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Avon SuperShock Eyeshadow Pencil

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2 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Eyeshadows / Subcategory: Pen / Suitable for: Eye

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    2 Reviews
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      23.11.2013 19:45
      Very helpful



      Don't bother - Life is too short!


      Avon Supershock Eyeshadow Pencil Duo

      If you have read a few of my reviews before, you will know that I buy quite a lot of products from Avon. This is one of less successful purchases available to review in the Dooyoo Catalogue at the time of writing.


      I really like the idea of this product when I first spotted it in the catalogue. Two complimentary colours from one pencil to give a cream eyeshadow finish from a stick. When they were included in an offer, I think it may have been something really good like 3 for £10.00 I gave it a go. I selected a mauve couloured eyeshadow that came with a dark brown finer pencil at the other end that could be used as a shadow or eyeliner. The mauve coloured shadow, proved to not really suit me, being pinker than expected from the catalogue and glitzier too. I also found that although it went on well, I could use it if I the covered it with the brown, however, I then still had to apply a black eyeliner.

      As an eyeshadow, I did not have much success with the product unfortunately. Although, the cream applied well and smoothed on nicely with a brush over to finish, it did not seem to have the staying power I needed and when I glanced in a mirror at lunchtime it did not look like I had any eyeshadow on, however, as this product is so portable, it is easy to apply a second application mid way through the day, but in order to produce the subtle look I required, I needed to carry a brush as well

      As an eyeliner the duo performed slightly better. The dark brown was easy to apply and get a good line with, again, I then blend with a brush to soften the line for daywear or to increase and intensify the look for evenings out. The brown was easy to manipulate however I wished. However, after about half an hour, it would partially transfer to my eye socket and need removing with a tissue. However, whilst this is a somewhat disappointing event, the eyeliner would then stay put for the rest of the working day. I did try smudging the line with tissue prior to leaving the house, but that did not work, all that seemed to work was to treat it once I arrived at work about half an hour after it was applied.

      I used all of the brown, both as shadow and mainly as eyeliner, it was interesting to get to the middle of the pencil where the two products meet. I decided to throw the other half of the duo away though once the brown was used. I won't be buying this product again.

      Removal: The product is very easy to remove, but then it rubs off so easily anyway.

      Sharpening: One major bugbear is that after the first couple of sharpening it is too wide for Avon's wider double sharpener. So, I found it necessary to sharpen with a fruit knife. This is OK, if you have reasonable skill with a knife, but the hardest part is ensuring no sharp bits to scratcht he sensitive eye area.

      WHO FOR:

      Not really sure who this would suit, I made use of it and I am sure it will work satisfactorily for some people. I have used better and I have used worse.


      I cannot recommend this product and would suggest only buying it if it is very cheap or you really love the colours in the duo. The product has too many niggles to suggest as a purchase.

      Due to the issues I experienced with use I award 2/5 stars.


      Usually in the catalogue for a massive at £7.99, but maybe included in Avon's offers. If you are interested it is available from Avon catalogue, Avon on-line and other outlets such as Amazon and eBay.

      I hope you found this review interesting and useful and I am sorry I could not be more positive.


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      29.06.2013 23:15
      Very helpful



      A really average eye shadow

      A lot of my make up comes from Avon. While browsing the catalogue I came across this cream eye shadow pencil and decided to give it a try. It is available in a range of colours, but I chose the cream dream and chocolate melt version. All of the pencils are double sided with two different colours that complement each other. They are currently for sale at £7 each or as part of a two for £12 offer. I purchased mine on special offer and as always with Avon I would recommend waiting until they are on sale if you wish to try them.

      This eye pencil can be used as both an eye shadow and an eye liner. I purchased it to use as an eye shadow, but I have in fact used it more as an eye liner. The consistency of the eye shadow is really creamy and soft. This means it transfers on to eyes very easily and you only need a small amount as it blends really well. I find if I rub the pencil across my eye lids and then blend with my finger or a brush it creates a much nicer finish. It does not sit in the creases of my eyes which I have found to be the case with other creamy eye shadows, and it sits on the eyes without being too heavy.

      My main problem with this eye shadow is the lack of staying power. When you first apply the eye shadow it transfers well and there is colour noticeable. The shades are really nice and it does seem to give a good finish. It is easy to apply and you are left with an even finish quickly and easily. It is not hugely pigmented colour but it is definitely apparent. Once five minutes have passed the colour seems to disappear completely leaving the glitter behind. I tried to apply a little more of the eye shadow to see if it would last longer but this made no difference, and before I had even left the house I could see it fading.

      As eyeliner this pencil works a little better. It coats the bottom water line easily and is a more pigmented colour than it does on my eye lids. It is a little large to use as a top liner, as it is of course made large enough to use conveniently as an eye shadow. While it is not going to last all day it does define my eyes for the short time that the pencil stays put. You can top it up as you go along, but as the pencil is rather bulky it is not the most convenient to carry around. As the consistency is rather creamy it is easy to apply and I found there was no irritation at all.

      The finish to the eye shadow is very sheer and the glitter really stands out. For this reason I find it to be a perfect base for a longer lasting powder eye shadow, as it acts as a primer almost, and the sheer finish still shines through. The darker shade of chocolate lasts considerably longer than the lighter cream colour, but it is still not something you can wear if you need your make up to stay put all day. I also find that the shimmer tends to fall around and below the eyes, so it is not subtle at all.

      My main downside is how difficult it has been to attempt to sharpen the pencil. While they are a fantastic size for quick application and look like they will last this is not the case. I am unable to find a sharpener that is both large enough and strong enough to sharpen this. When I finally found one the right size I found that the pencil itself was too tough to sharpen. The casing is very strong and no matter how much I tried I was unable to sharpen it. This means that the darker shade goes to waste as I am not as keen as the lighter side, but also, I could only use the lighter side until it was blunt. This wastes a lot of the pencil and really puts me off repurchasing.

      As you can probably tell I was not overly impressed with this eye shadow. There are a good range of shades available, but the staying power and value from the pencil are limited. I have found no way to sharpen the pencil as the casing is just too thick. This would be perfect for someone looking for a shimmery eye shadow for a night out, but I think for day to day use there is just too much glitter. At £7 there are other eye shadows available with more staying power, and that will last a whole lot longer than this pencil. While it is convenient to apply it is just not for me and I will stick to powder eye shadow.


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