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Avon Ultra Colour Rich Rubies Lipstick

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2 Reviews
  • Glides on easily
  • Staying power is appalling
  • abysmal staying power
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    2 Reviews
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      23.09.2014 09:44
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Glides on easily"


      • "Staying power is appalling"

      A Lipstick That Lasts for Minutes!

      Review of Avon Ultra Colour Rich Rubies Lipstick

      Avon is well known in the United Kingdom and the company has been popular for many years. Avon was one of the first direct sell companies to become a household name. Older readers will no doubt recall the 1960's advertising campaign which involved the ringing doorbell and the cheery 'Avon Calling' sales rep. Products can be ordered via an Avon representative who will provide a brochure for you to choose form or from the company website.

      ==**The Lipstick**==

      This lipstick is a traditional stick type lipstick and it is enriched with moisturiser to hydrate lips. The lipstick is available in many different shades ranging from barely there nudes through to deeper plummy red tones. The lipstick has a glossy finish. The colour I have in front of me is called ‘Fuchsia Fame', and as the name implies it is deep pink shade.
      The packaging is simple, a plastic tube with the twist up mechanism encased inside a silver coloured metal. It is an understated, classic lipstick case design. It looks quite classy in spite of having the Avon logo printed on it.
      I have been a customer of Avon on and off for many years and used to be an Avon rep myself, but have to admit that Avon is not my favourite brand of cosmetics. I purchased from my niece’s Avon brochure in order to help her out, she sometimes struggles to make her targets and of course if she doesn’t reach a certain figure of sales, receives no commission making her efforts go unpaid. When this happens I and other family members take a look at the book and try to place an order. This lipstick was one of my selections and based on previous experience of Avon lipsticks, I did not hold out any great expectations for it as I have not always been 100% satisfied with Avon cosmetics in the past.
      This particular lipstick was purchased at the same time as another lipstick, a Matte finish which I was quite pleased with. Price wise, this retails for around £8, although mine was purchased with other items as part of a promotion.
      The lipstick colour looks good in the tube; it is a warm pink with a hint of shine. It glides on very easily, leaving lips feeling moisturised. This is where the positives end I’m afraid!
      I found the depth of colour very disappointing, I felt it was more like a tinted lip balm than a lipstick and in order to build up the colour I needed several coats of lipstick. The texture is just too soft, in fact to the point of being rather greasy feeling. The lipstick glides on easily and glides off just as quickly. For staying power, this has to be the worst lipstick I have ever encountered. I lost count of how many touch-ups were needed!

      ==**My Thoughts and Conclusion**==
      Of course much depends on skin type when it comes to cosmetics and what suits one person may not necessarily suit another but this lipstick is truly awful and in my opinion would be expensive at £1, let alone £8. I have relegated this lipstick to the bottom of my makeup drawer and I feel its next outing will be to the dustbin. A complete waste of money and I’m just pleased I did not pay full price for it.
      This is one I would have no hesitation in recommending others to avoid!

      Thank you for reading

      ©brittle1906 September 2014

      N.B. My reviews may be found on other sites under the same user name.


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        26.04.2013 09:05
        Very helpful



        This is horrible lipstick that does not deserve even 1 star

        WHAT IS IT?

        This is a lipstick that is made by Avon. It is called Ultra Colour Rich Rubies and it is available in many different colours, I have got one that is called Fuschia Fame and that is a bright pink colour.  


        I do not like this lipstick at all because it is very soft and greasy on my lips.  It does not apply very good because of how soft it is and when I have been wearing it for a short time it bleeds into the skin round my lips even if I have used a good quality lip lining pencil. The lipstick does not stay on my lips for very long because it transfers to everything that my lips touch so as soon as I have had one cup of coffee or a sandwich then there is not very much colour left on my lips.

        WHAT I THINK

        Fuchsia Fame is a beautiful colour and I think it is a pity that the lipstick is so bad quality because I would like to wear this shade more often.  I do not like anything about it except for the colour and the bright plastic lipstick tube though so I will not buy or wear it again.  

        I hate the feeling of this lipstick on my lips because it is so greasy that it makes me feel sick and when I rub my lips together it feels very bad.  When I apply it the lipstick is so soft that I can feel that it is melting on my lips and I think that makes it very hard for me to apply it in a tidy way, I have to use a lip brush every time and that does annoy me because sometimes I want to apply my lipstick quick from the tube instead of using a brush.

        The lipstick does not last for as long as I need it to and even if I make sure not to eat or drink anything then it does not stay for very much longer, I think the longest time that I have been able to keep this lipstick on for is about 1 hour and that is not very good.  I am sad for this because I like the colour so much but I cannot use a lipstick that is so ineffective.  I think that if it just weared off quick then I would just apply it again but when it bleeds into my skin it looks very messy and I do not like that so I won't use it any more.


        This Ultra Colour Rich Rubies Lipstick costs about £5 from Avon and even though that is cheap it is not value because the product is so bad.

        1 Dooyoo Star.


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