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Avon Ideal Flawless Matte Mousse Foundation

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5 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Foundation / Subcategory: Mousse

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    5 Reviews
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      03.08.2013 18:31



      Not Avons best product - dissapointed.

      I am a big Avon fan, no, I'm not BIG as a person, but do love Avon products and I also luurve like so many females of the species trying out new products. So, whenever Avon have something interesting and new on offer I inevitably try it!

      When my new product arrived I was a little surprised how small it was in the packaging, so straight away, it does not appear to represent value for money. However, I was very good and put it away until I had finished the existing bottle of foundation.

      The day came.... I opened my jar with trepidation... inserted my foundation wedge sponge and carefully smoothed it onto my skin. The first thing I noticed was that it appeared to go on blotchy, the second was the fragrance, not one of Avon's best but acceptable, if a little chemically. I finished applying the mousse with my fingers and noticed an orange peel effect on my cheek I'd never seen before. Like so many working women, I had to get out the door and get to work, so I could do very little at that stage. I continued as usual, went and had my breakfast whilst my foundation relaxed prior to applying the rest of my pallette. I was still not happy with the look when I came back to the mirror, although it had improved somewhat, so I applied plenty of bronzer and powder.

      On the plus side my make up did stay put all day.

      On the negative: I was not happy with the finish and found it tricky to apply.

      I do however, usually use a premium brand foundation/serum, although I do use others when my favourite is not avaiable.

      I have normal skin that I look after well and I eat a good diet with plenty of water.

      I returned the Mousse for a refund, as so dissapointed with it.




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      26.07.2013 19:41
      Very helpful



      Great Foundation and much less messy than liquid foundation

      For years I have been using mouse foundation, i have never managed to grasp the use of liquid foundation its always patchy when i do it! However when mouse foundation was brought out it made my makeup routine so much easier.

      To apply this foundation is really easy and doesn't leave loads on your hands/fingers. All you need to do is put some on your index finger and put onto your skin. It spreads really easily and a little goes a long way.

      The overall coverage is good including my dark circles and leaves a nice matt finish. I have thread veins on my face and find it covers them well too.

      Sticking Power
      This is the aspect of Avon mousse foundation down I find that maybellines lasts longer though out the day. But it does leave a lovely base for bronzer or blusher.

      Choice of Shades
      The choice of shades in this foundation is good, your local Avon representative can get samples and also can have a shade chart to match the best colour to your skin.

      This is a good foundation and much less messy than liquid foundation. However they only thing that makes maybelline slightly better is it lasts longer on your skin. All other aspects are just as good including how long it lasts.


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      12.05.2013 19:37
      Very helpful
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      After all the searching i think i've finally found 'the one'. My new number one foundation.

      I've been an Avon Rep for a couple of years now and have been working my way through the foundations to try to find 'the one'. I had been using the Maybelline Matte Mousse Foundation and was disappointed when i first started selling Avon that they didn't have an equivalent product. However, as i was able to buy the Avon products at discounted prices i was determined to work my way through them and find one that i liked.

      I found the previous products i tried to be too greasy, too thick, dried my skin out or made me look like i'd been a bit heavy handed. I quickly figured out that i was very fussy when it comes to foundations! When Avon started to advertise this product i knew straight away that i had to try it as it looked exactly like the Maybelline product and so i had high hopes.

      The foundation comes in a heavyweight glass tub that looks quite expensive. However, the product, if bought on offer, can be bought for as little as £5.50 which is extremely good value for money. I apply the product using my fingers as i feel it gives the most control. I don't like to go overboard so find i need very little foundation and find it is extremely easy to blend. This is particularly useful when the odd blemish makes an appearance! It also means the foundation can be used to cover dark circles beneath the eyes. Because i use so little i find a tub can last me approximately 2 months and the shape of the tub makes it easy to get the last few dregs to avoid wastage.

      The foundation leaves a natural looking, shine free finish. Because of this there's no need to use any additional powder foundation to finish the look. It also works well holding blusher to the cheeks throughout the day. I find that the coverage lasts all day and is light enough to not rub off on clothes and scarves. It doesn't have an odour and also doesn't dry out the skin. The foundation is available in a range of colours to ensure the right shade is obtained.

      I think the only disadvantage i can think of isn't related directly to the product but arises due to not having immediate access to the product. Foundation is quite personal and its often nice to be able to walk into a shop and try out different products and colours. Because Avon is mail order the customer either needs to order different samples to trial or order more than one product to test which one is most appropriate.


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        26.02.2013 19:16
        Very helpful



        Lovely whipped foundation that is quick and easy to use and lasts for ages.

        ===The Product===

        18 grams.
        Comes in a heavy and chunky curved glass pot with a shiny black screw n lid.
        Arrives in a sleek black box.
        Made in China and use within 24 months.
        Jar is bubble wrapped for safety.
        Pot has a very thick glass base.
        Foundation has no noticeable smell.


        £10.50 but currently £5.50 on special offer.


        * Creamy Natural
        * Ivory
        * Medium Beige
        * Natural Beige
        * Nude
        * Shell
        * Soft Honey.

        ===My Opinion===

        Avon states that this 'Whipped mousse foundation gives skin natural-looking, light to medium coverage with a velvety feel*. (*Consumer Study, 180 people and Consumer Study, 60 people.)
        I have not had any mousse foundation for ages so decided to give this one from Avon a try.
        Previously my favourite from Avon was the Flawless Invisible Coverage one in Nude but with the mouse one I purchased Shell - which was a great choice.
        I find this product very easy to apply and also it covers well.
        It is so easy to use - you could apply it with a cosmetic sponge but currently I just use my finger tips. When applied in the morning I always put on moisturiser after showering and before I dress so that by the time I have come to do my make up it has sunk in enough to be a good base for the foundation. Personally I do not use foundation all over my face but just where it is needed - mainly the centre section of nose and cheeks and a little on my chin and forehead. This mousse is such a great texture you only need the tiniest amount on your fingertips. As I have picked such a good skin match this time it hardly needs any blending in at all. It feels very soft and silkily smooth, and although it covers very well your skin does no feel clogged or caked at all. This mousse provides good coverage, but if you have any blemishes (such as I have a small mole) then a dab of concealer is also needed. However for the rest of my skin it gives you a very smooth and even base for your blusher - it makes you look as though your skin is in good condition but does not give the appearance of having a face covered in foundation - it is invisible to both others and also to yourself. You skin feels as fresh as if you were not wearing any make up and it will last all day. Though you may want to touch up a little if you are going out again in the evening.
        This pot is also good if you want to carry it with you as the solid foundation means there is no danger of spillage - unless you smash the jar - which is another story!
        This mousse is so lightweight you do not realise you have it on but when you look in the mirror you will tell the difference. I much prefer this now to my Invisible Coverage Foundation and doing a test the other day I did half my face with one and half with the other - I found the liquid one in Nude to be slightly orangy but the mousse in Shell was the perfect pale colour for my light skin. The mousse also needed much less blending and was therefore quicker and easier to use.
        The minimal amount used is almost negligible so this pot could last me till next year. Great at full price but an even better bargain when on offer.

        ===Star Rating===

        5 stars.

        ===Would I Recommend?===





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        24.02.2013 17:18
        Very helpful



        A fantastic mousse foundation from the Avon Ideal Flawless range

        Choosing the right foundation is an important part of my beauty regime, as I need to determine whether the formulation is suitable for my skin type. Consequently, as I suffer with T-zone skin, which is oily on my forehead and nose with dry patches on my cheeks I need to ensure that the foundation is described as either oil free, mattifying or oil control, as the last thing I want to do is encourage an excessive production of my skin's natural oils.

        Another factor I need to consider is the coverage, as whilst I favour full make-up and an air-brushed appearance, I do not want my skin plastered in foundation. I am quite fortunate that I have no blemishes to cover other than a small scar on the bridge of my nose following laser treatment many years ago in addition to an uneven skin tone in a few areas.

        The final consideration is the colour of my foundations and as I am very pale skinned I prefer to choose products that are closest to my natural skin tone, as I do not wish to end up looking like David Dickinson! The best way to match foundation to your skin tone is to apply a stroke on your jawline or each or your cheeks and the colour that tends to disappear is the colour for you. I have seen so many women testing out a foundation on the back of their hand, which is totally incorrect, particularly as the skin on our hands is several shades darker than the skin on our faces.

        MY CHOICE

        I discovered the perfect foundation around ten years ago when Boots No 7 introduced their Intelligent Balance Matte Mousse, which unfortunately was discontinued for a few years although it has recently been relaunched. However, at that time I was using a similar product from Maybelline, namely their Dream Matte Mousse, which is perfect for my needs and identical to Boots No 7. As I love trying and testing new products I made two purchases some time ago from Avon's Ideal Flawless range with this review discussing their Matte Mousse Foundation.

        The name itself was enough to lure me into my purchase, as I only have to see the marketing claims of "air brushed" or "flawless" and I'm putty in the manufacturer's hands. The 18g glass jar of mousse foundation is provided in a luxurious looking black cardboard box adorned with golden coloured writing and I had a good feeling as soon as I received my item from my Avon representative. I would describe the jar as a tub style and following my experiences with both Boots and Maybelline who both use similar shaped jars, I was aware that I would be able to use the entire contents with great ease. The black screw lid is easily removed to reveal the mousse foundation and as previously mentioned, due to being pale skinned I chose the lightest shade named Ivory.

        When I first began using mousse foundations I was a little apprehensive about receiving such a small amount of product, as I anticipated it would last me only a few weeks. Consequently, those consumers trying out this type of foundation for the first time may have the same thoughts as I did, but I can assure you that the contents will last you a good few months despite using on a daily basis.


        In order to create the perfect base I always apply some moisturiser prior to application with my favourite being Garnier's Ultralift Day, which is fast absorbing and highly moisturising. I wait just two minutes before gently brushing the tips of two fingers from my right hand along the surface of the mousse, so that only a small amount is transferred as opposed to a dollop. The mousse is designed to offer a light to medium coverage dependent upon the amount used with a light coverage being perfect for my needs. Due to the whipped mousse texture, application is extremely easy, as it effortlessly glides along the surface of my skin where I repeat the process several times until I have achieved the desired level of coverage. The surface of my skin feels velvety smooth and unlike some liquid foundations, the mousse does not sink into the pores, which was the issue I experienced with many brands, particularly due to my T-zone skin.

        Appearance wise, the mousse most definitely lives up to its "ideal flawless" name with its totally matte finish and most importantly, natural look. Whilst the mousse successfully evens out my skin tone, I did not expect it to be able to cover my small scar, so it is necessary to apply a little concealer. In order to seal the foundation on the T-zone I always gently dab a little face powder to prevent any shine. However, application of face power over foundation needs to be carried out with care, as it is very easy to lift the foundation with the sponge and subsequently, cause the base to look patchy. A point I love about mousse foundations is that they are very light on the skin, as I cannot bear feeling as if I am wearing a face mask all day long. Furthermore, there is no tell tale tide mark displayed on my neck area, so the only person that knows I am wearing the mousse is me.


        I had extremely high expectations for this product and it did not disappoint, as my skin remains flawless for my entire working day despite those occasions when I am sat in a centrally heated office. I experience a little shine on my nose and forehead some four hours following application, which I feel can only be expected and this is easily disguised with a little face powder. When I first began using mousse foundations I expected them to melt in warm environments, but I cannot report of suffering with this problem

        Whilst some foundations can offer a caked appearance after a couple of hours of wear, this is not something I have ever experienced with mousse products and Avon's Ideal Flawless remains perfectly intact. As I frequently suffer with small patches of dryness on my cheeks, which is often exacerbated by the colder weather, I was initially a little concerned that the mousse would cause further dryness, but this is far from the case.

        Despite the mousse offering excellent and long lasting coverage, it is very gentle on the skin and is easily removed at the end of the day with a cream cleanser or some baby lotion. Whilst some foundations can clog the pores and cause a breakout of spots, I have experienced no such problems when using. I have used approximately a third of my jar over a period of one month, so I have at least two months' worth of use remaining.


        The mousse is available in seven shades with Ivory being the lightest and Soft Honey being the darkest. I was fortunate to purchase my jar on special offer although I cannot recall how much I paid. Whilst Ideal Flawless Matte Mousse Foundation is normally priced at £10.50, at the time of writing you can make a purchase either online or from your local Avon representative for just £5.50, which represents excellent value for money. However, I cannot admit that I would make a purchase at full price, particularly as the mousse offers identical results to that of Maybelline's Dream Matt Mousse, which retails at £7.69 and is currently available on a three for two offer at Boots.

        Due to my positive experiences with using this product I feel it well worthy of five stars and a high recommendation.

        I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.


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