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Barbara Daly Ultra Light Pressed Powder Fair

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Brand: Barbara Daly / Powders / Type: Foundation / Subcategory: Powder

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    2 Reviews
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      12.09.2012 12:54
      Very helpful



      A fantastic everyday facial powder

      Although not a fan of wearing heavy makeup everyday, I do like to use spot of powder to even out my complexion during a day at the office and to prevent my face looking shiny. Usually, (as my previous reviews will demonstrate) I stick to a Rimmel powder, however on a recent trip to Tesco on my lunch break they were out of my normal Rimmel brand and so I popped a Barbara Daly compact into my basket. Whilst this brand was slightly more expensive than my usual purchase, I had read only good things about it online and was therefore keen to give it a try.

      The Product

      This face powder is described on the Tesco website as providing a 'matt perfection' finish to the skin. The fair powder option is a lovely looking pale cream and I have found that it sits well on my skin even at this time of year when my face is ever so slightly tanned. However, this powder does also come in two other colour ways in my local store see those being:

      * Medium - A slightly darker shade than fair with a noticeably pinkish undertone.
      * Warm - A darker coffee/beige tone.

      The powder is presented in a 10g compact which looks and feels slightly more expensive than other brands. The compact is shiny black in colour and has a black compressible button at the front to enable you to open the lid. Inside, the compact features a built in mirror within the lid and a thin white applicator puff which is branded with the 'bd' logo. The powder itself sits neatly in the bottom of the compact, it too has 'bd' imprinted into the surface of the powder, and it was the neatness of this logo that made me not want to ruin the orderliness of it on first use.

      Although a puff is provided with this product, it can also be applied with a makeup brush and this is how I prefer to use it being that I can blend it quickly to my skin. This product is dermatologically tested and is also waterproof, a claim that I have yet to test.

      Price and Availability

      As buyers of the Barbara Daly range will know, this makeup can only be bought in Tesco and it was in one of their larger stores that I bought mine for around £6. Currently this powder retails for £5.75 on the Tesco website and they are also offering a 3 for 2 buy at present making it a good deal all round in my opinion.

      Use and Experience

      Upon buying my first Barbara Daly product I was keen to open it up to see how good it really was. The powder itself felt soft on my fingertips and I was pleased to find that the powder was odourless; a feature that I find better on my skin as it does not aggravate it in any way. Now, at this point it is worth mentioning that I have quite good skin but as I am now nearing my mid to late twenties (yikes how did that happen!) I am beginning to get a couple of fine lines around my eyes.

      To begin application I first primed my skin using my everyday moisturiser. After about five minutes when my skin felt hydrated and the moisturiser had sunk in I applied a couple of dabs of concealer before applying the powder. Although a powder puff is provided with this product I do personally prefer a brush as I find it less cakey to apply in this way. Therefore a medium sized makeup brush was swirled around in the powder before being swept across my face. The colour of the powder blended easily into my facial skin and gave a light and natural finish which was not at all apparent despite my close inspection. The powder also felt light on my skin and this was a feeling that I loved as my skin did not feel at all made up. Over the day, I monitored my face and was pleased to find that I did not experience any shininess or rubbing away of the powder despite my routine lunchtime walk.

      A great feature of this powder in my opinion is that you can use as little or as much as you like depending on how your skin feels or looks on the day. For days when my skin has an outbreak I like to apply a light coating of foundation before dusting it with powder and I find that this powder takes the shininess out of the foundation without affecting the coverage. On days when my skin feels dry and tight, I find that a liberal coating of moisturiser and a light dash of powder means that my face feels and looks fine all day.

      My favourite feature of this compact is the built in mirror as it means that the powder can be applied anywhere during the day and it was this feature that came in handy on a recent holiday. Although the puff is useful if you are caught short without a brush I personally find it a little thin and flimsy to use. Although I think that the claim that this product provides 'matt perfection' is a slight exaggeration, it certainly works well on my skin and covers up blemishes and shininess very satisfyingly. Therefore this powder comes highly recommended.

      As a result of the above this product scores an excellent five stars from me.

      Thanks for reading! x


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        13.09.2011 15:21
        Very helpful



        One of the best powder compacts I have ever used

        I came upon this make-up quite by chance, and have been a devoted follower of the range for some years. Barbara Daly is a well-known make-up artist who has been in the industry for thirty years, working with supermodels, actors and royalty. She designed the make-up for Princess Diana on her wedding day, and about twelve years ago she was approached by Tesco to create her own make-up collection. I'd read some really good reviews of the make-up, and so decided to experiment when I happened to be in a large Tesco store.

        Although I now consider myself to be of maturing years, I think my complexion is still fairly good, and I've tried to take care of it since my teens. There isn't much I feel the need to conceal when wearing make-up, apart from two now healing scars following surgery last December to remove a skin cancer on my nose. I have always preferred my foundation and powder to give a soft and dewy finish rather than a denser coverage, and hate the feel of heavy make-up on my face. I have always tried to find products that feel light, as well as exactly matching my skin tone. My skin is fair and freckled, with a little reddening on the cheeks. This powder has been a superb find for me - in the past I have used products from premium brands, but in my opinion none of them can beat Barbara Daly Ultra-Light Pressed Powder. This powder, in the Fair colour, gives me exactly what I want. It is also available in Medium and Warm.

        The powder is of a lovely quality, and I am happy to use it on its own or over foundation. It's easy to apply, feels soft and silky, and gives a light coverage which nonetheless looks nicely finished. It evens out my skin tone, and gives the soft and dewy finish that I prefer.

        These powders, as well as a large range of other make-up products from Barbara Daly, can be bought in larger Tesco stores, and can also be bought from Tesco Direct. The powder compact costs £5.75, and if your local store does not stock the range (mine doesn't, sob), and you want to avoid delivery charges you can opt for the 'Click and Collect' option. The Tesco Direct website will show you the closest store that will offer this service. My nearest option is in Lincoln, about eighteen miles away, and I will be ordering my next batch of make-up before I next visit the city towards the end of September. To be honest, I think I would happily make the round trip just so that I could buy this powder. I had a slight panic recently when my latest compact was getting very low. We had to clear loads of furniture out of our upstairs rooms recently, and it was only when replacing my dressing-table drawer that I saw I had a 'spare' compact ready and waiting. Phew!

        The compact itself is black, and looks quite chic. It has a mirror in the lid, and comes with a good-quality puff. The entwined initials 'bd' are shown in silver lettering on the front, with 'Barbara Daly make-up' in smaller letters below. I think the packaging is of a high quality for a budget range.

        The back of the compact gives the following information: 'A sheer, super-soft powder for all skin types, for a natural demi-matte luminous finish. Use with a puff or brush. Dermatologically tested.' Although a puff is included, I prefer to use a large powder brush, which I swirl over the powder to take up some product, then use the same gentle swirling motion to apply it to my face.

        I had thought of restricting this wonderful powder compact to four stars, because it is not available in every Tesco store, but having realised that I can get it quite easily via Tesco Direct I am happy to give it a full five stars.

        (This review is also on Ciao, under the same user name.)


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