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Beauty Grooves Petite False Nails

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Brand: Beauty Grooves / Type: False nails kit / Suitable for: Nails

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    1 Review
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      01.07.2011 21:26
      Very helpful



      ok for what you pay

      Up until a few years ago i bit my nails frequently, a terrible habit i know! I did however successfully manage to give that up, but unfortunately i have been left with rather weak and flaky nails because of it. Although i do try to take care of my nails and can grow them over time, i find they break and flake alot due to the nature of the job i do which is very hands on. So more often than not they never look particularly healthy and are very rarely anywhere near the same length each.

      So having been invited to a wedding last week I obviously wanted to look my best for it, so along with a lovely new dress i decided to purchase a set of false nails in the hope that i could glam up and for once have pretty looking hands!

      I never realised just how many different kinds of false nails were available in the shops, and I have to admit that i was rather lost when it came to choosing which one to buy as it certainly wasn't an area I was familiar with. After about ten minutes of browsing and reading boxes I decided on a set that was purse friendly and looked the least scary! I picked beauty grooves natural girl-bare in the petite size (as I have ridiculously small nail beds) and i paid around £4 for the set of 24 nails in assorted sizes.

      Included in the pack with the nails was a cuticle stick, pink nail glue and a pin to pierce the top of glue when you first use it. I followed the instructions by ensuring my nails were free from any nail polish or moisturiser first and were clean, then i proceeded to prepare my own nails by using the stick provided to gently push back the cuticles on each nail. By doing this you make it alot easier to apply the false nails accurately and they will sit closer down on your nail bed and therefore look a bit more natural. The thought of using the wooden 'cocktail stick' looking thing to push back skin may seem a bit undesirable to some, but it really doesn't hurt or cause discomfort at all. And if you were to do it soon after a shower or bath then the skin will be nice and soft and it makes the whole process much easier and quicker.

      Once you have prepared your cuticles you are ready to go with the application of the false nails. Carefully pick out the correct size nails for each finger, of which you have 24 various sizes to choose from. You need to pierce the top of the glue with the pin provided and apply a thin even layer of the glue onto the surface of your natural nail, making sure to remove any glue that ends up on the skin around it immediately. Then you place the chosen nail up to but not quite touching your cuticle and press down firmly for 5-8 seconds until bonded. Repeat with every nail being careful not to get any glue on your fingers or on top of the nail.

      *warning*-the application of nails get increasingly harder and more fiddly as you go along. Might i suggest that if you are normally right handed that you apply nails to that hand first with your left hand, as you will need your dominant hand (which will have the false nails already on) to then apply nails to the less dominant hand.

      There were a few issues that I had with this product, despite its clear instructions and price . Firstly, the nails themselves are a little flimsy and not very firm, so they bent very easily and small white lines began to appear on them even before i had applied them. Then there was the fact that the pink nail glue (which ultimately dries white) could quite clearly be seen through the nails as they were so thin and see through, which kind of spoilt the 'french manicure' look of them. And lastly, even though they were petite size I still had to file down quite a substantial amount of them as they were rather long and looked a little odd on such a small nail.

      Having said that, it wasn't like I was expecting anything near salon quality nails for the price I paid. And they did manage to stay on for two days without coming off, which was suprising! If you wish to remove them before they come off on their own, you can dip your fingers into an acetone based nail polish remover for a few seconds and they come off relatively easily. *Never* try to force a false nail off as not only does it hurt but it can badly damage your nail underneath.

      All in all id say that these nails were alright, but certainly nothing special. They don't look particularly natural but they just about did the job and were easy(ish) to apply. Good price too.


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