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Benefit Cupid's Bow Lip Shaping Set

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Brand: Benefit / Type: Lipliners / Suitable for: Lip

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    3 Reviews
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      14.09.2010 01:43
      Very helpful



      Benefit have done it again, Amazing.

      In my opinion this Benefit Cupid's bow lip shaping set is the gives you the perfect lip make over without having to cake your lips in thick lipstick everyday. The shade of the lip liner is subtle enough that you can wear it on its own, yet effective enough to give your lips the fullness that you require. The double ended brush and smudge pen is an extremely useful tool when blending the lip liner in, and i have used it with other lip liners as well as the benefit one. When i first bought this product i was a little confused as to how I would use the highlighter end of the pen, however when you apply it to you cupids bow you can really see how the light reflects off your lips giving them a fuller look. This product is versatile, you can use just the liner on its own or just the highlighter, or use both together for a special ocaision. Once again the packaging from Benefit is cute and stylish, and they give you really good instructions on how to use the product. The only downsides to the product is the price, and the fact that the liner only comes in one shade.


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      29.01.2010 14:32
      Very helpful



      Amazing product that does exactly what it describes - worth the money!

      This has to be my favourite lip product ever. I have never been a big lipstick fan because it draws attention to my (in my opinion) too thin lips. There's nothing much to them. But I went to the benefit counter for a bit of a makeover and they used this on me and I love it.

      It's a two sided pencil, one light shade designed to create a bow on your upper lip - if you look at people with amazing lips you'll notice how the light shines on their bow - this creates that effect. The other side is a darker shade that you use at the base of your bottom lip to create a shadow - making your lips look fuller. You also get a blending pencil for each part of the pencil.

      I wasn't convinced it would work but the first time I tried it with lipstick and gloss, applied by the benefit lady I was amazed. It was incredible - it was someone else's lips! I have been a convert ever since and wear it every day. I bought it about a year ago and its still going strong. I usually need to reapply at lunchtime after eating but there are still traces of it left but i need to reapply the lipstick/gloss anyway.

      Its expensive, like all benefit products, at £21 but for me its well worth it and I never leave the house without my little bag of lip-stuff. I've gone from hardly ever wearing lip mae-up to never leaving the house without it on!

      *Important tips*
      - Leave plenty of time to practice the first time you apply it yourself, it takes a couple of attempts. Its best to stay as close to your natural lips as possible on the top.
      - For the bottom lip, its essential to apply the make-up right under the lip, touching it, with no gap. As others have said - if you don't it looks like a strange goatee thing! I tend to put it about an inch wide and blend it a bit further.

      I haven't tried it withouth lipstick but I guess you could. I think the lipstick/gloss finishes it off.

      Highly recommended!


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      23.11.2009 22:57
      Very helpful



      Fish lips?! Noo...!

      I was browsing the Benefit website (www.benefitcosmetics.co.uk) when I came across this lip shaping set. I have quite small, thin lips so this appealed to me straight away. I bought it and received it a few days later, so does this live up to my expectations?

      .::What is it?::.

      Benefit Cupid's Bow Lip Shaping Set is a set of two items to help you achieve those gorgeous lips you've always wanted. The first part of this is a double ended pencil; one side is a pale, shimmery pink pencil and the other side is a darker purple/pink pencil. The second part is a dual ended brush and sponge to help you blend your make up; the pencil has the words 'bow maker' and 'pout shaper' and an arrow pointing to the end you should use to make it simple. Both items have little clear caps to keep them covered.

      Along with these items, you get a leaflet which gives you step-by-step instructions on how to use this product.

      The product is packaged in a pale pinky purple box which has a picture of a cupid and a swan. It also has a little bit sticking out the side which says 'here's how for lip wow' and it shows you the steps on how to achieve a fuller pout without the accompanying instructions you get with the leaflet. This shows how easy it can be to use this product which I'm sure appeals to a lot of people out there, like me, who are quite lazy about their make up but really like looking good. The back of the packaging tells you what the product does;

      'Play up your pout with this lovely lip shaping set! Want a fuller effect? Highlight the area above your cupid's bow and define by shading beneath your lower lip. Use the dual-ended pencil to highlight & shade, and the dual-ended applicator for precision application. Step-by-step lovely lip shading lesson enclosed.'

      There is also the ingredients on the reverse of the packaging which are;

      Castor seed oil, euphorbia cerifera wax, octyldodecanol, ethylhexyl palmitate, bis-diglyceryl, polyacyyadipate-2, talc, copernicia cerifera wax, caprylic triglyceride, jojoba seed oil, cetyl alcohol, calcium sulfate, montmorillonite, beeswax, methylparaben, propylparaben, bht, whea germ glycerides.

      .::How to use::.

      The instruction leaflet has four pictures of the product being used on a model whose lips are already perfect - jealous! There are basically only two steps as you would expect with there only being two items in the set and here they are, as described in the leafet;

      1. The sexiest part of your lips is the cupid's bow. Tips: to highlight & help enhance these little 'peaks' place the soft pearl pink tip of your pencil above the centre of your upper lip & draw in a 'v' shape just grazing each 'peak'. Apply more in the centre of the 'v'. Then blend delicately with the tip of the hard-angel brush.

      2. The pout shaper makes your lower lip appear fuller. Tips: to shape your pout, apply the soft mocha pencil just beneath the centre of your lower lip and shade beneath the fullest part of your lip. Then, blend lightly with the sponge.

      The leaflet then tells you to apply your lipstick or lipgloss for perfect lips.

      These steps are basically what you do, but I've found that it takes a little while to get them perfect. It took me about three tries to get it looking just right so I wouldn't try this out just before you're about to leave for a night out!

      With the 'bow maker', you can apply as much as you want of this and it won't look strange, but then the 'pout shaper' is something which you need to apply very carefully. Too much and you could be looking like a bit of a man whose moustache grows below their lips, too little and it's just pointless! I've found that you need to apply the 'pout shaper' very close to your lower lip in order to get it looking natural and you have to apply it really lightly. I also don't tend to only put the pencil on the centre of my lips, leaving about a centimetre without any on either side.

      It's really easy to use the brush and the sponge to blend and shade - it's essential that you do this or you'll end up looking a bit strange!


      At first, I was pretty dubious about whether this product would actually work and after my first few uses of this, I was pretty disappointed. It just didn't seem to be working and was making my lips look strange. Eventually, I realised that I just wasn't putting it on properly. It's easy to put on too much of the 'mocha' shade as I tended to do it as heavy handed as you put on the 'bow maker' bit.

      When I did start getting it right, I actually noticed that it did make a difference to how my lips looked. The 'cupid's bow' made my upper lip more pouty and almost duck lipped, but in a nice, cute way. The 'pout shaper' made my lower lip look really full, it did actually make a huge difference to the way my lips looked. I was so impressed!

      I feel as though my lips look really small compared to the rest of my face, they just don't seem proportionate at all. When I use this, it really helps balance out my face and makes my lips look much bigger and even changes how my lips look depending how much of the 'pout shaper' I put along my lower lip.

      It also doesn't look like you're wearing make up which adds to the amazingness of this product. I also found that it looks good, even if you're not wearing any other make up. With some other beauty products, I need to wear other make up for it all to look OK, but with this, it looked OK to wear it on its own. Putting on other make up did make it stand out a bit more though.

      To make your lips look a little more full, I've found applying a dab of lipgloss to the centre of your lower lip makes your pout look lovely!

      .::Coming Off::.

      Now, your lovely pout ain't gonna last forever! This make up stays on most of the day, but I did need to touch up the 'bow maker' part a bit more. Putting a primer beneath it makes it last longer though. The 'pout shaper' stayed pretty much put all day, which was great as I wouldn't want to apply this while out as it does take some skill.

      It's easy to remove the make up if you're sick of your big lips; using soap and water, make up remover or face wipes. I sometimes find that with shimmery things, it can sometimes be hard to get rid of the shine, but there were no traces left of this at all.

      .::Price and Availability::.

      Now, this isn't cheap. It sells for £21.50 at Benefit counters and on the website. But it'll last a long time, they're big pencils.

      I found this on www.cheapsmells.co.uk for an amazing £9.95 and that's the only reason I actually went ahead and bought it.

      You are getting two lip pencils and two brushes which isn't bad for £21.50 or £9.95. If you bought them all separately, I'm sure it would have come to a lot more!


      It's a great wee product that I don't think any beauty bag should be without! It actually does make a huge difference, even to the smallest of lips - like mine! It is a tad on the expensive side so I would wait for Santa to come or just order it off www.cheapsmells.co.uk.


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