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Avon Kohl Eyeliner

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Brand: Avon / Type: Eyeliners

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    1 Review
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      31.08.2013 19:36
      Very helpful



      A quality kohl eyeliner from Avon

      Whilst I was satisfied with my choice of eye pencils, I was intrigued to learn of the newly launched Kohl Eyeliner by Avon, particularly as it is formulated with shea butter and marketed as long wearing. The shea butter content was a new concept for me and quite interesting especially as I have never previously been aware of its inclusion in an eye pencil. As the kohl eyeliner was heavily reduced it was too much of a bargain to resist and my purchase was made with this review discussing my experience with using.

      I favour wearing full make up where I will place more emphasis on my eyes with the used of eye shadow, mascara and eye liner, which needs to be black and offer a solid smooth line. Whilst the product is available in four shades; the details of which I will provide at the end of my review, I opted for the True Black as the shade works well for me due to my skin and hair colouring.

      The kohl eyeliner is comfortable to hold and offers a smudger, which is located on the opposite end and unlike other brands where they are created from a soft sponge material, its texture is quite solid due to it being made from rubber. However, the rubber is flexible and as a result, I find it very easy to work with. I like the fact that it can be wiped clean with a tissue after using unlike the sponged variety, which can become caked with eyeliner after only a few uses.

      The lids are tightly fitting and do not detach themselves when the eyeliner is stored in my make up bag although they are easy enough to remove. I favour using my eye pencils along my waterline, as the effect is more dramatic and due to the soft creaminess of the nib, I am easily able to achieve a single, solid line in one sweep. Whilst Avon claim that shea butter is included in the ingredients with its purpose being to prevent dragging or pulling of the skin, the few brands of pencils that I regularly use that do not contain shea butter, but work perfectly well. Consequently, I witnessed no difference in using when making a comparison.

      An issue that I have experienced with quite a few brands is that the colour is not bold enough and as a result, it is impossible to create a solid line. However, this eyeliner is highly pigmented and despite the nib being fairly soft, it smoothly glides along my waterline without blobs of kohl catching in my lower eyelashes. I like to create a slight flick at the outer corner of my eyes and I find the smudger excellent for this purpose.

      I also found the smudger to be highly effective at creating a softer appearance without transforming me into a panda when I applied some of the kohl on the lower side of my waterline. It was a case of gently brushing the smudger along the kohl where it easily blended. Whilst some kohl eyeliners can be a little difficult to use due to the softness of the nib, I am highly impressed with this product, as it delivers a precise application, which defines the appearance of my eyes.

      Longevity is more than impressive, as the kohl remains in place throughout my working day despite the hot weather. In my experience, the only area that needs a slight touch up is the outer corners although this could well be down to my hay fever and subsequent watery eyes. I had anticipated the kohl to be a little difficult to remove especially as I only keep baby lotion in my home for the removal of my make up. Whilst it takes a little more effort than my other eyeliners as I have to apply a little more pressure, the pencil is effectively removed.

      Sharpening eyeliners can often be an issue especially as I've owned a few where the nib will continuously break off as I'm sharpening it and as a result, I end up sharpening quite a lot of the pencil. I find that I need to sharpen the kohl eyeliner every few days and all that is required is a few turns for a nib that is ready to be used again. However, a good sharpener is required and one that is designed for eyeliners as opposed to drawing pencils.

      Whilst I regularly apply prescribed eye drops, I experience no irritation when using the eyeliner. You can make a purchase of Avon's Kohl Eyeliner for the introductory price of just £3.50 with its normal price being £6. It is available in a choice of four shades, namely True Black, Cobalt Blue, Bronze Sheen and Deep Violet. Due to the reasons discussed above, it receives five stars from me together with a high recommendation.

      I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.


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