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Avon Colour True Colour Eyeshadow Duo

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6 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Eyeshadows / Suitable for: Eye / What it does: Smoothes,

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    6 Reviews
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      23.11.2012 17:32
      Very helpful



      Really good eye shadow, lasts a long time

      I have two of these at the moment, I have the two oval shape shadows and the two round ones as well. The oval I have Healthy Glow which are a medium brown and a lighter tan colour and the round one is Retro Glamour which is a dark purple and a violet.

      I find with both of them, they are very smooth and easy to apply, the colour itself you can build up to quite a deep shade, or have it lighter depending on how much you put on at one time. They stay on extremely well and you don't end up with crease lines, which is good. They wear well and don't slide off like some other brands of shadow do. The powder is quite creamy, although it is a compacted powder, it feels silky when you apply it which is nice and the colours have a sheen to them that makes them look better on than how they look in the box.

      The compact itself is easy to open and close, the round set I have comes with a small mirror, where as the oval one doesn't, it has a clear oval panel that allows you to see the colours within. The little foam applicators are a bit pointless, I don't like using them because I find they pull the skin and the powder doesn't go on evenly, I use brushes rather than the applicators that come with it.

      The powder stays on your eyes well until it is time to come off then it is very easy to remove with makeup remover or baby oil. I have used both to remove it and they are equally as good. It is a good eye shadow, and the two colours you get complement each other well, I wish they did more colours though, also I don't buy these unless they are on offer as £6 is expensive I think.


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      09.08.2012 23:37
      Very helpful



      Great eyeshadow duo that lasts a long time and is crease-proof.

      The packaging has now changed from the image above but the eyeshadow is the same - it is just now in a square compact with two round discs of colour.

      ===Why I Bought This===

      I always like having plenty of different colour eyeshadows in my drawer so when I see one on offer I tend to buy it to add to my collection. The one I have just bought has now been discontinued (hence the cheap price) but Avon are continually changing their colour range but most eye shadow ranges always have the standard ones of browns, greens, blues and greys anyway.

      ===The Brand===

      Avon is a long established direct selling network which used to sell just door-to-door but you can order directly from their website these days if you do not have a local representative handy. You can also buy lots of their products (including discontinued items) from Ebay.

      ===Avon True Colour===

      This is the mainstream brand of make-up sold by Avon. Not as cheap as Colour Trend but not as expensive as some they market occasionally.

      ===The Product===

      'Incredible smooth, blendable powder that glides over lids, Gives dramatic depth of colour in a luxurious, silkly texture. Crease-proof colour stays true for up to 12 hours (Consumer Study, 120 people)' - from the Avon website.
      Comes in a black cardboard box.
      Made in China and use within 24 months.
      Inside is a black squarish plastic compact that is slightly rounded.
      AVON is imprinted on the lid.
      It is opened by a press catch at the front.
      Inside the lid is a square mirror.
      The duo of eyeshadows comprise two circles of colour about an inch in size.
      There is also a double ended sponge applicator - with one side being larger than the other.
      The circles of colour are slightly domed and have very tiny particles of sparkle in them.
      One disc of colour is to highlight and is lighter while there is also a darker colour that compliments it.
      Currently there are only four colour options for these duos but more colours are always being added to the range.


      Normally £6 but currently £4.
      These eyeshadows are also sold in quads at full price of £8.50 - but currently selling for £6.

      ===My Opinion===

      Over the years I have bought many of these eyeshadow duos and I would regard them as basic eyeshadows that are long lasting.
      I have had various colour combinations, from greys to browns to what I now have which is called 'Forest' and is a cross between green and brown. Having a highlighter and dark shadow in one compact makes for easy application. I do not often use the sponge applicator but prefer to use my own long handed brushes. The shadow goes on quickly and easily and needs hardly any blending. You would think a claim of 12 hours was a little far fetched but this powder does actually stay put for that long, and longer, it also does not crease and very little needs to be applied for the colour to be evident when worn.
      It comes off easily with any cleanser or wipe and does not need special eye make-up remover.
      The slight tiny sparkles that can just be seen when the shadow is in the compact does not actually show up as such when worn, so these eye shadows can be used through the day or for the evening. A more natural look would be had with the brown shades or you could be more daring with their current purple or teal.
      I have sometimes been sensitive to some eyeshadows but I have had no trouble with these duos. Bought when on offer they are a good price and I have never really used up the whole lot as I tend to discard old eyeshadows after about a year or so and restock anyway. I tend to buy the colours that are being discontinued as they are pretty much the same as the newer versions but maybe the name of the colour has changed or the shape of the packaging - after all how many differnt browns or greens can you have?

      ===To summarise these are great basic eyeshadows with good colour that last a long time and do not crease.===

      ===Star Rating===

      5 stars.

      ===Would I Recommend?===





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      05.03.2012 00:50
      Very helpful



      Great little make up compact.

      I love Avon products, they do as the brochure states 99% of the time, they are cheap and cheerful and Avon is a very popular brand.

      So what is Avon?

      Avon is one of the main leading beauty companys aiming for woman, although they do have products for men, children and the home too. Bringing products to woman in over 100 contries they are competative in their prices and have great quality products.
      Avon supports causes like breast cancer and domestic violence and these causes are in every brochure delievered. This has made and incredible $800 million for these causes.
      With 6.4 billion reps delievering the brochures, one in 3 women look at an Avon brouchures however now there is online shopping too so everyone can have access to the Avon products.

      Now onto the product.

      True colours eyeshadow duo has changed a little from the picture above. The packaging has changed to the more modern and sleek design that Avon have been recently using however i have not had the eyeshadow duo in the new packaging.
      I brought my eyeshadow duos over 2 years ago now and although i have only just opened my jade eyeshadow just recently my midnight blue shadow and my natural shadow have lasted for well over a year. Although the box states that you must use within 24 months of opening the product mine is still as good as the first day i opened it.
      When i purchased mine it came in a dark blue case with a see through hole in the lid so you can see the colours of the eyeshadows in the compact. The lid closes very tightly so there is no chance of any of your other make up spilling into the inside and ruining the shadows and it is small enough for you to carry in your handbag for touch ups during the day. Inside the compact you get a double ended applicator and the eyeshadows are in two seperate compartments so there is no chance of mixing the two colours.
      It comes in a lighter shade and a darker shade and although the darker shade is is very nice I use it more for the creases of my eyes and the outer corners to make my eyes stand out more. The lighter shade looks great on its own but also together with the darker shade for a more dramatic look. I have noticed that the jade colour and the natural browns colour are great as a day and night time look however the midnight blue is more of an evening look and can be a little over powering for the day.
      The eye shadows feel very silky and smooth when you apply them to your eye, infact they almost feel creamy. They last all day when applied however if you are like me and like to keep the colour strong then i always take mine with me and touch up throughout the day.

      The only downfall i have found is that the clear plastic oval in the lid of the compact does come loose after a few times you have used them and it can be annoying to keep popping it back into place. I have also noticed that on a couple of mine, after i have used the applicator provided the powder becomes very hard and not too easy to put onto the applicator.

      I would recommend this to any woman that likes lasting colour, cheaper however still great quality and wants a brand that they can trust. When i purchased mine they was in the brochure for £3.00 at special offer however i have seen the prices go up and down since so you can be lucky and catch them whilst they are on offer to avoid paying more than you need to and Avon tend to have them on offer quite alot. With a new brochure coming out every 3 weeks im sure you will be about to find it at the lower price quite quickly.


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      11.07.2010 12:21
      Very helpful



      A good product - recommended :)

      Avon Colour True Colour Eyeshadow Duo

      I like avon products, but sometimes they can be a bit hit and miss. Some products that I have tired have lived up to their claims but other have not. And this product has. I have the duo in the shades jade (as pictured) and I also have the duo in the shades classic neutral.

      Firstly I don't think that avon make this product in this packaging any more, they still make this product in these shades but the packaging for the new version is a lot nicer and sleeker/modern.

      I really like these products, they are very compact and light and they come in strong durable plastic cases, which protects them from any other make up spilling on them. This old packaging is a bit dated and the new one is a lot better but they are still nice and do the job.

      The Jade one that I have (pictured) is my favorite, just because of the gorgeous vivid colours. The lighter shade is great as a all over base lid colour and then the darker green is great for a crease colour. I just put the lighter shade all over and then put the darker shade of green in the outer corner of my lid and blend it inwards - to create a kind of smoky eye/winged eyeshadow look.

      They are both very easy to apply and take off. But the only thing about this product that is not very good is that the colours are really really subtle and 'faint' - there is only a small amount of colour pay off. But I just dampen my eyeshadow brush and then apply the shadows and build up the colour. But it is great for a subtle sheen of colour. They are also shimmery and sparkly which is really nice.

      The classic neutrals is also nice and it is also shimmery/sparkly. It too is easily applied, taken off and it is blended easily. Leaving a silky smooth shimmery eyeshadow look.

      Good points
      *Two eye shadows for the price of one
      *Durable strong plastic case
      *Shimmery subtle eye shadows
      *Cheap - the new ones in the same shades are only £3
      *Good high quality product and brand
      *Easily applied, easy to blend and easy to take off
      *Great for traveling/holiday/festivals
      *light weight
      *Easy to apply and blend with finger - instead of brush
      *Available off the avon site or a representative
      *I have had this product ages and it is still not finished

      Bad points
      *Subtle colour - not very strong


      Thank you for reading my review


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      07.01.2009 12:15



      good for a budget

      I purchased this item once for a cheap holiday/ summer palate when I wanted to be adventurous with colourings but didn't want to pay a fortune in case I didn't like it!!
      The packaging is simple, light, compact and versatile. The application sponges are sufficiently sized and foamy so that you don't feel like you are scarping your eye lids as I have occassionally found with other cheaper brands.
      The colour choice is vast & it is easy to find something that would suit each individuals requirements. As for the eyeshadow itself. I found the product to be acceptable. I wouldn't say that I wouldn't use it again but I also wouldn't rush out to buy it as for my first choice either. I found that to get coverage I had to use a little too much that turned quite clumpy in places & I didn't find the look as subtle as I would have liked. It was rather chalky and didn't last too long.
      Giood for colour range & for a budget but not a top choice of mine.


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      12.09.2006 18:28
      1 Comment



      Avon's duo eyeshadow is a must buy

      To start with this product is normally £5.00 but can change price with offers.
      It is in a nice small compact container. With its own little mirror, and 2 colour blends and brush.
      It is almost slim line so fits nicely in your handbag without any problems.

      I bought the lilac 2 duo and its really nice.
      On is a sort of dark purple and the other is a light lilac.

      It looks like a powder, but when applied it is smooth and lasts a long time. The colours blend nicely together, so Avon have the colours spot on.

      You don't need to use to much at a time ether as when applied its there and stays there, so no need to keep buying.

      The little application brush is your standard brush, you can wash it, with a little bit of soap and lukewarm water, it comes up clean.

      Its not messy like powder so the container keeps clean.
      The plastic is quite tough, as I have dropped mine a few times and its still ok.

      Well, worth the price.
      And a great choice of colours.


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    • Product Details

      Highly blendable, creamy formula melts on contact with lids for a silky-smooth finish /

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