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Avon Ideal Shade Fresh & Light Foundation

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5 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Foundation / What it does: Refreshes,

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    5 Reviews
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      09.12.2012 21:41
      Very helpful



      Not ideal!

      I saw this Avon Ideal Shade foundation in the Avon brochure and I thought it was a good idea. It was just £5.00, which I thought was a good price so I ordered it.

      It is a foundation in a squeezy tube and it comes out of the tube onto a brush which is attached the the tube and it is then applied to your face using the brush.

      I bought this in shade ivory.

      ~ Appearance ~
      A black plastic lid fits over the brush. The brush is wide and flat and it rotates 180 degrees to 'on' and 'off' positions which are marked on the tube.
      When the brush is in the 'on' position, squeezing the tube results in foundation being released onto the brush, but when the brush is positioned to the 'off' position the foundation cannot be released onto the brush even when the tube is squeezed so if it was to be accidentally squashed the foundation wouldn't all come out onto the brush and end up getting wasted.
      The tube itself is an ivory colour and has, 'Avon ideal shade fresh and light foundation' on the front in black lettering.
      The back of the tube tells us that this tube contains 30ml of foundation and that it was made in Germany.

      ~ Use ~
      The brush is really soft and the bristles feel good quality and they spring back into place quickly.
      The foundation is quite thick and you have to be careful not to squeeze too much onto the brush.
      It comes out into the middle of the brush so it is difficult to see that it has come out and quite difficult to judge how much has come out into the brush.
      I then use the brush to apply it directly onto my face. It is a little bit awkward that the foundation is not on the ends of your brush where it can be transferred from easily and more accurately. Once you start swirling the brush around the foundation comes off the brush onto your face and it can then be rubbed in with the tip of the brush.
      It is easy to rub it in with the brush and the foundation gives a smooth flawless finish to your skin.
      I have quite a dry t-zone and I find that this foundation looks cakey and thick on dry areas. Even if a light application is applied it clings to dry skin and highlights the area.
      I have found that when you go back to this foundation after a day there is dried foundation on the inside of the brush that was from the previous day's application, which is not ideal.
      It is long lasting and can easily survive a 12 hour day and would last longer if you wanted it to. It is easy to remove at the end of the day with a cleanser or face wipe, but I'd say it is perhaps a bit more stubborn than other foundations because of how thick it is.

      ~ Conclusion ~
      I really liked the idea of this foundation, but in reality it isn't as good as I had imagined. The foundation is very thick and doesn't deal with dry skin very well, but it does give a smooth flawless look otherwise.
      It is also not the easiest to use and apply, with the foundation coming from the middle of the brush, from where it is difficult to apply to your face.
      I do like the brush itself. It is soft and has a nice shape to it, but it is not ideal for the purpose it is intended for.
      I would not recommend this foundation and I would not use it again.


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      08.05.2011 00:09



      Wasn't impressed with it, put it in the bin after a few uses.

      It was in the sale in the Avon catalog a few months ago for £5 I thought I would give it a go. I bought it based on the fact it said it was oil-free, so with oily skin, that was great for me. However, when it arrived, I don't think I have ever been so disappointed with a product. I usually adore all products by Avon, but this was not the case. The first time I wore it was to school, I came home at lunch looked in the mirror and my skin was greasy and in places all the foundations had absorbed in to dry patches on my skin and left me with blotches of foundation all over my face. It gathered in my eyebrows leaving me with an orangy undertone to them which was NOT attractive. To be honest, I binned it and bought a new foundation after about 4 uses.
      Not worth buying in my opinion.


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      28.09.2010 20:01
      Very helpful



      i loved the idea and design but the product lets it down

      My friend at work is always raving about how good her no 7 brushed foundation is and she keeps telling me to buy one and see for myself. I wasn't convinced and since I have my own brands that I like using I never ended up buying one until I saw the Avon ideal shade fresh and light foundation in my recent Avon brochure reduced to half price. The foundation is advertised as a brush on liquid foundation with light adjusting technology. It certainly sounded good to me for a fiver.

      The foundation comes in a shimmery beige strong tube that is attached to a brush applicator. The applicator contains a lid so that once used the brush can remain clean and protected. The first thing I noticed about this foundation was how difficult it was to get the lid on and off you basically have to squeeze the tube hard.Its a good job the foundation has an on off switch.

      The brush feels silky smooth and expensive and looks rather professional. At first the brush is switched off but you can easily activate it by turning the top to the on direction. Once this is done you squeeze the tube and a small amount is dispensed and ready to be brushed onto the face. I find it advisable to switch the brush off again before blending the foundation as if you squeeze again it will dispense more unwanted product.

      I absolutely love the idea of a foundation brush I really do but when it comes to the quality of the foundation then I'm afraid it's a different story. When first dispensed the foundation appears to be rather thick but as you begin to blend it in, it seems to turn into a watery mess. I had patches on my face that refused to blend together no matter how hard I tried it just left streaked lines around my nose and chin area. Another problem was that the foundation dries out very quickly meaning that if you are still blending it tends to turn dried and come off leaving the appearance of dry skin. I think the coverage is poor too as I still had under eye circles and my skin looked nowhere near flawless and actually felt a bit dry.

      I have tried this product on a few occasions now where I have used more product or less but I'm afraid I have the same disappointing results. The idea of this is fantastic and I will be going out to purchase the highly recommended no7 foundation brush in the future but I have to admit I won't be buying the Avon version again. I am just glad I didn't pay the full price of £10.00 for this item.


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      02.04.2010 22:36
      Very helpful



      Not worth buying

      Avon Ideal Shade Fresh and Light Foundation

      Although I'm an Avon rep I'm in no way biased about thinking Avon products are the best, or trying to make people think they are or anything like that. You'll see from my reviews I have some very different and mixed opinions about the stuff I've bought from Avon. As a member of this site I try to be as honest as possible and I just tell it like it is.

      This particular foundation is one of those things I've bought from Avon which I thought was, how can I put this, not very good.
      Today I'm going to have a rant about how bad it is.
      The reasons I bought this was because of the way it looked. My other foundation had ran out, so I thought I'd treat myself. I managed to get it on offer at £6 rather than pay the full £10. It does have a proffessional looking appearance with a built in brush which makes it look very appealing in the brochure. But as I learnt with this looks can be deceiving.


      The foundation is available in only six different shades which I don't think is a very good variety as most of the other foundations sold in the brochure have at least eight. This could suggest the product doesn't sell very well, and to be honest if it doesn't I can see why.
      The shades are:
      Creamy Natural
      Soft Honey
      Pure Beige

      The shade I own this in is nude, but I have tried the other shades as samples so know what they are like as well. Nude is quite a yellowy tone which when rubbed in looks quite orange on my skintone. But ivory is far too pale so there isn't an in-between shade to match my skintone. The other shades are all much too dark for me. This is what I mean by there not being a wide enough variety of shades.

      How to Apply

      The foundation has a built in brush. You squeeze the 30ml tube to get some foundation out onto the brush and then you are supposed to brush it onto your face. It's supposed to be as simple as that, except it isn't. There are a few problems with the brush being built on the foundation:
      When you brush it into your face it leaves brush marks on your skin, you have to blend it with your fingers to get it even
      It can be quite hard to squeeze out of the tube, it takes a while before some finally comes out onto the brush and even then there is sometimes too much
      The foundation dries in the brush and can be hard to clean because it is attached to the foundation and it takes ages to dry, or it makes the foundation all wet and runny when you put it on.
      The lid no longer fits onto mine, I think the tube has moulded itself out of shape

      The only advantages I can think of for this design is there is a dial to twist the foundation to 'on' or 'off' so it doesn't squeeze out accidentally when you don't want it to. And also the fact it has quite a proffessional appearance.

      Tried and Tested

      Once brushed onto your face, as I said it leaves brush marks. So then I rub it in with my fingers and it becomes quite dry and flaky. After about half an hour of rubbing in and applying more to try and get it to look at least a little natural, I leave it to stand the test of time.
      It fails this, too. After an hour of wearing this (even after using lots of moisturiser before hand) it has all flaked and looks completely unnatural on my skin. Then I really have to take it off. It looks awful. At least its easy to remove, with make up remover and lots of warm water.
      So, the verdict is: very unimpressed.

      Final Thoughts

      I could go on for ages about the disadvantages of this product. I do not recommend.
      It is normally £10 from Avon and there is 30ml in the tube.
      There's only one place this is going and thats in the bin.
      In summary, don't bother with it.


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        30.03.2010 20:42
        Very helpful



        Would be better not wearing foundation, than wearing this

        In the Avon brochure that i got this from a few months ago, there was a theme throughout that showed all their own products next to other well known brands. The point of this was to show how much cheaper their own products were and that they were doing exactly the same job as the more expensive products. This foundation was being compared to Ysl's Perfect Touch radiant brush foundation. Now, having used that foundation before and liking it, i was enticed to try the Avon alternative as the Ysl one sells for about £20, and this was selling for about £5. A bargain i thought, and surely they wouldnt make such a big claim of being better than a brand such as Ysl if it werent true? How wrong i was....

        The packaging is pretty basic, which i dont really mind for such a cheap price but the thing that first worried me was the colour of the foundation. In the brochure there was a shade chart and it advised you to hold it against your face to get your ideal shade, which i did and got someone else to double check it for me. I also bought the shade which was slightly lighter than i wanted as i figured that since i dont normally put fake tan on unless im going out, then i would be able to use it for everyday use when i would be slightly lighter colour. Unfortunately when i put it on my face it was way too dark, and what made it even worse was that i had picked the lightest shade they had and in the brochure it looked nowhere the same colour as it actually was. I know colours can sometimes look different when on paper but even when i tried this again when i had a tan, it was still too dark for me! God knows what skin colour you have to be to wear these shades if even the lightest one doesnt match a normal skin tone.

        As if that wasnt bad enough, this was nothing like the Ysl foundation and wasnt even a decent foundation without that comparison. The applicator brush was nice and soft but didnt really help in applying as the foundation was so hard to blend. It had to be blended really quickly or else it didnt move and just left orange patches. I had to apply a little bit at a time, not like a normal foundation where you can put a decent amount dotted around your face and then blend in. The strange thing about it was although it was hard to blend, which gives the impression of a thick matte foundation the reality was that after about an hour of having it on my face started feeling greasy and looked rather too shiny. It does say its a fresh and light foundation and gives a nice even coverage, but my skin didnt look better when i had it on like is the whole point of applying foundation, it just made my skin look oranger than it normally is.

        Even after trying to apply with a sponge and my fingers and it not making a differnce i decided to give it to someone who might have better luck with it only to find that it seemed to have clumped. This was only about 3 weeks after buying and with only a small amount of product used, and no matter how much i squeezed the tube and tried to unglog it by rising the brush in hot water, nothing came out! If it wasnt for the fact that i got it from my sisters friend and i didnt want her to loose her commission by me sending something back, then Avon would have had a lot of explaining to do for this cheap rubbish!


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