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Balm Balm Fragrance Free Lip Balm

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4 Reviews

Brand: Balm Balm / Type: Lip Balm / Suitable for: Lip / What it does: regenerates,

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    4 Reviews
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      21.11.2011 18:30
      Very helpful



      A great little, handy sized pot of useful product!

      I absolutely love a bargain when I'm out shopping and love looking for little bits and pieces to treat myself with and this one of my little impulse buys when I spotted it reduced in my local Boots store to a mere 50p. I have tried things from this brand before and rather liked them and know how versatile this little product is so snapped one up!

      The Packaging:

      The outer packaging consists of a light green, small box and on the front of it we are told that it is Balm Balm '100% organic & 100% natural' and that it is a lip, face, hand and foot balm (and this information is also listed in a Foreign language too). Other information on the packaging includes being told a little about the product and how to use it, the ingredients are given and contact details for the manufacturer are listed. The little pot inside is white, round and made of plastic and on the box we are told that it contains 7mls of the balm and on the lid, again in light green writing we are told once again that it is Balm Balm Lip Balm (and more!) and thats a bout it really. Its a simple looking product in simple packaging really and has a screw on/off cap/lid to the top of it!

      The Balm Itself:

      Well the balm in the pot is a whitish colour and hard in texture. It has no real fragrance to it at all and you simply pop a finger in and wipe over the balm and with the temperature of your finger it melts slightly giving you a small amount of oil to apply. It is made from Beeswax and natural nut and fruit oils with a few other bits and pieces too of course!

      You can pretty much apply this wherever you like as its a balm you can use pretty much where you want to and for whatever reason! I use this as a lip balm, which gives no taste to my lips at all and sinks in, in seconds and gives my lips a little moisture and keeps them in good condition, under my eyes where I am prone to dry skin (I apply this at night!), on dry cracked heels to make them more comfortable and most recently I applied a little to my hands where I got sores on them after using bleach and other stuff I applied to them hurt me, this didn't at all!

      All in all I like this balm. its multi tasking, a little of it goes a long way, its fragrance free and although it becomes slightly greasy in use, I find if I use a very small amount I can massage it into my skin and it leaves the skin I have applied it to with a soft sheen and no transfer of oils at all.

      My lips are certainly less dry and chapped and I can't feel the grease on my lips when this is on them and this has been amazing on my hands and the sores I had helping the healing process brilliantly.

      Do I Recommend This Product?:

      Yes I do. Its a natural one, you can use it anywhere you like and a little of it goes a long way of it and at about £2.00 a pot (in all good chemists etc) I think this is a great little must have item for us all!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        24.10.2010 17:40
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        pretty much perfect!

        I am addicted to lip balm. I have to reapply it every 2-3 hours and my lips get really dry if i don't. I always have my lip balm and can't go a day without it. Although it is an annoying addiction i do enjoy trying new lip balms and i have tried many! Balm balm fragrance free lip balm is one of the one's i've tried more recently and i have to say, it's one of the best!

        I chose to try this lip balm because it was on offer for 78p in superdrug. The full price is £2.99 which, for a 7ml tub, isn't that bad in my opinion. It is definitely the most environmentally friendly lip balm i've tried; it is 100% organic and natural, the packaging is recyclable and it isn't tested on animals. It comes in 2 flavours: Rose geranium or tea tree, or there is the fragrance free one which i bought. It can be used on the face, hands or feet, but i just use it for my lips. It comes in a white tub in a green box and both are very easy to open.

        It is easy to apply and i think a little bit goes a long way compared to other lip balms. Because i hate my lips feeling dry i like to apply a lot but i didn't need much of this one. I found that i needed to re apply it less often than some lip balms i've tried, and about as often as some others. It leaves lips soft and smooth and moisturises them well.

        I will continue trying out different lip balms but i will always bear this one in mind as a great one.


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          23.03.2010 15:41
          Very helpful



          A great natural lip balm


          My lips have never been in the best condition and I have tried everything from rubbing them gently with a tooth brush then applying Vaseline to using medicated lip balms but nothing seems to improve their condition.
          My lips usually get worse in the Winter when the cold condtions make all common ailments worse.

          My lips are constantly dry and flaky which led to me biting the excess skin off my lips in order to get a smooth feeling. Of course the more I bit the skin, the worse it looked and felt. It was a bad habbit which was making their condition even worse.
          For some time now I have been buying and trying a multitude of products in the hope of finding anything to improve their condition and maintain healthy lips.

          After trying around thirty products I was doing some research on the web and I finally stumbled across Balm Balm Fragrance Free Lip Balm.
          It was the company itself which first caught my eye with their participation in the Symbol Savy : Organic Certification Campaign.

          It brought to my notice how companies can claim their products are "natural" or "organic" without actually being so because their is no existing Government Legislation or Definition detailing what Natural or Organic Beauity is.
          Companies will use ingredients claiming they are safe only to remove them later when their harmfulness has been proven.

          Balm Balm's advice is to check the product is certified by a responsible organic or environmental association. For a full list of logos and products to trust go to the website www.biggreensmile.com
          All Balm Balm products have the "Organic Soil Association Standard" logo on their products which confirms that not only are their products 100% Organic and Natural but also their packaging is all recyclable and sourced from sustainable forests.

          Balm Balm do not test on animals which is also important to me and I really believe they do conform to responsible buisiness practices and make careful well though out decisions.
          Their Lip Balm is available directly from their Website, www.balmbalm.com which sell a 7ml pot of lip balm for £2.99.

          They can also be found in all Lloyds Pharmacies but if you go to the Balm Balm website you can locate your nearest local store by simpy clicking on your town on the map.
          I actually bought mine in SuperDrug for the bargain price of 78p. Needless to say I grabbed three for less than the price I would ordinarily pay for one! Bargain!!

          The lip balm comes in it's own little green recycled box with a small white tub filled with Lip balm. The whole package looks very organic and appealing.
          Upon reading the package I see that not only is this a lip balm but it can also be used as a balm for the face, hands and feet!

          I have chosen the non scented variety as I wear a lot of make up and other cosmetics which all have their own scents. So rather than having lots of contrasting smells competing with each other, where possible I will use a scentless variety.
          This lip balm does however also come in a Rose Geranium Variety and Tea Tree Variety. I use the former scent at bed time when I have a clean face and I'm no longer wearing many scented cosmetics.

          They come in the same tub as this one but in different coloured packaging.
          The tub has a small lid which screws on and off very easily even when my arthritic hands have traces of the product on them.

          When the tub is first opened you see a clear substance reminiscent of Vaseline but much firmer.
          To apply I find it easiest to rub my finger around the edges of the balm until a thin layer has built up. Then simply rub onto your lips, rubbing any spare balm into your hands, face or even feet. No point wasting it!!

          When I first applied it because my lips were in such bad condition it had been absorbed and needed a new application with the hour. However the more I use Balm Balm the softer my lips get and the less frequently I need to use it.
          I find on healthy lips an application every seven hours is suffice.

          Fairly quickly I felt the condition of my lips improving and the dry excess skin disappeared overnight.
          The texture of my lips still felt slightly rough and uneven but I resisted the temptation to bite them and within a few days my lips were as soft and as smooth as a babies bottom!!

          Everytime I applied the balm I ended up having excess on my hands so rather than waste it I rubbed it on my elbows ahich were sore and dry due to exema. Within days my exema was much improved.
          This lip balm does ressemble vaseline but that is where the similarities begin and end. I find vaseline much greasier than this and it doesn't absorb nearly as quickly as the balm balm.

          Even with the vaseline being greasier it still doesn't moisturise as well so although it is a third the price I would definately recommend paying the extra for Balm Balm.
          I would strongly recommend Balm Balm Fragrance Free Lip Balm. In my opinion it was the miracle cure I was looking for and is the best out of thirty other well known products which I had previously tried.

          It is also great for men and children because it has no scent and when dry does not leave lips with a glossy sheen but still keeps them kissably soft!
          I have been using Balm Balm for six months now, and I am still on my first tub!! You need to apply so little that it lasts a very long time and turns into a great value product.

          It was a great purchase and one which I will never look back from.


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            27.02.2010 15:07
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A great lip balm (and more) which I got on offer

            When I was in Superdrug last week I saw some lip balm on offer for 73p. I was looking for some lip balm as my lips have been getting quite dry and sore with all this cold weather! I hadn't heard of the lip balm before but I was quite intrigued by its packaging which stated it was lip balm (and more), and at 73p if I didn't like it I wasn't losing out on much.

            The lip balm is from a company called Balm Balm, and comes in a little green box. The lip balm is 100% organic and 100% natural which ticks all the right boxes with me! It is also fragrance free and all ingredients are approved by the Soil Association. The green box it comes in is recyclable and the card is sourced from sustainable forests. Before I had even tried the balm I loved all of the wonderful things the packaging was telling me!

            The lip balm comes in a white plastic screw top little pot. On the top of the jar it has the company name in green with a little bit of information about the lip balm, and the company website. The lip balm is multi purpose and on the box is advertised as lip balm, face balm, hand balm and foot balm.

            The actual lip balm is white and is hard to the touch, but gets a little softer when you rub your finger on it. It makes my lips really soft and I am impressed how long it lasts for as I don't have to reapply it very often during the day. It really moisturises the dry parts of my lips without making them feel greasy, and a little bit goes a long way. I only need to wiggle my finger once in the pot for my top lip, and once for the bottom lip.

            I like the fact that the balm is multi-purpose. My heels are getting quite dry at the moment since I'm doing quite a lot of walking, and I applied it to my heels. Once again it was really good at mosturising the day parts, but since my heels are a lot larger than my lips I had to use quite a lot of the balm. This just wouldn't work out very cost effective as the pot is only 7ml big!

            I have been on the website to check out the price of the lip balm when it is not on offer, and it costs £2.99 so I got a bargain at 73p! I would recommend this lip balm. I like the fact that it is organic and natural, I do tend to get fragranced lip balm as I quite like fruity flavours but this was still nice being fragrance free (though I did see on the website that it comes in rose geranium and tea tree too) and I liked that is was multi-purpose, though I am going to use it mainly on my lips else it will get used up too quickly.


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