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Beauty Factories 120 Pro Eyeshadow Palette

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Brand: Beauty Factories / Type: Eye Shadow / Suitable for: Eye

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    2 Reviews
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      03.12.2009 12:20
      Very helpful
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      A Brill Palette, Every Woman Should Own One!

      I brought this palette of eyeshadows after reading a review on here about it and then checking out some You Tube clips that mentioned it and showed some techniques for getting the most out of the palette.

      I paid £17.50 with postage for the palette and that is brill value for such good quality eyeshadows in so many different colours. I'm quite experimental with my make up so out of the 120 colours there are only about 10 - 14 that I KNOW I won't wear and that's not because they're naff colours but they are just that they wouldn't suit my colouring.

      I love how the eyeshadows are laid out because all the similar shades are together as you can see above. That makes it easy to see what colour you want at a glance and also it lets you see how the different shades will go with each other.

      The eyeshadows are all brill quality, they go on smooth using my usual brush and applicators and they are all very easy to blend to achieve the look I am after. I am very impressed with how well the eyeshadows last too and even after wearing it for the whole day there is very little creasing.

      Some of the colours fade quicker than others but this is the same with any range of eyeshadows you buy. The pinks hardly fade at all but I think the green shades are a bit less long lasting as far as the colour goes.

      They can also be used as an eyeliner if you use a thin damp brush to apply the eyeshadows along your eyelash line. The eyeshadow lasts well then too and doesn't smudge or fade over the day.

      For the price I reckon these are brill eyeshadows and when this palette is running down I'll deffo buy another one. I'm lucky that I will get to use most of the shades because the other reviewer has been put off buying the palette again because the colours don't all suit her. That's a shame but it will happen with any multi colour palette you buy so you've just got to take a chance the first time and hope the majority of shades will suit you.


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        04.09.2009 11:49
        Very helpful



        Brilliant eyeshadow palette for the lover of eyeshadow

        120 Pro Eyeshadow Palette

        I am a great lover in all things makeup and when I saw this palette on various YouTube makeup video's I thought to myself I don't have you, I must have you!
        It is a palette of 120 eyeshadow's ranging from shimmer's to matte in every colour of the rainbow and great for absolutely any occasion. I said to myself I would never have to buy another eyeshadow again... (she says).

        I bought this from Beauties Factory, who manufacture quality cosmetics and pride themselves with excellent customer services. Beauties Factory are one of the most popular beauty and nail art accessories sellers in the world, they sell everything from palette's of all kinds (blush, eyeshadow, lips etc), nail accessories and more.

        This is a full set of 120 colour eyeshadows in one easy palette, it is brilliant for travel as you have ever possible colour you could ever want in one easy compartment.
        As the palette includes matte and shimmer colours, it is great for transforming or matching your look to our outfit with ease.
        Inside the palette it is divided into two layers with the eyeshadows's in circle pans. The colours last all day and night and are very pigmented.

        The ingredients use are as follows: Eyeshadow ingredients : Talcum Powder, Kaolin, Mica Powder, Magnesium Stearate, Titanium White Powder, Colorant and Pearl Lustre Pigment.

        The case measures 22.7cm x 15cm x 1.7cm

        When I bought this palette it didn't come with any eyeshadow brushes but you can use any of your own brushes. Now though if you purchase the palette it comes with a free set so you have everything you need to get started.
        Apply to the eyelid like you would any other eyeshadow, blend and mix to create a great unique look.

        The texture of these eyeshadow's feel silky and so soft even when applied to the eye. There are no gritty particles that can cause irritation. Even the shimmer/glitter ones feel soft with no gritty parts.

        The packaging itself looks nice as palettes come; it comes in a shiny black palette. The outer packaging it a white box that can be recycled with bubble wrap covering the palette.
        When it arrives it comes in a thick brown bubble wrap envelope so it is greatly protected while in transport.
        When you open the palette up there is a sheet of bubble wrap and each part is covered with a separate plastic sheet to stop eyeshadow's falling out onto one another.

        The colours in this palette are very pigmented and vibrate; you will have no trouble what so ever in creating a dramatic, classic, wedding, work, party etc makeup look for any occasion. I will go through every colour one by one:

        Top part of palette:
        Layer one of the eyeshadow's are in the green colour range in a swatch theses colours are described as
        1 (matte a bit of shimmer) medium mint colour, it can be applied as a sheer wash of colour or you can add more for more effect.
        2 (matte) sky blue, it is a pretty delicate blue.
        3 (shimmer) blue but darker than number 2 it is also more of a shimmer. When applied in a thickish layer it can look dramatic but beautiful on the eye.
        4 (matte) like number 3 but again a little darker.
        5 (matte) sky blue mixed with clear blue sea water. A beautiful delicate green/blue that looks gorgeous on the eye.
        6 (shimmer) healthy grass green.
        7 (shimmer) more as dark teal, looks brilliant for a dramatic eye.
        8 (matte) night time blue.
        9 (shimmer) bit darker than number 8 but in a beautiful shimmer.
        10 (mixed colours) blue with silver swirl.

        Layer two of the palette are in the blue/purple colour range in a swatch theses colours are described as
        1 (shimmer) beautiful light soft sky blue.
        2 (matte) sky blue but in matte.
        3 (shimmer) darker sky blue
        4 (matte) light wash of blue that can be layered to add a more effect.
        5 (shimmer) looks a lot like number 1 but a little lighter
        6 (shimmer) dark purple
        7 (matte) as number 6 but in a matte effect.
        8 (shimmer) beautiful blue/green.
        9 (matte) as mid night blue
        10 (mixed colours) same as number 10 in layer one.

        Layer three of the palette are in the yellow/lime/green colour range in a swatch theses colours are described as
        1 (matte) a light lime
        2 (shimmer) a darker lime
        3 (matte) lot like number 1 but a little bit more green
        4 (matte) dark/bright green
        5 (matte) bright lime
        6 (matte) lot like number 4 but has a more of a bright green tinge to it.
        7 (matte) dark green grass
        8 (matte) very dark green grass
        9 (matte) same as number 8
        10 (mixed colours) bright lime and green grass.

        Layer four of the palette are in the light green/healthy green grass colour range in a swatch theses colours are described as
        1 (shimmer) lime green with a lot of shimmer
        2 (shimmer) as the same as number 1
        3 (shimmer) as the same as number 1 and 2 but is more lighter
        4 (matte) delicate wash of green
        5 (shimmer) darker as the top colours but only slightly
        6 (matte) off green/mould
        7 (shimmer) dark shimmer green
        8 (shimmer) the same as number 7
        9 shimmer) same as above
        10 (mixed colours) lime green to mixed brown bits.

        Layer five in the palette is in the yellow/gold/bronze colour range in a swatch theses colours are described as
        1 (shimmer) yellow but not an overpowering yellow
        2 (matte) as number 1 but in matte
        3 (shimmer) bright yellow
        4 (matte) mustard range
        5 (shimmer) number 5 but in a shimmer
        6 (shimmer) bright shimmer yellow
        7 (shimmer) lime
        8 (shimmer) golden
        9 (shimmer) bronze/golden
        10 (mixed colours) red/yellow

        Layer six of the palette are in the light/bright orange colour range in a swatch theses colours are described as
        1 (simmer) light orange
        2 (shimmer) same as number 2 but a little darker
        3 (matte) same as number 3 but in matte
        4 (matte) more of a orange/red
        5 (shimmer) more of a true orange
        6 (matte) matte orange
        7 (matte) bright orange
        8 (shimmer) shimmer orange but a little lighter
        9 (matte) bright orange
        10 (mixed colours) yellow with red bits

        Palette layer number 2
        Layer one are in the white/grey/black colour range in a swatch theses colours are described as
        1 (matte) pure white
        2 (shimmer) this is the same as number 2 but with a little shimmer
        3 (matte) cream
        4 (matte) light grey
        5 (matte) more like number 4 but a little darker
        6 (shimmer) a beautiful dark grey with lots of shimmer
        7 (shimmer) the same as number 6 but darker and lots of shimmer
        8 (shimmer) the same as number 6 and 7 but less shimmer and a little darker than number 7
        9 (shimmer) black
        10 (shimmer) black

        Layer two are in the green/teal/blue colour range in a swatch theses colours are described as
        1 (matte) dark lime green
        2 (shimmer) light shimmer with a wash of green
        3 (shimmer) this is a very dark bright green
        4 (shimmer) a beautiful dark green that is great for a smokey eye look
        5 (shimmer) like number 4 but a little lighter
        6 (shimmer) blue blue/green teal
        7 (shimmer) same as number 6 but more darker
        8 (shimmer) more of a shimmer dark sky blue
        9 (shimmer) medium blue
        10 (shimmer) more of a midnight blue

        Layer three are in the purple colour range in a swatch theses colours are described as
        1 (shimmer) a light shimmer medium purple
        2 (shimmer) lots of shimmer in this dark purple
        3 (matte) like number 1 but a little lighter
        4 (matte) like number 3 but a little darker
        5 (shimmer) dark purple
        6 (shimmer) more the same as number 1 but in a more shimmer
        7 (matte) deep purple
        8 (matte) deep purple
        9 (shimmer/matte) this is more of a matte with a tiny bit of shimmer, it is also very deep
        10 (shimmer) a beautiful medium purple

        Layer four are in the pinks/deep pinks colour range in a swatch theses colours are described as
        1 (matte) soft purple
        2 (matte) delicate sheer pink
        3 (matte) delicate pink a little darker than number 2
        4 (matte) delicate pink with a little wash of purple
        5 (matte) brightish pink
        6 (shimmer) this is a light shimmer with a delicate pink
        7 (matte) a lot like number 5
        8 (matte) very bright pink/orange
        9 (shimmer) light shimmer very deep dark pink
        10 (shimmer) bright pink but a more wearable colour

        Layer five are in the same colour range as above and orange but more deeper in colours in a swatch theses colours are described as
        1 (shimmer) delicate pink
        2 (shimmer) lightly shimmer particles with a delicate wash of pink/purple
        3 (matte/shimmer) this colour look more matte but has a tiny amount of shimmer. It is a dark purple
        4 (shimmer) a beautiful pink shimmer
        5 (shimmer) bright pink
        6 (shimmer) light pink going on to the lightest orange tinge
        7 (shimmer) same as number 6 but a little darker
        8 (matte) bright orange
        9 (shimmer) bright orange shimmer
        10 (matte) bright orange

        Layer six are in the colour range of cream/brown/plump red/shimmer browns in a swatch theses colours are described as
        1 (matte) light cream with a yellow tinge
        2 (matte) same as number 1 but has a little more yellow in it.
        3 (shimmer) golden
        4 ((shimmer) light brown with a little shimmer
        5 (shimmer) dark brown
        6 (matte) with a little shimmer. This is a dark brown colour
        7 (matte) dark brown
        8 (shimmer) dark plumb/brown
        9 (shimmer) same as number 8 but more plumb
        10 (shimmer) true brown

        I find with some of the matte eyeshadow's they can feel a little chalky but still feels soft at the same time. Also beware you may experience fallout with theses but you get fallout with any eyeshadow's you may use.
        They are very easy to blend and you will find it minimal effort to get the look your after.
        I have used theses colours for day, evening and night and I have to say they last all day, which is amazing. They don't sit into my crease as I have a hooded eye I find some eyeshadow's do unless I wear a good eye primer. They are vibrant and make your eyes stand out so well.
        When I am going out for the night and I create a smoky look with a dark green shimmer and black eyeliner I feel very dresses for the part and it sets the whole outfit and look that I am after.

        Also while wearing all day and night they are very easy to remove. Soak your eye makeup remove on a cotton pad and press onto the eye area for a few minutes before wiping away.

        Because there are so many of the eyeshadow's they really will last you a long time, there will be eyeshadow's you find you may not ever use like for me I can't see me wearing the bright orange colours but it is there if I ever need it.

        ~Price and Where to Buy~
        You can purchase 120 Pro Eyeshadow Palette from http://www.bf-beauty.com for £15.24
        Except 5 - 14 working days delivery via standard airmail.

        I would defiantly recommend this palette but I don't think I will purchase again just for the fact that I am wearing only the colours I like and there will many I don't even use so to keep purchasing seems a little waste of money.


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