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Benefit Primpcess Set

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3 Reviews

Brand: Benefit / Type: Make up palette /

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    3 Reviews
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      18.06.2012 20:36
      Very helpful



      buy it for the packaging, eye colours and creaseless cream!

      Again with all my little expensive make up sets my mum tends to buy them for stocking fillers and birthday presents for me - I tend to like the normal brands like Rimmel & Max Factor.

      This Benefit Primpcess set was a birthday this year and to be honest this was the first time I have tried out the Benefit brand. Wasn't sure what to expect but I always heard good friends so had very high expectations.


      The packaging

      The make up box is made out of a hard cardboard and opens at the bottom using a magnetic clasp. The outside of the box is orange in colour and the background image kind of resembles a throne cushion. The sides of the box and inside are a pink purple colour.

      When you pop the lid open the inside resembles a cute little make up case complete with a mirror, mascara tucked nicely into its own little holder, eye colours all grouped together and the creaseless cream sitting at the bottom next to the eye brightner and concealer. The outside of the box looks great but the inside is very chic. You will be proud to carry this around in your handbag!



      The front of the box claims this make up set is a "glamorous eye pinting kit" - and also gives you the name of the product and brand on a lightly pink background.

      On the back of the box it tells you what is inside, which consists of:

      * 1 x "Bad Girl Lash" - Mascara - 4g
      * 3 x Eye shadows in cream (accent shadow), pink (contour shadow) and brown (liner shadow) - 0.8g
      * 1 x Creaseless cream shadow liner (which comes in a pot as opposed to the other colours) - 3.2g
      * 1 x Boi-Ing (which is desribed as an "industrial strength concealer") - 1.25g
      * 1 x Eye bright (which is pink in colour and used to "waken up your eyes") - 1.25g

      You also get two little brushes in this for application!

      So as you can see you don't get very much of each product in the set and they are more like test samples.

      Dissapointing fact for me has to be on the back where it gives you a total shelf life of up to 6 months. Not very good for an expensive make up set if you don't get a lot of use out of it.


      What do I think of the products?!

      I will start by telling you the best bit of this set - for me, my favourite thing has to be the creaseless cream which does exactly what the packaging says which I was very happy with... I normally need to be careful with eye make up because I do have a lot of wrinkles on my eyelids which I am quite self-concious about. The colour of this is a light bronze/cream colour and in the pot it comes in you literally put a finger in and rub a bit out. The texture is like a hard mousse. The colour goes great with my complection and you can use other eyeshadow on top for a more dramatic look - it also doesnt rub off or cause irritation. I have been using the creaseless cream for 2 months constantly since my birthday and when you look in the pot barely any has been used so has the potencial to last a long time. My favourite thing in this set.

      I wasn't too impressed with the concealer or the eye brightner - I hated the concealer as it was quite hard to mix in (it went bright orange on my skin) and wasn't the same texture that I am used to... and the eye brightner goes on to my skin bright pink and when rubbed in and you happen to not be wearing a lot of other make up, it can make you look a bit poorly.

      The mascara is quite small and compact which I liked for carrying around in my handbag and it did work well at making my lashes quite dramatic - which is hard as I barely have any! However I noticed after about 6 weeks of use the mascara got quite clumpy and I ended up having to throw away as it was useless. That was dissapointing for me as I would expect mascara to last arounnd 3 months, and a Benefit one to last much longer!

      I quite liked the cream and pink eye shadows for a nice, light natural look and was great to going to work in. However when using the brown as a liner, it didn't work well for me... made me look a bit of a panda no matter how little I used and didnt blend in well with the cream and pink. So I tend to use just the pink and cream on their own.


      Price & Availability

      I believe my mum got this in a Debenhams display and I have no idea what she paid for it, but when I look online the cheapest I can find it is £14.59 on Ebay!


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      29.08.2011 02:12



      really does what you want from make-up

      Well this sweet little set was a birthday present at the start of the year. Even though, it's so damn good I want to keep this secret to myself, I'll let you ladies and men alike in on this unknown treasure!

      The set itself

      I will try not to bor you there's a pretty good product picture above. The box it's self comes in a protective sleeve case. The actual set has a lift up flap with a concealed, hidden, magnetic strip to keep it closed securely. When you lift the flap open, your presented with a little box of treasures. There's a lovely size mirror on the inside lid, I say lovely i mean it's big enough to see both eyes and a nose when held close to your face, unlike most compacts, that you can't see for looking.

      Then neatly below is a recessd compartment containg the mascara, then below there are three average sized eyeshadows, another recess for your brushes , then two, two penny sized circles containing a concealer and eye brighter. Furthest to the left in another recess, lies a wonderful pot of cream creaseless shadow. The box is strong and the way in which everything is layed out works beautifully for me. I can be a bit messy when it comes to make up, so its great you can wipe everything clean !

      The make-up

      Inside benefit have not spared on variety and chosen products that beautifully work together
      the concealer in this kit is really amazing probably one of my top three benefit products ever!. I don't have good skin, I suffer with dry patches and have blemishes. The concealer shade, blends well on similar tones as I've used this on my face in January, in the summer, even on a scar I have on my leg ( yes I'm a strange woman) all of which are slightly different toned . I would of liked to have seen a larger quantity of this (perhaps I'm just greedy). It was the first part of the set to run out ! correction the only part to run out since I had it in January

      Next up is the bad gal lash mascara. This is a mini version of the full sized product but it is no different how well it works, which is very. You do need to take your time and let this dry. (I have done a separate review on this) Achieve some full, glam, lashes with this mascara. I can see why a lot of women love this product, but it's difficult to achieve a natural look with how rich this formula is.

      Brush away the blemishes and smooth on the shadows. These brushes have a tip for applying concealer, a tip for shadow, and a tip for liner. Benefit know how to make a good brush, lets face it, a good make up is useless, unless its applied well. I'm no make up artist but these brushes will be my trusted friends long after the rest of the set has disappeared. They're amazing ..they're sh*t hot actually in all fairness. .

      The creaseless shadow comes in a small pot and is a rich, slightly shimmery, and pale pink. It does exactly what its name suggest and more. I like to use it as my base, primer shadow it works really well like this. Other shadows sit on it nicely and also looks lovely on its own. I do like to put a smear of this on my cheeks it gives a good natural glow. The only thing I have noticed it is tricky to get the right amount out of the pot.(Benefit do sell a little spatula separately for this problem on QVC anything for an extra sale, agree?)

      Open your eyes wide, bright, and beautiful with this little gem! A small amount goes a long way perfect for the morning after a bad nights sleep it perks up those peepers making you look that bit fresher than you were before. Its dense, thick and works.

      Now to my favorite shadows this year! brown and luxuriously creamy feeling, the brown powder! does feel so rich its superb texture applies well as a liner it doesn't fall of the brush (snowing your face brown) its fantastic. The middle shadow, is ever so slightly shimmery with gold, pinks, and tawny colours and create a lovely warmth to the eyes. The last colour is also one of a very rich almost creamy feel a cool creamy colour, wonderfully easy to apply. Again a little bit goes a long way .

      Benefit love to include these little booklets in with there make up and they are incredibly informative, show good pictures, tips, and give advice on how to apply the make-up you've purchased. I especially love the tutorial in this book on how to create a smoky look .(they're so thoughtful, I'd probably look like a panda without it )

      The Price

      You can pick this primpcess set up for around £20 ! it's a gift I would love again and again

      The verdict

      I love what benefit have put together in this set, lots of good quality, high quantity products that are easy to use and a reasonable priced this is why I give this 10/10 well done benefit nothing but perfection in one little box of magic treats .


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      22.12.2010 22:09
      Very helpful



      A great way to try the best-sellers in Benefit's range

      - - - - - - - - - - -
      The contents
      - - - - - - - - - - -

      PRIMPCESS contains three powder shadows [that are similar to the colours used in the 'Big Beautiful Eyes' palette], a matt creamish accent shadow, a ballet pink shimmery contour shadow and a matt rich chocolate brown liner shadow.

      In addition to the powder shadows there is a miniature jar of the wonderful Creaseless Cream shadow/liner in 'R.S.V.P' (a shimmery champagne) and a small tube of Benefit's best-selling Bad Gal mascara (black). You also get a pan of the brilliant Eye Bright and the final cosmetic item in this kit is a pan of Boi-ing concealer (02 - the medium shade).

      Last, but not least are two brushes [one of these is double ended] and a six step 'how to' guide [The Lesson].

      - - - - - - - - -
      The Wear
      - - - - - - - - -

      The eyeshadows

      All three shades wear well, with no creasing or fallout through a working day [I do usually wear a primer though]. The colour pay-off is good, although it's best to apply the brown with a damp brush, otherwise you'll need to layer it for the best results.

      Creaseless Cream

      Use a finger to apply as a eyeshadow and pat one in only one direction and this will look smooth and will not budge all day. I've gone for 14 hours with this and even on the worst days I'll need to hold a mirror inches from my face to notice a teeny bit of creasing. I sometimes use this under my lower lashline to look more awake and it is also easy to apply with a liner brush. This also makes a good primer for eyeshadow.

      Eye Bright

      Eye Bright is usually sold in a pencil, but I liked having it in a pan for application with a brush, as the application is precise and easily build-able. The light pink formula really helps conceal and brighten the shadows in the corners of your eyes while lifting the outer corners of the eye, it really is one of Benefit's must own items.


      This is fantastic; it is a thick creamy formula - similar to Creaseless creams in texture - but it will not cake nor crack on skin, so it will cover shadows, discolouration and spots flawlessly. It's a must-own product from Benefit, it's something else that I've been using for years and I recommend it to all of my family and friends all of the time.

      Bad Gal

      Another best-seller. This mascara is a great volumizer and the black colour is rich too. I've used this product for years and wear it for 14 hours straight some days and have yet to experience any faking or smudging with it. This does add a tiny bit of length too, but it is advertised as a volumizing product so I can't complain that the increase is only slight.

      - - - - - - - - - - - -
      The packaging
      - - - - - - - - - - - -

      This set is housed in a thick card box, with a magnetic fastening. It has a mirror in the lid and whilst it is a bit bulky, it can still be carried around in a handbag.

      It is a wonderful way to test out Benefit's bestsellers without having to invest in the full size products first.

      - - - - - - - - -
      My verdict
      - - - - - - - - -

      I'll start with the standouts; The Creaseless Cream, Eye Bright [not currently able to buy separately], Boi-ring and Bad Gal. These are all bestsellers and deservedly so. The quality is fantastic and the full sized versions are worth £60, so I've already made a huge saving.

      I've also not had any problems with the eyeshadows and find them great for dressed-down days, smart work looks and smoky evening looks. I'm not sure how the two lighter shadows would look on darker skintones though, so try before you buy.

      The brushes are a fantastic quality and they really do make the application easier and professional looking. The guide is so easy to follow; I only had to read it once. It is so easy to use everything in this kit.

      The only issue I've had with PRIMPCESS is with the concealer. I do love boi-ing, but the 02 shade in this kit is too dark for me. But that is only a tiny niggle compared with everything else this set has to offer.

      Price break-down:

      Powder eyeshadow: £12.50 (x3)
      Creaseless Cream: £14
      Boi-ing: £16.50
      Eye Bright: £14
      Bad Gal: £15.50
      = £97.50

      - - - - -
      - - - - -


      Benefit is sold in larger Boots stores, Selfridges and selected Debenhams.
      They also have a online store with exclusive offers: http://www.benefitcosmetics.co.uk

      I'm not sure if PRIMPCESS is limited edition or not; It did use to be, but now it's back, but who knows for how long?


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      Contains: Concealer, eyeshadow, mascara and brushes

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