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Benefit Gee That Was Quick

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2 Reviews

Brand: Benefit / Type: Makeup Remover

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    2 Reviews
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      04.05.2009 12:57
      Very helpful



      For once a premium product worth the price

      I love Benefit products as they always look fun and are generally high quality. I usually limit myself to Benefit make up though but I was lucky enough to get a free make over in Harrods at the Benefit counter and the lady took off my exising make up with this product.

      Like all Benefit products this comes in eye catching packaging. A plastic bottle with a flip cap to prevent spillage and a cute pink label. The bottle size is 200ml which is big enough.

      This is a clear liquid - so no colourings in this product to irritate your skin if it is sensitive.

      There is no added fragrance - but it has a great floral fragrance that makes it seem really fresh.

      This is an oil free makeup remover so is very light. This has to be one of my favourite features of the product.

      Pour a small bit onto cotton wool and rub over skin. For eyes - hold on for a few seconds and then gently wipe away. You only need a tiny bit of this product to get excellent results.

      This product has to be the best make up remover that I have ever used. Most make up removers leave your skin feeling very oily - this one 100% doesnt. It just leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh. There is no horrible residue.

      It works on both facial and eye make up - even cutting through my most waterproof mascaras! WIthout having to rub too which is good for saving your eyes from those horrible wrinkles which creep up on you!

      It is kind of economical too as you only use a tiny bit at a time. I have been using this for a month and am probably less than a third of the way through the bottle.

      Well there had to be a down side didnt there! It is pricey at £15.50 for a bottle. BUT you can find bargains on Cheapsmells.com or fragrancedirect - so may be worth a look there. Or buy it from Boots and collect Boots points that you can spend on everything else!

      A fantastic product which does what it says on the tin - a bit pricey, but we are meant to be spending money to save the economy so I am doing my bit!


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      03.09.2008 12:08
      Very helpful



      An oil free make-up remover from BeneFit

      A lot of my reviews have been about make-up and how important it is to me to create that perfect flawless look and how I will only buy cosmetics from certain companies. When it comes to the removal of make-up that is also an important part of my skin care routine and something that I take very seriously.

      I am one of those people who does cleanse tone and moisturise every single day. Wearing a lot of make-up means I need to take extra care of my skin and that means before and after application. I have always been told that it is it is very important to remove all traces of makeup before you go to bed, regardless of how tired I might be. The reason being that just leaving on your eye shadow or mascara can make your eyes puffy and sore the next morning. Also leaving other makeup on your face is also really bad as your skin because it will be unable to breathe and this will often result in spot breakouts and irritations. So the removing of make-up is a must and no matter what time of day or night I get home, I cannot sleep unless I have removed everything.

      I have over time used a lot of different make-up removers from cotton wool pads and wipes to lotions and potions and although most of them work relatively well I have never been that impressed with a product I have bought it twice. It seems there is a little gap in my skin care routine for something new every time a make up remover runs out and there are so many different products to choose from whether it is eye make up remover or for the face, a lot of products are separates and some are combined and I wanted something combined and oil free.

      This time I have opted for BeneFit 'Gee that was quick; because firstly I adore their make-up range which is very kind to my skin and secondly it was a realistic price selling at £15.50 in Debenhams for a bottle containing 236.6ml which is on average similar to other products I have used and similarly priced. The bottle itself is made of white plastic with an easy screw on and off lid. However BeneFit products for me stand out on the shelves because of their quirkiness and this one is no exception. Whilst the bottle is a plain white colour, surrounding the bottle is a label which depicts a very Kitsch looking bedroom with a lamp and alarm clock and protruding from that is a speech bubble with the words "Gee that was quick". So you can be in no doubt as to which product you have purchased.

      To use this make-up remover couldn't be simpler. Removing the screw top lid you will need some cotton wool pads or balls whichever is preferred and then placing the cotton wool over the top of the bottle simple turn it upside very quickly and then turn it back to being the right way up, ensuring there is some of the product is on the cotton wool and you should notice that although there is a slight creamy colour to the product the cotton wool pad itself looks wet. This make up remover has been designed for the removal of both eye make-up and face make-up no matter how thickly it has been laid on and as you apply the cotton wool to your face you should be able to remove your make-up with ease. I always start with my eyes because they contain the most make-up from mascara and eyeliner to eye cream and eye shadow and once I have removed that all of that, I simply continue the process across my face ensuring that I cover every part. The whole process takes about 15 minutes because I like to double check, using a clean cotton wool pad, that I have removed everything.

      The cream itself is very quick to absorb and once your make-up has been removed you should notice that there is no oily residue left on your skin and that it doesn't feel greasy to the touch. For me this was an added advantage because I hate that greasy feel on my skin, one of the reasons I cannot stand baby oil. My skin is also left feeling soft, clean, refreshed and fully hydrated and it does this because it contains specially selected vitamins which are essential to keeping your skin soft and smooth and well looked after. When it comes to smell, there is a slight sweet smell which isn't too over-powering and it is very similar to the honey facial scrub although it doesn't contain honey, it is however pleasant and lingers nicely on your skin.

      I have to admit, this product did impress me. It sold with the statement "Removing makeup is a breeze with this oil-free makeup remover for eyes & face. Gee... that was quick! is designed to thoroughly remove makeup without a trace of oily residue. The only thing left behind is perfectly clean, perfectly soft skin." And to be honest that is exactly what it does. No matter how much make-up I wear, how long it has been on my face there is a never a problem when it comes to removing it entirely and to leave my skin feeling soft and hydrated is an added bonus I hadn't been expecting, even though I still apply my night cream.

      I have had my bottle now for just over three months and although I do use it once a day there is still about half the bottle left which for me is incredibly good value. Whenever I used skincare wipes I only got a few weeks use out of them, so I am even saving myself some money by purchasing this. If you are looking for a make-remover which is a bit different but works brilliantly then try this one fro BeneFit because I have certainly found my perfect product.


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