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Avon True Colour 6 in 1 Eye Palette

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5 Reviews
  • They are very cheap
  • The eye shadows are quality
  • I think the white is too bright
  • The gold is not suited to my skin
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    5 Reviews
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      10.07.2015 13:57
      Very helpful


      • "They are very cheap"
      • "There are 6 good colours"
      • "The eye shadows are quality"


      • "I think the white is too bright"
      • "The gold is not suited to my skin"

      Avon True Colour Eye Palette

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is a palette of eye shadows that is made by Avon so you can buy it only from their website or if you have got someone who delivers an Avon book to you. I was gifted mine by a friend a year ago and I have used nearly all of the eyeshadow now.


      I think these eye shadows are good for the money but they are not as good as a lot that I buy but I think that £7 for 6 eye shadows is value and that is a lot more cheap than I usually pay for only one eye shadow.

      In the palette there are 6 different colours and a lot of them are neutral but they can be used together so you can make many looks. I like the smoky grey because it has a little bit of glitter in it so with a wet eye liner brush it can be brushed along the lash line for a softer way of applying eye liner. The only colour I do not use is the gold one because that is not suited to the colour of my skin, I use the white eye shadow for contouring and highlighting but it is very bright white so I like to use another brand instead that gives me a softer white.

      The eye shadows do not last for very long on my skin so I use them only in the daytime because I like for my night make up to be stronger and to last for long so I do not have to apply more through the night.

      The eye shadows are all very easy to remove with eye make up remover and do not have a bad effect on my eyes also.


      I think £7 for this eye shadow set is value and I would not buy it again but I have been very happy to use it.

      4 Dooyoo Hearts.


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      14.07.2013 12:01
      Very helpful



      I would buy it again and recommend it.

      I work part time as an Avon Representative when my poor health allows, and as I have a love of eye make up and cosmetics, its no big surprise that a lot of my collection is made up of items from the Avon brand. In fact, my make-up bags are positively bulging with a whole host of items from Avon, with this review outlining my experiences of using the "Avon True Colour 6 in 1 Eye Palette."

      The palette is essentially a small collection of 6 different shades of eyeshadow, and is available in a choice of two shades, which are "Chic Glamour" or "Cool Blues." I have the Chic Glamour Palette, so this is what this review will be focussed on.

      Although the Palette does not appear in the most recent Avon Brochure, nor is it currently available to purchase online at the Avon website at www.avonshop.co.uk, the product is still widely available online, at sites such as www.ebay.co.uk or www.amazon.co.uk. I do believe the product's omission from the Avon brochure is temporary, to make room for seasonal purchases such as summer items, and I do expect to see it reappear in our Avon brochures in the Autumn seasons. (Info as @ July 2013).

      The usual selling price for Avon's 6 in 1 Eye Palette is £6, although I paid around £4 for mine as part of some promotional offer or other.

      The packaging for the product is in keeping with the other items in the same Avon range, thanks to its sleek black packaging. The palette is basically a plastic compact that is in two parts with a hinged lid. Inside this lid is a mirror, which is an excellent size as it takes up the whole of the oblong-shaped lid. There are six circular 'spots' of eyeshadow on the palette's bottom 'half' as it were, with two foam-tipped applicators being enclosed alongside these inside the palette. The Avon name appears on the outside of the lid in bold silver writing, and the palette is supplied in a black-coloured box made of thin cardboard. All in all, the product's appearance is very attractive and I have no complaints at all.

      The six shades provided in my own Palette are very neutral, and comprise of mostly brown/beige/tan type shades which are perfectly suited to my dark brown eyes. The lightest shade is a white/cream type of shade, with the darkest being that of dark, chocolate brown. These two shades are my favourites, although I am quite fond of a third shade from the palette which is another shade of brown, but with a rich, 'bronze' type hue to it that is quite contemporary and perfectly suited to the summer months, I find.

      I do have to admit that there is one shade contained within the palette that has never been worn by me as I really do not like it, that being the sort of 'mustard' type shade. I have never had any cause to try this shade out, and do not like the colour at all. This is a bit of a shame, as I have found most of the other eye palettes that I have purchased from Avon in the past have contained colours that have suited me perfectly, with each one being used up until the last remnants of colour remained in the plastic palette. I found it quite surprising that Avon had chosen such a 'marmite' shade as bright mustard to include in this palette as most of the other colours are very 'mainstream' and quite 'safe' as it were; perhaps Avon were attempting to be a bit more 'daring' with this product but I wish they hadn't bothered!

      When applying the eyeshadows, I tend to just dip the end of one of the foam-tipped applicators into the desired colour on the palette and 'swirl' it lightly across the surface. Doing this will create a little gathering of 'powdery' particles that can be gripped quite easily by the foamy applicator. Sweeping this across my eyelid allows the shadowed colour to transfer quite easily - and quickly - onto the eyes in a mere moment. I do occasionally use an eyeshadow brush to apply my shadow, rather than using the foam-tipped applicator, but this is more down to my selecting whatever is to hand at the time, rather than being down to personal preference. Certainly, where the applicators are concerned, I have no cause for complaint and find them to be of a good size, quality and design; they are not fiddly or cumbersome, nor are they too large to be obstructive during the application process... so, perfect.

      The eyeshadows themselves seem to be of an equally good quality, and certainly I have never really noticed them becoming too 'flaky' during the application process, which is a significant fault I have found with other eyeshadows in my extensive collection that I think are too 'powdery' or thin in their texture, which really just causes difficulty in trying to obtain a neat, precise finish. The Avon Palette's eyeshadows, on the other hand, seem to be thicker in their texture, which allows them to 'smoothen' onto the skin easier than some other shadows I own. This allows for a quicker application method to be undertaken when the Avon shadows are used, as they just feel less 'fussy' than other products, smoothing onto the skin in a mere moment, with a smooth, silky texture coating the skin's surface with ease.

      I find too that the shadow's texture makes them ideal for use during my adoption of my much-loved 'blending' techniques. I confess that I do like to mix two or more shadows together to create a smoky, shadowed effect, and I have found that both the dark, 'chocolate' brown shadow and the cream coloured shadow contained in my eye palette combine beautifully together, creating a gorgeous shadowed effect that sees the cream-coloured shadow compliment the dark, rich brown perfectly. When blending the shadows together, I tend to find that using an eyeshadow brush with a very find bristle is best, as this allows the shadows to be 'worked' into each other to create a near-flawless end result. To be clear, the practice of 'shadowing' two colours together like this is NOT always possible, and certainly I have found that some eyeshadow products are of an inferior quality so will not 'mix' properly with alternative colours or shades. This is not the case with the Avon Palette's shadows, however, so I have no doubt that the colours contained within are of a high quality.

      I find the Avon Palette's eyeshadows remove quickly and easily from the skin's surface, with even the most basic of moist facial wipes removing the colour's pigment from the skin in just a moment.

      As with all items of Avon make up that I own, I have noticed nothing in the way of aggravation or sensitivity during or after use of the Avon True Colour Palette, so I do feel that the product carries a rather mild and gentle formulation, particularly as my skin is hyper-sensitive and will 'flare' aggressively if harsh products are used. I do therefore recommend the product for those consumers who, like me, suffer with sensitive skin issues.

      Taking everything into account, I do recommend the Avon True Colour 6 in 1 Eye Palette, and would definitely repurchase it again. It's a shame that I would only wear 5 of the 6 colours as the other is just not suited to my own tastes, but for the price paid I can live with this, and I do recommend the product, feeling that an award of top marks is appropriate on this occasion.


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        30.04.2013 21:56
        Very helpful



        Lovely selection

        When I was an Avon Representative this was a really popular purchase so when they went into the sale catalogue I decided to buy myself one. The product is one of Avon's own so you have to buy direct from their website, from an Avon rep or from the likes of Ebay.

        The palettes were available in two different colour ways but I picked the browns which is pictured above, the alternative was a range of blue shades, the full price was £6 but I only paid £3 which I thought was a decent price even though I wouldn't use all 6 of the colours.

        The eye shadows come in a little plastic case which is then packaged in a black glossy box, I threw the box away and really don't see that there was any need for it apart from to give you the contact details for Avon should you need them. The case is made of hard plastic so is pretty strong although I haven't had any mishaps with my case so I unable to say whether it would crack easily or not.

        The case is approx 4 inches x 2 inches, it has a mirror inside the lid and it is the full size of the lid which I like as it makes it easy to see what you are doing, I have previously found that the mirrors in this sort of product are far too small. There are 6 little circles of eye shadow and then on one side of the palette there is a little indented area for 2 double ended applicators to sit.

        The colours are a great range in my opinion, you have a couple of different shades of beige one of which is really light then you have a mustard colour and 3 darker browns, I don't use the mustard or the really light beige but do use the other 4.

        The powders cling onto the applicators easily and for all I always bow off any excess I have never found that you get too much shadow on the applicator at any time, the colours go over the lids easily and the shadows are lovely and smooth. I find that the colours go on a little lighter than what they actually look in the palette not that I have a problem with this.

        I really like this set and use it a lot when I am applying make up as it contains one of my favourite colours, the eye shadows are easy to apply and they don't seem to wear off easily. I find that you don't use much of the shadows at a time and even thought the circles are only small of each colour I have no where near ran out yet. This set gets 5 stars from me and I can see why it was so popular with my customers.


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        20.11.2012 21:22
        Very helpful



        Great make up if on offer

        I am a sucker for eye shadows, especially ones that have a choice of different shades all in one case. I bought one of these pallets from Avon as I was running low on the grey shades. I bought the 'Blue Moods' version which goes from dark blue/purple/ grey shades. I like the Smokey look so am always buying eye shadows but have been so impressed with this Avon kit, it is my faithful friend.

        There is a little mirror, which is the whole side panel, I like this rather than an inch strip of mirror, if you are not using a larger mirror (if you are on the go, or checking your make up quickly) you can at least see what you are doing. There are six round colours in the palette. There are also two double tipped applicators; I find these are a little rough on the eyes, so I tend to use brushes. The makeup itself is easy to apply; it sits on the eye nicely and doesn't wear off. It says it lasts up to 12 hours; I haven't worn it for that long without re-applying (If I have worn it during the day, then re-apply in the evening) but it does wear well. It is also removed easily with makeup remover.

        The case itself is thin so fits into a small clutch bag with ease. The catch holds the compact closed and it isn't a huge struggle to get into it. I have one compact that I can't get into; I have had to remove the lid!! This cost me £6 as it was on offer, £6 is a good price, however £11 which is its full price I think is a little steep and I am not sure I would pay that for it.


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        23.10.2012 11:38
        Very helpful



        Slim, long lasting and with a useful mirror

        ===Why I Bought This===

        I am now stocking up for Christmas (and also getting little items for myself along the way!) and ordered one of these 6 in 1 Eye Shadow Palettes for a friend. However I was so impressed with this item I now have my own compact as well.

        ===The Brand===

        Avon is a long established direct selling network which used to sell just door-to-door but you can order directly from their website these days if you do not have a local representative handy.
        Avon has 18 different brochures issued throughout the year - or their stock can be viewed online.

        ===The Product===

        Avon states - 'stays colour true for up to 12 hours*'. (Consumer study of 120 people.)
        Avon True Colour 6-in-1 Palette.
        Comes in a black box.
        Avon 6 in 1 eye palette.
        'Chic glamour'.
        Ingredients listed on the back of the box.
        Will keep for 24 months, made in China.
        Oblong black compact with 'AVON' on lid in silver.
        8 grams.
        Press front catch to open.
        Large oblong mirror in lid.
        2 double ended black sponge applicators in recess.
        6 round discs of colour varying from dark to light shades.
        The discs are roughly the size of a £1 coin.


        Comes in two versions:
        *Blue Moods - from white through to navy and greys.
        *Chic Glamour - from cream through to dark brown and mustard shades.

        £11 at full price - currently £6 on offer.

        ===My Opinion===

        Firstly this feels like an expensive product as soon as you get it. The box is slim and narrow and when opened the compact is lovely.
        It is oblong in shape and very shiny. It is also nice and narrow so it can be slipped into your handbag very easily without taking up much room at all.
        The six discs of eyeshadow comes with two sponge applicators but I use my own larger brush when a home though obviously when out and about these little applicators within the compact are very handy.
        When you open the compact the lid is fitted with a full size mirror which gives a great view to reapply your make-up.
        The six discs of eye shadow are around £1 coin size and last for ages.
        I chose Chic Glamour which is the earthy tones - it has a cream colour for highlighting through to a dark chocolate shade with mid tones of mustard, a peachy brown and two other mid brown shades.
        These colours offer you a great range of uses - from using the dark colour when you want a more dramatic look to either just using the highlighter or the mid tones for just general day to day wear.
        The eye shadow applies easily with a brush and needs next to no blending - so can be done in a rush.
        Avon claim that this product stays 'colour true for up to 12 hours' - which can mean anything from 5 minutes up the actual 12 hours. Personally when I apply the eyeshadow I find it tends to last for at least 11-12 hours - which is pretty good staying power. It also comes off easily - I just use baby lotion on some cotton wool pads -so there is no problem there.
        The colours in my palette are all very versatile and although I was a bit unsure of the mustardy colour once on it is quite ok to wear - though I would not Have tried it if it had not been in the palette. the other browns and creams are all quite conventional and versatile.
        For the £6 reduced price this is great for either yourself or as a lovely gift for someone.

        ===Star Rating===

        5 stars.

        ===Would I Recommend?===





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