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Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Lipstick Baby

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Brand: Bare Escentuals / Type: Lipstick / Suitable for: Lip

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    2 Reviews
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      26.08.2012 21:01
      Very helpful



      A nice enough lippy

      I am always buying sets of Bare Escentuals (also known as bare minerals) make up because I love their foundation and find it better value to buy the sets which come with around 5-6 items rather than spending around £20 just to get the foundation. I had a tube of this lipstick in the shade 'Baby' in one of these introductory sets. You also get brushes with the sets which are handy as they cost a fortune to buy individually and I do find that they need replacing a while after daily use.

      The first thing I noticed about the lipstick was the cute packaging, OK, so it is a traditional twist up tube but the outer material is really rubbery and has lots of grip on it whether you are rooting about for it in the bottom of your handbag or just holding on to it when applying the lipstick. The lipstick should also come shrink wrapped with a rip-off zipwire for hygiene purposes so be suspicious if yours isn't sealed!

      The 'Baby' colour is a darkish neutral pink. I suppose in the sets they try to find a shade which will suit most people so it will never be an 'out there' colour. The colour suits me just fine.

      In use
      I just twist up the tube and apply and it has the right amount of moisture to just slick on to lips without feeling wet or sticky. I find it lasts 2-3 hours but shorter if you eat or drink obviously.

      Price and availability
      As I got mine in a set, it was probably cheaper by unit price but you can pick up these and other shades on Amazon or ebay for around £8-£10 for a brand new lipstick. The shade Baby seems popular in the USA so it may have been an import kit that I originally got hold of.

      My thoughts
      I am not a big fan of lipstick and prefer lipgloss but on windy days and when I want to look "sensible" I do opt for lipstick. I think this is a great neutral shade but it definitely looked nicer in the tube than it does on my lips. I don't love it as much as my Mac lipstick but it is certainly one of the better quality lipsticks I have tried and it does get a tick in the box for lasting a long time on the lips compared to others I have tried. It has the right amount of moisturising properties in it without it feeling greasy and it also doesn't dry out the lips when it wears off.

      Final word
      Packaging-wise I love the shapely tube and rubberised feel of the outer material and am also a big fan of the Bare Escentuals brand and have many of their range in my make up bag / boxes / stash. I do like to try all their products but can find them expensive to buy individually so buying the sets which start at around £36 onwards is a great way to discover new products without making too much of an expensive mistake, plus you get a new change of brushes which is always a bonus. This lipstick will literally last me ages as I don't wear it daily or even weekly but when I do wear it, it is a nice change and it does make me feel nice and 'properly' made up.


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      21.11.2011 14:40
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Good lipstick.


      I received this as part of a 'get started' Bare Minerals set which was purchased from the shopping channel. I believed the set cost around forty pounds and I have seen the lipstick on sale for around forteen pounds. Bare Minerals products contain no artificial dies and all pigments are taken from the earth itself, so it is a feel good product!

      Item itself:

      The lipstick, like a lot of bare Minerals products comes in plain black matte packaging. It is simple look, yet quite classy. The lipstick has bumps on it for grip, and a pull on and off lid. It is nice and secure though, which means it is unlikely to fall off in your make up bag and paint all the other items!

      Under the main lid is a twist up and down silver stick. Within that stick is the product itself, shaped into a nice curve so it slicks on nice and easily. Like all lipsticks, do not twist the product up too far as then you are at risk of it snapping, and you don't want to waste it, especially these more expensive ones!

      The lipstick is nice and moist and really easy to apply. However if your lips are too dry it will cling to the dry bits of skin and accentuate them. It is always best to make sure your lips are well moisturised before you apply any lipstick.

      The lipstick doesn't have a horrible smell to it, which is nice as it makes wearing it pleasant. It has reasonable staying power, and lasts a couple of hours as long as you do not drink or eat during that time.

      The colour of my lipstick was darker and I was pleased to say it didn't stain my lips beyond repair. It also didn't leave my lips looking dry and shrivelled up afterwards like some of the other ones (mostly Boots 17) I have tried.


      All in all this was a good lipstick. I didn't find it fantastic though, it hasn't made me desperate to go and buy all the colours in the range. For the price it is I probably won't get round to buying it again, as there are so many other great products out there. I certainly would treat myself to one if I hapenned to see it on special offer though.


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    • Product Details

      Each lipstick contains no artificial dyes and use only minerals from the earth as colorants /

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