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Avon Supershock Vivid Liquid Eye Shadow

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    4 Reviews
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      15.09.2014 10:07
      Very helpful
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      • "On offer!"


      • "Smears everywhere!"

      The optical illusion!

      I can remember as a youngster my Mum owning a a lot of Avon products, whether it was eye shadow and lipsticks or mascara. I never gave Avon any thought until recently, when a Avon Rep started visited my street I had a good look through the books and decided to give a few products a go as Mum always said how good they are.

      I wish I hadn't bothered to be totally honest as every product I have had lately has been of very bad quality indeed. However I will say I have liked their perfume and bath products. Make-up is a no go!

      ~The product~

      This eye shadow comes in a liquid form, that separates itself; clear liquid one end and the colour the other. You simply shake the product to mix the colour. The colour is have is called 'Glistening Teal'.
      I chose this colour as I have brown eyes and thought green would make them stand out. I wanted something that would be the easiest to apply as possible leaving no mess. I have started to go out with friends a lot more lately and like to look nice and bought this to wear for a night out. I was wearing a black dress at the time and thought the colour would look nice with black.

      I use foundation first followed by press powder and then use eye liner on my lower eye lid before applying the eyeshadow. The liquid is as a liquid however I feel is rather too runny and watery. I could hardly see the colour until I applied it.

      I shook it and used it on my lower lid and at first I though that it looked good. The applicator has a sponge on the end to apply it to your eye. I waited until a few minutes passed and it started smearing all over my eyes making it look like I had done ten rounds with Mike Tyson. I looked such a mess that I had to remove it and wear another eye shadow in it's place.

      This stuff is horrible and a waste of money. I am very surprised that fellow reviews have given this product such a high rating to be honest with you.

      I paid £3.99 and believe me won't be again.


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        27.09.2013 18:56
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A nice eye shadow with a very misleading name

        The eyeshadow

        I usually hate liquid eye shadows, but as this was a free gift with mascara I wanted to buy, I gave it a go. It does usually sell individually and retail price is around £6, but as always with Avon if you wait a campaign or two you will find it reduced at some point. I chose the chromed cocoa colour, which as you would expect is a lovely golden brown colour. There are a number of colours available, from light shades of cream to more vibrant colours like purple, so you should be able to find one you like.

        I was greeted with a small tube that is transparent so you can see how much of the liquid is left inside. Upon twisting the lid open you are greeted with a small, heart shaped brush so you can apply the eye shadow to your eyes without the need of anymore tools. It is the perfect size to colour my eyelids quickly, but also has a small tip so you can reach into the corners, and other difficult places to reach. It doesn't look like much so it sat unused for a few weeks. I finally got around to using it a few weeks ago.

        In use

        While it is called vivid eye shadow I have to disagree. The reason I love this eye shadow is the fact it is so subtle. I find if I add the eye shadow as I usually do with any other and then one dab above my eyes it blends perfectly together, leaving my eyes defined but not too over the top. The finished result is very shimmery, but the colour itself is really toned down so it creates a natural look effortlessly. The glitter is not over the top, but it attracts light so it still brightens your eyes a little. If you are looking for bold bright colour then this is not for you, but for a noticeable yet natural look it is perfect. I have tried layering the eye shadow for more pigmented colour, but I just found with too much it creases within seconds and looks really untidy. There is no way to build the colour a little, which is a shame as I prefer makeup that is versatile so I can create different looks.

        It only takes a few seconds maximum to create a really good finish. The brush is easy to use and coats most of my eyelid in one swipe. I just usually add a little more to the outside of my eyes, and use my finger to smudge a little on the upper area for a more blended look. The brush picks up the perfect amount of eye shadow, and while the consistency is very thin the fluffy brush picks it up very easily. One of my main downsides with liquid eye shadow is that it is usually difficult to apply it without it running or smudging. While it is very wet when it is first applied to my eyes there is no smudging or waiting around for it to dry. By the time I have added my mascara it is completely dry and I am ready to go.

        I was really surprised at the staying power, as usually I find liquid eye shadow fall beneath the eyes and crease with a few hours. I can put this on in the morning and it lasts right up until the afternoon. While it does not have the staying power that powder eye shadow has, it certainly lasts a lot longer than I expected. As it is so easy to apply I usually carry it in my handbag and just top it up at lunch time. By this time it is safe to reapply without it causing a horrible sticky result, and it only takes seconds to fix. There is no way to add primer before applying the eye shadow, as it is just too thin to cover the thicker consistency of the primer. When it comes to removing the eye shadow in the evening I find it comes away very easily with a makeup wipe, and even the huge amount of sheer comes away with one wipe. It is no way waterproof in the slightest, as even with a little water it will wash away.

        My one downside is that the bottle needs to be kept upright or the eye shadow just falls out. It is a very thin consistency, and managed to tip half the bottle away the first time I used it. After shaking the tube I forgot to tip it back the right way, so I twisted the lid off and the eye shadow fell all over my top. A lot of the eye shadow managed to run out in the split second I had it tipped the wrong way, and it refuses to come out of my top. Of course this can be prevented by keeping the tube upright, but I had just underestimated how thin the consistency was going to be. I thought there would be some sort of stopper, but there was nothing at all to stop it coming out and I lost half the bottle due and a T shirt due to my mistake.

        I have sensitive eyes and have found this eye shadow to cause no irritation at all. I usually really dislike cream or liquid eye shadows as the staying power is nowhere near as good as powder forms. With this I find it lasts really well, is so easy to apply, and actually produces a really good finish. I will be buying more of this eye shadow, and very soon seems as I managed to tip half of it away on the first application. I think the £6 retail is fairly reasonable, but I will be waiting until they are reduced again to buy more.


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          13.06.2013 15:24
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Like using runny water colour paint

          ===The Product===

          Avon Supershock Vivid Liquid Eye Shadow.
          Sparkling Amethyst.
          Comes sealed in a black cellophane sleeve with ingredients listed inside.
          Comes in a tube similar to mascara.
          Made in Poland and use within 12 months.
          Clear tube with a silver centre band, Has black screw on lid and a chiselled foam tipped wand attached.
          To use - shake well and apply to eyelids and blend well.


          Antique Bronze
          Pink Reflects
          Sparking Amethyst (mine)
          Platinum Ice
          Glistening Teal
          Garnet Flash
          Chromed Cocoa.


          Not sure what Avon charged full price as I paid about 2 or 3 pounds.
          Can still be bought on ebay for £3 with free postage.

          ===My Opinion===

          I was looking for a nice lilac shade to wear to a special occasion and saw this on sale at a reduced price form Avon as it was being discontinued.
          When opened form the cellophane it looked rather odd a the see through tube showed the liquid was very runny, with two thirds being a lavender colour and the remaining one third was just like water.
          This needs to be shaken well before use to combine the two liquids.
          The foam applicator comes out easily loaded with eye shadow and although it is watery it does not drip at all.
          When I tried the colour on my hand it showed a good seep pigmentation but when you try and apply this to your eyelid it does not go on so easily at all - it reminds me of painting with water colour paints that are too watery. The eye shadow then needs to be blended with the finger and it quickly dries. You can take time and build up the colour with further applications.
          The eye shadow does last reasonably well once it has dried but I found it fiddly to apply and not half as easy as just putting o a quick layer of power eye shadow.
          Admittedly the Amethyst shade is very nice and the sparkly in the title is more of a sheen than a glitter sparkle.
          This is now no longer available form Avon but is for sale on ebay.
          This does provide a nice shade but I think I will stick to using my powder shadows as they are so much easier to apply and blend and I am always more for the easy option.

          ===Star Rating===

          3 stars.

          ===Would I Recommend?===





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            27.01.2011 23:20
            Very helpful



            the colours are great but the consistency lets it down.

            Avon supershock vivid liquid eyeshadow is a regular in the Avon brochure and costs £6 usually but with the regular multi buy deals and price cuts the price can vary from month to month.

            *~*~*THE LOOK*~*~*

            Supershock comes in what looks a lot like a lipgloss tube. It is see through, allowing you to view the colour and state of the product. The tube is around 10cm and has a black lid as seen in the above photograph.
            I have the glistening teal and platinum ice colours which is what I am basing this review on. Other colours in the range are
            * Antique Bronze
            * Chromed cocoa
            * Garnet Flash
            * Pink Reflects
            * Sparkling Amethyst

            *~*~*WHAT AVON SAYS*~*~*

            Avon claims that Supershock is a new experience in colour and shine. It contains vitamin E which is moisturising and gives a pearlised effect when applied. All you have to do is shake the bottle to mix up the pigment and the moisturisers.

            *~*~*THE ACTUAL EXPERIENCE*~*~*

            I have to admit when I first got hold of this I thought it had something wrong with it. What you get when u open the packaging is what looks like and old lipgloss with the colour at the bottom of the tube and what looks like water floating on top. Shake Avon say so shake I did and slowly but surely it does mix together to form a thin liquid.
            On opening you find that like a lipgloss it has a cushioned applicator but boy is it runny, to the point of splashing sometimes when you are removing or replacing the lid.
            It does apply very easily and precise and dries a lot quicker than you would expect for the consistency of the product.

            *~*~*MY OPINION*~*~*

            So I love the colours they really do have a gorgeous pearlescent look to them especially if you apply them over a powder foundation it really seems to draw out the colour, whether this is because it gives the liquid something to bond to I'm not sure but the colour is deffinatly thicker and brighter. As you apply the eyeshadow it feels very cold mainly due to the watery consistency of the product. The drying time is around 20 -30 seconds before a second coat can be applied. For me and the look I was after 2 coats was a definite must. I did find that if you try to apply a second coat before the first is completely dry you do tend to partly remove the colour all together.
            The staying power of this product is pretty good, easily lasting most of the day or for a night out.
            I am not a fan of the watery consistency and this is probably why I would not buy any others. I bought mine in an offer so did not pay full price (I think I bought so many items for a certain price) even with another offer I don't think it would convince me to purchase any further colours.

            If you have the time to apply the coats and like the look of the colours on offer I would say go for it, after all the colours really are beautiful and it is very unique.


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