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Barbara Daly Tesco Lipstick

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4 Reviews
  • The colours are very nice
  • They are cheap to buy
  • The lipsticks aren't creamy
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    4 Reviews
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      13.11.2014 12:13
      Very helpful


      • "They are cheap to buy"
      • "The lipstick stays on good"
      • "The colours are very nice"


      • "The lipsticks aren't creamy"

      Barbara Daly lipstick

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is lipstick that is made by the make up artist Barbara Daly, it is sold in Tesco stores and you can find it with other Barbara Daly products in the aisle that is for make up and cosmetics.


      I have got 2 Barbara Daly lipsticks and they are both very nice, they are alot better than other lipsticks that are in the same price range and I do not think either of them have got any disadvantages.

      The lipsticks do not feel very creamy on my lips but I do not care about that because if it feels like it is dry when I have applied the colour to my lips I apply some lip balm over the top and it is no problem. It does not make my lips dry but the lipstick feels dry itself sometimes and I do not know why because other times it is a little bit creamier and I do not change the way I store them.

      The shades I have got are a coral lipstick and one that is dusty pink, I do not know the shade names because they have rubbed off the lipstick tubes because I have had both of them for over a year. The lipstick when it was new had a square shape at the top and that made it very easy to apply but now the lipstick has wore down it is a normal lipstick shape, the coral lipstick is a little bit waxy so I use a lip brush to apply it because I do not like the way it pulls the skin on my bottom lip and with the lipstick and no brush I think it is alot harder to keep inside the shape of my lips properly.

      Neither of the lipsticks bleed into my skin and the dusty pink one has got another use because when I was out one night I had forgotten my make up bag and I used a little bit of this lipstick as blush and it looked so nice with the pink colour that I used it the same again even when I had my blush with me.


      These lipsticks cost £5 and I remember that I was very happy with the price when I bought them.

      4 Dootoo Stars.


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      27.06.2011 17:24
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      One of the best lipsticks on the market

      I am not a big lipstick fan, as I think I have really small, thin lips, which I think don't suit lipstick, but often I impulse buy lipsticks, thinking "oh this will look good on me" (most don't), but while in Tesco I noticed Barbara Daly's make up, and saw that she has produced lipstick, and noticed a colour that I really liked, and from her previous products, was hoping it would be as good!

      The design of the Barbara Daly's lipstick range is really simple, but effective and appealing to potential customers, because the lipstick is in a black tube, with the Barbara Daly logo, which looks really simple but elegent. The appeal is also increased by the way the make up is presented, as it makes it look much more expensive and almost looks like a designer make up brand, which is a nice positive.

      There are two types of lipsticks for Barbara Daly at Tesco, the first type is the one pictured, which is the normal lipstick, the second type is the "stay put long lasting lipstick", which comes in 4 colours. I am reviewing the normal Barbara Daly lipstick, which comes in 14 shades, which are:
      - Rose
      - Cashmere
      - Attraction
      - Watermelon
      - Naturelle
      - Peony
      - Icon
      - Coral
      - Sorbet
      - Innocent
      - Sugarcane
      - Darling
      - Honey
      - Clover

      I am reviewing the Coral shade of the brand, but there is a huge array of shades in the brand that there is a suitable shade for every taste and everyone' suitability, which is a real advantage, especially for those who find it difficult to get a suitable shade for their skin tones.

      Application of the Coral Lipstick was a very easy process, as the lipstick is of such good quality, the lipstick is of a creamy texture, which enables the lipstick to glide on the lips much easier, but also feels very soft on the lips, which other brands often don't feel like. The top of the lipstick is also squared, with a straight edge, which I think is a genius idea to have, as it really makes those difficult area much easier to get, such as the corners and to get a much more perfect line, without the use of lip liners. The lipstick is applied the same ways as every other lipstick.

      The colour of the lipstick in the tube was a light colour of orange, which I was quite wary of, as I've got quite pale skin, was wasn't sure if orange is what I should be wearing, but I assumed the colour on lips would be different. I was right (thankfully!) the colour was much more muted and looked really beautiful, it came out a light pink colour, which accented my natural colour of my lips and complimented my skin perfectly, and also the colour wasn't glossy, which I like, but was hoping it would be more matte, and it was and looked really soft and girly. For more intense colours, the lipstick can be applied more thickly to achieve more intense colours. The lipstick is perfect for day and night. Another advantage of Barbara Daly's lipstick is the staying power, I put my lipstick on early morning and it lasted most of the day, with me adding more for a deeper colour, which I was quite amazed at because I thought the lipstick would have worn off hours before. A real plus for the long busy days!

      I would highly recommend Barbara Daly's lipstick for any women, as it lasts for ages, feels really nice and looks beautiful on lips, and some of the colours (mainly the lighter ones) are easily acceptable for works, and often if you add more you get a much deeper colour, so basically two shades in one lipstick!

      Barbara Daly's lipstick is only available at Tesco (often only the bigger stores) and prices can be varied, due to the sales, but I got mine for £5.20.


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        19.10.2010 11:26
        Very helpful



        A low priced lipstick from your supermarket


        The Barbara Daly for Tesco collection has become a bit of an addiction for me. Every time I go in now, I usually end up coming out with another product from the range in my Tesco bags. I have concealers, eye shadows, blushers, foundations, etc. This time it was a lipstick and it turned out to be a pretty good buy.

        *About the Product*

        A unique square-edged lipstick that allows for more accurate application with classic and fashion forward colours in fool proof finishes.

        *What Does Barbara Daly Say About Cheek-to-Cheek Blush?*

        The secret to these lipsticks is the angled, ergonomic shape which makes application easier and more accurate. Lipsticks are a great staple for your make-up bag; they can really lift your face and look. They are great to wear on their own or by slicking lip gloss over them for a more polished evening look.


        I apply Barbara Daly for Tesco Lipstick straight from the tube rather than using a lipstick brush making the application of this product easy. As the lipstick has a soft, creamy texture it glides smoothly onto your lips with a single onto your upper and lower lip. Perhaps using a lip liner prior to putting on the lipstick will add definition but with this product it is not a necessity.

        Barbara Daly for Tesco Lipsticks are great to wear on their own or by slicking lip gloss over them for a more polished evening look therefore apply before lip gloss if this is the look you are going for.

        *Price and Availability*

        Barbara Daly Lipstick is only available to buy from Tesco in stores as far as I am aware. You can find this range in the bigger and even in the smaller Tesco stores. Unfortunately, it cannot be purchased via their website but this may change in the future.

        This lipstick retails at just £5.06. This price is fair for the quality of the lipstick and when you consider the price of alternatives that are on the market. I'll definitely be buying this lipstick again as it is such a great product.

        *My Opinion*

        The packaging: Barbara Daly for Tesco Lipstick is packaged in a hard, black plastic tube with a back pull on and off lid. The tube itself is about 3 inches in length and reasonably slim in width therefore it is the perfect size to sit nicely in your make up bag without taking up too much space.

        The style of the packaging is simple and maybe a tad on the boring side but I also think that is looks fairly stylish. I don't actually think that many lipsticks are packaged in a cool way unlike lip glosses therefore Barbara Daly has done an adequate job with this product.

        Texture and colour: The texture of this lip stick is soft and creamy. It is so smooth that is glides easily onto your lips making the application simple and easy. I tend to put a little foundation on my lips before applying the lipstick to make it even easier. The lipstick is one that will have hair sticking to your face on a windy day, although it is mainly lip glosses that have this effect rather than lipsticks.

        As for the colour of the lipstick, it is great when first applied and for the next few hours afterwards. I like the colour because it is pretty much the same colour of the lipstick itself which is not always the case with lipsticks. Sometimes you find yourself with a very different colour on your lips.

        Staying power: The staying power of this product is actually pretty impressive. With the cheaper lipsticks that I have bought, the staying power has always disappointed me but Barbara Daly Lipstick for Tesco is fantastic. I have found that this lipstick will stay put on your lips for between 2-3 hours without reapplication if you don't plan on eating. In my book, this is pretty impressive as some don't last longer than 5 minutes. This means that a simple reapplication of the lipstick as it starts to fade is all that is necessary to keep your lips looking great all day long.

        Longevity of the product: I actually have 2 different colours in this lip stick now and both of them are not even halfway through the stick and I have had them approximately 6 months, perhaps a little longer than this. And considering I have used them regularly, perhaps not every day but I would think about 4 times per week, I think that this is pretty good going.

        Is this lipstick a unique square-edged lipstick that allows for more accurate application with classic and fashion forward colours in fool proof finishes? Yes, it most definitely does. The shape of the lipstick itself means that it is easy to apply and effective in appearance when applied.

        Does the angled, ergonomic shape makes application easier and more accurate? For anyone that struggles to apply this lipstick I just have one word. How? It really is that straightforward. The slant of the lipstick makes the application almost foolproof.

        Range of colours: Barbara Daly for Tesco Lipstick is available in 16 different colours. These are: Innocent, Cashmere, Watermelon, Gypsy, Rose, Darling, Sugarcane, Icon, Nude, Attraction, Clover, Honey, Peony, Sorbet, Naturelle, Coral. The colour that I have this lipstick in is Innocent (a gorgeous pink colour) and Honey (a pink/orange colour which is perfect for when you have a slight suntan). I think that this is quite a large range of colours and that you should find the colour you're looking for within this collection.

        *Would I Recommend This Product?*

        I highly recommend Barbara Daly for Tesco Lipstick. It's a product that I seem to have taken to fairly instantly due to the sleek packaging, effectiveness of the lipstick as well as its excellent colour and staying power. So if you want a high quality product that doesn't have such a high price then Barbara Daly for Tesco Lipstick is the one that you're looking for. Value for money is most definitely the case!


        Tesco have allowed me to find yet another superb make up product in the Barbara Daly for Tesco range in this lipstick. I bought it after using the blusher which is excellent and I have not been let down in this purchase. This lipstick is long lasting, great looking and fairly inexpensive. Buy it and you will not be sorry!


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          21.07.2010 15:02
          Very helpful



          Good quality, good value lipstick

          I was delighted to discover that the Tesco make up range is, in fact, created by Barbara Daly. For me, her name was a blast from the past as about twenty or thirty years ago Barbara Daly was 'the' make up artist and her name appeared on practically every top flight fashion shoot featured in women's fashion magazines of the day.

          For those of you too young to remember, Barbara Daly began her career as a make up artist with the BBC before striking out on her own to work in films and then moved on to the world of fashion. She achieved success working on a number of films, including creating the iconic eye make up for A Clockwork Orange. I think at that time she was using other brands of make up but the 'bd' range sold in Tesco is created and manufactured by her.

          I've already become a regular user of her foundation, which is not only reasonably priced but also every bit as good as any top-of-the-range foundations, so it seemed a natural progression to try out other items in her make up range.


          This lipstick, like all the other products in the range looks fairly unprepossessing and minimalist. The square black plastic casing has a simple silver logo (an intertwined 'b' and 'd') and the colour of the lipstick and its name are printed on the base. The overall look is simple and stylish and wouldn't disgrace your make up bag.

          Barbara Daly's make up style would best be described as muted and naturalistic. There are sixteen shades of lipstick in the range but apart from one shade, these are all mainly within the muted pink to brown spectrum; colours which go with everything. I would hazard a guess that the range is suitable for all skin tones although even the darkest of these shades would probably appear quite pale on darker complexions. The particular colour that I chose was Cashmere, a mid-range brownish purple pink. The lipstick is of a creamy consistency with a slightly opalescent sheen but not enough to deserve the description of frosted.


          On opening the lipstick which is a twist up style, the first thing I noticed was the squared off shape of the contents. This, it is claimed, is to aid application and I must say that it really does seem to make it easier to apply. I've been using the lipstick for a few weeks now and, although the edges are slightly more blunted, it has retained its square shape unlike many lipsticks which often lose their original shape over time.

          The lipstick has a very faint scent which is slightly floral and not at all unpleasant.

          When applying my lipstick, I tend to use lip liner first then my lipstick and powder down after application before finishing off with a final coat and I find that with this method it stays on for longer without needing to be reapplied. The opalescence isn't very obvious once the lipstick is applied but merely gives the lips an attractive satin sheen.

          Once applied, I found this lipstick lasted for the entire working day and although it wasn't quite as pristine at five o'clock as it had been when first applied, there was still plenty of colour left on my lips.


          The lipstick is very reasonably priced at £5 and currently (July 2010) Tesco are running a 3 for 2 promotion which could reduce the price you pay even further.


          I really like this lipstick and it is now a permanent resident in my make up bag and has become one I use on a regular basis. The only drawback, for which I'm knocking off one star, is the very limited range of colours available which makes it difficult to ring the changes. The muted style of make up is fine for daytime but I think the range could do with a few more vibrant shades for evening wear.

          All in all, this is an excellent product, as indeed is the whole Barbara Daly for Tesco make up range, and at such a reasonable price it is one I shall certainly be continuing to use.


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