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Avon Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Foundation

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4 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Foundation

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    4 Reviews
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      07.05.2013 20:51
      Very helpful



      A fantastic foundation

      The foundation

      I have enjoyed foundations from Avon in the past so when I found a new flawless foundation I decided to give it a go. It comes in a lovely glass bottle with a pump action which dispenses the product perfectly. What I love about this foundation is how little you need. I find two small pumps is more than enough to cover my whole face, and so it seems to last a life time. As you get towards the end of the bottle you can still easily dispense the product which is something I usually have problems with when foundation comes in this sort of packaging.

      I was a little surprised at the consistency. I expected it to be thin and light as it promises to work with your natural skin tone to provide a natural and flawless finish. What I actually found was it is rather thick and creamy, and so I was a little worried it was going to cake my skin in foundation rather than work with it. It also has SPF 15 so it has a little protection from the sun, but with all beauty products I would not rely on it completely.

      There are a range of shades available, and I chose ivory as that is usually what I wear. I did find it was a little lighter than the usual shade I purchase, but once on my skin it actually suited me very well. I find the best way to get full coverage with this foundation is by using a foundation brush. A sponge just does not seem to have the same effects so at first I was a little put off. I found once applied with a brush I am able to blend it into my skin easily, and it does provide a really high standard finish.

      Application and results

      As mentioned before you only need a tiny amount and this is because the foundation is a dream to work into the skin. A small amount spreads thinly and evenly across the skin. It looks like it almost disappears as you work the brush over your face, but the finished result is fantastic. It is mid coverage as it covers light marks and evens skin tone, but it does this without it being over the top and completely covering my skin so it cannot breathe. It manages to hide imperfections well, but any larger marks could still be visible. It has a slight matt finish so my skin does not look overly shiny, but it does produce a nice glow to the skin.

      It also lasts fantastically. I can apply it in the morning and find when it comes to remove my makeup it is still visible. It does not fade during the day or become patchy which is a problem I have with a lot of foundations. I find it gives a good 8-9 hours of coverage which for a basic foundation is amazing. Then with a primer I find it can last up to twelve hours so you really are getting your money's worth. I also find it is not drying on the skin at all. With some foundations it can highlight the dry areas on my cheeks, but this manages to cover them without doing this. My skin does not feel overly abused after wearing this foundation, which I find to be the case with a lot of other Avon variations.

      Another feature I really like is how light it sits on my skin. Even on a very warm day like today I find that the foundation is barley noticeable. I can apply it and then completely forget it is there, but it still has a visible appearance for hours after application. It is dermatologist and allergy tested so it can work with very sensitive skin which is perfect. I found it caused no irritation with my sensitive skin at all, and it also did not clog my pores up which a lot of foundations seem to do. It is very easy to remove with makeup wipes or a cleanser and I have never had an outbreak after using this foundation as I have with other Avon foundations.


      This foundation is priced at £12 in Avon's catalogue which I think is a good price. I purchased mine as part of a two for £12 deal which I thought to be better value as it means I purchased it for around £6. It lasts fantastically and the finish is brilliant too. I am trying to find something to fault it on but I really can't and for that reason I would give it five stars. If I had to I would purchase it at full retail, but as I know Avon often run promotions I will wait until it is on sale again and pick some more up. The finish really is flawless and it does this without being too heavy or irritating on the skin. It reminds me a little of a BB cream as it is so light, but I find the coverage is a lot better. It hides any imperfections without clogging up the skin at all. Highly recommended and my current favourite foundation.


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        10.12.2012 13:26
        Very helpful




        This Foundation hasn't been out all that long in Avon. I had been looking for a Foundation that would be good for my temperamental skin and tried this as after reading about this in the Avon book it seemed to be a good all rounder. I was a fan of the Mousse Foundation from Avon and was happy when it came back but after trying that one again it didn't do anything for my skin.

        This Foundation comes in a good few different shades so there should be a shade for everyone. I ordered myself the Light pink and the Ivory as my rep said I could try different shades and return the non suitable one. I always find that the colours in the Avon book don't seem to be a true representation of the shade.

        This comes in a glass bottle with a pump action bit of it to dispense the Liquid. When you first use this it will take a few squirts to get the Liquid out but after the first go then just 1 squirt gives a decent amount of Foundation. This is quite runny but not as runny as other ones I have used and you can apply this with a sponge or your fingers easily enough.

        I got this a few books ago for £3 as there was an offer on when you spent through a few pages and was able to chose this for £3 instead of the normal price of £12. As with Avon you will find that this is on offer pretty much every other book.

        So how do I find that this works on my Oily skin? Well this gives good coverage and I find that this stays in place and keeps me shine free and takes care of my slightly red-ish blotchy bits just fine. This covers my Spots well and doesn't seem to irritate them either.

        A really good foundation that I will be buying again when this bottle is finished.


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        29.10.2012 19:16
        Very helpful



        Super coverage foundation will give you a healthy, dewy complexion

        ===Why I Bought This===

        I have over the years stuck to Avon's Cream to Powder Foundation or the Jerome Alexander Baked Mineral Powder, but having seen this product shown on offer lately I decided to experiment and give it a try.

        ===The Brand===

        Avon is a long established direct selling network which used to sell just door-to-door but you can order directly from their website these days if you do not have a local representative handy.
        Avon has 18 different brouchures issued throughout the year - or their stock can be viewed online.

        ===The Product===

        Avon's website states - 'Full-coverage foundation creates a virtually undetectable veil of natural-looking, flawless perfection*. SPF15.' (*Consumer Study, 212 people.)
        Comes in a black box.
        30 mls and made in Poland.
        The ingredients are printed inside the box.
        The bottle is chunky and heavy with a large and strong square black lid.
        The bottle is pump action.


        Creamy Natural
        Light Pink
        Medium Beige
        Medium Wheat
        Natural Beige
        Pure Beige
        Soft Honey


        £12 at full price - I was able to buy it with another item for £3 recently.

        ===My Opinion===

        Firstly this feels like an expensive product as soon as you get it. The box is heavy and when the bottle is removed it is lovely and chunky and made of thick glass.
        The black cap is also of really strong, well made plastic. When you full the cap off it reveals a little pump action top.
        I purchased the Nude colour as I have fair skin and I thought that would be a good one to start with.
        When I first tried this I pumped a little out and applied it with my fingers - firstly I thought it was going to be the wrong shade for me but it quickly blended in with my skin to give fantastically good coverage - much better than I had with the other foundations I used.
        It was messier to apply and took a bit more blending than the mineral or cream to powder ones I would just sweep on with a brush or sponge, but the results are so much better.
        Now I have moved on to using a cosmetic sponge and just pump out a tiny amount onto that, I then either put the excess on the back of my hand until needed or dab some onto cheeks and forehead and then just sweep it over and blend.
        It gives super coverage without being or feeling heavy or caked. I am still using up my other foundations for around and about the house but this one is definitely worth the few extra minutes it takes to blend in. It makes my skin look so much better and healthier.
        The pump action means you only use a tiny bit at a time so my bottle should last for ages. Previously when I tried a more expensive Avon foundation it had a large opening in the top of the bottle and the foundation simply poured out everywhere - hence I was reluctant to bother trying any others.
        I was able to buy this for £3 which is super value but I think even at £12 it would be worthwhile as it will last a long time. However if you check either the Avon books or website regularly you are bound to find it on offer.
        I am so glad I tried this one now and find it covers up imperfections in my skin and under my eyes so you really do not need concealer.
        Also if you are going somewhere special wipe some over the back of your hands - it makes then looks years younger!
        Having so many colour choices means there is probably a shade for most people but it may take a while to pick yours. Avon will take back any products you are not satisfield with so get your representative to either get you one or two to try or ask then for some sample sachets.

        ===Star Rating===

        5 stars.

        ===Would I Recommend?===

        Yes - best foundation I have ever had.




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        08.09.2012 10:46
        Very helpful



        One of the best all round Foundations that gives a light natural coverage that last all day long.

        The Avon Ideal Flawless Invisible Foundation is what it says it is, it leaves you with a flawless complection, and after trying many foundations that are available on the high street i found this the best total flawless foundation for my blemished combination skin. it didn't leave my skin feeling thick and heavy it gave my skin a complete natural coverage and is a very light foundation that leaves your skin looking radiant. It is available in 14 shades to suit all skin types which are, Caramel, Creamy Natural, Earth, Golden, ivory, Light Pink, Medium Beige, Medium Wheat, Natural Beige, Nude, Nutmeg, Pure Beige, Shell and Soft Honey.
        It is dermatologist and allergy tested and comes with a SPF 15*
        It comes in a glass bottle 30ml that is pump action and applys well and leaves your skin looking soft and flawless, it lasted all day so i didn't need to re-apply at all. The price of the Foundation was great value for money and was cheaper than many of the other brands i had tried before.
        I think that this foundation gives the best invisible coverage that i have used and i would recommend it to everyone with any type of skin.


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