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Barry M Magnetic Nail Paints

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  • Easy to do nail art
  • Can go wrong
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    6 Reviews
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      23.11.2014 23:04
      Very helpful


      • "Easy to do nail art"


      • "Can go wrong"

      Magnet magic on your nails

      I think I bought these magnetic nail polishes in every colour when they first launched. I did this for several reasons: It was new and exciting; the colours were all nice; each colour came with a different shape of magnet which you could then use with the different colours as they worked across the range and finally because they were the cheapest ones out there at the time and some other brands were selling the magnetic polishes for £12 a bottle!

      These are so easy to use, first I put a base coat on to protect the nail from staining. Then I add a full coat of colour and with the second coat you have to act fast with the magnet, to get the pattern on it.

      The magnet has a little ridge on it that you rest on the nail near the cuticle, you have to hold the magnet as close to the nail as possible without touching it.

      After five seconds, the pattern appears as if by magic. I have used chevrons and fishnet to great effect and one that looked like a union jack flag shape too.

      The down falls are that sometimes it just doesn't seem to work. I do one nail at a time so don't let the polish dry so can't figure out why that is. I also sometimes have re do the nail from scratch if I touch the tacky polish with the magnet so that is a bit of a time waster.

      I always finish off with a super shiny top coat and this makes this manicure last for days without chipping. I think it is super strength due to the metal in it!

      These polishes are £4.99 each at Boots.


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      11.02.2013 10:47
      Very helpful



      Would buy again

      For those of you that havent seen these, they are a very clever little idea. You take a normal nail polish, put some sparkley metal bits in and then you make a tiny nail sized magnet with a design on it, like lines or crosses. Then when you hold the magnet on top of the freshly painted nail, VOITLA all the metal sparkley bits come to the top of the varnish and follow the patten! Easy as that an a great effect you can do yourself at home, instead of paying salon prices.

      You can by Barry M varnishes from most supermarkets and shops like Superdrug and Boots. This nail varnish, only comes in 6 colours that I have seen, blue, violet, black, green, red and burgandy and the magnets come included with the colours in a range of patterns such as criscross, lines, diagonal lines, waves and a star effect.

      Each varnish costs £4.99 with the magnet included, however can be purchased cheaper if you get as part of a deal, which Superdrug and Boots regulaly do.

      Well the instructions are simple;

      1) shake bottle very well before use

      2) paint on one coat and let dry

      3) paint on a thick top coat and hold the magnet directly above the nail, without letting it touch about 3-5mm away. Hold for 5-10 secs to see the effect.

      So, the first coat is easy, the second coat you have to put on thick, which is where I find a problem as it takes a while to dry. The magnet is about the size oF a nail, so about 1 inch long and half an inch wide. it is also as thin as a piece of card. I was holding it between my thumb and index finger and then holding it above my nail. Now you have to hold it there for a good 10-20 secs to get a good effect. Its quiet hard at first to A) hold the maget still and B) hold it above the nail without it touching the nail. If it does touch then its not a complete disaster, you just have a bit of a smudge.

      The consistency of the varnish is quiet thick, and the brush is a normal bristle brush and is about 2 cms long. The wand is quiet long actually making it easier to see what your doing and where you are painting.
      It does take a while to dry so make sure you have the time. The effect and varnish lasts about 4-5 days before it starts chipping, even with a top clear coat the best I got was 6 days.

      Well it took me a while to get used to and you have to have the patience to do it, but it is a brilliant effect and I always get people commenting and asking about it. I think the range of patterns is good but the range of colours coulld be better. I also think for the money its a good buy as it does last ages andd its much cheaper than going to a salon.

      All in all a great buy but Im going to give it 4/5 because the magnet is a bit fiddely, they could do with making it a bibt thicker and easier to hold. A great look though and if you have the patience and time to do it then i recommend you try it.

      Thanks for reading and rating.



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        15.10.2012 14:29
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        excellent nail paint

        Magnetic nail paint by Barry M

        Whilst shopping with a friend for some new make up in boots, I was trying to match a colour nail varnish to the new dress I'd just bought for a night out I'd got planned. I tried out a few different shade from other brands of beauty products and went to the Barry M section. I first off spotted a nail polish which was full of glitter which worked perfectly, but the colour just wasn't matching well.
        I then spotted the magnetic range of nail varnish and had no idea what it was or what it did. Reading the instructions, it told me to apply a coat of clear nail polish on all nails first, wait for it to dry and add a coat of the magnetic nail varnish. When doing this coat, you are to apply a coat to the nail, and use the magnet on the lid of the varnish, and hold it above the wet nail varnish and wait five seconds. I tried it in the shop to see how well this would work before buying it in case it was all talk and no action. You need to apply it a nail at a time before it can dry otherwise it won't work.

        When i applied it to my nail the colour i used was a golden colour which had little tiny flecks of gold glitter laced into it. When I put the magnet over the top something magical happened! the nail varnish has some sort of metallic powder inside which groups together and created diagonal stripes across my nail. the stripes were silver and gold and were very well distributed and looked very professional. The way it looks reminded me of sand when it's wet and creates little grooves.
        The colours worked very well with the dress and the colour in the bottle looks totally different to what it looks like when you've used the magnet. I decided to buy it and when I got home I then could apply it to the rest of my nails. It was £4.99 in boots and they had a 3 for 2 offer on so I purchased a glitter Barry M nail polish and something else from the range.

        Getting home to do the rest of my nails, I noticed I needed very thin layers on nail varnish to get the stripes to be even. On applying it first time round, I had used too much and the stripes weren't visible and it just made my whole nail a dark gold colour with silver around the edges of my nail. After noticing this, I applied thin second layers and the stripes were even and look very unique and different.
        In this range, they also had some other colours which also had different patterns on when you used the magnet. One had a criss cross effect, another had horizontal stripes and the best design was similar to a cobweb. I didn't get to try these out as the colours wouldn't match my dress so I didn't look at those. The one I bought is such a lovely colour and would go well with any outfit. The effect is so different to anything I've seen or used before and it gives the effect of using two different colour nail varnishes. I would definitely try the colour out in the shop too before you purchase as the colours in the pots are different to what actually comes out on the nail.

        I bought this from boots for £4.99 and they also sell it in Superdrug at the same price. I prefer to buy it in boots to take advantage of the loyalty points. This nail varnish is a very unique new product and I will definitely be trying out the other colours and now have the perfect nails for my evening out.
        Thanks for reading my review



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          23.08.2012 18:05
          Very helpful



          A waste of money!

          I wanted to try a magnetic nail polish ever since I saw a more expensive one advertised on QVC. The effect looked really cool and since I love love love nail art I really wanted it. It was a Nails Inc polish I had seen but at £12 it was just too much for me to pay for one polish. Then I saw these Barry M polishes advertised on television not long after and was really pleased that I could get a magnetic polish at an affordable price for me.

          I had a look online at the different colours available that evening and also checked out a few blogs where people had posted pictures of their nails with the polish on and decided I really wanted the Burgundy colour. It's also available in Blue, Violet and dark Silver. Each come with a little square magnet on the top of the lid and you get a different pattern with each colour. The side front of the lid shows the pattern that will come out with each different colour polish. The Burgundy had a magnet that was supposed to produce diagonal lines.

          I get may nails done professionally and have gel nails but I paint my toes myself and like to experiment with glitters and colours and nail art. I really like the Barry M Crackle polishes so was eager to try this. I prepared my nails as usual by cutting them and filing them so they were at the desired length and nice and straight. Then I applied my base coat which I always like to do to avoid strong colours staining my nails. The instructions on the polish say to apply one coat to your nails, let that dry then apply the second coat then on each nail as soon as the second coat has been applied hold the magnet over the nail as close as you possibly can without touching it for 5 seconds. It's important to immediately do this so I painted one nail then hovered over the magnet first before moving onto the next.

          The result was I have to say very disappointing. I hovered over my magnet and got an ok pattern on my first big toe, moved onto the next and nothing! I figured maybe because the nails on the smaller toes are so small compared to nails on your hands I wasn't gonna see much effect. I decided it would be ok if I just had the pattern on the big toes but on my other foot I couldn't get the magnet to produce a pattern at all!! I took the polish off my big toe and tried again but still no joy! I ended up taking the whole lot off and just applying another one of my polishes instead.

          Barry M products are usually very good but this just wasn't for me, I couldn't get it to work and feel like I wasted my money on it.

          Available in Boots and Superdrug for £4.99 and currently in Superdrug they're 2 for £8


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            18.08.2012 15:06
            Very helpful



            cool new way to show off your nails

            A cool new polish that when applied right, looks great.

            When I was talked into buying this by my trendy little sis i have to say that I was not expecting it to work..and it didnt, at first! but i stuck with it and have to say that I am glad that I did.
            1. I soon learned that you had to put the first layer on evenly and quite thin and then wait until the 'base' coat was thorougherly dry to touch.
            2.Next you apply the second coat ONE NAIL AT A TIME!!! immediately after putting the second coat on, hover the magnet (which is on the lid) above the nail to create the effect. This takes practice as its far too easy to smudge the nail paint.

            The effect is supposed to be as advertised on the lid. I find that even though I am now quite practised in applying this polish, I cannot still get the effect (diagonal lines in this case) to cover my whole nail. Dont let this put you off it still looks pretty damn cool!
            I paid £5 from Superdrug but am aware that you can currently get all 4 colours off Amazon for £17.50 - I think this is a really cool present if you want to start stocking up for Christmas.

            I am very heavy handed and nail vanishes seem to always last longer on my mates than me so bear that in mind. I first applied this one Saturday afternoon and following that I just chilled, drank wine and chatted so didnt really put my hands to the test but overall on the Sunday night when I removed the vanish, pretty much all of my nails were intact so I was quite impressed.
            I have worn this for work where I am typing and filing pretty much all day and the polish has lasted also have bathed and showered (and washed my hair) without any affect so very impressed with that.
            Overall I'd say your guarenteed a day, possibly 2-3 days
            I went for the dark colour which are always a little harded to remove but still came off relatively easy. I did have to use a pad for every nail and had to muscle up a bit of elbow grease but it didnt stain my nails.

            overall, im impressed but it takes ages and ages to apply and dry and if your a busy mum like me, it will smudge and flake.
            There arent comprehensive instructions supplied so its a case or guess work and trial and error. once figured out its a great item for a night out providing you have ample time to apply and reapply and reapply

            also on ciao


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            23.05.2012 13:00
            Very helpful



            Magnetic nail paint from Barry M

            ~ THE NAIL PAINT ~
            The nail Paint is made by Barry M whom makes a large range of cosmetics products. I am a huge fan of their nail paints as they have a huge range of colours to choose from and are long lasting and of very good quality. I have heard of these magnetic nail paints before from other brands and have been tempted to try it, how-ever I never got round to it. When looking on the Barry M website I saw that they had also bought out some of the magnetic nail paints. If I trusted any brand to provide good results it was Barry M, so I decided to pop into my local Boots store on the way to work the following day. The Magnetic nail paint is available to buy in 4 different colours, which includes Violet, Dark Silver, and Burgundy & Blue. All the colours are metallic looking, which make them perfect for a night out on the town. The reason the product is called Magnetic Nail Paint is because after applying 2 coats of the nail paint, you use the magnet on top of the lid of the nail paint to create a pattern on the nail paint itself. This sounded brilliant but I wasn't sure how it was really going to work but obviously there is something in the nail paint itself which reacts with the magnet to create this effect. I was hoping that the nail paint would work really well and it would make my nails look fantastic and a little different from just using the normal all one colour on my nails.

            I happened to be going to an engagement party at the weekend and the dress I was wearing was a dark purple colour so I thought the Violet colour would look great with it. I also picked up the Blue colour as well. I actually thought I had picked up the Dark Silver but only realised after paying that it was the Blue. (I was in a rush to get to work!). I would probably end up buying all the different colours anyway, especially if they were good so I kept the blue colour and decided not to change it for the silver.

            ~ PRICE/AVALIABILITY ~
            I purchased the Barry M Nail Paint from my local Boots store for £4.99 each, how-ever you can buy it direct from the Barry M website, and it will also cost you £4.99 per colour. I haven't seen the product in my local Superdrug store, although they do stock the Barry M range so this may be something they eventually get in stock.

            ~ PACKAGING ~
            All the nail paints come in a square shaped bottle which is made from glass. You can see the colour of the paint in the bottle and the name of the nail paint is on the bottom of the bottle. The lid to the nail paint is chunky and made from black plastic. On the front side of each lid it has a different type of pattern. I assumed this was the patterned effect that would be on your nails once using the magnet. It also says Magnetic in capital gold letters. The magnetic is located on the very top of the lid to the varnish and is quite large as it takes up the whole lid. There is also a small curved shaped piece of plastic which is used as guide when using the magnet to ensure you don't put the magnet too close to the nail and ruin the nail paint. On the back and side of the bottle it tells you how to use the product and gives you the website address for Barry M cosmetics. The following nail paints have the following patterns on the lid's creating this look on the nails:

            Violet - This has lines going across the lid
            Dark Silver - This has wavy lines going across the lid
            Burgundy - This has diagonal lines across the lid
            Blue - This has a triangular type pattern which reminds me a little of the union jack flag.

            The packaging stands out from the other Nail Paints as it states in large letters on the front of the lid that it's magnetic and it also has the pattern on the lid as well. This makes the nail paints slightly more eye catching as it makes you wonder what the product is all about.

            ~ USING THE NAIL PAINT ~
            To use the nail paint follow the following instructions. These are printed on the side of the bottle but they don't go into as much detail as I have!

            1. Apply a basecoat before using the product. I always apply a basecoat when using nail varnish especially when using darker colours as I find they can sometimes discolour my nails.

            2. After the basecoat has dried, shake the magnetic nail paint well and apply one coat to your nails. As I unscrewed the lid I noticed the magnet actually come off on a tube like this, this will make it so much easier and less messy when hovering the magnet over the wet nail varnish. I painted the colour onto my nails. I loved the colour of the Violet nail paint and loved the way it had a metallic look to it. I would be quite happy using the colour on its own without the magnetic effect.

            3. Ensuring the first coat of nail paint is dry working with one nail at a time apply a 2nd coat of the nail paint and then immediately, whilst the nail paint is still wet hover the magnet over the nail for at least 5-10 seconds being careful not to touch the nail with the magnet. You can use the nail cap ridge as a guide. Watch the nail effect work in an instant. I followed the instructions and working with each nail at a time I applied a 2nd coat them immediately hovered the magnet over the nail for 5-10 seconds. When I took the magnet away there were lines on my nail but just down the middle of my nail. I thought to myself maybe I need to move the magnet around slightly when hovering it over the nail so I painted the 2nd nail and using the magnet hovered but moved it around over the wet nail. I again got some lines which appeared on my nail but the lines didn't cover the whole nail. I continued to follow the instructions for each nail, hovering the magnet over the nail straight after painting it.

            ~ RESULTS ~
            I was so disappointed with the results. Some of my nails had lines on them, which just went down the middle of the nail and some only had one or two lines. There were 1 or 2 nails which didn't have lines at all. I followed the instruction correctly and shook up the bottle well before applying the second coat. I got the magnet as close to the wet nail as I could using the nail cap ridge as I guide so I didn't get the magnet too close. I even grabbed a stronger magnet from my fridge; how-ever this turned the whole nail a totally different colour so you do need to use the magnet which is on the top of the nail paint lid. I just couldn't understand why it hasn't worked when I strictly followed all the instructions for each nail. The nail paint is quite hard wearing and doesn't chip very easily. It was at least 4-5 days before the nail paint started to wear off a little round the edges of my nails.

            ~ OVERALL OPINION ~
            When buying the product I had really high hopes that this would work and I would have great looking nails. Instead I got left with some patterned and some plain nails which looked slightly odd as the nails didn't match each other. Even after painting my nails I kept reading the instructions over and over again and I definitely wasn't doing anything wrong when applying the nail paint. I will have another go at using the nail paints again with the magnet to see if it works any better next time. If how-ever I still can create the effect with the magnet then I'll just use the nail paint as a normal, plain colour. Unfortunately I can over give this product 3 out of 5 stars as even after following the instructions I didn't get the results I was supposed to. As it's a Barry M product I would have loved to give it more stars but unfortunately I can't. This is the only time I have felt let down by a Barry M product.

            (review may also appear on ciao)


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