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Benefit Realness of Concealness

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34 Reviews

Brand: Benefit / What it does: Smoothes / Contents: 9.7g / Type: Concealers

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    34 Reviews
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      08.07.2012 18:30



      Wonderful piece of kit

      I've always been a massive fan of Benefit products, and my lovely boyfriend got me this for my birthday.... Currently the product is £23.50 at Boots (I think that's where he went he asked to borrow my advantage card)!

      The kit contains five products:
      * benefit ooh la lift 2.5
      * benefit lip plump 2.5g
      * benefit high beam 2.5
      * benefit lemon aid 1.0
      * benefit boi-ing 1.2g

      The ooh la lift can be used under the eye area to help get rid of those bags - it has in my experience been a fantastic product. It's nice and cool which I feel helps it to make you feel refreshed. I realise that it comes in a very small bottle - but it really does go a long way.

      Benefit Lip Plump - people I now have mixed feelings about this product. Personally I think it's great. It makes my lips feel firmer, and I think that it helps lipstick to stay on. Having said that it doesn't 'grow' your lips I was kind of thinking that it might make them a bit more collagen looking and it doesn't really do that, (which for me is good - but others may be disappointed).

      High Beam - I've always been a fan of this product. I use it over my cheeks and to highlight my brows. It's a shimmery pink and can be used by anyone. It gives awesome results on those days when less is more - and I feel it hides hangovers well.

      Benefit Lemon Aid - this is to be used on eyelids to hide any discolouration, or blemishes. Sounds like a con right? I thought so I mean how often do I feel I have blemishes on my eyelids? Well it gives a wonderful base for shadow, it seems to stop creasing, and even by itself it aids the appearance. Who knew? It has a fantastic scent as it's name suggest, and the smell helps to lift your mood as this lifts your skin tone.

      Boi-ing 02 - as with others I'm a bit more English rose than this shade. However in the paler shades this works well for me covering the bags while the ooh la lift works to get rid of them. I gave this small product to my sister as she is more tan than I am- and again she loves it.

      The packaging is really cute, all dotty and kitsch. There is a really useful mirror in the lid. The kit really is a must have, and well worth it as these products last for so long, and , make you feel so great when you have them on.

      The product looses one star for the mis-match on the boi-ing I think they should offer the set with different tones available...


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      09.06.2011 18:15
      Very helpful



      A great product from Benefit

      Benefit describes this product as follows: Portable mini kit containing Benefit's top selling concealers and enhancers. It's your solution for beauty dilemmas on-the-go.

      - ooh la lift instant under-eye brightening boost
      - lip plump primer for full, sexy lips
      - high beam luminescent complexion highlighter
      - lemon aid color correcting eyelid primer
      - boi-ing 02 industrial-strength concealer

      I would completely agree with this. Realness of concealness has everything you need for a few touch ups or quick make up fix.

      I bought this product after it was recommended by a friend. My first Benefit purchase was Just-Ine Case and I bought this as a second.

      Ooh la lift - I really like the feel of this on your skin, as well as brightening, it makes your eyes feel more awake because it is cold (a bit like putting cucumbers on your eyes)

      Lip plump primer - This is not my favourite product of all, but it is a good base for light coloured lipsticks. I'm not entirely convinced that it does what it aims to, but helps lipstick stay on longer.

      High beam - High beam is a lovely colour and does add shimmer, but it does not go on well over make-up. See another full review. I like the sample in this case but I wouldn't buy a full one.

      Lemon aid - I've probably used this the most in the kit, as it makes eyes appear more awake and corrects colour. A good base for eye shadow too, and smells lovely like lemons.

      Boi-ing - This is a disappointment of the kit as the colour just won't suit everyone. It's far to dark for my skin and I think that Benefit should make a kit with each of the shades so that you can choose which one best suits.

      This costs £23.50 which is quite pricey but probably worth it as all Benefit products are within this range.

      The packaging is very cute, and it is very portable - I will be taking this to Glastonbury this year. It also has a mirror inside which is very useful.

      I would highly recommend this product, especially if you are considering buying any of the products separately, this is a good tester and last for ages anyway.

      Thanks for reading


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      04.06.2011 09:27
      Very helpful



      A lovely little kit ideal as a gift or as a tester

      The USA cosmetics brand Benefit make a few special edition little kits containing a number of miniature products. For my birthday last year I asked for the Realness of Concealness kit from my friend, and was lucky enough to receive it. Here's my review of this cool product!

      ***The Brand***

      Benefit was founded in San Francisco in 1976 by Jean and Jane Ford. Over thirty years later, it is a famous global brand and mixes quality makeup with whimsical retro branding.

      Benefit cosmetics can be bought in the UK from Boots, Debenhams, ASOS, individual boutiques and the website, www.benefitcosmetics.co.uk. They are quite pricey, with a mascara priced at around £15 and the well-known product Benetint priced at £24.50, but most of their products are great quality and last ages, or so I've found.

      ***The Product***

      The Realness of Concealness kit is described as a 'mini "fake-it" kit', a concealing and highlighting kit. It comes in a little box, about 8cm by 6m, and just over 2cm thick. Inside are five mini Benefit products: Ooh La Lift, Lip Plump and High Beam (in mini lipgloss-style tubes), and Lemon Aid and Boi-Ing which are embedded into the actual case. I'll go into more detail about each individual product below. A leaflet, included inside the case and written in several different languages, explains what each product does and how to use it. This is very useful to have as it's not immediately obvious what each product is for!

      The Realness of Concealness kit is priced at £24 (I think it was slightly cheaper last summer when I got it), which is certainly very expensive. However I do like Benefit products and often find them to be worth the money, though it does depend on the individual product.

      I added up the total cost of the 5 products included in the kit: if you were to buy each of them at full size you'd be paying over £80! Of course the items in this kit are miniatures but still, it's a much cheaper way of trying out products to make sure you like them before splashing out.


      The kit comes in the form of a little box with matching cardboard sleeve, dark brown in colour with dots in white, pink and beige. The name of the product and the brand is stated clearly. The bottom of the sleeve has a list of ingredients for each product as well as a short description for each. There is also an address for Benefit in San Francisco, USA and London, England as well as the address of the Benefit website. The bottom of the case itself has the same information, except for the ingredients list.

      The case itself, though made of cardboard, has a sturdy feel to it. The lid fastens with reasonably strong magnets so the case won't open in your bag. Inside the lid is a mirror which is small, but large enough to be able to see part of your face reasonably well when applying products from the kit. The background is pink with brown spots. Inside the kit are the products! The two that are built into the kit, Lemon Aid and Boi-Ing, are on the right and the three tubes are to the left, and can be removed with a cleverly placed ribbon that lifts them up.

      Below, I'll discuss each of the included products in turn, as well as giving the original price for each item.

      ***Ooh La Lift - Under-eye "de-puffer" - Original price £16***
      "Extracts of raspberry & chamomile help to de-puff and firm the under eye area. To Use: Apply lightly and blend to help to de-puff & firm under eye area".
      I wasn't really convinced about this product but I've been finding it reasonably pleasant to use. When you open the tube you reveal a light pink liquid that is neither too runny nor too thick; about the consistency of High Beam. You dab a couple of dots under your eyes and blend. The product produces a nice cooling feel on the skin, and though I don't have particularly puffy eyes generally, it makes them feel refreshed and look a little brighter. I probably wouldn't buy this product separately, but as part of the kit I enjoy using it. 3/5

      ***Lip Plump - Primer for full sexy lips - Original price £15***
      "This neutral toned primer helps to smooth & fill in lines while building the lip contour. To Use: Dot & blend on lips. Allow to dry before applying lipstick".
      The Lip Plump was something I was slightly baffled by in the kit. The other products seem to suggest a look that is natural and enhances the complexion, but this product is clearly designed to be worn under lipstick. I followed the instructions by dabbing on the product and blending it in before applying lipstick. I don't have many lines on my lips generally but I do find this product makes my lips smoother. I do find that it helps my lipstick last longer, around an hour I'd say. It's also handy for neutralising the lip colour - for example, if you're wearing a sheer nude colour, this is ideal if your lips are naturally quite red. I'm wearing more lipstick at the moment and I'm finding this a really useful product, so I'd probably buy this again. 4/5

      ***High Beam - Luminescent complexion enhancer - Original price £18***
      "This satiny pink highlighter is perfectly ethereal on all skin tones. To Use: Dot & blend over makeup on to cheek & brow bones".
      This highlighter is probably my favourite product in the kit. Satiny pink as the description states, it should be dotted and blended over cheek and brow bones. I love it: it makes my skin looks radiant and glowing while being very subtle. It does have a shimmer to it but this is by no means over the top. It can be applied instead of or over the top of blusher. My skin is very pale and my skin tone is 'cool' which means it has pink undertones: this is why the highlighter suits me so well. If you have darker, tanned or yellow toned skin you may prefer Benefit's Moon Beam highlighter. Of course that's not much help if you have bought this kit but it might help if you are buying the highlighter on its own!

      High Beam lasts for hours on my skin but is easily removed with makeup remover. A lovely product and one which I will personally be purchasing in its full size. 5/5

      ***Lemon Aid - Colour correcting eyelid primer - Original price £17***
      "This light yellow correcting cream instantly hides discolouration on eyelids. To Use: Apply and blend with fingertip on eyelids to hide discolouration".
      I must admit I was very sceptical about this product to begin with. Seriously, who has discoloured eyelids?! However, once I tried it I began to change my mind. I applied the product as instructed and realised I looked more awake and my eyelids did look brighter. Care should be taken not to apply too much as the look might appear unnatural - you don't want yellow eyelids! Only a tiny amount is needed, so the product lasts for ages. I do find that it creases slightly if you apply too much, and it can be slightly drying on the lid so I am careful to apply moisturiser immediately before application. However, I do like the product and plan to purchase the full size one.

      I did try using Lemon Aid as an eyeshadow primer, however I didn't think it worked very well as my eyeshadow creased after a few hours. For this purpose I'm going to stick to my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Having said that I do like the no-eyeshadow look these days, particularly when I'm wearing bright lipstick (as eyeshadow + lipstick equals a very clownish look!), and this product is perfect for that, as well as for those days when I want my makeup to look very natural. 4/5

      ***Boi-Ing - Industrial strength concealer - Original price £17***
      "This industrial strength under eye concealer hides even the darkest circles. To Use: Pat on with fingertip and blend to under eye area to conceal dark circles".
      I was dubious about using Boi-Ing as the shade looked too dark for my extremely pale skin. However when used as an undereye concealer I found it did a good job, perhaps because I needed a darker shade to counteract my undereye circles! It blended really well and definitely made me look more awake. I applied it and blended with my fingertip. Only a tiny amount was needed, and it lasted all day without budging. I'm going to reserve complete judgement on this concealer, as I think I really need to try the lighter shade to get a complete picture, but for now I am pretty impressed. 4/5

      Overall I'm really impressed with this set and really enjoy using it. The products are fairly subtle but when I use them all together I can definitely see a difference - my face looks brighter and more radiant but in a very subtle way, without being caked in makeup. The one exception is Lip Plump, which while being a good product doesn't really fit with the rest of the products. I think Posie Tint would have been a better choice, in fact I have a Posie Tint miniature and I've replaced the Lip Plump with it for the purposes of carrying the case around (I do still use the Lip Plump though). The kit creates a lovely natural look which is completely different to the usual Benefit look displayed by the counter staff i.e. caked in makeup! This kit is an essential for me when I go away for the weekend, in fact I call it my hangover kit as it makes me look as if I've had 8 hours' sleep and eaten all my vegetables when I've in fact just got up after consuming several cocktails and a bottle of wine followed by passing out on my friend's sofa.

      I'm going to give the kit as a whole 4/5 as, although I have some issues with a couple of individual items, overall I'm very impressed and the whole set generally works well.


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        07.04.2011 10:35
        Very helpful



        Learn To Fake It!

        *This review will contain bits and pieces from other review I have posted over the last few weeks so if little snipets look familiar thats probably why!!*

        This review will come as no surprise to those of you who read my reviews regularly. Over the last few days I have been reviewing all the products from this set so I could think of no better time to write about the set as a whole. This 'Benefit Realness Of Concealness' was the last set from the brand that I bought to try out simply because all of the products in there I had wanted to try out full size. But I thought it was better (not to mention cheaper!) to try out small versions of them all to see if they were all as good as people made out. This is one set I have been divided on - some of the products are brilliant and others ... well not so much. Make up your own minds on this one Dooyoo'ers - even though Id still say its worth trying out for yourself.

        Useful Information:
        Price: Around £24 - Prices do vary greatly though so shop around!!
        Stockists: Amazon, Boots, the Benefit website, Debenhams etc ...
        Other Info: This set includes: Boi-ing concealer, Lemon-Aid eyelid primer, Lip Plump gloss, High Beam highlighter & Ooh La La Lift for tired eyes. So you have something to help cover up anything here and you are getting quite a bit for your money. Although I dont think Id pay the full asking price for it - the products you get are pretty small!

        - - - - - - - - -

        The Packaging:

        The packaging for this set - like most Benefit sets - is gorgeous and very retro and girly. On the outside of the box is a thin cardboard sleeve that is mostly black in colour but is covered is alrge circles made up of little pink dots - it looks kind of like an optical illusion to me and makes my eyes feel a bit funny if I look at it for too long LOL. The cardboard sleeve helps to ensure that your box wont keep flying open in your bag and helps to make sure the products inside stay as fresh for as long as possible - and it doesnt damage easily so having that extra protection is good for this set. On the back of the set and on some paper inside is all the necessary information on all the products inside: ingredients, directions for use, shelf life etc and you have that information for each individual product which doesnt bother me too much but if you have allergies to certain ingredients that much information could be really useful to you.

        The actualy box on the outside has the exact same design as the sleeve which means everything matches nicely. The open and shit the box there is a magnetic clasp which isnt visible on the outside - thats good in my opinion as that would ruin the design I reckon - but it works just as well anyway so the box wont keep flying open even if you dont have the extra sleeve on it. The inside is the opposite colours to the outside of the box - the main part is light pink with large black polka dots on it - I love polka dot patterns so the design of this one is right up my street. There is a small mirror on the top of the box which is very handy if your applying this on the go as the mirror is quite small but large enough to see your whole face and be able to apply all these products while your on the go - so the mirror is a lovely touch. The products inside are all very organised the tube tubes of - Highbeam, Lip Plump & Ooh La La being in the large hole on one side and the Boi-ing & Lemon Aid are in small squares on the side - very tidy and organised wich is just how I like my make-up.

        The set is a lot smaller than I imagined but now Ive had it for a while I think I actually prefer that its a smaller size. It means it is easier to carry around and use whilst your out and about - size isnt everything in this case ladies! Oh there is also a plastic cover for the make-up to make sure it stays fresh and doesnt smudge all over the cardboard on the edges and the manual on how to apply each product sits on top of that. Gorgeous packaging that is practical as well - so everything you need really.

        - - - - - - - - -

        So now I'll add a little section about each product - dont worry Im not going post the whole reviews on here as they can be seen anyway - just the bits I think are most important:

        'Boi-Ing' - To apply this I simply get a dab of the 1 shade on my brush and dab it onto the spot or dark circle and then dab a dot of the 2 shade on there as well - I personally get the best results if I blend the two shades as that colour matches my skintone the best - and then you simply rub it in with your fingers. When I apply this to my skin it is very creamy and easy to blend but I do feel that it is quite heavy. My skin doesnt feel too clogged or anything like that but the areas that I do apply it too do feel slightly heavier than the rest of my face - its not a light concealer in the slightest - big disadvantage in my opinion.

        I have to say I dont think the coverage is any better than most other concealers Ive tried - cheaper ones than this offer the same effects in my opinion although the dont last as long so there is good and bad points about this one. A good thing is that it does last all day which is brilliant for me as I dont get the chance to re-apply make-up while Im at work so I know if I apply this before I go the spot will still be covered by the time I leave and it doesnt smudge or leave patches at all - if this cost about £5 Id be buying it all the time but I dont think the price is justified in this case.

        - - - - - - - - -

        'Lemon-Aid' - This is so thick and creamy you only need such a tiny amount each time you apply this - a light covering of this primer all over your eyelid - and up to the browbone if you want it that high is more than enough to apply before you start to blend it. This blends so well I sometimes wear this without any other make-up as this does a really brilliant job of covering all by itself - if your having a natural day this is one product you really cant be without as it does the job in a few seconds. And as you only use such a small amount one small compact will last a really long time.

        This covers up those annoying little veins on my eyelids straight away and takes away an redness I may have on my eyes - especially when Im tired after a long day at work or before work. The effects of this are just as brilliant whether your wearing this alone or alongside foundation and other make-up, the coverage of this alone is enough for me to feel covered up - and it lasts all day long covering and acting as a primer so for me it does everything I wanted and more.

        - - - - - - - - -

        'Lip Plump' - The gloss appears funny coloured an creamy in the tube however when this goes on my lips it doesnt have any colour to it at all and is totally clear on my lips - best thing for me as I wanted something that looked natural. The creamy texture is there but it doesnt LOOK creamy which is brilliant for me. This takes about 2-3 minutes for it to achieve maximum results on my lips and then it does plump my lips but not making me look as if Ive had a dodgy botox jab. I dont quite look like Angelina Jolie but my lips definitely appear fuller and glossier - not quite a plumped up as when I use S.M.P but they do look naturally fuller without being ridiculously big.

        The big question is would I buy this again and even though Id have decent results from this I dont think I will be rushing out to buy the full sized tube. I much prefer my usual S.M.P gloss as I get better results from that and although this gloss does everything it promises for me it just doesnt compare to Soap & Glory's offering on my lips.

        - - - - - - - - -

        'High Beam' - Application of this will vary depending on how you use it but its very simple however or wherever you use this - you can mix a small amount with your daily face lotion (which is how I tend to use it most often), apply a small X on the apples of your cheeks and then rub in or apply a few small dots on certain areas - browbones and cheekbones are popular and then rub in. Its important to mention that when applying this you should do so AFTER applying your other make-up. If you apply this and then put foundation/powder over the top then you wont get very good results at all - wait until the end! Oh!! and less is certainly more in this case. Applying too much will make your face shimmer far too much and the results wont be as subtle - subtle is much better when using this and using a small amount will ensure the tube lasts ages so its much better to only use a small amount.

        This gives my face an amazing glow - one that no product ever has before and I doubt any other could. I like applying this alongside my face lotion to give my face an all over glow which lasts all day long but it works just as brilliantly however you use it. Applying this to my cheekbones and browbones gives my face a really subtle yet shimmery look without looking too much or looking like Ive rubbed my face in glitter. My skin appears more healthy and awake with a gorgeous glow but without looking like Ive caked myself in make-up. I can see why make-up artists love it so much!

        - - - - - - - - -

        'Ooh La La Lift' - To apply this is very simple - think of it like lipgloss for underneath your eyes because thats exactly how I apply it. You simply take the applicator out of the tube - usually there is more than enough cream already on there and then swipe it underneath each eye and rub in. Couldnt be more simple - so simple in fact that I can apply this without a mirror or on the go because it takes about 2 seconds to apply and rubs in really quickly and then totally disappears so you dont have to worry about patches under your eyes as even though this does have a pink tinge to it that colour doesnt transfer onto your skin so its brilliant in my opinion - quick and simple always best when it comes to make-up.

        The texture of this cream is quite thick but it rubs in very easily and doesnt weigh down your eyes at all or leave any kind of residue on your skin so this has the perfect consistency in my opinion. It makes me feel like my skin is a bit plumed and more filled without feeling like Im wearing loads of make-up - thats the opposite intention of this cream I reckon. So as with most make-up products of any kind less is more - using too much will weigh your eyes down and make you look even more tired which is the total opposite look of what your going for so if you only use a small amount you will get the optimum results and the tube will last much longer so that makes this worth the money in the long run. This is so lightweight it can be used alone of alongside other make-up the results are brilliant either way so this is perfect if your going for a more natural look - which I tend to go for in the day. I will be buying this one again as it does work for me!

        - - - - - - - - -

        Advantages Of The Set:
        * A concealer for each part of your face.
        * I think the shades will suit most skin colours - unless you are VERY pale or VERY dark.
        * Id buy 3/5 products from this set again.
        * Really cute packaging thats easy to carry around/use on the move.

        Disadvantages Of The Set:
        * I dont like 2 of the products.
        * Expensive at full price.
        * If you have very dark or pale skin the products wont work for you. No option to pick and chose shades for your skintone.

        - - - - - - - - -

        What products would I buy again -

        * Lemon-Aid
        * Ooh La La Lift
        * Highbeam

        - - - - - - - - -

        Final Word -

        Id definitely recommend that people give this set a go as you get to try out quite a few different concealers without paying the full price. I woudlnt buy this at the full £24 but shop around and get a good deal - that way it is 100% worth it. 4*s from me as I didnt like 2 of the products so that disappointed me slightly. Get concealing!

        Thanks For Reading.

        x0 Salz 0x


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        27.02.2011 19:33
        Very helpful



        A space saver for your handbag!

        I was lucky enough to recieve this from my brother for my birthday. I love Benefit makeup, I am working my way through most of the range! This particular compact is a brown rectangle which when you open up contains a mirror and 5 different Benefit products. You get three tubes which contain highbeam, ooh la la lift and lip plump, then on the side you get two rectangles which contain lemon aid and bo-ing. This compact costs £24 from Benefit.

        Benefit describe it as a compact that contains their best selling concealers and enhancers for touch ups on the go.

        Highbeam comes in a little tube which contains 2.5g, it is a pale pink highlighter that you can use to enhance cheekbones and browbones. It has a luminous finish you simply dot a small amount on your cheeks and rub in using your fingers. This is one of my favourite Benefit products as it suits all skin types and really brightens up and enhances certain areas of your face!

        Ooh la la lift also comes in a tube containing 2.5g, it is an under eye brightener. You simply sweep a small amount uder your eyes using the applicator. This is great for depuffing the area under your eyes, it's great if you've had little or no sleep!

        The final little tube contains Lip plump which again contains 2.5g, you simply apply this to lips and allow to dry before using lip gloss or lip stick. This is designed to make your lips look plumper. I have to say this was slightly disappointing as I didn't notice any difference!

        Lemon-aid comes in a solid form, you get 1g and this is designed to be applied under the eyes to hide dark circles. It has a yellowy hue which is great for moving attention away from under the eyes. This is a really good product I have since gone on to buy this separately.

        The final product is Bo-ing which is an industrial strength concealer. You get 1.2g of this in the medium shade, Benefit make three this being the middle colour so suits most skin types. I found this quite useful to hide blemishes on the skin, it has a really thick consistency but dries like a powder.

        I would give this compact 4 out of 5, I was disappointed with the lip plump. This compact has everything you need to perfect your look and is small enough to fit in your handbag. The price is a little offputting as your don't get a lot of any of the products for your money, but it is a great way to sample 5 Benefit products.


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        24.02.2011 20:29
        Very helpful



        A great kit to keep you prepared for all cosmetic emergencies

        The Benefit Realness of Concealness is a mini fake it kit. It comes in a hard brown casing with pale dots in the shape of swirls on the front and there is a cute little ribbon to help you remove the products. It has everything you need to cover imperfections and look wide awake. The portable mini kit contains some of Benefit's top selling concealers and enhancers. They claim that it's your solution for beauty dilemmas on the go and is the perfect size to be your travel companion. It can be bought for around £25 from Boots and other large department stores.

        A 2.5g bottle of Ooh la lift
        The purpose of this silky pink liquid is to brighten the area under you eye and get rid of those tell tale black circles that make you look tired. The light reflecting particles instantly brighten the eye area making you look wide awake and refreshed. It can be used on top of make up or on bare skin. In order to apply, carefully dot the applicator brush onto the delicate skin underneath your eye and blend in gently. It promises to puff up and firm the skin under the eye.

        In my opinon, it does reduce the darkness under my eyes but doesn't get rid of it completely. Although some mornings, only a miracle could achieve that. I store mine in the fridge and it does help to depuff the area although the cooling effect may also be to thank for that. The formula itself is silky smooth and glides easily and doesn't tug or drag the skin. It is a lovely product and I will continue to use it but I'm not sure I would buy the full size one which costs around £13. It's definitely not a face lift in a bottle!

        A 2.5g bottle of Lip plump
        This is a primer that Benefit promises will give you fuller lips. The neutral liquid is used to fill in and smooth fine lines in your lips and to accentuate the contours of your mouth. It contains jojoba oil and claims that it will leave your lips softer and smoother. In order to use, you are instructed to dot onto your lips and then pat the formula in. Once it's dry, you can apply a lipstick of your choice and you should have kissable lips that are fuller in appearance.

        In my opinion, if you are buying this as a lip plumper, you'll be disappointed. It did nothing to make my lips fuller and did not have that tingle associated with lip plumpers. However, it did improve the appearance of my lips, getting rid of all the imperfections and making my lipstick look perfect. My lipstick also stayed on for longer and my lips felt smoother when I took my make up off. It doesn't dry my lips out either. It's not the type of product you can really wear on it's own unless you want nude lips. If you are not a lip stick wearer then this isn't the product for you. It costs around £13 for the full size product.

        A 2.5g bottle of High beam
        This is a shimmering pink highlighter which creates a radiant and healthy complexion while accenting your cheekbones and brow bones. It gives you a gorgeous appearance and can be used in specific areas or mixed in with moisturiser and used all over the face. The product can be used on top of make up or on bare skin. In order to use the product, you dot the liquid on to the skin and careful blend in. This product has won numerous rewards, used by make up artists and is generally considered one of the best highlighters on the market. It claims to suit every skin tone.

        I am in love with this product, as I also am with moonbeam. It instantly brightens my complexion and accentuated my cheek bones which are otherwise none existent. It is a beautiful consistency and glides onto the skin. It is simple to blend, although when wearing it on top of makeup, you need to be careful that you don't wipe off the other make up underneath. It makes you look healthy and glowing if worn on bare skin, or the perfect finishing touch to your make up. The full size bottle is £17 but it lasts a very long time and is well worth it.

        1g of Lemon aid
        This is a colour correcting eyelid primer. The lemon yellow cream promises to hide any redness or discolouration on the eyelid area. It claims to make your eyes appear refreshed instantly and can be worn with or without make up. In order to apply the product, you pat it onto your skin and blend with your fingertips. The full size product can be bought for around £16

        In my opinion, this product does hide imperfections and acts as a good base for eye shadow. It really does brighten up your eyes and by doing so, brightens your whole appearance. You have to be careful that you don't apply too much or it does have the tendency to crease. A handy little product but I won't be buying the full size one.

        1.2g of Boi-ing
        This is described as an industrial strength concealer. This product promises to cover dark circles and imperfections without creasing or fading. To apply, simply pat onto the face with your fingertip. It leaves a natural finish while covering spots or any other little skin emergencies. The full priced product comes at around £16.

        In my opinion, this is a very good concealer. It's thick enough to cover imperfections without looking thick on the skin. There are three shades to choose from in the full sized product which costs around £16. It's easy to apply and glides on smoothly. I think this product is a must have.

        Overall, this product has won the Cosmopolitan Beauty Award for "fabulous face kit" and has been voted "favorite timesaver" by Child magazine in 2006 so it must be doing something right. Buying a product like this means that you don't have to splash out on each individual product. The ones included in this kit that you love can be bought again while the ones that you are not so keen on can be forgotten about. If you have the extra cash to splash, go for it!


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        10.02.2011 16:03
        Very helpful



        Not sure if it's just average make up disguised with posh packaging......


        Realness of Concealness is a make up pallet brought to us by the popular San Francisco based company; Benefit. A chic little box containing five of Benefits much hyped products. I bought it for myself a few years ago back in the day when I lived with my parents and all my money was for squandering on treats rather than paying the rent and bills as it mostly is now! The product is still on sale in stores and on the website today, and is a popular product, as most of the Benefit items seem to be.

        *~*~*~Who are Benefit?~*~*~*

        Benefit is a company that was formed in San Francisco by twins Jane and Jean Ford. What started as a single boutique in 1976 has grown in a major and successful brand that boasts over 2,000 counters worldwide and can be found in 30 different countries.

        Benefit bring us make up, skin care, and fragrance, with all of the products known for their quirky names, and kitsch packaging. Many Benefit products are designed to give quick fixes for various beauty dilemmas, such as a last minute pimple, bags under the eyes, or dull tired skin.

        This pallet-Realness of Concealness-is designed for hiding some of these various beauty miss-haps and is also portable-so it's perfect for those little problems that may happen when you're on the go! It is described by Benefit as a 'mini fake-it kit' and contains five of their most concealing and enhancing products.

        *~*~*~What is in This Pretty Little Box?~*~*~*

        Before I divulge what lies within the pallet, first comes' the box itself. Small and compact and perfect handbag size, I would say it's about the same size as a pack of cards, and let's face it, everyone has room for a pack of cards in their bag.

        The pallet itself comes in a brown cardboard sleeve that is covered in spots that are arranged in spiral patterns and says the words 'Realness of Concealness', 'mini fake-it kit' and the brand name 'Benefit' on it. Once you remove this cardboard sleeve, the actual pallet is decorated in the same way. Although I think of brown as a fairly dull colour, the makers of this manage to make it look cute and chic rather than dreary and bland. To me it looks like quite an expensive product and is the sort of thing that I would have to have a proper nosy at (as I did when I saw it in the shop which inevitably led to the purchase....)

        The cardboard sleeve works as protection for the pallet and is the only form of packaging used outside of the pallet itself. Once I got this home I discarded the cardboard sleeve and was left with actual product, which I was avidly looking forward to using. Upon opening the pallet I was pleased to see that the inside contained mini versions of the five Benefit goodies I had been expecting, as well as a small round built in mirror. The box itself has a magnetic strip on the inside which is used as a way of keeping the pallet closed when it is not in use. In my opinion, this is fantastic as it works very well at keeping the box shut, and I have never experienced any kind of make up leakage with this product whilst it has been swimming around in my handbag. Was the eye catching yet practical packaging all this make up had to offer, or would I be just as impressed with the contents too?

        Speaking of the contents, these are the following products:

        High Beam

        Lemon Aid

        Lip Plump


        Ooh La Lift

        Unless you are a Benefit fan you will probably we wondering what on earth these products actually are! The names of them are typical of Benefit's slightly quirky choices, which personally I like and to me it makes Benefit stand out from most other make up brands. All of these products come in a mini version in the Realness of Concealness set, which is mainly what made me choose it, and I wanted to try as many products as possible without buying them all at full size.

        Anyway, let me explain what each product actually does and my verdict on each one!

        *~*~*~Radiant and Glowing Skin? Yes Please~*~*~*

        The product I was most looking forward to trying was definitely 'High Beam' as I had heard so much about it, been told by friends that it was amazing, and it also been consistently described as a Benefit 'Top Seller.'

        I find it hard to describe what High Beam actually is as I've never come across anything like it before or since, but Benefit describe is as a 'luminescent complexion enhancer.' It is a pale pink liquid, and normally comes in a bottle very much like a nail varnish bottle, with the same kind of brush as one too.

        The mini version in this pallet comes in the same kind of bottle as a lip gloss, only a lot smaller. Like a lip gloss bottle, once you unscrew the lid, attached to it is a sponge wand applicator.

        To use High Beam, Benefit say that you should apply it to cheekbones and brow bones. I was shown by the Benefit consultant to place three dots of High Beam over each cheek bone and then blend in using my fingertips.

        The finished effect is supposed to be a healthy and radiant glow, and according to the Benefit website High Beam is known as a 'supermodel in a bottle.' After experimenting with this product I've found it can be applied to various places, but I definitely find that the cheek bones is the most effective for glowing and healthy looking skin!

        It can either be applied over your make up as a finishing touch, or if you're not wearing any make up you can just use it on its own if you think your skins looking a bit dull! I have quite pale skin and it suits me well, and I also have friends with slightly darker skin who it looks good on too. One for most skin tones I would say.

        The mini version of High Beam lasted me about 6 months and I was using it very frequently, although I have run out of it now. I have since purchased the full size version, which is around £18.50 for a 7g bottle (ouch!) You can probably now see why I decided to go for a set that includes mini versions of products rather than going for the full sized ones straight away!

        My verdict on the High Beam is a radiant 4/5 as I think it really does add a healthy sheen to my face and makes me glow (in a good way.) I also think it's a fairly unique product and can see why it is a top seller for Benefit. Despite its high price tag when bought as a full size product, the mini one included within the Realness of Concealness set has proved a much cheaper way to get many uses from this product.

        *~*~*~The Aid of Lemons?~*~*~*

        Onto the next product, which I had never heard of before making this purchase, it's called 'Lemon-Aid.' Described by Benefit as a 'colour correcting eyelid primer' this sounded very strange and I couldn't help thinking.....do I need the colour of my eyelids correcting? After all, I'd never really encountered a problem with the colour of them before to be honest.

        The Lemon-Aid is presented within the pallet as a small rectangular area-maybe the size of a postage stamp which is filled with this pale yellow primer. It is to be applied with finger tips over the eyelids to hide discolouration. As I mentioned, I had never thought of this as being something I needed, but after reading in the catalogue that it is mostly for tired eyes that look a bit red or sore, I could appreciate when this product might be handy. It also claims to brighten eyes, making them look refreshed, which let's face it is never going to be a bad thing.

        I have to say I was quite disappointed with this product and it was probably my least favourite out of the set. It is apparently supposed to blend into the skin, covering discolouration but not actually be visible, basically a concealer. However even after blending this product in well I could still see it on my eyelids and it just looked like I was wearing pale yellow eye shadow. This wasn't an altogether bad look, but it wasn't what I was after.

        It says in the catalogue that eye shadow can be applied on top of it, but surely eye shadow would cover up any discolouration anyway, therefore rendering this product pointless? I'm no make up expert but that's my opinion!

        For a full size version of this product it will set you back about £16.50 for a 2.7 gram compact with mirror. I frankly think this is an unnecessary buy and although I use my mini version of the product very occasionally I would never purchase the full sized one.

        I'll give the product 2.5/5 as although it leaves my eye lids pale yellow it does actually cover up redness and soreness. It is easy to apply with a fingertip and a nice firm yet creamy texture. Although like I said I find it a slightly pointless product and very rarely use it. Any make up item that leaves you with a choice of yellow eyelids or 'discoloured' eyelids can't be that good, can it?

        *~*~*~Plump up the Volume~*~*~*

        'Lip Plump' is next up from the pallet, a lip primer that claims to create full and sexy lips. This comes in a small plastic tube with a wand applicator, exactly the same as the High Beam. It glides onto lips fairly easily and is no problem to apply.

        It is described as being neutral toned but I find it a little browner that what I would call neutral. It is classed as a foundation or concealer within the Benefit range rather than lip make up. I guess it is essentially supposed to be a concealer for the lips, designed to fill in fine lines and smooth. This effect should apparently produce fuller looking lips.

        I actually quite like this product although I'm not sure it works as it's supposed to. As I mentioned it is quite brown in colour rather than neutral and looks quite nice as a lip colour but doesn't really make lips appear fuller. I also find it quite softening, probably due to the jojoba oil that it contains.

        The full size product is 2.5 grams and has an RRP of £14.50.

        I would give Lip Plump 3/5 as I don't really think it does what it's supposed to do but I do think it looks nice and softens lips.

        *~*~*~Boi-ing or Bor-ing?~*~*~*

        'Boi-ing' is a concealer which fills a small rectangular area in the pallet the same size at 'Lemon-Aid.' I wasn't very excited at this product and as someone who doesn't wear a lot of foundation or concealer, I didn't expect I would really bother with it.

        When you buy Boi-ing separately it comes in three different shades, and the one provided in this set is the middle one. I guess this is the one that will suit the most people, but there are still bound to be quite a few people purchasing this whose skin will simply be too dark or light for this concealer.

        For me it is a little too dark, but I can use it for the old blemish and dark circles under my eyes if I just use a little and blend it in well. It offers fairly good coverage and has quite a good firm texture. Purchased alone it is £16.50 for 3 grams and I can't see how this price is really justified. It is a very average concealer and there are other ones out there that are just as good and much cheaper!

        I would give this product 3/5 as it is an ok concealer but there is nothing too amazing about it and the colour probably won't suit everyone.

        *~*~*~Ooh la la I've had an Eyelift~*~*~*

        The final product in the Realness of Concealness set is 'Ooh La Lift' which is an 'under-eye brightening boost.' It is a pale pink liquid which comes in a tube the same as the High Beam and Lip Plump.

        It actually looks quite similar to the High Beam although I don't think this product is as good. To apply you simply blend a small amount under the eyes to perk up tired eyes and make them look brighter.

        Personally when I wear this I feel a little better but I think it's more down to a placebo effect rather then my eyes actually looking brighter! One thing I don't like about it is the feel of it under my eyes, it almost feels like I've been crying. The feeling of have a tear stained face is the best way I can explain it!

        I find this product a little gimmicky and feel it's not really needed, much like 'Lemon-Aid.' The full size product is £16.50 for 7 grams and I definitely won't be purchasing this!

        I will give this one 3/5 as it does work a tiny bit, but probably only because I know I've got it on! However, it doesn't make any drastic improvements on tired eyes and I don't like the feel of it on my skin.

        *~*~*~What Will it Set Me Back?~*~*~*

        The current RRP of this product is £23.50, only £1.00 more than it was when I bought it a few years ago. However this price as well as any other prices stated in this review are how much you will pay from a Benefit counter or the official website. A quick browse on Ebay and I've found several Realness of Concealness pallets for as little as £10 inc. P&P! I am shocked at this as I knew that it would be cheaper on Ebay but this is a huge discount that I was not expecting.

        *~*~*~Is it Worth it?~*~*~*

        I think the RRP of this product and in fact all Benefit products is too pricey. In general I am a fan of the brand, and some of the products are real gems. However I find some of them are very average products done up with fancy packaging and quirky names which seems to entitle them to a much higher price tag.

        In this instance, I think the price is a little more justifiable due to there being five products within it, albeit miniature versions. As someone who paid the RRP and purchased this set from a Benefit counter I don't think I would pay that again. Whether this is due to me being a little older and more sensible with money I'm not sure! I suspect it is more down to the product simply being overpriced. Out of the products within this set, I think two of them (High Beam and Lip Plump) are decent products whereas the other three are nothing special. I have used other make up brands which have been a fraction of Benefit's prices and worked just as well.

        If you were to buy the five products in this set separately and in the full sized versions at the RRP's then you would pay around £80! Thinking about this is the only way I can really justify buying this set at full price.

        However when I take into account the prices I found on Ebay it's a different ballgame altogether. I would definitely pay the lower prices of around £10 that some Ebay sellers are asking as this is a massive bargain in my opinion!

        *~*~*~How Can I Get My Grubby Little Mitts On It?~*~*~*

        Benefit is pretty easy stuff to get hold of, whether it be online or by the old fashioned method of actually entering a shop.

        The official Benefit website www.benefitcosmetics.co.uk sells all the products and you can also request your free catalogue from there which features all the products. You can also use the website to find out where your nearest counter, boutique, or brow bar is.

        I have only ever come across one boutique, which was in Covent Garden, but there are several others including a couple more London ones, one in Aylesbury, one in Essex and the flagship boutique on Carnaby Street. Obviously Benefit don't think that the North of England is worthy of one of it's boutiques as they do appear to be all down South! As a Northerner I find this highly insulting! (Not really but they could at least let us have one.) The boutiques are basically a whole shop of Benefit products, which also offer make up parties and various treatments such as waxing.

        The brow bars are more widely spread, and offer eyebrow waxing as well as other treatments, although I have never had anything like this done at a Benefit brow bar so I don't know how good these treatments are. I have however seen a price list and have the feeling that these are just regular treatments offered at over the top prices which they can feel can be justified due to the Benefit name!

        The counters are very easy to come across as there are loads of them about. Your best bet for finding a Benefit make up counter is to go to Boots or a large department store, including Harrods, Selfridges, House of Fraser, Fenwick's, John Lewis, and Debenhams.

        Ultimately though, it all comes down to Ebay, where there is many a Benefit bargain to be had. I have only purchased from a Benefit counter once, before I decided to check out if the products were much cheaper on Ebay-which they are as I mentioned earlier.

        *~*~*~Other Stuff I Thought I'd Share~*~*~*

        This is just a quick point about the Benefit counters, brow bars, and boutiques. Basically I have a real love/hate relationship with visiting a Benefit counter. I love looking at the products and all the beautiful packaging, trying the make up out, picking up the latest catalogue, and seeing if anything new has been released. However what I really hate is inevitably been accosted by one of the make up girls who really can be pushy! It is helpful when they apply products onto your face so you can see the results but the over the top sales patter afterwards just ruins the experience. I know they work on commission and want to make money but I personally am less likely to buy something if I feel someone is desperate to sell it to me, I feel it can cheapen a brand completely.

        *~*~*~A Purchase to Benefit From? Overall Verdict Y'all~*~*~*

        If you are someone who prides themselves on looking flawless then this is a handy little kit to have with you and I would recommend it. Definitely have a look on Ebay and save yourself a lot of cash if you're going to buy it.

        Also if you fancy trying some Benefit products then this is a great way to try five of them without buying a full sized one of each. Benefit sell various other make up pallets too so have a look at the others before deciding which one you think you'd get the most use out of.

        To Sum up:


        Overpriced if bought from Benefit
        A couple of the products in the set seem a little pointless
        The packaging and the names can sometimes mask pretty ordinary products


        Cute packaging
        Allows you to try a few different products
        Can be found at a decent price on Ebay
        Handy handbag size
        Good for using on the go

        I'm going to award 'Realness of Concealness' by Benefit 3/5 as I feel it is fairly average over all with a few good products in it as well as a couple of duds!

        Thank you for reading this rather long review!


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          06.02.2011 00:54
          Very helpful



          A bargainous set which is ideal for on the move!

          I am a huge benefit fan. In my younger (and more naive days) I bought just about everything they made. Although most products are very good, some don't cut the mustard, so these days I am more fussy about what I buy (and keep).

          One of my friends bought me this set for my birthday a couple of years back. Unbelievably it is still going strong, and I wouldn't hesitate to replace it when it finally breathes its last. The individual products would probably cost around £60+ to buy individually and although these are smaller sizes, the bargain price of £22 is very decent.

          It comes in a lovely little box, brown with beautiful little dots with 'realness of concealness' written on. Inside it has a little round mirror, three mini bottles of product, and two palette sections.

          The mini bottles are: high beam (highlighter), lip plump (skin coloured plumping product) and eye bright (light reflecting creme for the eye area). The two palettes are bo-ing (concealer) and lemon-aid (eyelid base).

          High beam is an excellent product. It is a shimmery pink liquid which is used to highlight the skin (cheekbones, brow line, anywhere you fancy really). The little sponge applicator is good and the product lasts ages. You need to rub it into your skin quite well so that you get nice highlighted bits rather than tell-tale lines.

          Lip plump I am not so sold on. It is a foundation colour product to 'dot' on your lips then spread so that your lips look fuller. I am not sure it works that well and it can make your lips look funny if you put too light a colour over it. I don't use this every time.

          Eye bright is a lovely pink colour and has a nice clean fragrance. It too has a sponge applicator for dotting around the eye area. It brightens up your skin and makes it feel soft. I notice a difference when I use it.

          Bo-ing concealer is probably one of benefits best selling products. It's a bit 'cult' as it is excellent for hiding dark circles. In this set it doesn't come with any applicator which may be a problem if you don't like sticking your fingers in products. It is great if you have bags under your eyes and is heavy enough to make a difference without looking obvious.

          Lemon-aid is good. It's a nice lemon colour and is applied across the eyelid. You can wear it on its own just to even out your skin tone, or it is also good as an eyeshadow base. It too goes on with the fingers and is a little hard to apply (especially if you have long nails). It lasts all day.

          I tend to take this with me anytime I go away from home - overnight at a friends, holiday, out on the town. It saves me a lot of space in my bag and prevents the hassle of carrying several single products. It would also make a perfect gift or a way to try a few products without loads of cost.

          It is available from benefitcosmetics.co.uk as well as most department stores (e.g. Debenhams and Frasers). If you are going through any of the UK airports, benefit products seem to be cropping up in the shops at slightly reduced prices, so keep an eye out!


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          22.12.2010 18:06



          A selection of products to conceal and enhance

          I really light benefit products and this kit has become one of my favourites.

          First of all, I really like the packaging. It's a good size for carrying with you, is quite kitsch and pretty and includes a handy mirror.

          My favourite products in the kit are 'High Beam' and 'Ooh La Lift'. The first is a really flattering highlighter that I think would suit any skin tone. I dab it on my cheekbones, under the arch of my eyebrows and in the cupids bow of my lips. It gives a lovely sheen and enhances the appearance of the skin wherever you use it. 'Ooh La Lift' is great for improving the appearance of under-eye circles. I gently dab it under my eyes and it has a lovely cooling effect and helps to 'de-puff' the area and is great to use before a concealer.

          There are three other products included in this kit: The 'Lip Plump' is a primer that can be used on the lips before applying gloss or lipstick. Personally, I am not a fan of this product and it didn't seem to make much difference to the apprearance of my lips. The 'Lemon Aid' eyelid primer helps to even out the skin tone of the eyelid and I found that it help eye shadow to stay in place and last without creasing, but it also seems to brighten eyes when worn alone. The 'Boi-ing' concealer is a lovely texture so can be applied to the skin easily, however 02 shade included in this kit was too dark for my quite pale skin but had the shade been correct this would have also been a lovely product and I have since used this product in the correct shade to great effect.


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          13.09.2010 11:37
          Very helpful



          A mini kit perfect for travelling or trying new products

          I was given this compact by a friend. She had just purchased her second one and had some left in her previous one so she let me have it because I was always admiring it whenever she got it out of her handbag.

          The compact is called 'realness of concealness' and under this title it says 'mini "fake-it" kit' because each product in the palette is to fake something... just like any makeup item.


          The kit costs £23.50 if you buy it in stores such as Debenhams or Boots however you can get it cheaper on Ebay. But you must watch out for fakes of Benefit products, there are loads of them out there and they will probably do more harm than good to the skin.


          It is a small box but unlike most cosmetics brands that have plastic cases this is a cardboard box. My friend absolutely loved this factor about it because she didn't have to worry about dropping it and everything crumbling inside however I really dislike this factor about Benefit products. It makes the products look much cheaper and part of the cardboard has come away from the packaging so I have to be careful that the separate bits do not fall out in the bag when I am carrying it.

          The box has a brown background with swirls of dots in red, orange blue and cream. On the back of the box it states what the box contains and how much it contains:

          Boi-ing 1.2g
          High Beam 2.5g
          Lemon Aid 1g
          Lip Plump 2.5g
          Ooh La Lift 2.5g

          Don't worry I will explain these in more detail. It also states how long the products in the box should last once the box is opened which range from 6 months to 12 months.

          Inside the box there are three small products in tube containers and 2 products as a palette. There is also a mirror (but this always has some product on from the kit so I never use it).

          ***Explanation of the products***

          Boi-ing is what Benefit calls an 'industrial strength concealer'. This comes in three shades if you buy it separately but in the set it has the medium shade number 2. For me this is too dark which is very frustrating but I could use it when I am tanned or for a night out. It is a concealer to cover dark circles and puffiness under the eyes to give that bright eyed look and it also helps to cover blemishes and shadows on the face. Separately from the kit this costs £16.50 for 3g.

          High Beam - this is one of my favourites in the set, it is an illuminator which Benefit suggests using on the cheekbones and above the eye brows but I use it quite differently. I either mix a few drops with my moisturiser or foundation to give an overall glow or I use it in place of my blusher. What I love about it is that it is not overly noticeable when on, but in certain lights it catches the shimmer of it which is really pretty. Separately from the kit this costs £17.50 for 7g and it comes in only one colour which is a light pink.

          Lemon aid is my second favourite product in the kit. It is a primer for eyeshadow to prevent it creasing. It can also be worn without eyeshadow on top just to neutralise the colour of the eyelids. Separately from the kit this costs £16.50 for 2.7g.

          Lip plump is the product that I dislike the most - I think it is a gimmick that is unnecessary. It is supposed to be applied before lipstick to give a plumping effect to the lips. It is brown in colour and is also supposed to fill in lines to the lips to create sexier, fuller lips. But I feel like it does nothing to my lips and it also makes my lipstick look cakey and dry when I apply it over this. But some people must love this lip plump because it has been going since 1995 but it is not for me. Separately from the kit this costs £14.50 for 2.5g.

          The last product in the kit is Ooh La Lift. This is an eye brightener. The consistency is between an eye cream and eye concealer. It blends very quickly. It is light pink in colour and contains light reflecting pigments. However I think this product is also unnecessary because I already use an eye cream and under eye concealer so when am I supposed to apply this? My friend told me after the eye cream and before the concealer to apply it, but that is 3 items for under my eyes which in my opinion is too much. So I use this occasionally when I am getting ready to go out in the evening when I wouldn't apply eye cream. Separately from the kit this costs £15.50 for 7g.

          ***My Verdict ***

          I have had the kit for a month now and there wasn't a whole lot left in after my friend gave it to me but I have still not run out. I think it is a great idea to create kits like this, either for people who travel a lot so do not want to take full size products away with them. Or they are great for people to try a range of products to see which they like and dislike before buying them in full sizes. I wouldn't buy the kit again but I would certainly buy the Lemon Aid and High Beam in full sizes.

          Highly recommended for those who would like to try some new makeup items without breaking the bank.


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            26.05.2010 13:26
            Very helpful
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            Worth giving it a try to see if it works for you and great for on-the-go.

            Benefit are a well-known manufacturer of cosmetics and body products. Their style and packaging has appeal to many women, and I have always wanted to try out their items but shied off because of the expensive price tags. Compared to some designer products you could say Benefit are reasonably priced, but it's a bit beyond the usual budget that I allow myself for this sort of item. This kit seemed like a fantastic way to introduce myself to the brand, as I managed to find it on ebay at the price of ~£15 including p&p, and included in this you get 5 compact versions of some of Benefit's bestselling products. The usual retail price is £22.50 so I was happy with my saving. The RRP to buy all 5 full size items works out as a whopping £79.50, and this is a good way to try before you splash out on the full size products.

            Realness of Concealness is a small flip top compact with a magnetic sealing panel and a small mirror inside the lid. The products contained are:
            -boi-ing, 1.20g
            -lemon aid, 1.0g
            -high beam, 2.5g
            -lip plump, 2.5g
            -ooh la lift, 2.5g

            Let's start with Boi-Ing, which is a strong concealer to target dark under-eye circles. I am unlucky enough to suffer with dark circles constantly, regardless of the levels of sleep I'm getting so this is a big problem for me. I have very pale skin so they stand out even more. The shade in the Realness of Concealness kit is 02 medium, which was a little too dark to properly suit my skin tone, but the full-size product is also available in shade 01 fair, and shade 03 deep.
            Boi-Ing is a near-magical product in that it provides me with excellent coverage and really balances the marks under my eyes. The cream is thick and easy to spread on with your fingertips. It stays quite well but I usually have to re-apply later in the day if I am going out again in the evening. I found that this was the first part of the kit that I completely used up, as I was applying every day. It can be a little hard to get out of the moulded section once you have worn it down in the centre, and it would sometimes get caught up underneath my nails. Since then I have bought the full-sized product in the fair shade and I wouldn't be without it! It's also a good cover-up for blemishes so I get a lot of use out of it.

            LEMON AID
            For me, this was the other star performer of the set. You are supposed to apply it to the upper eye lid to give an even skintone and flawless look. This also provides you with a good base for applying eyeshadow. To be honest I didn't see the point in this. I thought that it would have very little effect and be a waste of time in my beauty routine. Wow was I surprised! It covers perfectly and makes a really even look, once you have removed it that is when you really notice the difference. I had no idea that the small veins over my lids were so visible, and they totally disappear when I have this on. Lemon-Aid is now something I would not consider skipping! Gives your eyes an instant open look and when used with the Boi-Ing for undereyes it creates a really strong impact, your eyes will instantly look more awake and this helps you look healthier. Again, in this case it is hard to scrape out the last bits of the product from the container. I usually use the side of my finger to avoid scraping it.

            HIGH BEAM
            This is a highlighting cream that you can apply of cheek and brow bones to give you beautiful glowing skin. It comes in a screw top tube with a sponge applicator. The product is faultless, it gives a gorgeous pinky glow with a slight hint of gold. I usually sweep this over my eyelids and up to the brow bone, and then dot onto my cheeps and rub in for a subtle impact over my foundation. It's the type of thing you can wear everyday as part of your natural look, but it really finishes an evening look and can be very dramatic if you wear with some dark eye make up or stunning red lipstick. This is something I would consider buying again, depending on the way that the full-size version is packaged. In the small version it is very hard to the entire product out of the tube, and there is loads of it stuck in the bottom which I cannot really use, and I hate to waste things so this is the only negative here for me.

            LIP PLUMP
            This is a plumping effect lip cream that you use as a primer before your usual lipstick. It's a thick and creamy beige coloured lotion that spreads easily. It comes in a screw top tube with a sponge applicator. The colour really stands out against your lips and looks most unnatural so I would never just use this on its own. It made my lips tingle for a short while after putting it on, but I never noticed any sort of difference in the plumpness of my lips. It is also really difficult to apply your lipstick over this as the colour shows through and the cream rubs off onto your lipstick. It might work better using a lip brush. Because it was so ineffective for me I would not bother using it again, I still have half the tube left.

            OOH LA LIFT
            This one is an undereye cream that can be used to treat tired eyes. It contains light reflecting pigments and can be used under or over your makeup. It comes in a screw top tube with a sponge applicator. Unfortunately this one proved to be a dud for me. No noticeable result, and it ran out really quickly. I would not recommend it as it made my skin feel greasy and did not brighten my eyes or help with the dark circles. I did not see any extra benefit from using this with the Boi-Ing concealer, the concealer on it's own did a great job and this didn't give it any boost.

            I've given 3 stars to reflect that I liked 3 out of the 5 products contained within this little kit. However the good ones would get a five if I was rating them separately. I may provide individual reviews in the future that go into more detail about each product. As a compact set to carry around in your handbag it's pretty useful, but not everything worked for me.


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              18.03.2010 18:48
              Very helpful



              Worth it as a treat!

              I am slightly biased to reviewing Benefit products because i do LOVE them! But i will speak honestly...
              This comes in a cute little box with a magnetic lid and mirror, ideal for your handbag and contains five sample sizes of some of their most popular items.
              The yellow cream is Lemon Aid which is used on the eyelids to combat discoloration, also used as an eyeshadow base to prolong the wear of the shadow. It does what it says but i find it quite thick so it cant spread very easily.
              The other cream is Boi-ing. This is an under eye and blemish concealer. I do recommend this. You dont get much in this box but its ideal for a taster to see if you do like it before spending out on it.
              The three little bottle samples are super cute;
              Highbeam is applied on the cheekbones and brow bone to highlight the area. I do really like this and i have got a full size bottle which has nearly ran out but several companys now do a similar item, including Primark for a fraction of the price.
              Ooh la lift is applied under the eye to do exactly what it says on the bottle. I didnt personally see a difference but then again my eyes dont really need lifting.
              And finally Lip plump does exactly what it says. After a while after applying they were deff plumped, and with a lovely natural sheen i cant complain.
              So all in all i would recommend this if you are new to Benefit and fancy trying out a few items all at once before paying out loads of money inividually. This retails in Boots at £23.50 which i think is slightly expensive for the amount you get but for the variety you get it works out ok.


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              09.03.2010 18:58



              excellent benefit touch up kit

              I have loved Benefit make-up ever since i tried a friends 'Bad gal' eyeliner in my first year of university. so when i spotted the mini fake it kit 'Realness of Concealness' i got a little excited and decided to give it a go six months on and it's still a regular feature in my beauty touch up regime. it contains a small pallet of lemon aid, a small pallet of boi-ing, a mini ooh la lift, a mini lip plump, and a mini high beam thats five products in a kit small enough to fit in your going out clutch bag. and as with all benefit products the quality is fab. smooths onto skin easily and blends in well. because it is a touch up kit the amounts do last a long time however if you are intending to use it as your everyday make- up before you go anywhere there isn't enough for it to last very long.
              overall its worth a go.


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              10.02.2010 14:39
              Very helpful



              Go to the counter and see what works- no need to buy testers

              Honestly, just buy yourself a pot of high beam and boi-ing concelear.
              This is a good kit to see what actually works for you rather than buy the bigger pot and find out its a bit rubbish.

              I have particularly dark circles under my eyes and the boi-ing concelear covers it well (worth getting), but the lemon-aid doesn't do what it says on the tin, it doesn't sort out my discolouration around my eyes at all.

              High beam is AMAZING. The definition it gives to your cheek bones makes a total difference to your overall look espically in photographs and is great for holidays when you don't really want to wear make-up.

              Lip-plump is not really that good if you wear particlarly light shades of lipstick and doesn't really plump (your better off getting a plumping gloss for that- you know the ones that give you that tingly sensation).

              Good for a present, they can see what they like. If its for you and you want to see what works- just go to the girls at the benefit counter and have a go there.


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              07.02.2010 23:50
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              A nice kit to try out benefit products

              For my last birthday I did drop some hints to my friends about not having any suitable make up for going out without dressing up, lunches etc and one of my friends got me the Benefit Realness of Concealness kit. I was very pleased at this sophisticated little kit, although it shows what different attitudes to make up we have as I just meant that I didn't have any eyeshadow that wasn't glittery! Let me just clarify here that I am certainly no make up expert and only wear any on special occasions.

              This is a very nice looking kit, in a small box that you could easily fit into a reasonable size handbag, it contains five mini samples of Benefit products, a small mirror and I have just looked it up on Boots - it costs a whopping £23.50, a lot more than I would normally spend! I was quite excited to use this kit when getting ready for various birthday outings and being a bit of a novice had to keep referring to the handy leaflet which explains what each of the products are.

              Ooh La Lift (in bottle) to brighten, lighten and tighten the eye area. I dotted some under my eye and blended it in with my fingers but didn't really notice any effect

              Lemon Aid (on palette) to correct discolouration on eyelids. I obviously have never paid enough attention to my eyelids as I haven't noticed any discolouration. I decided to blend a bit just under my eyebrows as the rest would be covered up by makeup, it did make my eyes look a bit brighter.

              Lip Plump (in bottle) to prime, smooth and plump lips. I don't bother with lipstick so it was probably a bit of a waste of time using this, it made my lips look like I'd put foundation on them but that wore off quickly with no noticeable difference.

              (This isn't looking good so far, but I've saved the best for last)

              Boi-ing (on palette) to hide even the darkest under eye circles. This is a very heavy duty concealer and a product I've been using regularly under my eyes and as a concealer for spots. It looks like a much darker colour than I would normally use but I only use a little and blend it well and it looks fine and really does the job well.

              Hi-Beam (in bottle) to give your skin an ethereal glow. Well, I don't know about that but I used a bit on my cheekbones and it was a nice shimmery highlighter.

              Summary: Using all of the products in this kit makes me feel very 'made up' and also very grown up. I will definitely keep using them and there are a couple I would consider splashing out on full size when they are used up. Its also worth considering that the lack of effect with the other products might be due to my cosmetic naivety (but I did do what it said!)


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            • Product Details

              This mini fake-it kit has it all! Sometimes a little concealing and perking up is all you need / It doesn't take a makeover, just this crafty little kit containing our famous concealers and enhancers / Kit contains: lemon-aid to correct discoloration on eyelids; boi-ing to hide even the darkest under eye circles; ooh la lift to brighten, lighten and tighten the eye area; lip plump to prime, smooth, and plump lips; and high beam to give your skin an ethereal glow /

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