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Avon SuperCurlacious Diamonds Mascara

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7 Reviews

Brand: Avon / with a sparkly finish / Type: Mascara / Suitable for: Eye

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    7 Reviews
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      04.12.2012 17:40
      Very helpful



      Just an average mascara that I would not bother buying again

      ===Why I Bought This===

      Although I wear eye shadows I am not keen on using mascara at all really as I do not like the feel of it around my eyes - and I prefer to keep chemicals away from my eyes as much as I can.
      However for those 'dressed up' occasions I like to be able to put on a full face of make up so I bought this Avon mascara when it was on offer a while ago.

      ===The Brand===

      Avon is a long established direct selling network which used to sell just door-to-door but you can order directly from their website these days if you do not have a local representative handy.
      Avon has 18 different brochures issued throughout the year - or their stock can be viewed online.

      ===The Product===

      From the Avon website 'Fast-drying, lightweight mascara gives lashes a full, seductive curve for up to 12 hours without stiffness, smudging, flaking or clumps*. Our curved, moulded brush grabs and curls each lash'. ( *Consumer Study, 120 people.)
      Avon Supercurlacious Mascara.
      7 mls - use within 6 months.
      Made in Poland.
      Comes shrink wrapped and is a chunky black thick wand of mascara with bright pink lettering.
      The ingredients are listed on the inner side of the shrink wrap paper.


      Comes in Black or Brown/Black.


      Full price £8.50 - but currently £3.99.

      ===My Opinion===

      I always used to hate the feeling of having mascara on my lashes, so although I bought this to wear for 'best' I was not Looking forward to using it.
      Firstly the wand and its casing are quite thick - as opposed to the slim ones that used to be the norm.
      This mascara is expensive from Avon at £8.50 and I had it for a reduced price when buying another item.
      The wand is slightly curved - but is black and not pink as in many images.
      The wand is hard to remove, being a tight fit - possibly so not too much mascara gets used each time - however the brush seemed quite 'empty' when I pulled it out and I had to try it on my hand to make sure there was actually mascara on it. The wand is slightly curved but is black and the brush screws back into its casing and fastens with a click.
      The mascara is easy to apply but does not do anything to add curl to my lashes.
      I bought the Brown/Black version but it only added a little colour to my lashes and actually if I did not know I would not have said I was wearing any mascara at all.
      What was there did not feel clumpy or sticky and my lashes stayed separated - in fact it did not feel like I actually had mascara on.
      To remove in the evening I used eye make up remover lotion. The mascara came off easily but had stayed put all day - even when I had rubbed my eyes.
      All in all it does not curl at all and really does not colour or enhance my lashes much either.
      Some reviewers on the Avon website love it and find it good for sensitive eyes while others hate it - so its worth getting some to try as you have a money-back guarantee with Avon anyway


      Lightweight, does not flake, clump or irritate eyes.


      No curl as promised, very little coverage.

      ===Star Rating===

      2 stars. Not much to recommend it from me.

      ===Would I Recommend?===

      Not really.




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      26.11.2012 21:33
      Very helpful



      poor mascara from avon :(

      I have quite a few mascaras, and since being a fan of Avon too it means I have about 2 or 3 mascaras in different bags and cosmetic purses, and one of them I have is this Avon SuperCurlacious Diamonds mascara.

      It comes in a pretty fancy black tube, designed with glimmer and shimmer and looks rather sparkly and glam. I have a 7ml tube and it comes in the usual style where you twist off the lid and the mascara brush is attached inside. The brush itself is a slightly curved, brush, which is narrow at the tip but gets wider as the brush curves. The brush isn't too thick and the bristles are nicely separated far apart to quite easily comb through the lashes evenly and when you pull the brush out, it is not thickly coated in mascara so as to not leave clompy thick residue all over the brush and onto the eyes, but at the same time the brush does tend to look quite sparingly coated with mascara so this is a bit of a catch 22 situation for me!

      When I bought this in the brochure it claimed that this mascara is fast drying and gives a seductive curve of the lashes. Erm where? To me it works like a budget mascara, with no "supercurlacious" effect whatsoever! The only curl is in the brush and this didn't miraculously make my lashes any curlier lol. It does dry fast, sure, but considering you hardly get enough mascara out on the brush, once you pull it through the barrier around the rim that removes "excess" mascara off the brush, I am not too sure what to make of this claim as there isn't much on my eyelashes to dry anyway!

      My other gripe with this mascara is in the brochure the model has some glamorous glittery eyes and it looks as though this effect is achieved through this mascara but if you ask me this must have been some airbrushing or something as there is absolutely no glitter in this mascara. None at all. There is more glitter on the packaging and design outside than there is on the brush or inside the tube! This was really disappointing and a waste of my £5 (the amount I paid at the time but you know how Avon prices fluctuate depending on offers etc).

      The mascara is decent in that it doesn't irritate my eyes, and it lasts well, although I wouldn't go so far as to say it's waterproof (seeing as I didn't cry much with this on lol). It is easily removed with a bit of eye makeup remover so is hassle free but again this is probably due to the lack of mascara on my eyes in the first place lol.

      Overall this is a bit of a let down from Avon, similarly with the diamonds glimmerstick eyeliner I have - just full of disappointment and no glimmer/shimmer/glitter at all. May aswell be a 99p mascara for all the good it did me! The packaging is more fancy than the product and the mascara is not worth the bother. One to avoid!


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      25.11.2012 15:04
      Very helpful



      a good all round day mascara

      ==Avon Super Curlacious Mascara==

      In my quest to find the ultimate mascara I have used a ton of different brands and types over the years and as yet I still haven't come across that perfect mascara that does everything it claims to do.

      Once of my relatively recent ones I have used was this Avon Super Curlacious Mascara. I don't usually buy anything from Avon as I don't have an Avon lady that calls and its not a place I generally think to go online to buy from. My mum however does have a lady call and she was kind enough to buy me this product knowing that I do like a mascara and giving me a little treat.

      I don't know how much she actually paid for it then but having just had a look on the Avon website it is currently at a discounted price of £3.99 pence when the usual RRP is £8.50 so there is a pretty good saving on it. The £8.50 pence price tag is still a fair bit cheaper than a a lot of other brands that I tend to buy when shopping in Boots but the £3.99p that it is currently reduced for is an amazing price that I don't think I have ever been lucky enough to buy a mascara product for!

      The mascara itself is a tube of 7 mls and it is a basic black coloured tubing with no real information on the product itself as I do believe it initially came housed within a cardboard box which had all the product information on (which I have of course long got rid of). The design of the tube is nice and the name of the product is in a nice pink colour which gives a good overall look of the packaging and makes it look like a fairly expensive product.

      The brush inside the tube is a fairly flexible short bristled plastic one. It has a very slight curve to it which I guess is how it will give the lashes a curlacious look. I really like the brush and find it easy to use and the small sized hole which you pull the wand out of means that there is never too much product left on the brush as it removes any excess that there could possibly be just leaving the right amount of mascara on the bristles.

      The claims that this product make are that the mascara is a fast drying, light weight, gives the lashes a seductive curve for up to 12 hours with no stiffness, smudging, flaking or clumps. The brush with this mascara is said to grab and curl each lash. I was a little disappointed that there were no claims of length or volume as the length is something I always like but for a little gift from mum I couldn't very well complain.

      Using this Avon mascara is very easy and this is because of the nice length of the wand and the nice brush that they have used. I like the way the the short bristles give you just the right amount of product for a light application and it is better to add more if needed. The curling aspect of this mascara is a little bit evident but I think it is more to do with the bend in the brush rather than the product itself. I do think it is fast drying which is good for when applying a second coat (that I feel is always needed). The bend in the brush and the fast drying product means that it does give shape to the lashes and sets quickly which makes it work pretty well.

      The mascara is a thin one and I have never had any problems at all with clumping or the lashes looking spidery like they often can with a lot of other mascaras I have used in the past. Of course along with being able to offer the curl that this product does there is some degree of both lengthening and thickening and the more layers you use the better this will occur. The bristles on the brush make applying a second and third coat easy to do and work pretty well too.

      I have to admit to being really very impressed by this mascara. I think that for daytime wear it does offer a very good overall look on my lashes and it not only works well but lasts pretty good too and it is more or less exactly as it was when I applied it in the morning when I came to take it off in the evening. I would say that it perhaps doesn't offer enough of a thickening or lengthening for my liking for evening wear even with a lot of layering. But this is not a big problem and all in all I think this is a fabulous mascara that lives up to all it claims even if it doesn't quite offer it all.

      I am more than happy to award a very respectable 4 out of 5 stars and it does get the big thumbs up and a high recommendation from me!

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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      06.09.2012 16:11
      Very helpful



      It isn't the best of mascaras, even though it is good, but is great for people on a budget like me,

      Last year I was earning a little extra money working as an Avon rep. In need of a new mascara, Avon was automatically the first place that I looked for one. Spotting an advert for the SuperCurlacious mascara, it looked good, sounded good and was an affordable price at £5, on offer from £8.


      The mascara bottle as it is, isn't very attractive, and is rather plain. If it was on a shop shelf, it wouldn't be the first one to catch my eye. The bottle is shiny black with Avon SuperCurlacious wrote on the side in hot pink, but doesn't really stand out too much.

      The brush is about 1 inch in size and is curled much in the shape of your eyelashes. The advert for the mascara shows the brush being hot pink, but is actually black. Obviously this has no effect on the mascara, so isn't really a problem, but it is in the case of the bottle in the advert being more attractive than the one you get! Also, other reviews on the product also claim their brush was black so in terms of advertising, fussy people could claim it as false.


      The mascara claims to be fast-drying, lightweight, and gives lashes a full, seductive curve for up to 12 hours without stiffness, smudging, flaking or clumps. So, does it?

      Well, the mascara is very easy to apply and goes onto my eyelashes really well. The brush curls and seems to fit the shape of my eyelash line. It separates my eyelashes really well, and my eyelashes do curl quite well making my eyes look wider, and even though you can tell I have mascara on, it isn't too black or too thick, so yes it is lightweight.

      I do find my eyelashes do not go stiff after a few hours, or in some cases with other mascaras I have had, as soon as I have applied it, so this claim is correct. Also, if I do get a bit of it on my eyelid by accident, then it easily wipes off. I also find that I do not get clumps with it which is a plus for any mascara.

      Even though it doesn't state anywhere that it is waterproof, I have had a cry whilst wearing this mascara a few times, and it never seems to run. Also, when I have wiped my eye by accident, say if it's itchy, then it doesn't seem to smudge or flake off either.

      I only wear make-up when going on a night out or for a drink during the day at a weekend, so I cannot really say if it lasts 12 hours as it claims, as I do not wear it during the day all that much. On the few occasions I have, the mascara has seemed to last most of the day, but as long as 12 hours, I do not know.
      Removing the mascara is very easy, whether you use make-up remover or not. I never use make-up remover and tend to use baby wipes, and the mascara wipes off very well. I have also slept overnight whilst wearing it and I never wake up with panda eyes and mascara wiped across the side of my head!


      Yes, I would recommend this mascara, as it does do what it says and is affordable at £5 when on offer, and is now £8.50 at full price, which is still ideal. I have bought other branded mascaras at up to £20 a go which claim to curl your lashes and have been a waste of money. Obviously my lashes don't curl as much as the advert shows, like any beauty product, the adverts always exaggerate, but it does give them a nice curl, and makes my eyes look wider which is what I want from a mascara.

      I have had this for about a year now as I do not use it daily, of course if you use daily it wont last as long, bit even after this time, it isn't all dried up and clumpy yet, like other mascaras I have had!
      If you like full on thick mascaras then I would give this one a miss as it is very lightweight, but if you like simple make-up, then I would definitely recommend you try this.

      You can get it in black or brown/black, which is basically just brown, from an Avon rep if you have one or the Avon website, which is a lot easier.


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      26.08.2012 10:09
      Very helpful



      One to avoid

      **The product**

      I love mascaras and they are my most worn make up item even if I do not wear any other makeup it is a must for me. When I came across this mascara in the Avon catalogue I thought it would be perfect for a night out with my friends on a hen night as not only does it promise to curl your lashes but it also promises to have a sparkly finish. The brush is a good size so that I can reach all of my lashes including the more difficult corner ones and it did help make them appear longer. There is also a curve on the brush to pull the lashes up and help produce a natural yet notable curve.

      The brush does look very promising it has bristles spaced fairly apart and this lead me to believe it would separate while elongating my lashes. The bush is a standard size and perfect for easy application to the lashes. The lid of the mascara is ok to hold while applying the mascara not comfy but I could get a good grip and it was easy to control. It is a plain mascara tube and there is nothing special or outstanding about it in the slightest but I don't mind that as long as the product is effective.

      **In use**
      The main problem with this mascara was that when I pulled the wand out of the tube it looked like there was hardly any product on the brush. It reminded me of the end of mascaras and usually I would purchase another one from the lack of product sticking to the brush so I was highly confused when this has just been taken from the plastic casing.

      After trying a few times to dip the wand in to the tube and failing to pick up any more of the mascara I decided to give it a go. All seemed well it felt like the brush was both pulling my lashes and I could see a notable curve in them but the coat of mascara felt really sticky. I hoped once the mascara dried a little this would go away but it seemed to get worse and all my lashes were clumping together. As I blinked I could actually feel them sticking to my bottom lashes and never with any mascara have I found it to be so bad. After leaving the mascara on for around half an hour the heaviness was still there but the stickiness did lesson a little however then my lashes began to flake and I had only had it on for a small amount of time.

      The mascara only comes in one colour and that's diamond black however to look at the mascara is more like a grey. I do like lighter mascara as I find it still helps define my eyes without anything too heavy and with my skin tone sometimes blackest black can be too heavy. In this case it just looked terrible the colour mixed with the gloopy results were not a good look and I gave up and tried to remove the mascara from my lashes. As for sparkle I can honestly say I did not notice one bit of glitter or anything sparkly in the slightest. Maybe the grey colour was supposed to give a shine and this was the diamond effect but unfortunately the grey is more an odd deep grey rather than something that will glimmer in the light.

      You cannot build this mascara up to create a more outstanding look because as soon as one coat is on your lashes they become sticky and clogged up. I didn't dare to try two coats as the clumpy results from the first coat had really disappointed me. Then it came to taking the mascara off and although it is waterproof it really is a pain to get off. I found I have to really rub my lashes over and over again to get the mascara off and even then there was still some left on there and I needed to use a facial cleanser to get the remaining traces off.


      As you can tell I really didn't like this mascara in the slightest, at first I thought there was no product on the brush but then I found out there was but it was left than perfect. This mascara did the opposite from what I look for it clumped my lashes together; made my eyes feel really heavy and then it began flaking. The mascara cost £8 at usual retail but I purchased it on special at half price for £4. I actually returned this for a refund to Avon it was that bad. This was the first time I have ever returned an Avon product but this mascara was that disappointing.


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        10.10.2011 08:44
        Very helpful




        I have been using this Mascara off and on for a while now - well not exactly this one as this one has disappeared from the main book but i've seen this one in the sale book now and again and picked it up as the price has been pretty good. This Sparkly one didn't last all that long in the main book, and although it is alright it isn't a favourite of mine.

        This used to cost £8.50 when it was getting sold for full price but I have seen this as low as £4. Currently the normal SuperCurlacious is selling for £5 and the only difference between the 2 of them is the slight sparkle.

        The tube for this is alright. The usual looking Mascara wand thing which is a shiny black plastic tube with the writing on the side. It all looks alright. The Wand seems a bit stiff to come out of the tube and I have images of trying to pull this out and all the Mascara coming off when you are doing this. This is probably that bit stiffer due to the shape of the brush on this. The brush is curved and so easy to apply because of this. It is shaped in a kind of half circle shape and I guess the idea of this is so that this sits the same way as your Lashes sit and when you brush this through then it will push the Lashes up at the roots and Curl them up. You get this in Black and Brown/Black.

        This coats your lashes well enough and it's not a really wet Mascara. This Diamonds one adds a little sparkle to your lashes and I had images of this being all glittery but in a sort of subtle way. This doesn't seem to have a sparkle to it, but there seems to be a slight glossy sheen to it. Nothing much though I am disappointed to report. As for curling my Lashes I don't notice much difference with this either. I do notice a tiny slight change, but only very minimal.

        This is an ok Mascara and I would reach for it only when it was on a special offer.


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        26.03.2011 21:40
        Very helpful



        This mascara does nothing to your lashes!

        I very rarely buy Avon products as I have never been overly impressed by many of their products, except for a few things. When I do buy Avon products, I order them on their website as I do not know anybody who is an Avon representative. I like to make up the order total so that I can qualify for free delivery, and I don't mind as I am always eager to try out new things, especially when it comes to make-up products!

        This SuperCurlacious Diamonds mascara was one of those products I was keen to try out, and the picture of the sparkly lashes is what I was hoping to achieve, I thought it would look lovely for a party or a night out.

        The mascara had just came out and so was at an introductory price of £5, instead of £8. I got it in the colour Black diamond, I believe this is the only colour it comes in and I am not sure if Avon will bring it out in others as they often do with their other products after some time.

        It states on their website that this fast-drying, lightweight mascara with an ultra sparkly finish gives lashes a full, seductive curve for up to 12 hours without stiffness, smudging, flaking or clumps. The curved, moulded brush grabs and curls each lash. This information was based on a consumer study of 120 people. (I do not think this is true at all!)

        As soon as my Avon order arrived, I wanted to try this out straight away. I was already wearing mascara but thought it wouldn't matter if I still applied this on top of it, as I just wanted to see how sparkly my lashes would go. However, they didn't sparkle one bit! I could see a slight hint of glitter on the wand but it didn't look like actual mascara on the brush! It was a grey colour with speckles of glitter on that did not seem to transfer from the brush onto my lashes at all. I removed all of my mascara form my lashes that I was wearing previously and then applied the diamonds mascara again hoping I would then notice a difference, but still no luck!

        I was left feeling very disappointed, I actually thought I received a faulty product because it seemed like there was nothing in the tube. It didn't even curl my lashes like it said it would, although I was not bothered about this as I only wanted it for the sparkle, if it curled my lashes slightly then that would have been a bonus, but it didn't do anything! I never got round to returning it but I wish I did now.

        After going back on the Avon website more recently, there are now reviews on there of this product that were not there before when I bought it (because it was new to Avon at the time). They are all bad reviews and I found I was not the only one who thought I received a faulty product!

        This mascara is on offer again from Avon at £5 instead of £8, but I do not think it is even worth £1 never mind £5 as it does absolutely nothing to my lashes, so I definitely do not recommend this product!

        If anybody knows of a mascara that leaves your lashes sparkly like that in the picture then please let me know as I am after a one that does this well.


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