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Barbara Daly Tesco Cheek to Cheek Blush

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Brand: Barbara Daly / Type: Blushers

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    5 Reviews
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      06.05.2013 23:09
      Very helpful



      A lovely natural looking blusher

      A while ago I had run out of my favourite Maybelline Dream Blush, and given that there isn't a Boots store in the small town I live in but needed some, I decided to try another range of blush. We do have a reasonable size Tesco in our town and when I was doing my weekly shop, I looked at their make up range and when I saw a 3 for 2 offer I thought it would be worth trying some of the Barbara Daly make up. I had previously tried the nail varnish in the collection but not really anything else. So, I picked up this Cheek to Cheek Blush in the Blossom shade, which is a middle of the road colour for the cheeks - there is both a lighter shade and a nude coloured shade. This product can currently be bought in Tesco for £6, which is on a par with the Maybelline cream blush that I use and given that when I bought this product there was the 3 for 2 offer, I got even better value for money.

      THe unique thing about this blush, is that it has two sections. One section is for the main colour and the other side is a highlighter. The purpose of having the two sections is that you can either use them separately as you wish for a day time look that is natural, or you can combine the two of them for a slightly stronger look for the evening. This product has been designed to give a 'sheer, light reflecting wash over the cheeks'.

      This product does not come with its own brush so you do need to have a blush applicator brush. I have tried to wear this blush both ways - I have used it singly, but I have also combined the two parts, and worn them in the daytime, and I find that it creates just the right natural look so I can go into work looking as if I have a healthy glow to my skin and rid myself of that patsy white look. I also use this product if I were to go out for the evening, although I may build up the colour slightly more but this is easy to do with the right brush. The highlighter helps give the glow without being overbearing and the blossom shade offers the perfect tone for my skin. I actually prefer using this product over my BB cream as I feel it can glided over the skin even easier.

      I honestly didn't think I would find a product I liked that would live up to my Maybelline blush but I really like this product. I don't like to wear a lot of make up and much prefer to look natural but with a little bit of colour, and this product is perfect for the look I want. For those who wear more make up, you can easily build up with the colour on your cheeks with this product. For the price that I paid, I think this is a great quality product, and I like the combination of both sides. It also lasts reasonably well during the day, and I don't need to top it up unless I was going somewhere later in the afternoon or evening.

      All in all, this is a great product from the Barbara Daly range, which I am liking more and more.


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      01.06.2012 15:38
      Very helpful



      A nice reasonably priced blusher.

      Whilst on a recent trip to Tescos I ended up browsing in the make-up aisle. I don't wear lots of make-up but I do like looking at what is on offer and buying myself an occasional treat. I had recently been using my daughter's blusher as mine had run out so I decided I would have a look at the selection.

      I have never bought Tescos Barbara Daly make-up before as I had presumed it would be poor quality and the packaging had never appealed. I don't know where I had got the idea about the quality but I think the name had always put me off, it sounds rather old ladyish somehow. However I do prefer a powder blush over a cream one and there didn't seem to be much selection on the other stand of powder products so I ended up gravitating to the uninspiring looking Barbara Daly display unit.

      I spotted the Cheek-to-Cheek powder blush near the bottom of the stand. It was priced at about £4 which seemed quite good value. I am not sure how many colours were available as I had immediately spied the Nude colour which looked perfect for me.

      The blusher is presented in a small, flat black box with a clear window in the top. It is only 5cm square and contains 3.5g of powder blush. The clear window showed two shades of blush and when I picked it up I realised that the darker colour had an almost matt finish whilst the paler shade was very pearlescent. There is more of the darker colour than there is of the lighter shade. The product does not come with any applicator. This doesn't bother me as I feel that powder blusher is always best applied with a large brush to prevent obvious lines so I usually throw away the tiny ones that come in the compacts anyway. The lack of a brush means that the pot is really small so is ideal to jam into a packed make-up bag as it doesn't take up much room.

      The box opens and closes with a reassuring click. It is quite firm to open but not difficult and this means that it doesn't fall open accidentally when in your make up bag. There is nothing worse than opening the bag to find everything covered in powder from pots that have opened when they shouldn't have. The product has virtually no aroma at all, I am always very conscious of how make-up smells and I love products that have no noticeable scent at all. I have been known to just throw products away that are too strongly fragranced for my liking.

      This product is great as it can be used in a number of ways. You can just sweep a large brush around the whole surface to collect both colours to provide a natural glow to the cheeks. You can also concentrate on one side of the compact and then the other to produce more of a shade and a highlighted look. As a teenager in the 80s there was a real thing about having to always wear three different shades to shade, blush and highlight and most of us went out looking extremely stripy so shading and highlighting is not my thing but I do see some people wearing it very well. It is also possible to use a small brush and just pick up the shiny lighter shade and use it more carefully around the brows etc. to produce a subtle highlighting effect.

      I don't suffer from sensitive skin and this has not caused me any irritation at all. I do still suffer from occasional spots but this blusher does not seem to have caused any problems with blemishes on my skin at all as it feels very light when applied and doesn't seem to cause any problems with blocking pores.

      I find that I don't need to use lots of this product to produce a nice natural look for every day. It blends really well and doesn't leave any obvious lines after application. I find the colour is really well suited to be as anything that is too pinky makes me look permanently embarrassed and some of the shades that have too much brown just make me look sallow. The Nude is just a pretty enough shade to sit happily in between the two.

      I find this has an average staying power. I think cream blushes are longer-lasting but I am not good at achieving a natural look with them so I tend to stick to powder. However by its very nature powder will gradually disappear throughout the day so I find it will need a little reapplication by mid-afternoon to keep the same look. It does seem to disappear quite evenly though so I don't ever end up with a patchy look.
      I remove my make-up using make-up wipes and this comes away easily, leaving no trace.

      With its cheap price I wasn't expecting very much from this little blush compact but I have been pleasantly surprised. This certainly does not have the depth of colour of the staying power of some of the very expensive products I have purchased in the past but for day to day wear I have been very impressed. I do not mind the lack of an applicator but that may be an issue for some people. This is a nice colour and it is a flexible combination which allows you to produce different looks. It blends well and lasts reasonably well too.

      I use so little of it that I think it will go on for a very long time. It has a recommended disposal of 36 months after opening and at this rate I might still have some left by then so it really is a bargain! My success with this product means that I will certainly give the Barbara Daly range a closer look next time I am in need of something else.


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        14.11.2011 11:00
        Very helpful



        a great little blusher/highlighter in one that doesn't cost the earth

        I have used Collection 2000's blusher for several years and always liked it for being long lasting and cheap as chips. When my last one began to run out, for some reason I decided to treat myself to a Benefit one costing ten times the price. As it happens, before I got the chance to go wild at the Benefit counter, I spotted this one in Tesco and was instantly drawn to it - it was still more expensive than my Collection 2000 one, but a lot more reasonable than the Benefit one I had my eye on, so I decided to take a chance on it.

        ==About the product==

        Barbara Daly is probably best known as being the lady who did Princess Diana's wedding make-up. She now has her own range of make-up which is exclusive to Tesco.

        This Cheek to Cheek blusher is actually in two parts. It is a pressed powder blusher and two thirds of the compact has the matte blush and the other third is made up of a shimmery highlighter.

        It is available in three different shades - nude, blossom and petal. I purchased nude as it appeared to be the palest of the shades available. My cheeks are naturally quite red, but foundation often mutes this, so I felt I only needed a fairly light shade.


        The product comes in a square compact with rounded edges. The outside of the compact is black and there is a clear window through which you can see the product. I've noticed that most of the Barbara Daly products are packaged in a similar way, so if you have quite a few of her products in your make-up bag, the clear window will be useful for identifying which is which.

        I like the dual aspect of the product although the powder does have a face imprinted into it, which looks quite creepy to me and to be honest quite dated too - it reminds me of the sign above our local hairdressers in the 80's!

        ==Using it==

        You can use this in two ways. You can either swirl a blusher brush over the whole compact to pick up both the blush and the shimmer, or you can just apply one or the other. I have used it in both ways and tend to do whatever I think will suit the look I am going for that day.

        When using both the blush and shimmer together, I take a large powder brush and swirl it over the entire compact. I find that my brush will pick up both the blush and highlighter easily and doesn't leave lots of loose powder on top of the compact. When I sweep this over my cheeks, I get both colour from the blush and a hint of shimmer from the highlighter. I think applying it this way gives quite a natural look and the colour looks sheer, yet noticeable - it certainly isn't OTT and I don't get Aunt Sally cheeks! Of course if you do want a more intense colour, the colour is buildable by adding more layers.

        When applying the highlighter and blush separately, I use the same large brush for the blusher, but a slightly smaller one for the highlighter. I actually have a great brush from ELF called the blushing, bronzing and blending brush which is bushy but slightly tapered, so is fab for this use. I sweep it over the highlighter then dust it on under my cheekbones to give my face a more contoured look. I have also applied it to my brow bone to highlight the arch and give the illusion of lift too. The highlighter doesn't have the same intense shimmer as some highlighting products, but it's a subtle look that does give enough shimmer to be effective.

        Once on the skin, I find that both the blusher and the highlight last until I remove them. They don't go cakey on the skin either and nor have I found that they cling to dry skin, which is one problem I often get with powder products.

        ==Price and Availability==

        This range is only available from Tesco as far as I am aware and can also be purchased online from Tesco Direct. It costs just £5 which I actually think is a real bargain for a 2-in-1 product.


        On the whole I am really pleased with this little compact. It is effective and I like that I can achieve more than one look with just the one product. It doesn't cost the earth either and I would definitely recommend it.


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          17.10.2010 15:45
          1 Comment



          Good quality blusher

          I love the 'Barbara Daly' makeup range and have been using the GLOW UP highlighter for a while now which is a little pot of magic that illuminates the skin ...After using this I thought I would try out other items in the product range to see if they also were as impressive as the Glow Up .

          The next product I tried was the Cheek to Cheek blusher in Nude , which is packaged in a small black casing , and has a two segment pallet , which adds colour but also highlights the cheekbones at the same time .
          I use a small blusher brush and I gently brush my brush over the pallet , and apply in an upward movement using very light strokes, just beneath the apple of my cheek.

          I apply a small amount during the day and build it up a little bit more when i am going oyut of an evening. I have tried many blushers in the past and some have made me look like rosie red cheeks , but this product provided me with the right amount of colour .

          This blusher costs less than a fiver (£4.78)so wont break the bank ,and is available in most Tesco stores
          Lyd xx


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            17.11.2009 08:18
            Very helpful



            A super blusher at a low cost


            I had bought three sets of the Barbara Daly for Tesco Designer Eyes Trio and loved them so I thought it was about time that I bought and tried a few other products that are in the range. This time I went for Barbara Daly for Tesco Cheek-to-Cheek Blush.

            *About the Product*

            A double shaded blusher to add colour for a healthy looking complexion.

            *What Does Barbara Daly Say About Cheek-to-Cheek Blush?*

            This blusher is so handy because of the two-segment palette. Both the highlighter and colour sections can be used on their own for day-to-evening looks or blended together for a really sheer, light-reflecting wash over the cheeks. The fun thing about this blusher is that you can be as daring or as subtle as you like.


            First things first, you need to have an applicator to apply this blusher as you don't get a small brush to apply the blusher with the product. Once you have a brush, you are ready to apply the blusher. This can be onto bare skin or on top of foundation or powder. I have found that I get the best effects when used on top of powder as it is a smoother base to apply it onto. Simply sweep a little amount onto the brush as it is easier to build colour gradually rather than trying to remove it. I tend to start with a single sweep and this is adequate for a daytime look but if I want to intensify it for the evening, I repeat the application. Apply the blushing by sweeping it from your temples to your hairline. If applied correctly, this product will make your cheeks look defined and give you're the appearance of a healthy complexion.

            *Price and Availability*

            Barbara Daly for Tesco Cheek-to-Cheek Blush is only available to buy from Tesco in stores as far as I am aware. Even the smaller Tesco stores stock the range and it can usually be located in the far corner near the shower gels and deodorants. Unfortunately, it cannot be purchased via their website but this may change in the future.

            This blusher retails at just £4.78. This is an unbelievably low price when you consider the quality of the product as well as the price of alternatives that are on the market. I will definitely be going back for more when my one runs out again.

            *My Opinion*

            The packaging: Barbara Daly for Tesco Cheek-to-Cheek Blush is packaged in a square, black plastic compact which has a clear plastic piece on the front so that you can clearly see the colour of the blusher and the amount that is remaining. The lid of the compact flips open so that you can access the blusher and it clips easily back into place. I like the packaging as although it is only basic, it still has a relatively stylish appearance that you'll be proud to pull out of your make-up bag in public.

            Texture and colour: The texture of this blusher is actually quite thick although not so much that it clogs up your pores and causes you to get spots. Its consistency is thick as in luxurious and it feels expensive. It is soft to apply and its smoothness allows it to glide with ease onto my cheeks. With regards to the colour, I have a shade called blossom whish is a tad redder than the pink/damson colours that I have gone for in the past. It is rich in colour and the highlighter part is what makes the product unique and in my opinion, excellent. A single sweep is usually adequate but you can intensify the look by repeating the application.

            Staying power: The staying power of this blusher is excellent. When I apply this in the morning, I am confident that it will look as thought it has just been applied come the end of the day. This is very impressive considering how inexpensive the item is.

            Longevity of the product: This product is average when it comes to longevity. As it is only a fairly small compact, it tends to last me approximately 3 months when used on a daily basis. I would prefer to be able to buy a bigger version that lasts that little bit longer and the price increased a little.

            Range of colours: There are three colours that you can buy in this product range. They are petal, blossom and nude. These three shades should suit most skin types as they include the highlighter in the blusher. The blossom colour that I own is matte therefore if glitter is not your thing, you'll be satisfied.

            Does this double shaded blusher add colour for a healthy looking complexion? Yes it does and with ease. I love the look that I have once I have applied this blusher. My skin tone looks natural with just one sweep and more intense with two or more.

            Does this blusher give you a sheer, light-reflecting look? Yes, it most certainly does. When you have apply this blusher, your cheeks look like you have a gorgeous glow and the highlighter part of the product works well to give enhanced definition.

            Can you be as subtle or as daring as you desire? You most certainly can. The consistency of this blusher is smooth which means that you can reach a natural look which is subtle but you can also gradually build the colour which allows you to get a bold, daring look, perfect for an night on the tiles.

            *Would I Recommend This Product?*

            There is no doubt in my mind that I highly recommend Barbara Daly for Tesco Cheek-to-Cheek Blush as it is inexpensive yet very high quality. For the money, it is possibly one of the best value for money blushers that I have come across. It is a blusher that is perfect if you are looking for a product that will gradually build in colour and allow you to go from day to night.


            Tesco have allows me to come across a real gem when it comes to this blusher. When I think that I bought this as an impulse buy whilst doing my food shopping one weekend, I'm pretty pleased with myself. It allows people like myself with no cheekbones to find some definition.


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