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Barefaced Beauty Mineral Foundation

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Brand: Barefaced Beauty / Powders / Type: Foundation / Suitable for: Face

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    4 Reviews
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      05.07.2010 18:23
      Very helpful



      A product that is good for the body, skin and environment... and looks good too!

      Over the years, many people have become aware of the importance of paying attention to what goes inside their bodies through their diet; many are familiar, for instance, with the mantra: "You are what you eat". However, many are still unaware of the importance of paying attention to what goes into their bodies through their beauty routine.

      Here is a fact: your skin absorbs whatever is put on to it. Here is another fact: the products that your skin absorbs are then absorbed directly into your blood stream and carried to all parts of your body. Don't believe me? Think about nicotine patches, which release nicotine into the body through the skin, or birth control patches, which do the same thing only with hormones. Birth control patches are in fact just as effective as birth control pills that are taken orally; demonstrating that what you put onto your body is just as effectively absorbed by your body as what you put into it.

      Now, when you consider that the majority of makeup products contain toxic chemicals that, once absorbed into your blood stream, can contribute to illnesses such as cancer, this is a pretty scary thought. Few of us would consciously drink a daily concoction of toxic chemicals, yet the 'Telegraph' reported in 2007 that the average woman's body actually absorbs 5lb of chemicals a year through their makeup.

      However, while it is clear that the use of traditional makeup is not doing us much good, it can be hard to give up a makeup habit entirely. In fact, I don't know about you but the thought of going makeup-less for the entire rest of my life is almost as scary as the thought of all those nasty chemicals! The solution for us fresh-faced-phobic ladies? Mineral makeup.


      Mineral makeup - which began as a bit of a niche market - has been widely available and well known for some years now. It was about seven years ago when I first heard of it, when I was going through the process of replacing all my chemical based beauty products with natural, organic alternatives. I had no problems switching my shampoos, moisturisers, cleansers and face creams, however when I came to makeup I came a bit stuck. I read up on natural makeup and discovered this obscure concept of powdered foundation made out of minerals.

      I toyed with the idea of getting some of this apparently skin friendly makeup, but it sounded weird, there were no reviews available, it was only available online, it was ridiculously expensive and there only seemed to be one mineral makeup brand available in the UK (Jane Iredale). All things considered, I decided against risking spending a whole heap of my precious pennies on an unknown product, and stuck with what I knew.

      Today, however, mineral makeup has lost its niche status and become commonplace. Practically every well known makeup brand has dabbled with a mineral range, mineral makeup can be purchased in high street beauty chains such as Boots and Superdrug, prices have fallen dramatically, and reviews of this new venture in makeup are abundant.

      So, why are people turning to mineral makeup? Well, the reasons for this are plentiful. First of all, mineral makeup is natural, pure and chemical-free. As it is made entirely from natural minerals, it is free of harmful toxins which can wreak havoc in your body, making it a much more healthy, body friendly choice for your makeup bag.

      However, making the healthy choice does not mean that you are compromising on any beauty benefits. Not only is mineral makeup good for you body, but it is also good for your skin. It contains minerals which are actually beneficial to the skin, as well as cutting back on chemicals which cause ageing and can irritate the skin.


      Many high street brands now claim to produce "mineral makeup". This makeup can seem like a pretty attractive deal as it seems to be offering pure, natural makeup at cheap prices. However, it is worth checking the ingredients on any makeup before buying it, as some so-called "mineral makeup" foundations can actually be far from natural and many contain up to fifty ingredients, including chemicals, fragrances, preservatives and fillers alongside minerals. Cheaper brands may seem to be good quality, but they often rely on fillers, such as talc - a well known allergen - and keep actual pure mineral use to a minimum.

      Even mineral makeup heavyweights like Bare Escentuals contain an ingredient that can irritate the skin: Bismuth Oxychloride. I began my first foray into the world of mineral makeup by purchasing a whole heap of products from this brand, only to find that they made my temperamental, spot prone skin break out in a major way. I decided to research the effect of Bare Escentuals makeup on acne on the internet and found dozens and dozens of stories about how it had caused people to have acne breakouts because it contained Bismuth Oxychloride. To find out more about this ingredient feel free to do a bit of research online; all I will say is that it is a bit of a controversial ingredient in the world of mineral makeup, and those with sensitive or acne prone skin should steer clear of products containing it.

      Consequently, it is important that you look closely at the ingredients in your mineral makeup, as not all mineral makeup brands are the same. In all my research, I have only found three really pure brands that do not contain any chemicals, parabens, fillers, dyes or perfumes, and are free from talc and Bismuth Oxychloride (although I am sure there are more I just haven't come across yet) and one of these is Barefaced Beauty. It is a spectacularly pure brand, whose foundation only contains four ingredients.

      Perhaps it is for this reason that Barefaced Beauty won Best Makeup Range and Best Foundation at Natural Health Magazine Beauty Awards 2010.


      * Acne sufferers - Not only does Barefaced Beauty's mineral makeup range only contain gentle ingredients which will not irritate acne, but it can actually work as an acne treatment. The foundation contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide; both of which can help to alleviate acne and soak up excess oil on the face. Zinc oxide has antibacterial properties and promotes healing.

      * Girls with Rosacea - The brand claim that their foundation gives good coverage for Rosacea sufferers and they have many regular customers who suffer from the condition.

      * Vegans and animal lovers - Barefaced Beauty do not test any of their products on animals, and also claim that most of their products (with the exception of lip products) are vegan, and all are vegetarian.

      * Those with sensitive skin - Barefaced Beauty's mineral foundation only contains natural, gentle ingredients and is free from chemicals, perfumes, dyes, talc and Bismuth Oxychloride, all of which can irritate the skin.

      * Health conscious individuals - as mentioned above, mineral foundation is an excellent substitute for the chemical laden makeup that saturates the beauty market.

      * Anyone worried about ageing - This foundation is free of chemicals, which can cause ageing. It also contains zinc oxide, which is a natural sunscreen so will protect against wrinkles. The company do specify, however, that they are not sure of the exact SPF level for each product, so it should not be relied upon alone as a sunscreen.

      * Those wishing to lower their carbon footprint - Not only is mineral makeup more environmentally friendly (because it creates less pollution and uses less energy in its production and does not release potentially toxic chemicals into the water system when it is washed off) but, by buying Barefaced Beauty products, you are also choosing makeup that is manufactured in the UK and which does not need to be flown in from other countries, therefore cutting down on pollution. In choosing Barefaced Beauty products you will also be supporting a small, family run cosmetics factory, rather than adding to the riches of a cosmetic giant.

      * Anyone with blemishes or scars - Barefaced Beauty Mineral Foundation can applied lightly, for a sheer coverage, but it can also be applied more heavily for full coverage without ever looking caked on. This means that it is a great product for covering up blemishes and scars while still maintaining a natural appearance.

      * Party animals - Barefaced Beauty maintain that their foundation is "so pure that you may even sleep in it", making it an excellent product for those who frequently forget to wash off their makeup after a night out but still want to wake up with clear, healthy, cared for skin the next day!


      Barefaced Beauty Mineral Foundation contains only four ingredients (all natural minerals):
      * Mica - this gives the makeup a light-reflective quality
      * Zinc Oxide - this gives coverage, sunscreen and can help get rid of spots
      * Iron Oxides - this gives colour to the makeup
      * Titanium Dioxide - this helps absorb excess oil


      On first application I found that this product went on really well. Many people I know struggle with the concept of a powder foundation, but I find that it is actually easier to apply than liquid foundation, as you can apply it as lightly or as heavy as you want with more control. Simply tip some into the lid, swirl your brush lightly in it, tap the brush against the side to lose any excess product, and apply to the face in light strokes (as you would a finishing powder, but all over).

      I find that this foundation goes on really easily and gives a good, smooth coverage. The powder consistency disappears almost instantly on contact with the skin and blends into it to look natural and smooth. I have applied the foundation lightly (on good skin days) and got a nice, sheer coverage and heavily and repeatedly (on more unfortunate skin days) and still had a natural, light looking finish. It leaves skin nice and matte, and gives great coverage. The only thing I would say is that if you do have any blemishes or scars perhaps you would need a concealer as well underneath the foundation - which the website claims you would not. At least, I did, but this was perhaps just to give me a bit more confidence.


      Although this foundation gave me a nice, matte finish on first application, my one problem with it was that by the end of the day my naturally oily skin was taking on a bit of a shine again. Also, the makeup had started to look a bit funny (a bit creamy and smudged) on certain particularly shiny areas like my nose and chin. However, this was easily and quickly rectified with a further application of powder.

      On the plus side, the makeup does keep up its coverage on most other areas for the entire day, without rubbing off. It also does not cake during the day (even after a repeat application) which some powder makeup can do.


      I have to give Barefaced Beauty extra points for service, as I received my order very quickly (in four working days) and packaged well. I had no quibbles at all with their service. They also have an excellent scheme of selling trial sizes of most of their products (including the foundation) so you can test out colours and stuff before committing to a full sized product. The trial sized foundation is very cheap at £2.50 and gives you enough product to last for a couple of weeks. I was very impressed with this.


      Barefaced Beauty have this to say about their product:
      "The natural pigments blend easily on the skin and provide a natural sheer cover.

      "If you have sensitive skin, and have had bad experiences with cosmetics in the past, then Barefaced Beauty Pure Mineral Makeup could be for you....

      "Our mineral foundation gives such great coverage and is so pure that you may even sleep in it. Using mineral foundation will transform your life. Instead of worrying about unattractive blemishes, or running to the mirror every few hours to do touch-ups, with just a quick brush of the powder, your face will appear completely unblemished, from morning until night."

      True or false? Well, I found that, in my experience, this is mostly true. The product definitely blends easily into the skin and provides a natural and sheer cover. It also gives good coverage and does not need constant touch-ups, although I do like to do a quick one if my makeup is having to see me through from day to evening. I do think that they are stretching the truth a little with the statement that with just a "quick brush of the powder" your face is going to look "completely unblemished", as truthfully it takes a little bit more effort than that to apply, particularly if your skin is blemished, and no foundation will ever make skin look completely unblemished if you are having a major bad skin day. However, to give the product credit where credit is due, it does help a lot to minimise bad skin days, both by preventing acne and providing great coverage.

      I am not sure about the extent to which the product will "transform your life" but I have to say that, in all honesty, it has definitely improved mine. My skin has long been a source of torment for me and I have battled with persistent spots long and hard (and promising sounding cosmetics that have actually only made the problem worse). Since using this product, my skin has definitely improved and breakouts have been less frequent and have gone away more quickly. It is nice - and yes, perhaps even life transforming - to finally find a product that I know is not polluting my bloodstream with chemicals, which gives my skin good coverage and which is actually caring for my skin and helping to keep it clear at the same time.


      Barefaced Beauty offer 16 shades of foundation to choose from, for all skin shades and undertones, making it easy for everyone to find a foundation to suit their skin.

      The foundations are split into four categories of skin shades; fair, fair to medium, medium to tan, and dark. Within each of these four categories there are four foundations in varying shades of their specific spectrum (i.e. in the "fair" category there are products for "very fair" skin and slightly darker foundations for "fair" skin) and targeted at different shades of undertones in the skin also (for instance most pale skin tones will have a pink, yellow or neutral undertone).

      Once you have identified your skin colour and its undertone, it may be easy to see which foundation is best for you. However, if you are not so sure, you might want to try a couple to find your best shade. For instance, my skin is fairly pale, but a little on the pinky side. I couldn't decide exactly how pale, or how pink, I actually am so I bought both Serenity, which is for very fair skin with a pink undertone, and Gracious, which is for fair skin with a neutral undertone. I found that, even though I do have pale skin, Serenity left me looking a bit ghost-like, so my preference was with Gracious, which was a nice neutral, fair shade.
      With Barefaced Beauty offering sample sized foundations at only £2.50 for a small jar, however, this makes it even easier to sample a few colours before deciding on the right shade of foundation for you.


      If you are looking to totally revamp your makeup kit and want a few products to complement your new foundation, Barefaced Beauty also offer a great Mineral Setting Powder to give a "matt smooth airbrushed effect". These are available in a few shades but I like Ice, which is translucent so good for any skin tone. It helps to set foundation while giving a bit of extra coverage and a smooth finish, and is particularly good for those with oily skin. I also recommend their Mineral Shimmer in Golden Goddess (good for a shimmering shoulders and décolletage as well as adding a sparkle to cheekbones) and Mineral Blush (available in eight shades; Ishtar is my favourite shade for a nice peachy pink glow for fair skins).


      Barefaced Beauty Mineral Foundation is available at www.barefacedbeauty.co.uk. It costs £2.50 for a sample sized jar (1-2 weeks supply) or £12 for the full size (10g) product, which should last for 3-4 months.


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        24.01.2010 22:29
        Very helpful



        Definitely worth the price

        Barefaced cosmetic company is one I have learned about very recently. I had been looking to try a mineral powder foundation as I had heard they are great for your skin and complexion because of the natural minimal ingredients used in their products as I have quite sensitive skin, the less chemicals the better.

        I hate it when I buy a tube of foundation at £10 a pot after trying it in the shop on my hand and under different lighting to then get it home to find out it is a shade too dark and I look like I have been tangoed and then have to throw it away or give it to a friend and have wasted my money. I don't mind paying more for a product that I know suits me.

        One of the benefits is trying the foundation, it comes in many different tones such as Promise, Honest etc. I find it easier to remember the name of a shade rather than a number after it has rubbed off the tube, so I really like their creativity rather than number 37 or light porcelain.

        To the product, there are sample size pots which you can buy for £2.50, which contain 1.5 g of powder. I first thought this was quite expensive but it is a good idea and it lasted me about a week of daily use of full face coverage. You get time to see if the product suits you, to try it in different light and to decide whether it is right for you. At the end of the day, if it isn't suitable you haven't lost a lot.

        Being naturally quite pale, when I haven't been in sunlight, I chose the lightest shade called Serenity and another slightly darker pot for when I have been on the fake tan. I have to say I really liked using them, they suited my skin tone exactly right from matching up the shade and they blended really well to give excellent coverage.

        Usually I apply an SPF moisturizer first to prepare my face for going outdoors and then I take my kabuki brush and using a dab of powder swirl it in it. I find the powder goes on to my brush really well and only really need a pinch. I then apply in small sweeping movements on my face. It does look like I have just caked my face with powder at first - not a good luck, but after 15 minutes, it blends into my skin and the powdery appearance has disappeared. It isn't one to apply if you are rushing out the door or right before you leave the house to go to work.

        I find it has quite good coverage but I do use concealer underneath, just in case but you could just use more powder and I would think it would be as effective. I think my skin seems clearer after using this and it doesn't block pores like normal foundation. So far my skin hasn't reacted to it, so that is always a bonus.

        If you find you get on with this powder, then you can purchase a bigger pot at £12 for 10g from barefaced cosmetics. I think this is very good value and I would estimate a pot lasting about 10 weeks, I have been using mine on and off for the last 5 weeks and say there is more than half left. I would definitely recommend if you've never used a mineral powder before.


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          14.01.2010 09:45
          Very helpful




          Bare Faced beauty is a mineral cosmetics company I have discovered recently. I love their approach for natural minimalist ingredients in the their products so I have decided to gave them a try.

          First of all one of the main factors in trying the foundation was the fact that there are available sample size pots for £2.50 with 1.5g of powder. This might not sound much but it has lasted me for about a week of daily use, plus this I get enough time to study the product and decide whether is for me or not.

          Being super pale there is always the chance that the lightest shade of powder can show up tot dark on my skin in the winter so I have decided to go for the shade called Serenity. I got to say I found it suitable for my skin and it blended perfectly .

          How I use it:

          If need I exfoliate firs and then I moisturise.
          I take about a pinch of powder and I swirl my kabuki brush in it. Then I apply with either small circular motions on my face or with long downwards stroke. I find both way in applying it work just as good.

          It has a very good coverage, I normally do not need to use any concealer unless my skin is very irritated, but even then I just apply more power and it always does the trick.

          To begin with it looks really powdery on my face but in about 20 min it works in with the oils from the moisturisers so it adapts and blends well perfectly with my skin, therefore the powdery look completely vanishes.

          On the long run I have notice that this type of foundation has an beneficial effect on my skin. I never got irritated or any blocked pore. My skin seems to react well while my face is covered in this foundation.


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            08.12.2009 15:51
            Very helpful



            you can try before you buy with sample pots

            This is one of the best mineral foundations i have tried ( ive tried a lot lol).

            now at the moment i use it over my liquid foundation. the only reason is i have oily skin and the foundation doesnt last that long on its own. over foundation it will last about 11 hours before you need to top up.

            when i first used this foundation i was surprised because it says you can use the foundation as a concealer.i did as it said and it covered really well.

            more about the product

            its a round simple pot with sifter holes in it.it has silver rim and on the bottom it says the colour.


            its has good coverage
            looks very natural
            has a creamy feel
            has sample pots so you can try colours


            the pot design could be better . you open the lid and it spills everywhere.
            you can only buy online.

            also if youre thinking of buying please buy a kabuki brush to apply .

            where to buy


            £12 for 10g of product.

            i use the colour innocent :)


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