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Barry M Gel Waterproof Eyeliner

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Brand: Barry M / Type: Eyeliners / Texture: Gel / Suitable for: Eye

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    3 Reviews
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      04.10.2013 22:34
      Very helpful
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      Don't bother, goes on grey rather than black and takes about 4 coats whereas it should take one.

      I bought this from superdrug a month or so ago as it was on offer at £3.49, after trying a similar product by rimmel which was £6.49, I thought I'd give the cheaper option a shot. I was really let down.

      The pot is tiny for starters, which isn't too bad with products like this at times since you don't have to use too much, but it's not the case here. The applicator brush which slots into the lid of the pot is also tiny, which makes it difficult to hold if you're any bigger than a barbie doll. The brush is also really poor quality, the bristles fall out and it doesn't actually pick up the product to apply it.

      The "gel" eyeliner is really thick, more of a paste than a gel. It doesn't hold onto the brush so it's almost impossible to apply, let alone get the dramatic look which it's supposed to give. If and when you actually get it on, it goes onto your eyelid as a horrible faded grey colour, meaning that you have to apply about four coats for the product to look black.

      Also, because the brush is so small, it's difficult to clean, meaning that you get bits of the product left in the bristles which then dry up and make the brush even more impossible to use.

      If the lid isn't quite screwed on, the whole contents dry up completely, making it useless.

      Overall, I just wouldn't bother. If you want a dramatic look, then pay a bit extra.


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        12.05.2013 10:55
        Very helpful



        perfect eye liner

        I wrote a review on a Maybelline gel eye liner back last June after I was stunned with the results the eye liner was giving me, but after using this, I didn't know I could be even more happy with results from make up. I had a voucher I wanted to use up so I popped along to superdrug to purchase a few new items of make up. My Maybelline eyeliner brush had started to get the better of me and kept drying out hard as I wasn't cleaning it well enough after use. Usually forgotten about or just in too much of a hurry to get out of the door.

        ===The Product:===
        Barry M have always been a great contender for me in the make up world and I own quite a few items from their brand. I spotted this waterproof gel eye liner pot for £5.49 which also had a great 3 for 2 offer on all the make up so I just went for it. My first little cheer was for the fact the brush was actually in the lid of the pot so I was no longer going to have to root around my make up bag to find the brush, and secondly that it was all so neat and compact. My make up bag is full of things that are big and bulky and this is small and perfect for on the go. To use the brush it just pulls out of the top of the lid, you turn it round and place it in the hole to extend the length of the brush. I find it then has a great grip on it and is very easy to hold and then to apply to the eyes.

        The brush is very delicate and thin which is perfect for applying a thin line to the eyelid and creating a smooth line. The colour is very arid and doesn't need coat after coat as the gel is thick and does the job perfectly. The reason I was so happy with the results of this compared to the other I had been using was that the brush that is included give me perfect results nearly every time and if it needs correcting, it's usually through my own fault of shaking or poking myself in the eye. I am so happy with the results this eye liner gives me and I can honestly say, BarryM, You've got me hooked!.

        The eye liner it's self is thick and almost putty like and just swiping the brush over the gel applies it well to the brush. If the gel was thinner It would be very difficult to apply as the brush would be swimming and it would be impossible to get the right consistency onto your eyelids without making a mess. I feel BarryM have done an excellent job and getting it perfect so it just coats the brush enough to create perfect lines every time.

        ===How good is it at being water proof?===
        Very! In previous reviews I've told of my cry laughing problem. If someone says something overly funny, I will laugh so hard that tears stream down my face. It's very annoying as it makes my make up run or I'm constantly checking to see if it's completely taken it all off so my handbag is usually as heavy as a bag of stones as I have to carry my emergency supplies!. This is so waterproof I struggle to get it off!. I always use make up remover in liquid form and some cotton wool which has saved my eyes from being shredded whilst trying to get this off. If I were to use a wipe, I can imagine I would barely have any eyelids left to apply this to!.

        I don't mind so much that is it hard wearing as for me, it means I don't have to check as often to see if I look like Alice cooper. I would prefer it being a little easier to get off but I feel the product is doing such a good job, that I don't mind having to spend a little more time getting it off.

        ===Where can you get some too?===
        You have three colours to choose from, They have Black, Silver and Champagne. In the Superdrug I went to at the time of purchasing the black, they only had black and silver in stock but later on went to sell the beautiful colour of Champagne. They all retail at £5.49 and can be bought at either Boots, Superdrug or online at BarryM.com.

        Since purchasing I have also bought the Champagne colour which is like a creamy silvery colour and has a little bit of a shimmer to it compared to the matte of the black. I only really use this if I'm going on a night out and my outfit will go with it as it is very loud on it's own as the colour is light and . I usually match it with a light coloured eye shadow which also has a shimmer just to give it a bit of attention. I prefer the black to the champagne as I wouldn't really use the champagne on a day to day basis but the black I can and often will I have the time to apply it. I do really like the colour and the texture is the same as the black so it is just as easy to apply to your eyes. I would say this colour is more for evening make up or something for a night out.

        ===Would I recommend it?===
        I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who likes a bit of definition to their eyes when applying make up and the product on a whole is excellent. The price is also perfect for this as it will last you a long time as just applying once uses just a brush swipe of gel.
        I give this product 5/5 stars. I didn't think it deserved to lose any for it being difficult to remove as it's earned all 5 stars for being an excellent addition to my make up bag.

        Thanks for reading my review.



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          09.05.2013 01:02
          Very helpful



          Adore this product find it hard to fault it, because even the fault is a plus as well

          Barry M WGE1 Gel Waterproof Eyeliner


          I have always had a huge problem with eyeliner, my eye lids are rather droopy and no matter what type of eyeliner I have tried in the past I would find that they did not dry fast enough and I would end up with nice reprints of the original line all over my eye lid.

          A good few years ago now I was introduced to my first pot of gel eyeliner and have used several brands over the years with pleasing results. Unfortunately I had always found that the pots were predominantly only available from some of the more expensive cosmetic ranges and that I also needed to invest in a small liner brush to apply the liner, adding yet more to the cost.

          As much as I liked the gel pots there was one negative for me, I would find that the brush would get very messy and once or twice I did not clean it well enough before placing it back into my bag and the result was waterproof eyeliner all over the contents of my handbag, which as you can imagine was a nightmare. As such I stopped using gel pots until recently when walking through boots I spotted this clever designed product!

          What makes this product different from all the other Gel Pot Eyeliners out there I hear you ask? The design of this product has been really well through through, not only have they included an eyeliner brush with the product but they have designed the pot packaging to incorporate the brush! This has been accomplished by the lid of the gel pot being extended into a small tube which the brush clips into. This means that the items are always together and also that there are no nasty little accidents of messy eyeliner on the inside of my hand bag.

          The gel is of a nice consistency, it glides on very smoothly when applied with the brush and sets instantly. The gel has a mat finish once applied and can be built up to be very bold or more of a smudged look with a single layer.

          The gel is waterproof and once is in place it steadfastly refuses to be removed. So far it has withstood me getting soaked in a downpour where my face got very wet, the eye liner was still perfect when I looked in the mirror. Several nights out in very hot night clubs, where in the past I have looked in the mirror in clubs and found my liners had run, this one again was perfectly in place and lastly the tear test! It did not budge!

          Perfect I hear you thinking! I thought the same until the time come to removing my make up for bed. The eyeliner refused to be removed with my cleaner and face wash. I kept waking to panda eyes until I recently found that this can be removed very easily with a little bit of baby oil on a cotton pad. I then wash my face with a little bit of warm water to remove the left over baby oil and voila no more panda eyes in the morning!

          Longevity, I find that I can apply this product first thing in the morning and it is still in place when I go to bed no matter what I have been up to.


          RRP : £5.49 available at Boot's, Superdrug and www.barrym.com


          I can not find how much is in the pot anywhere, however looking at the size compared to one of my other pots (a different brand) I would say around 45g


          The pots are available in 3 shades, Black, Silver and a Champagne colour.


          Other than it being a bit hard to remove I can not fault this product at all. It is a really good price, the product is outstanding and the brush is good quality. I am slightly concerned that the brush will require replacing before the gel is finished but this is yet to happen.


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