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Avon Supercurlacious Mascara

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Brand: Avon / Type: Mascara / Suitable for: Eye

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    3 Reviews
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      07.05.2013 13:51
      Very helpful



      Good mascara for daily wear

      Smokey eyes' look is not complete with a proper make up of lashes. I have small short eye lashes and therefore mascara is a must in my make up bag. I have been using mascara that I received for free with various make up purchases; make up companies seem to prefer giving out small tubes of free mascara as a gift all the time and I have a plethora of small mascara tubes in my make up bag. However, with long term usage these tiny tubes tend to run out or they form clamps on my lashes. Therefore, I decided that I need a new tube of mascara and found that I needed to buy a new tube rather than relying on free gifts.

      I found these Avon Supercurlacious mascara on sale for £ 2.50 online (with delivery) and I thought that is a very decent price for a proper tube of mascara. The capacity is 7ml, which is a good amount of mascara and properly lasts for awhile. Avon Supercurlacious mascara comes in a black tube with the pink writing on it saying the 'Avon' brand as shown in the picture. The applicator brush has curved bristles for easy application. With each stroke, there is a liberal amount of mascara on the bristles so I only need to dip once for each eye.

      This Avon Supercurlacious mascara is advertised as being able to give maximum curl power with clumps. From my experience, it does lengthen my lashes well and doesn't clump. The stiffness of the dry mascara is about right so that it doesn't feel like I've got super glue on my lashes and, at the same time, keeps the lashes curled in a nice position. It is long lasting but occasionally it will flake a bit after more than 8 hours or so. This happens with all mascara I have used so, I put this down to the nature of all mascaras.

      After using this for more than a month, I do think this is a good mascara for daily use. Sometimes, I would absently rub my eyes whilst studying then realise I am wearing eye make-up. Even so, there would hardly be any smudges or falling eye lashes. Another thing I like about this Avon Supercurlacious mascara is that it gives an almost natural look. It is very easy to remove, even without make up remover. This mascara usually get washed away when I wash my face using facial cleanser, whereas my eyeliner needs removing with eye make-up remover.

      Overall, for a tube of 7ml at £2.50, this is a very good tube of mascara. It does the job I want it to and lasts for more than 3 months even with frequent usage. I am not fussy with the brand of mascaras I use nor I am loyal to a particular mascara brand, but I have no qualms about using this again.

      Thank you very much for reading and reviewing. :) x


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      02.05.2013 21:24
      Very helpful



      a slightly misleading mascara from avon, but still give it 4 stars...

      I have a makeup bag with about 2 or 3 mascaras from Avon - 2 of which were unused! When my mate at work told me that I shouldn't really use mascara older than 6 months I thought now was a good time as ever to throw out an old one and start using a new one! I think I had purchased this mascara from an Avon Brochure some time late last year so decided to unwrap it and give it a go!

      - Packaging -

      It comes in a simple black tube with red writing of the name of the mascara. It is a 10ml tube so is actually rather generous but I have no problem with it fitting into my cosmetic purse, despite it's chunky appearance.

      - Brush -

      As per usual with mascaras, the brush is attached to the lid inside and it is more of a plastic brush with small bristles protruding, gathered quite close together.The brush is curved so as to give that "supercurlacious" effect for curving and protruding the eyelashes. The mascara brush is not fully coated with heaps of mascara so you can actually see all the even bristles perfectly.

      - Application / Results -

      Personally, I think my eyelashes are quite pathetic and more often than not no matter how much mascara I apply my eyes just never get that "pop" where by I have fluttering and sensual lashes where I can wink seductively lol. I am sure I bought this mascara with this image in mind so did it do what I hoped for?

      The mascara is really easy to apply and for the fully coated look I like on my lashes this brush does the job perfectly. It glides through my lashes from roots to end easily without pulling/tugging on my lashes or leaving blotches of mascara on my eyelids. However, Avon advertise that this mascara will double the curl and give "eye opening lashes" which sadly for me just never happened. Don't get me wrong, you can see I have mascara on but I am not benefited with that astounding, lovely lash look I was hoping for lol.

      Nevertheless, the mascara is really long lasting, with Avon advertising it to last 12 hours and for me I would definitely say my lashes look the same at 8am as they do at 8pm which is good. Whilst it is not advertised as waterproof it doesn't seem to smudge or run and stays put well. At the same time, it's really easy to remove at the end of the night with some face cleansing wipes or eye makeup remover and a cotton pad. It doesn't irritate my eyes so this mascara is really good.

      - Overall -

      This is actually a decent mascara, it's just the suggestion of "supercurlacious" is a slight exaggeration in my case. I'd give it a generous 4 stars as it is a mascara I like and would use on a daily basis, but it's nothing special to accentuate my eyes with on a night out.


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      10.12.2012 22:03
      Very helpful



      fine as a standard black mascara

      ~Supercurlacious Mascara~

      Supercurlacious is one of many mascaras that Avon offer. Avon have released different variations of this mascara including 'Diamonds' and 'Catwalk' but I am reviewing the standard Supercurlacious Mascara.

      This mascara is available in two shades - black and brown black. Nothing overly adventurous but probably the most popular two shades of mascara. Avon claim that this mascara will offer a 'full, seductive curve' for up to 12 hours. Other claims include :

      *No flaking, stiffness, clumps or smudging
      *Fast drying

      This mascara is presented in a tapered black tube with a silver band. The mascara comes sealed when the original purchase is made. Avon claim that this mascara features a 'curved, moulded brush' which will grab each and curl each lash. For hygiene reasons, it is recommended that you replace your mascara with a fresh one every 6 months

      ~Price and Availability~

      This mascara is available from www.avonshop.co.uk and from an Avon brochure. The full price is £8.50 for 7mls of mascara but it is normally on some kind of special offer or reduced.

      ~My Thoughts~

      I actually bought a wholesale lot of these mascaras a few months ago but decided to keep one for myself as I use quite a lot of mascara. They sold well with many returning for more so I can only assume the majority were pleased with their purchase. Anyway, I have been using my mascara for 8 weeks or so.

      I don't wear a great deal of make up at any one time but do like to make the most of my eyes as I have been told that they are my best feature. Mascara is normally the second last make up item I apply so it needs to be a decent one. I have the black mascara from this range.

      The tube holding the mascara liquid is pretty standard for a mascara. It is shaped well and features a slightly chunky lid which is easy to grasp when applying the mascara. The lid screws off to reveal quite a long wand which features a flexible but well secured brush. The brush is curved and finished off with lots of small bristles. It doesn't look much different from the majority of mascaras on the market but does seem to bendy a little more due to its flexible nature.

      This mascara is easy to apply even when you have shaky hands like me. The brush itself is long enough to coat the full length of my eyelashes without missing any. Each dip into the tube results in a decent amount of mascara liquid being released. The brush doesn't drag on my eyelashes as I apply this mascara. The flexible nature of this mascara brush allows the brush to curve as I wiggle it up my eyelashes and coat them in an acceptable amount of mascara liquid. It was a little more difficult to apply this mascara to my lower lashes without causing any smudges but with a little practice and more control of the wand/brush, I have mastered it.

      I would say that this mascara does dry fairly quickly on my eyelashes and certainly doesn't weigh them down. I often forget I am wearing it to be honest and have experienced no flaking. I don't need to apply a great deal for a noticeable strength of colour. My eyelashes are of a decent length and quite dark but this mascara makes them look more fluttery and with a strong black colour. The curl element of this mascara isn't brilliant in my opinion. Whilst the brush seems to nudge my eyelashes upwards slightly, it doesn't give a full on curl without the aid of eyelash curlers.


      This mascara doesn't offer a dramatic finish to my eye make up but is a pretty decent day time mascara. It doesn't have the same impact as some other mascaras but it does last long with the colour still being detectable after a good 8 hours of wear. Avon do not make any waterproof claims here but I find that this mascara can cope with a small amount of liquid contact without smudging but full on rain does result in panda eyes! Any remaining mascara is easy to remove with a make up wipe or fluid. It is worth noting that this appears to be a gentle mascara. I have sensitive eyes and this mascara hasn't caused any irritation.

      4 stars - a quality mascara but not outstanding. I don't feel the full price of this mascara is worth it. It is sometimes reduced as low as £3.50 and this is a much fairer price. The mascara remains fresh and doesn't dry out quickly inside the tube. If you mascara does dry out, adding a splash of baby oil is said to revive it a little.

      Thanks for reading x


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