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Avon Mega Effects Mascara

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Brand: Avon / Type: Mascara

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    3 Reviews
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      16.02.2014 14:47
      Very helpful
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      Worth buying when on offer

      After seeing the adverts on TV for the Avon Mega Effects mascara (I believe these adverts are currently being trialled in the Midlands Region) I thought I would try it out.

      The mascara costs £10 and comes in a choice of three colours blackest black (for night time wow), brown / black (for every day wear) and blue (to highlight the eye). The price is about average for a mascara however as often with Avon they have special offers and therefore I would be keen not to pay the full price of £10 - the latest offer is two for £12.

      When I received the mascara I was surprised at how small it is, the advertising makes it look bigger than it is. To test the mascara I applied to a strip of false eyelashes on my finger. Once I managed to open the mascara - you need to rock it side to side then pull it out quite forcefully first time - the mascara applied to the eyelashes quite easily and evenly as I think there is something within the packaging that allows an even spread of the mascara onto the brush.

      The results of the mascara looked good and given how small it is it easily fits into a bag, although I'm not sure I can get used to the non traditional shape - a curve the shape of your eyelash rather than the traditional wand.


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        30.12.2013 13:22
        Very helpful



        A great mascara once you know how to use it

        Mega Effects

        When Avon released this Mega Effects mascara I ordered almost without thinking as I always love trying new mascaras. It looked like a fun quirky idea, and priced at £10 I thought I would give it a go. When it arrived I have to admit I was a little disappointed as it looked complicated and my first impressions were poor. It was not until I read a review from Alyson that I remembered about it sitting upstairs and decided to give it a go after her positive review.

        Unlike traditional mascaras with a screw top lid and the wand sitting horizontal inside, the Mega effects mascara is different. The mascara comes in an almost rectangular shape. To get the head of the mascara out you need to simply pull the bottom off. This reveals a strange handle that actually has a hinge before your reach the main head of the wand.

        Then I slightly pulled the handle as if I was teasing the wand of the mascara out, and because of the hinged handle I was sure I was doing something wrong and that I was going to break it. Even holding it at the top of the handle above the hinge it seemed a little delicate, but with one more tug and finally I was greeted with the head of the wand. Overtime I have found you need to really wiggle the mascara out and by moving it slightly side to side it pulls the application head out with ease.

        Instead of a normal brush applicator the wand on this is made of soft plastic and sits vertical. I have owned mascara's with bristles like this before and they worked really well, so this excited me a little. Out of the casing the applicator looks like a paint brush. That is how the bristles sit at the top of the wand and it just looks a bit strange if I'm honest. The bristles sit in an almost ball shape with a row running across and then some sitting at the edges too.

        Rather than holding the mascara parallel and starting from the corners of your eyes to begin applying this wand needs to be held vertical. Then you just push your lashes up gently with the applicator and the mascara lightly begins to coat them. As there is a slight curve in the application wand as you push your lashes up it adds a slight curl to them which I really like.

        My thoughts

        I do find that this mascara gets better with practise. In all honesty I was a little lost trying to use it the first time and it was a case of trial and error. As the head can be positioned differently with the hinged handle, once you find the angle that best suits you it all begins to get a lot easier. Within a few uses I felt really comfortable using the difference in application technique. I do think this would be something that someone would love or hate, but over time I have actually come to quite like it.

        I like that you only need to dip the mascara back into the tube one for each set of eyelashes. I find it has the perfect amount of mascara to coat one side, and then by replacing it into the tube the next lashes are coated too. As it can be a little difficult to tease the head out it would be a pain if I had to keep placing it back in midway through applying.

        When you wiggle the mascara out I find it removes any excess mascara that may be on the applicator, and this means it only holds the perfect amount of mascara to coat your lashes without any lumps or gloop bits. The small opening acts as a barrier so as you pull the applicator out it is literally scraping any excess away which makes it a lot easier for a mess free application.

        The thing I really like is actually the ting that put me off in the first place. As there is a hinge half way down the handle you can adjust the wand to whatever angle you find most comfortable to apply the mascara. I started with it completely bent the first few applications, but over time and with practise I have found that by having it at a slight angle it is much more efficient to apply.

        Plus you can coat the main bulk of your lashes in a few coats with the main area of the brush, but then at the sides as it has bristles all the way round the sides they are perfect for coating the corner lashes that can be difficult to get too. You can also use it to coat the bottom lashes but I just find it is a bit messy to do this as it holds a fair amount of mascara at once it needs to be done after applying it to the top lashes.

        Once on my lashes I was really impressed. They looked full but not too over the top so it is perfect for day to day wear. I did find that the mascara felt a little heavy at first, not wet as it seems to dry very quickly but I could definitely tell it was sitting on my lashes. After a few minutes this went away and I could wear the mascara without any irritation.

        I apply this first thing in the morning before I am doing the school run and I find that when it comes to the evening it is still clearly visible. It lasts all day long and it has proven to be fairly waterproof. When it comes to taking it off again I find a little make up remover takes it away easily and my lashes are easily taken back to their natural state.

        You can add more than one coat of mascara to your lashes if needed, as it does not gloop together or create spider lashes. I just find that one time is enough to last me the whole day, but maybe if I was using it to get ready to go out for the night I would need more to give that really dramatic look.

        Despite my first worries about this mascara I actually really like it. The almost paint brush applicator which can be bent to different angles is a little hard to get used to at first, but once you do it makes it a lot easier to apply and saves a lot of time on traditional mascaras. It gives a nice natural look, but by adding more than one coat you can get those dramatic lashes if you wish. It provides a fair amount of volume with one coat is mess free to apply once you figure it out, and generally is actually a really good design. It is exclusive to Avon and costs £10, but I don't think it will suit everyone. If you fancy trying something new I would highly recommend this mascara, but I can't help feel it will be a love hate product that some will just find unnecessary.


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          21.09.2013 13:55
          Very helpful



          A fantastic newly launched mascara from Avon

          I love the challenge of trying and testing out new beauty products and when browsing through an Avon brochure last month, my eyes were drawn to their newly introduced Mega Effects Mascara. I pondered for several days before placing my order especially as I was dubious about the unique shape of the wand and brush together with the £10 price tag. However, curiosity got the better of me, as it usually does and my order was placed with this review discussing my experience with using.

          The 9 ml mascara is available in three colours, namely Navy, Brown/Black and Blackest Black with me choosing the latter, as I favour a dramatic appearance. The mascara is presented in a cardboard box accompanied by a leaflet, which displays a few images together with the smallest amount of text. Whilst I'm not generally one for reading leaflets, it was a necessity before using this product especially as I had absolutely no idea of how to even open up the mascara.

          The appearance of the closed mascara with its colours of vivid cerise and black is rather strange with it reminding me of a chunky highlighter pen with its measurements of 3 cm in width, 8 cm in length and 1½ cm in depth at its widest part. The rather large cap is unlike your traditional screw top mascara, as the two sides need to be firmly gripped to enable it to be removed, which is an easy process. When I initially removed the cap I cannot admit to being impressed, as the mascara wand gave the appearance of one of those small flattened style spoons that you would be given when purchasing an on the go tub of ice cream.

          The handle offers an easy grip due to the raised dots, which enables it to be firmly held during use. A slight tug is required to release the handle from the base to reveal the rather odd looking brush, which is totally different from any other brand that I have previously used. The appearance of the brush with its measurement of approximately 2 cm was rather disappointing especially as it offers significantly less plastic bristles than any other brand I have used, which gave me the impression that coverage would be poor. The brush gently curves in the centre, which has clearly been designed to match the contours of the edge of the eye lid.

          It was at this point that I believed that I had wasted my money, as the contraption before my eyes gave me the impression that it would be difficult to use in addition to blobbing all over my eye lid. However, not wanting to waste my hard earned cash I decided to battle on. The handle offers a robust hinged section, which needs to be angled to a comfortable position for application. However, whilst Avon's instruction leaflet advises to angle the handle after removing the brush from the base, it is impossible to move without any support being placed on the brush section. Consequently, I replaced the brush into the base and angled the handle to what I believed to be a suitable position in readiness for application.

          It seemed really strange to be holding the mascara brush directly in front of my eyes as opposed to the outer corner, which is the case with traditional mascaras. As I cautiously moved the bristles towards my eye lashes I was highly impressed at how easily they made contact in addition to coverage from the inner to the outer corner. Despite the bristles being created from plastic, they did not feel scratchy on the skin and I found that with just three strokes I had precisely and effortlessly covered all of the lashes on my one eye lid. Application to the lower lashes was equally as easy without me blobbing any of my skin.

          Due to the good consistency of the mascara in addition to the quality ingredients, there was no blobbing with coverage from the base of the lashes to the tips being perfect. As I type this I feel that I am sounding like an advertisement for Avon, but I simply cannot fault the application process and results, which far exceeded my expectations. I favour a solid line at the base of my eye lashes, which is not always achievable with many brands due to the fact that they will blob against the skin. However, due to the shape of the brush and the way in which the mascara is applied, I found that by applying a little pressure against the base of the lashes, I was able to achieve a heavier application line, which gives a dramatic effect.

          As I was not blessed with long sexy eye lashes, I choose mascaras that can lengthen without giving a false appearance, which is something that I cannot bear. The mascara provided a lengthening effect with minimal effort although I cannot agree with Avon's claim with my lashes being mega. In addition, I was able to volumise my lashes to create a sexy and dramatic look. As my eye lashes are not curly I have to rely on products to create a flick of the outer corner lashes and despite the odd shaped brush, I was easily able to achieve this look.

          I need to carefully replace the brush into the base, as if I am a fraction out, the brush will blob onto the upper section of the base, which was the case after my first few uses. Furthermore, the brush needs to be pushed until it locks in place as otherwise it will detach itself.

          The mascara remains intact for my entire working day without any flaking or smudging and whilst I regularly use a gel due to dry eyes, I cannot speak of encountering any problems such as irritation or running. As I do not use waterproof make up I find that store brand baby lotion is effective for removal at the end of the day. However, I find the mascara a little more difficult to remove than my usual brands and as a result I need to apply a little pressure with the cotton wool ball, which causes my eyes to become slightly red for a short while afterwards.

          I have been using Mega Effects every day since receiving it from my Avon representative and am well impressed. Consequently, I will be ordering a further two as whilst the price tag of £10 may seem expensive, at the time of writing you can receive a few freebies with each purchase, which includes a make up remover, eye shadow brush and a primer.

          Due to the reasons discussed above, I can highly recommend Avon Mega Effects, which receives five stars from me.

          I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.


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