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Barbara Daly Tesco Designer Eyes Trio

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Brand: Barbara Daly / Type: Eyeshadow / Suitable for: Eye

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    2 Reviews
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      19.05.2010 11:19
      Very helpful



      A great eye shadow set


      Whilst in Tesco doing the food shopping with my mum earlier in the year, we noticed a small area in the back corner that they had a small make-up range. We both love our cosmetics so naturally we had a look to see that was on offer from the collection. One of the products that instantly caught my eye was Designer Eyes Trio so I put the brown set into our trolley to give it a try.

      *About the Product*

      These eye-shadow 'trio' palettes contain harmonising colours divided into three segments for fool-proof make-up application.

      *What Does Barbara Daly Say About Designer Eyes Trio?*

      The three segments of this eye shadow palette is what makes this such a versatile product to use daily. The three harmonising shades of the eye shadow allow you to vary your look from day to night and give you a chance to experiment with various looks. The darker section can also be used as eyeliner when applied with an eyeliner brush.


      These eye shadows don't come with a make up applicator so the first thing that you will need to do is find one that you already have or buy one to apply the shadows with. I splashed out on a very nice 10-piece brush set that cost a small fortune but is excellent to use and does the trick with this set.

      This set contains a light base colour, a medium colour and a darker, bolder one. It depends on how many of the shades that you intend on using as to the application of the eye shadow.

      For one colour: Brush the colour that you have chosen to use across your eyelid, from your lashes down to your brow.

      For two colours: Sweep the base colour across your eyelid from the top of your eyebrow to your lashes. With the second colour, you should then use an applicator/brush to apply it on the lower part of the lid.

      For three colours: Repeat the same steps as above but apply the second colour slightly higher than just your lower lid. Then add the third colour on the lower part of your lid. This will create a more intense and dramatic look and the base colour will be acting as more of a highlighter than an eye shadow, making your eyes look bigger and brighter. You can also use the darker colour as a liner if you are fairly good at applying it and have the right brush.

      I think that whether you decide to use one colour, two colours or all three together, the looks that you can accomplish are really great and the colours blend together so easily and effectively.

      It is important that you clean the brush/sponge regularly in order to get the smoothest possible application and make the most of the product.

      *Price and Availability*

      Barbara Daly for Tesco Designer Eyes Trio is only available to buy from Tesco in stores as far as I am aware. From the larger stores to the smaller ones, the range is stocked and it can usually be located in the far corner near the shower gels and deodorants. Unfortunately, it cannot be purchased via their website but I am hoping that this may change in the future, although my debit card probably isn't.

      This trio eye shadow palette retails at just £5.35. This is a fantastic price considering you have three different colours and the ability to create numerous different looks using just the one product. I liked the first set so much that I now have all of the different colour palettes available.

      *My Opinion*

      The packaging: Barbara Daly for Tesco Designer Eyes Trio is packaged in a square, black plastic compact which has a clear plastic piece on the front so that you can clearly see the colour of the eye shadows and the amount that is remaining. The lid of the compact flips open so that you can access the product and it clips easily back into place. I like the packaging as although it is only basic, it still has a relatively stylish appearance that you'll be proud to pull out of your make-up bag in public.

      Texture and colour: The texture of these eye shadows is comfortable and feels like luxury. I wouldn't go so far as to say that it is as good as those by Chanel or Lancome but I certainly didn't expect it to be of as high a quality as it is, considering the low price. It glides onto your eyelids smoothly and the rich textures means it stays put.

      The colour of the eye shadow is really great. It is very much a case of the colour you see is the colour that you get when applied.

      Staying power: The rich and thick texture of this eye shadow allows it to stay on your lids for long periods of time. I find that it tends to stay on my eyes for at least 4 or 5 hours and looks like it has been freshly applied. After this time, it does tend to start creating a crease however a little touching up allows you to get rid of this.

      Longevity of the product: Barbara Daly for Tesco Designer Eyes Trio set will almost certainly last you a minimum of three months if used regularly. This will vary depending on how much of the eye shadow you use with each use but when using an appropriate amount, it will last a reasonably long time.

      Range of colours: There are 4 different shade sets that you can buy in this product range: quartz, onyx, agate and graphite. This is somewhat limited however they are also 4 fantastically put together sets so my moaning will go no further than the fact I wish there were more great colour combinations.

      *Would I Recommend This Product?*

      The fact that I have all of the available colours in this range is evidence that I am a very big clue that I like this product therefore it is safe to say that I highly recommend Barbara Daly for Tesco Designer Eyes Trio.

      Considering their relatively cheap price, I think that this is one of the best eye shadow sets that I have purchased. I would recommend this eye shadow set as they are great quality, although be under no illusion that they are like that of Chanel or Dior as you are only paying a fraction of the cost.


      Tesco have allows me to come across a real gem when it comes to this eye shadow set. When I think that I bought this as part of my food shopping at the weekend, I feel rather pleased with myself. The four different colour sets of these eye shadow collections that allow you to create a number of different looks with ease and I love that fact. It is easily one of my favourite lower priced eye shadow sets. Now I'm just waiting for some different colours to become available.


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        18.02.2010 20:19
        Very helpful



        Great colour and lovely to use but does crease and colour fades after a couple of hours wear.

        Barbara Daly make-up is a brand I frequently see talked about in the glossy magazines. Beauty Editors rave about many of the products in the range. Quality wise, it is often compared to many upmarket make-up artist ranges and premium brands as the products are developed using 'state of the art knowledge'. As it's available exclusively to Tesco and products are similarly priced (£3 - £7) to well known brands such as Rimmel and Maybelline, the Barbara Daly range is often touted as being 'cheap and chic'. The award winning range has a bit of a cult following and many famous fans - Stella McCartney, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lulu and Kylie Minogue are just a few. In other words, the range is actually quite sought after. Which is quite funny as somehow I can't imagine Kylie popping down to her local Tesco for a loaf of bread and to seek out the latest lippy. Barbara Daly's career as a make-up artist spans over three decades. She is well respected in the industry and has worked with top photographers such as David Bailey and film Director Stanley Kubrick. She has made up the faces of models, Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss and Twiggy as well as many famous actresses such as Angelica Houston. Barbara is probably most well known for making up Princess Diana on her wedding day. Her range for Tesco is her second make-up range. In the mid 1980s, together with Anita and Gordon Roddick (Body Shop founders) Barbara launched the 'Colourings' brand, which for it's time, was innovative.

        Right, it's about time I got on to the product itself. The Designer Eyes Trio is priced at £5.35 for 3.5 g of product. It's sold as an 'easy to use eye shadow which never creases'. It comes in four shades - Quartz, Onyx, Agate and Graphite. I bought the Graphite shade which is a mix of versatile greys (this is the one in dooyoo's picture above). I wanted to attempt to achieve the 'smokey eye' look. As Barbara was one of the people to pioneer this look I thought if anybody could help me achieve the sultry look then her product could. The product is part of the 'Perfect 10' collection which was put together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Barbara Daly make-up range. The assortment of ten products were hand selected by Barbara herself and said to be the products she consistently swears by to create a perfect look for both the day and evening.

        To look at, the product is not particularly glamorous but this does not really bother me. Instead, I feel its understated simple design is timeless and professional looking. As with all of the products in the range, it comes in a sleek but robust black compact bearing the distinctive 'bd' Barbara Daly logo. The compact is square in shape but has rounded corners, so it feels comfy to hold in the palm of my hand. It has a clear window to its front so the colours of the product can be clearly seen. The compact has a flip lid which is easy to open. Inside there is three different sized segments of co-ordinating colour in one palette. I like this as the colours have been put together to compliment one and other, so it takes any guess work of matching colours out. Which in my case can only be a good thing. There is no applicator included, this is not a problem for me as I use my own eye shadow brush or my finger. There is also no mirror. I think the addition of a little mirror in the top of the compact would have been useful for when out and about. Still this is a budget friendly brand so perhaps this addition would have bumped the cost up.

        The top segment used as the highlighting shade has the word 'shine' impressed in it. I would say it is a very neutral pale cream colour that has a very subtle sheen to it. The middle segment is the smallest and has the word 'shape' impressed in it. This is a dark grey colour which is matt and is very sultry looking. As well as an eye shadow this segment can be used as an eyeliner also. The bottom segment which is the largest has the word 'shade' as well as a funky eyelash shape impressed in it. This segment is a pale grey which has a very slight shimmer to it. It makes sense to me that you are provided with different amounts of the three shades. I would say the lighter colours are more wearable for everyday so these would probably be used more often and applied over the whole eye. Where as the dark grey 'shape' segment is really only used on the eye crease, so you don't use much of it. I apply the highlighting 'shine' colour across my lid and up to my brow bone. I then apply the pale grey 'shade' colour on my eyelid and blend into the 'shine' colour. Lastly, I apply the dark grey 'shape' colour just across the crease, I then blend this to soften the colour out. The product has a lovely silky smooth feeling to it and glides gently onto the eye. It does not cause any irritation and on application it stays put on just the lid so you don't get any pesky flaky bits dropping underneath the eye. The colour goes on similarly to how it looks in the compact which is good. In fact, the initial colour is the thing I like most about this product. As I put the three colours on they really do make my eyes stand out. And the depth of colour you can achieve is very impressive. Even though I bought it for the 'smokey eye' effect the product can equally be used in the daytime for a natural look by just using the lighter colours.

        So far so good, this all sounds impressive. Unfortunately, this is where it goes wrong. The biggest let down for me is that after a couple of hours wear, the colour fades quite a lot and it also creases, leaving an unsightly line. I find this really surprising from an eye shadow that promises 'to never crease at all'. I know creasing can happen if you have oily eyelids but I don't. Barbara is said to have relentlessly used her products to test that they do work. I have to say I was really disappointed in its lack of performance. I had high hopes for this product as I frequently use several products from the range and am used to them performing well. Maybe the 'Perfect 10' needs to be renamed the 'Perfect 9'. That said, because I really like the the initial colour I just use the product with my Urban Decay Eye Shadow Base Primer and this makes the shadow stay put, until I'm ready to take it off. But really I shouldn't have to do this. I will continue to use the product though and would possibly buy it again but only because of its reasonable price and because I like the colour combination. If you don't use an eye shadow primer then I would not really recommend the product due to its lack of longevity.

        If you do fancy giving this a try the Barbara Daly make-up is exclusively available from larger Tesco stores but annoyingly it is not available to buy online. A list of Tesco stockists can be found here: wwww.barbaradalymake-up.co.uk/stockists.html. The range is quite often on a 'buy 3 for the price of 2' promotion. I have recently heard that there are some problems relating to availability of the range in stores. Some stores seem to have temporarily removed it from the shelves whilst it is still available in others. None of the range is tested on animals and the product should be used within 36 months of opening. For more information about the range visit: www.barbaradalymake-up.co.uk

        Thanks for reading.


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