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Beauty UK Pump & Pout Gloss

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Brand: Beauty UK / Type: Lipgloss

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    2 Reviews
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      19.07.2010 21:19
      Very helpful



      Ok for £1.99

      Some time ago I won a lip gloss in the news Of The World Sunday Magazine. It was Beauty UK Plump and Pout Gloss. The shade I got was No2 Rouge, which is a lovely mid pink colour. The bottle is clear and slightly curvy. It has the Beauty UK logo on it and the words Plump and Pout Gloss contains maxi lip. I'm not really sure what maxi lip is but I assume its something to do with the plumping part of the gloss. The ingredients are written on the back which is handy if you suffer from any allergies.

      The applicator is foam and as with most lip glosses its attached to the inside of the lid. I really like the applicator on this product. It is tapered like the end of a lip stick. The end of the applicator is quite thin. This makes applying the gloss very easy and neat especially in the corners of your lips.
      The actual gloss has hardly any fragrance , just a very faint lipstick smell.

      The gloss glides across your lips very smoothly and the tapered applicator makes it a quick neat job. I found the lip gloss was a slightly paler shade once it was on my lips which I found quite disappointing as I had thought the shade of pink was just perfect. But it was still a very pretty colour. The gloss has a slight shimmer to it in the bottle, however this isn't visible once you are wearing it.
      This lip gloss has a strong taste of lipstick, not something I'm keen on but I find a lot of lip glosses have an unpleasant taste.
      Another problem I find with a lot of glosses is the stickiness. This Beauty UK lip gloss didn't feel too sticky when I first put it on but as the time wore on I found it seemed to be getting stickier, I don't know if that was the case or just my imagination.

      Over all I was pleased with my lip gloss I particularly liked the applicator. I didn't find any plumping action but then to be honest I never expected to.
      The colour was nice but for me it's a daytime colour. It didn't have enough shimmer in it for evenings out.
      You can find Beauty Uk Plump and Pout Lip Gloss at Superdrug for £1.99, this is for 12ml.


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      06.01.2009 00:17
      Very helpful



      Very good price for a basic lip gloss

      Every new year I go through a stage of deciding I need all new make up and topping up my make up bag. A few traditional stalwarts remain, but on the whole I like to find a few new products which attract me through special offers or lovely glittery and shiny packaging! On this occasion, I found a whole new company in BeautyUK, and I thought I would give there 'pump and pout' lip gloss a go!

      From the website, BeautyUK promise to be 'introducing the latest innovative products and shades into the range whilst ensuring the highest quality and the most competitive prices.' Also, they challenge consumers to 'Compare our products with prestige brands that sell at premium prices.' Also, the website has the fantastic guarentee that none of the there products are tested on animals. With that, I thought I would put the products to the test, starting with the lip gloss.

      The packaging

      The 'Plump and pout' lip gloss comes in a long, clear tube, with a screw top lid. The bulk of the gloss is just under 3 inches, and in a clear plastic, flared tube. The BeautyUK intertwined heart logo is on the tube in silver, with the product name and details also in silver. A full contents list is printed on the tube for those with allergies. The gloss also claims to contain 'Maxi Lip', but im not certain what that is!

      The lid is also made from flared plastic, but is silver and just under 1 and a half inches. The brush is a basic white sponge style applicator. The gloss is 12ml, or 6m and describes itself as 'Plumping, shiny lip gloss.'

      The product

      I try not to start my reviews with a negative, but I feel I have to be honest from the outset. I have squinted and looked from new angles, but I really don't think this products has increased the size of my lips. As with more expensive 'plumping' glosses, you get a tingle, but again as with the others, I can't see any difference. I really think its just a placebo statement. However, the lovely shine certainly made my lips look fuller.

      Having said this, for £1.99 this is a lovely gloss. I went with the clear gloss and unlike cheaper glosses, this isn't sticky or cheap looking. It gives a lovely gloss and shine to your lips. Also, it doesn't smell cheap or horrid, it actually is scentless which is nice as it means the product contains less allergens. The size is pretty good too, and very little is needed for a nice shine and gloss, making this product even better value.

      Whilst I went for the clear gloss, there are 11 colours overall;
      - Glittery light pink
      - Light pink
      - Glittery deep pink
      - Deep pink
      - Pearl pink
      - Light Mocha brown
      - Deep red
      - Clear
      - Medium brown
      - Glittery pink
      - Red

      Please note - These arn't the names that BeautyUK have given the products, I can find the 'official' names online, so these are just my descriptions.

      Where to buy?

      I brought my gloss from Superdrug for £1.99. According to the beautyUK website store finder, their products are also available from Select and Internacional.

      You can find the store finder at; http://www.beautyuk.info/index.php?substance=links


      Honestly, if you are looking for a massive botox effect gloss, you will be disappointed here. Im afraid this isn't Angelina Jolie lips in a bottle! However, if you want a bargain cheap gloss without being feeling or smelling cheap, give this one a go. Im going to treat myself to the pink glitter next week!


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    • Product Details

      Fuller, glossy lips that will stand out!

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