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Avon Dazzling Diva Face Pearls

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Brand: Avon / Suitable for: Face

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    2 Reviews
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      10.12.2012 08:47
      Very helpful



      Definitely not one for pale skin

      I usually dread when an Avon book comes through my door as it means that one of my neighbours has decided to start trying to earn some extra money by doing Avon. Other than moving out of my house in the middle of the night it means that for the sake of neighbourly harmony I am obliged to buy something from them. This wouldn't be a problem if not for the fact that loads of my friends already do Avon and I already have to buy from them too.

      My most recent purchase was from a neighbour and it was a few of the products from the Dazzling Diva range as I had heard a few good things about them so was curious to try them out and see what I thought of them.

      The pearls are white and I was a little bit worried that they would make me look pale and pasty as I normally use bronzing pearls or ones to illuminate. They are supposed to give your face a little bit of a shimmer and 'winter sparkle'.

      They come with a sponge for applying which I really didn't like and so I used one of my own make-up brushes instead and this was much better at applying the pearls to my skin.

      When you sweep the brush over the pearls you can see it becoming loaded with powder and you don't have to be really harsh and aggressive with the brush as it will get quite a bit on it with just a few sweeps. You then just brush it over your face paying attention to areas that you would like to highlight such as your cheekbones etc.

      I find that this gives a nice shimmer to my skin but it isn't as dramatic or as pretty as I would ideally like. The white is a little different and it doesn't make my skin look ghostly but it also doesn't highlight as much as I would like. I have used them a couple of times now and I found that they were much better and more intense when my face had been fake tanned as they showed up against the tan much better than when I only had foundation on. Without the tan the highlighting and shimmering effect was barely noticeable at all to my eyes.

      I thought that these pearls were ok but I certainly won't be rushing back to my neighbour to order some more. They do look better on darker skin so if you are pale I wouldn't bother with these and instead would go for the illuminating pearls or even the lighter bronzing pearls as I think you might be disappointed with how little these show up on your skin.


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      03.12.2012 14:47
      Very helpful



      for a fresh faced, winter look

      ~Dazzling Diva~

      The Dazzling Diva collection is quite new to Avon and includes a lipgloss, mascara, eyeliner and face pearls. This collection is aimed at those wanting make up suitable for wearing to festive parties or nights out.

      The Dazzling Diva Face Pearls offer an alternative to the Illuminating Face Pearls or Bronzing Pearls that Avon also offer. Avon describe these face pearls as 'dazzling white face pearls for the ultimate Winter sparkle'.

      It is worth noting that the ingredients list is noted on the box and there are parabens in this product. I don't judge anyone of what they choose to use and am aware that some like their products to be as natural as possible so this may not be for them.


      These face pearls are presented in a round, black and silvery sparkle pot which features a screw off lid. When the pot arrives from Avon, it is packaged within a black cardboard box. Also supplied with the face pearls is a white sponge which sits on top of the pearls.

      The packaging can be recycled and the pearls have a 24month shelf life from the time of opening.

      ~Price and Availability~

      Dazzling Diva Face Pearls are available in a 22g sized pot. These pearls retail at £10.00 from www.avonshop.co.uk and from your local Avon rep. They are often on some kind of special offer with the current offer being a free make up set when you spend £12 across the make up range.

      ~My Thoughts~

      I am a fan of the Illuminating Face Pearls that Avon offer so was intrigued to see a new addition to the pearls range. I paid £5.00 for my Dazzling Diva Face Pearls when they were released but would happily pay the full price for them. I always wait until Avon offers are on and stock up on my favourite products. I treated myself to these as I have a few nights out planned before Christmas.

      It is worth having a look at the model in the Avon brochure. The brochure I had showed her wearing all of the Dazzling Diva range and whilst I certainly don't have model looks, the look she was sporting was lovely and a little bit different. Had I not seen the completed look, I would have worried that white face pearls may leave me looking like some kind of ghost!

      One thing I am not completely impressed with is the shape of the pot housing the pearls. I suppose I am so used to the packaging of the Illuminating Pearls that a less spacious pot seemed a little daunting. There certainly isn't as much room to swirl a brush or sponge around in this pot so it has taken a bit of getting used to. I do like the sparkly lid though - quite stylish! The pot is made of sturdy plastic and hasn't cracked despite or leaked the contents which I am pleased about.

      ~Pretty Pearls~

      I would say these pearls are most suited to medium skin tones. Applied to pale skin tones (as my best friend has), doesn't have as much of an impact because of the white colouring of the pearls. The pearls themselves are identical in shape to the other pearls offered by Avon - small, round balls of tightly packed powder. The only difference is that these pearls are bright white with a delicate silvery shimmer to them. They are firm to the touch but when squeezed between two fingers, they crumble into a fine dust. There are too many pearls to count but I would estimate 100 or so in the pot.

      I'm not a fan of using sponges to apply my make up but found this sponge to be soft and of a good quality and size. It doesn't seem to pick up enough powder for my liking and it is near on impossible to see how much you have picked up as both the pearls and sponge are white! I much prefer to use a dusting or blusher brush to apply this product. It is actually recommended on the box that you use a dusting brush anyway.

      I use a thick brush and find that a few swirls over the top of the pearls. They give off a decent amount of powder residue without falling off the brush or being overly messy. I have medium coloured skin - not too pale but not tanned. I don't wear foundation as I don't like the way it feels on my skin so I simply apply this over the top of freshly cleansed and moisturised skin. The powder given off by these pearls is fine and feels soft against my skin. It doesn't drag or feel heavy on my skin and thankfully doesn't cause or irritate my dry, sensitive skin.

      I find these face pearls to create a gorgeous look for going out but they can be toned down a little (but applying a little less to the brush) for daytime use. I don't wear a massive amount of make up and favour a more natural look. I like sweeping this across my cheekbones and using alongside some black mascara and a pale or clear lipgloss but many looks can be created by mixing and matching different coloured make up items.

      I like the look offered by these face pearls. Even although the pearls are white, my cheeks don't end up pale looking. I find the pearls highlight my cheeks and give them a nice, fresh looking sort of glow which is quite bright and pretty looking. The shimmer is minimal and very feminine rather than making me look like a glitter obsessed teenager! The look is completely different from the Illuminating Face Pearls and is definitely more suited to using in the colder months to tone down blushing (from the cold) cheeks! I haven't experienced any excess sparkle particles dropping from my cheekbones.

      The effects of these face pearls last the full evening and I don't feel the need to top up the colour as it is visible and doesn't fade in the same way foundation or blusher does. I cleanse my skin at the end of the day before bed and find that any remaining powder is wiped away effortlessly.


      I can highly recommend these face pearls. They offer a fresh faced, highlighted look which is the perfect alternative to wearing too much make up in my opinion. I have used my face pearls quite a few times for various days/nights out and they barely look touched. I don't think I have ever finished a pot of pearls yet as they last so well and give off plenty of powder per pearl so are value for money all round.

      Highly recommended :)


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