better!

                  Once applied, I was quite impressed with the overall quality of the Color Trend lippy, which surprised me given how cheap it was to buy! I suffered no problems with flaking or excessive drying of my lips, which is generally a problem with me if I wear cheaper lipsticks so this was a bit of a surprise.

                  Furthermore, I felt the colour lasted a reasonable time on my lips and there were no excessive problems with the colour 'bleeding' around my mouth... Well, no more than my usual lipsticks, anyway!

                  The lipstick felt of a reasonable quality once it had been applied... I wouldn't say that it was overly velvety or opulent in any way, but it was definitely of a higher quality than what I had expected.

                  The only major downside to the use of this lipstick for me is that I am not 100% happy with the shade. I feel it is a little too dark for my own colouring, but obviously that is not something I can blame the product for! I have been so impressed with the quality of this little lippy that I am quite happy to order another couple to see if I can find a more suitable shade to wear.

                  I would however deduct a point for the fairly over-powering scent. I feel it is too heavily perfumed and I am very aware of it when it has been applied to my lips. Apart from that I would really recommend giving these lipsticks a try... they are cheap and cheerful!

                  They do say that 'you get what you pay for' and I feel that this is the case with this lipstick... It was very cheaply priced and because of that I wasn't expecting miracles. If you are looking for a high quality product then you probably won't be overly impressed with this Color Trend lippy. For me though, it does what it says on the tin and is of a reasonable enough quality that I wouldn't dismiss it completely.

                  The range of Avon Color Trend lipsticks is available to buy in the usual way from your local Avon representative, where the usual price is £3.25 each. Alternatively, you can buy them online from www.avonshop.co.uk.


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                    07.09.2009 12:51
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                    A Rip Off Lipstick From Avon

                    I was given 3 of these Kiss N Go lipsticks off my cousin when she packed her Avon round in and was left with a load of stock. The only thing I can say about them is steer clear because they are one of the worst ranges of lipstick I have ever used.

                    There part of the Color Trend range which usually has trendy colours but the 3 I have got are very pale and don't look anything like the colours in the book. All of them drag the skin on my lips badly and the lipstick has a dry texture that feels horrible on my lips when I apply it and after when I am wearing it.

                    All of the shades are quite matte as well but not in a good way and it doesn't look up to date and just looks like I am wearing cheap bad quality lipstick. And I am.

                    The lipstick is only very small as well even though in the Avon book they have made it look normal sized but when you get it you'll see it's only about the size of a Lipsyl lip balm and I don't think it will last very long because you have to keep reapplying it every half an hour to keep the colour looking even half ok.

                    The colour fades dead quick and also transfers itself to cups and glasses very thickly and funnily it looks darker and a more impressive colour on the cup than it does on my lips.

                    The 3 I have got are:-

                    ICED CHAMPINK

                    This looks like the sort of colour Lulu would wear in the 60's and is so pale that it looks really stupid on. I don't mind pale colours but this one is ridiclous and makes me look proper washed out but don't worry because the colour only lasts for about half an hour anyway so you won't look stupid for long.


                    My cousin said this is one of the classic Avon colours and it's been going for years and it is the nicest of the 3 Kiss N Go lipsticks I've got. It's a purple colour but looks too one dimensional when it's on like I've used a pen to colour my lips and it's too matte for the shade and could do with a bit of a shimmer.

                    RAISIN WINE

                    A horrible red and orange blended lipstick that made me look like a clown. It goes on a bit smoother than the others but is a proper off colour that I don't think would suit many skin tones.

                    I don't really like any of them and think the normal price of £3.25 is a proper rip off because that's about the price of a Collection 2000 lipstick and they are much better quality with better colours to choose from. Another thing I noticed is that the skin on my lips gets really dry when I use these lipsticks and I hate that feeling so I've given these to my little sister to play about with.


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