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B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful Mascara

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Brand: B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful / Type: Mascara / Suitable for: Eye

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    1 Review
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      13.08.2009 00:31
      Very helpful



      Takes some perseverance to figure out the best way to use, but good fun

      I bought my B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful (henceforth to be known as "B" for the purposes of not giving myself RSI before I finish this review) mascara last October, if I remember rightly. My mum was ordering some other stuff from B for my sister's birthday and asked me if I wanted to get anything, and I could not resist the prospect of a purple mascara.

      The mascara I got is the shade pictured above, it is called 'Bananza' (a rather irritating misspelling of 'bonanza'?), but the packaging is different. Since I got my mascara, B have changed the container, making it bigger. Mine is a cylindrical tube, not as interesting looking and smaller than the new design shown above. The formula and colour, however, are exactly the same, and the label with product name, brand and ingredients is still on the 'lid' that has the brush attached on the inside.

      I actually really like the size of the mascara I have. It's a good size for fitting into bags and pockets, but I do think the new tube looks more flashy. They haven't changed the size of the brush, which is great, as I found it to be just the right size. It's neither tiny like the Maybelline One-By-One or huge like the Benefit Bad Gal, it's in the middle and ideal for me. I like the tiny brushes but find they take ages to use and don't give much volume, and the massive brushes just lead to mascara on my eyebrows and I can never do the lower lashes and upper ones at the outer corners properly.

      I have mixed feelings about the mascara itself. I love the colour, but it doesn't show up all that well unless I am wearing either really dark eyeliner and eyeshadow, or no eyeliner and pale eyeshadow or no eyeshadow. Subtle or pastel colours don't provide enough of a contrast. A darker purple, or one that is brighter, might be more eye-catching.

      I have yet to use it and get a clump, which is great, but it is quite runny as mascara goes and takes some time to fully dry.

      It does lengthen and thicken, but not half as well as other products do. If you want serious lash improvements the double ended mascaras are your best bet. Applying this mascara over the white layer of my Rimmel Volume Extend mascara does make my eyelashes look longer, but without a contrasting colour shadow and sometimes even then, they look so pale they're invisible.

      I have tried using it on the tips of lashes otherwise already coated with another black or brown mascara, but I think it is too watery for this, it just runs into the other mascara and doesn't show up.

      For best results I would recommend using it after having applied clear mascara. I have had great results with this when using all colours of mascara recently - the second coat goes on like a dream and I have to spend less time fiddling trying to make sure my lashes are clumping together just the right amount. I recommend the clear mascara from Natural Collection at Boots.

      I might buy this product again but I would like to try as many other coloured mascaras as I can first, for one main reason: this stuff is £8.80 a tube! That is not too bad as mascaras go, especially considering it's from B, a quite highly priced range and a lot of standard Boots/Superdrug brands have more expensive mascaras, but Barry M do coloured mascaras I have yet to try for £4.95. I would also like to see if other brands have brighter purples available and are more versatile.

      I would recommend this product, but only if you have tried other, cheaper mascaras, and not liked them, or want one of the specific shades that B offers.

      B is a vegan range of cosmetics and has the same parent company as Lush, so if you are a vegan and/or appreciate the ethical aims of Lush, you'll be interested in trying this product. For information about Lush, check out http://www.lush.co.uk.

      B cosmetics can be ordered online from http://www.asos.com/, or by phone, details of which are on the website http://www.bnevertoobusytobebeautiful.com/. There were 4 B stores in the UK, two in London, on Oxford Street and in Covent Garden, one in Poole and one in Leeds, but unfortunately they have all closed down. B's stores were very beautiful, glittery places to visit and it is a shame they are no more.


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