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Benefit Glitz Glam & Gloss Lipgloss

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Brand: Benefit / Type: Lipgloss / Suitable for: Lip

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    2 Reviews
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      28.08.2011 15:16



      Not worth it

      I liked the look of this lipgloss set and thought I'd treat myself to the pack.
      Its a good selection of colours except I've had this 9 months and still haven't used two of the colours: gold and a very pale pink. I believe people usually have their favourite kind of lipgloss colour to wear and so combining dark and lip glosses in a pack I don't really think works.
      On the other hand I think the colours are nice, not too bright and I like the fact that they are double ended so you can save room in your handbag.
      The lipgloss itself does last quite a while on the lips but it most certainly isn't resistant to eating or drinking. The glitter pieces in the gloss can end up all over your water bottle, face and boyfriends cheeks which is a bit annoying!
      I also find it very drying on my lips, it doesn't moisturise your lips, it actually dries them out quite a lot which is just inconvenient.


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      05.01.2010 16:49
      Very helpful



      A lip gloss set from Benefit containing their six best sellers.

      In the run up to Christmas it seemed that I was doing an awful lot of shopping but somehow resisting the urge to spoil myself with beauty and hair care products for once in my life! Obviously Christmas is a time for giving but in the end I decided I just had to give myself something, after all I hadn't bought anything from Benefit since the summer so I had been behaving myself! The thing that really swung it for me was an offer from Boots to earn 1000 extra points when I bought any three products, as I was already buying two things for my two friends I decided to treat myself and therefore take advantage of the free points (yes I know technically they weren't free but in my head they were)!

      Benefit was started by two American twins that had the idea of creating a make up range that was like a candy store! Since it was founded back in the 1970s the popularity and success of the brand has grown enormously and now can be found throughout Australia, North America and Europe with it even appearing in Cape Town and parts of Asia too. It first came to the UK in 1997 where they opened their first counter in Harrods, now you can find Benefit in larger Boots stores, Debenhams and Selfridges too. The largest Benefit counter in the world can actually be found at Selfridges in London! They stock a huge and varied range of make up products with cute packaging and quirky names too.

      The Glitz, Glam and Gloss lip gloss comes in a cute cardboard box that's predominantly red in colour with "Glitz, Glam and Gloss" being shown in large gold lettering on the front of the box. It's clearly designed to have a movie theatre style look to it and the colours certainly help pull off this glamorous image. Inside the box you'll find a gold tray containing the three lip gloss wands which are all double ended meaning each wand effectively contains two different lip glosses and two separate wands. Each lip gloss stick is about three inches in length. Each tube is made of clear plastic so you can see the lip gloss colour whereas the middle point is made of black shiny plastic with Benefit on.

      To use the lip glosses you simply need to unscrew it from the centre black point, you'll then find the black point actually has a wand and applicator attached to it which you can use to apply the lip gloss. The applicator seems quite standard to be honest; it's cream in colour and slightly cushioned which means it does initially absorb a lot of the lip gloss. However I found that it quickly became saturated with the lip gloss and then I didn't have this problem. I find that to cover both of my lips I need to dip the applicator in once and then a second time as it doesn't pick up huge amounts of the liquid. The lip gloss has a slightly sweet taste to it and smells like quite a lot of the other lips glosses out there really.

      The colours of the lip glosses are apparently Benefit's top six selling shades although I'm not overly convinced on this. The set includes Friends In High Places, Kiss Me, Almost Famous, Zone Out, I'm With The Bad and Freshly Squeezed. So what colours are these then, as the names sure as hell don't give you much of a clue! Well you get...

      * a baby pink colour with a shimmer which, when applied, looks mainly clear although with a slight pink sheen
      * a darker, matte pink which verges on lilac in the tube although again when it's applied it's quite a pale pink
      * a deep bronze colour with a glittery shimmer to it which when applied does have a very bronzed tint to it
      * a yellowy gold colour with a slight shimmer in it which when applied doesn't look very good at really
      * a classic pink warm colour which is probably my favourite and gives my lips a lovely pink, rosy glow
      * a deep and warm pink that verges on a very pale red colour which gives a lovely pale red sheen to my lips

      The lip glosses glide on easily and after application they all give my lips a good gloss which is noticeable. They do make my lips feel slightly sticky, if you go out and your hair blows onto your lips then it can get a little messy! As for the longevity of these products well they're not the best, I find the colour and gloss lasts for about half an hour to an hour depending if I'm eating and also how often I rub my lips together. They do look really good although you will find that you have to reapply them quite frequently. I've yet to find a gloss that can actually withstand a couple of hours on more! They were priced at £19.50 but went down to £13.00 just before Christmas and remain there.

      Would I recommend? Well six glosses for £13.00 isn't too bad a price but I'd personally, in the future, rather spend that money on getting a full sized colour that I really like. Apart from the light gold colour gloss I do and will continue to use all the other colours but apart from the class pink colour there aren't really any that I'd choose to buy again. I do wonder if these are their six top selling ones as I can't say I'm overly keen on them all and am disappointed there wasn't a darker red one included in this set. I'm going to give this product two stars, sadly it looses one for the weird gold colour, it looses another for the fact that they don't last very long and it looses it's third one for the rather steep original price!

      Thanks for reading.


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