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Barry M Wink Eyeliner

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    4 Reviews
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      10.11.2014 03:17
      Very helpful


      • "easy to use"


      • "runs on me "

      Great liner for general skin but a no no for oily!

      I am a regular shopper of Barry M make up their products are good as a whole but do not break the bank, they are also always coming out with fun new products so there is often something new to try. I have always struggled with eye liners as my skin is oily and they seem to slip off and smudge really easily with me.

      The Product ....

      This eye liner is basically a large felt marker that is in fact an eyeliner. The product comes in a bright pink plastic pen casing and looks just like a marker. On the side are images of an eye with liner around it and information informing us what the product is.

      To open you simply remove the cap and it is ready to use.

      The eyeliner is waterproof and jet black, it does go on really easily and although its a thick pen it is easy enough to thin line with the point of it.

      My issues with this product are that on me it smudges, runs and bleeds awfully even after a dusting of powder.

      Also after using it for a while the nib is not as pointed as it was so its getting hard to thin line with it.

      I do not find this lasts long on me maybe 6 hours of wear so not the best compared to Gel liners that I can wear for 20 hours no issues.

      To Use ....

      This pen really is as simple as opening and drawing around your eyes in the design you wish your eyes to be lined.

      Cost ....

      The eye liner is around £4.50, I bought mine in Boots earlier this year.

      Summary ....

      I think for someone who does not have issues with bleeding etc then this would be a really good product, its a good price and very easy to use. However if you have oily skin and issues with eyeliner running then I would avoid!


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      13.03.2013 11:35
      Very helpful



      Easy way to get the wide eyed look

      Ahh my favourite topic, make up, one of my favourite things to shop for as well. So when I was making an order on Boots before Christmas - as well as ordering that massive bag of Soap and Glory goodies - there was an offer on Barry M items, if you bought two items you'd get one free, so I got this and a nail varnish to get another nail varnish free. I'd been wanting to try this eyeliner for ages because I'd read so many good reviews about it, I need to try it and see if I could manage to use it!

      ~*~ Boots ~*~

      They make cosmetics, and a lot of them! Nail varnish, eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick - and I could go on but I won't! Majority come in bright colours, or glittery - either way Barry M cosmetics are bold and bright but you can't miss them. I first got into Barry M as a teenager, I was hypnotised by their bright eyeliners and aimed to have them all - got over that and then got obsessed with the nail varnish, and well yeah that's why I'm here today! However, I've decided to branch out of their nail varnishes and into their regular range of cosmetics - a brave idea!

      ~*~ Are you winking at me? ~*~

      I've always been absolutely shocking when it comes to applying eyeliner - pencil eyeliner is fine, I can do that on both top and bottom lids without a problem, but give me a liquid and I go to pieces it wobbles all over my lids and well I look like I've got a problem! So when I saw all the reviews of this eyeliner telling me that people had had wonderful experiences with this eyeliner and that it was much easier to apply to eyes than a regular eye liner. I knew I needed some! So it went in my shopping basket and I waited for it to arrive in all it's bright pink chunky glory, wrapped up in a plastic packaging I ripped it off and opened the lid - and looked at what would hopefully become the easy way for me to get defined eyes. Taking the lid off it literally looks like a felt tip pen, a black chunky felt tip with a flexible point on the end so you can make it fit to the shape of your eyes - in either thick or thin end of the pen.

      First time I tried it I was a bit nervous because it looked a bit alien compared to what I was used to using, but because I only wanted a thin line underneath my eye I just used the end of it to create a thin line, as I've had it I've become a little bit more adventurous with the eyeliner creating flicks on the top of my eyes with the pen. I've got to know how to use this eyeliner really quickly, which considering before now I was appalling with anything other than pencils - I'm really quite impressed. It's not quite as good as the look of a normal liquid eyeliner but - it's an easy way to get the wide eyed look that a lot of women really like. It is a very black eyeliner though, so I find I need to be really obvious with the mascara - especially as I've got weirdly placed eyelashes that mean eyeliner doesn't really fit next to my lashes without a bit of hard work.

      The thing with this eyeliner is that is does rub off easily once it's dried, it dries pretty quickly though, so you can blink and it's not going to spread across the tops of your lids if you're wearing it on the top lid. For a night time I do find I will apply it a bit more because well if it's hot it will get absorbed into your skin far quicker than you'd imagine, so you might find you need to apply it a bit more often than during the day, but it's not overly annoying in that sense because it will still last a good few hours. Providing you're not crying in a corner anyway! As it's not waterproof and if you manage to get any of it in your eyes it might well sting a bit, well it does me anyway - might just be that I have sensitive eyes.

      This eyeliner has lasted me four months now, and doesn't seem to be running out despite using it fairly regularly during the week, so for less than £5 and it'll last a good four or five months - it's only going to cost about £1 a month to replace it!

      ~*~ Price and Availability ~*~

      This is available in Boots for £4.59, and the same in Superdrug - it is available in other areas that Barry M is available - even on Asos, so get it when you're buying some dresses, or shoes!


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        11.03.2013 10:22
        Very helpful



        A great eye liner from Barry M

        After watching a video on you tube showing how to create the perfect flick on the outer corner of your eyes I decided that I needed the tool for this look. The video showed a fairly expensive felt tip eyeliner which I didn't want to fork out on considering I had never used a felt liner before. With this in mind off I went to superdrug to find a cheaper alternative. Luckily enough I found one, the Barry M wink black marker pen for eyes.

        **What is it?**

        You can see why this is described as a black marker pen. If it wasn't labelled as eyeliner it could easily be mistaken as a felt tip pen from its appearance. Being designed as a pen is supposed to allow the user to apply the eyeliner easily and with more precision.

        **First impressions**

        As I opened the lid to this product I was actually quite surprised at how chunky and sturdy the nib looked. I thought it would be hard to apply as the nib looked stiff and worried about the thickness of the line it would create.

        **Using the product**

        The pen itself is of a good thickness to hold steadily and apply the liner.

        As I started applying I was immediately impressed with the intensity of the black. It really does stand out.

        To my delight the liner applies very easily and the nib is just the right stiffness to move along your lash line but create an even line. I hate liquid liners as the brushes are always too flimsy so I can never get the line straight, this is not a problem with this liner. The nib also doesn't feel rough against my eye lid.

        Despite the nib looking thick I have found that you can create both thin and bolder lines with it depending on how you hold it. I really like this versatility.

        Once applied the liner dries almost immediately and then goes on to last all day without smudging.

        Now the main reason I purchased this product was to create the perfect cat eye flicks and I have to say I have done it! This product is great for creating that look and for if you just want to use it to line your lashes.


        This product is priced at around £4.59


        I really like this product, I have found it much easier to use than liquid eyeliners and it creates a very professional look. I would give this product 5 stars.


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        05.04.2012 21:57
        Very helpful




        I am a fan of the 'felt-tip' eyeliners and the first time I ever used one was one by Bourjois, which I loved. I had tried a couple since but I didn't think any of them were as good as the Bourjois one. However, this doesn't make me want to stop trying other brands' versions still, as I am always up for trying new make-up products out. So when my Bourjois one finally ran out, I went to Boots to buy another, and this is when I saw Barry M's 'wink' marker pen, which as the name suggests, is a felt-tip eyeliner.

        The thing that attracted me to this eyeliner the most was the actual size of it. I like chunky eyeliners for a night out when I want my eyes to look dark and so this really appealed to me! The actual felt tip was a bit fatter than the Bourjois one and so because of this I decided to buy the 'wink' eyeliner instead. It only costs £4.59 which was around £2 cheaper than I was willing to pay for the other eyeliner pen.

        I used this the next day after buying it, it wasn't for a night out which is when I tend to use the felt-tip eyeliners but I was just very keen to try it out. I was very impressed with the results straight away. As it is infact a liquid eyeliner then it does go on wet and so you have to be careful not to smudge it whilst it is drying. Fortunately, this eyeliner dried very quickly, and the fact that you don't need to apply lots means it will dry quicker. Only a couple strokes across the eyelid was necessary and it was very easy to apply a straight neat line. It is also good for creating flicks at the end for that 'cat eye' look.

        I left this eyeliner on all day and there was no need for me to re-apply it. I was expecting it to either smudge by the end of the day or need further applications but I was wrong, it stayed in place perfectly and it doesn't smudge easily, regardless of it being a liquid eyeliner.

        As the actual tip of the liner is quite thin then this can easily be drawn on your eyelids to make a thin line if you don't want a thick one. I love this and have started using it during the day, and not just for night outs. I usually like to apply pencil eyeliners on a morning for work because they make for a quick application, but this Barry M one is also quick to apply too.

        If like me you like the felt tip eyeliners then I definitely recommend you giving this one a try. it is certainly the cheapest one I have seen, but has the best results. When this runs out I will certainly be buying another! This is available from stores that sell Barry M products such as Boots and Superdrug, or you can buy direct from the Barry M website at the same price of £4.59.


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