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Benefit She's So Jetset Kit

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Brand: Benefit / Type: Gifts & Sets

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    3 Reviews
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      31.12.2013 17:41
      Very helpful



      Handy kit to have

      Why did I buy this?
      I had originally bought this as a present for a friend, but I liked it so much that I kept it for myself!  I buy the Benefit sets usually rather than the individual items as, although the items are smaller sized they usually contain everything I need, particularly since I only wear makeup at weekends.  This set was designed for those on the go, everything you need for a natural makeup look is contained inside.  It's small enough that you can slip into your handbag if you're on holiday or a weekend away. 
      Who are Benefit?
      Benefit are a cult makeup brand whose journey was started by twin sisters Jean and Jane Ford in the 1970's.  Their 'Fake it until you make it' range was an instant hit and as they say, the rest is history!  I am a bit fan of this brand, as most of the products make a real difference and they do make a difference to my skin. 
      What does this set contain?
      4 shade eyeshadow palette
      7.5ml tube of the POREfessional primer
      4g tube of they're real! mascara
      first-class face powder with brush
      5.2ml lip gloss in life on the A list,
      double-ended applicator
      They're real is one of the best selling mascaras in the UK and it's easy to see why.  This mascara does lengthen and thicken my lashes and the small brush is surprisingly easy to use - in fact I prefer the smaller brush to the one that came with my full sized They're real.  You can also use a blob of the mascara as an eyeliner if you're looking for a more intense eye make up effect. 
      The POREfessional has the claim of best selling primer in the UK.  I have reviewed this before, and it is a favourite of mine. It leaves my skin feeling silky soft, and looking better, as well as blurring fine lines and large pores.
      The lipgloss is a pale peach colour. While this wouldn't be my first choice for a lip colour, it does leave a slight glossy sheen after application. It's not a favourite gloss of mine though, as I find it's slightly sticky, but I add some of this on top of my normal gloss for a little added shimmer. I do wish that it was an applicator rather than a bruush that was supplied with the set, but this could be a personal opinion.
      The colours in this set are Champagne Please (beige champagne), Gold Card (buttery gold),Pretty in Mink (golden brown) and Elegant Espresso (dark chocolate brown) I really like the colours of eyeshadow that is in this set, as I tend to wear earthy shades, and these colours are perfect for both day and evening wear.  They are very easy to layer up to produce a more intense effect, and also very easy to blend.  I like the slightly tapered tipped applicators, it means that getting the darker colour around my lash line is easy to achieve.  My only criticism about these shadows is that I wish they were slightly more pigmented, but I do like the overall effect that I can achieve with these eyeshadows. 

      The powder is a limited edition shade and is only available as part of this set.  It is a pale pink and I use it mainly as a blusher, though I do occasionally dust some on as a highlighter.  When I use it as a blusher, it just gives me a cheeky looking flush to my skin, and looks very natural. I like the small brush that you get in this set, though others may disagree. 

      The box comes with a mirror in the lid, and also as it is a strong, sturdy box, it can be used for keepsakes after all the products have been used. There is also a hints and tips booklet included as well.

      My thoughts

      I find this set very handy as it contains everything I need apart from foundation.  It's also great for travel as everything is in one place and handy for touch ups.  While it's not the cheapest, I have found that the items in the set are all high quality and long lasting.  This was a limited edition set, but you can still find it on the internet, and if you are a Benefit fan, I would definitely recommend this as an addition to your collection.  I did also notice that this was available on FlyBe flights, think the cost was around £27.

      My only real criticism of this set would be the lip gloss, but I still do get some used out of it, so can't complain too much.


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        19.07.2013 18:56
        Very helpful



        benefit boxes are definitely worth it!

        During the sales at Christmas in 2012, I decided that no matter what else I brought - 'They're Real' needed to be in my life! After plenty of debate in Benefit (and almost purchasing half of the store without question) I was tempted into trying this make-up kit by one of the girls that worked there. The aim of this box is basically to give you some of Benefit's 'must have' products in a handbag sized box so that if you're travelling all your needs are met in one place!

        The first thing that attracted me to this box was the beautiful packaging, Benefit always do so well with the prettiness! The little aeroplanes add such a lovely detail to the box which is one of the things I like - the small details :) I also really like the colours, pink and gold being my favourites! After all of the products are used up, the metallic make-up tray can be removed so that you can use this box for storage - more make-up anyone!?

        Inside the box you have a minature porefessional, 4 smokey eye eyeshadows with applicator, first class face powder blush with brush, lipgloss (life on the a list) and they're real mascara. Inside the box you also get a handy 'tips and tricks' leaflet which teaches you how to apply the products to get the best benefits. I'll just give you a brief summary of each of the products inside because I do want to review some individually at a later date.

        Porefessional is a product I hadn't really tried before but I had read lots of reviews on so I was quite chuffed that it was included. Despite only being a little sample 7.5ml its lasted me quite a few trips and I absolutely love the consistency and how it works so well with my skin.

        The eyeshadow palette consists of 4 colours, all of which help to produce a really lovely make-up look. I actually use this as a more everyday palette because I can't get enough of the shades - I keep meaning to go and purchase them separately to this box so I don't run out! Champagne please and pretty in mink look lovely together. I actually used this palette in my every day makeup tutorial on my youtube channel. I haven't really used the applicator because I prefer to use my brushes, but when I have they were more than useful but just not as well blended as when I use a brush.

        First class face powder consists of two really perfect shades, although maybe not for everyone. The pinks are really light but give cheeks a lovely fresh rosy look. I normally apply this with a blush brush but when I've used the one given with the box I find that not much product comes away and goes onto my cheek - even though its really well pigmented! That was a little bit of a let down but I won't let it sway my whole judgement.

        Life on the a list is the first lip gloss that I've tried from Benefit and I will definitely be repurchasing and maybe selecting some other shades. It isn't at all sticky and goes on really nicely without feeling too thick or gooey. I really like that the wand is a brush because it is so much better that a regular wand! The colouring is quite neutral and not too pink meaning it goes with almost every look - perfect for me as I'm mad on shades which go with everything.

        Lastly, They're Real. By far the most hyped product in the beauty world. I have a full sized version of this which I use for every day but this little one goes with me on travel - more space in my make-up bag for other beauty essentials! The size of this is quite reasonable and has lasted me quite a long time so I know I won't be running out any time soon.

        In true Benefit fashion, this box is quite pricey but its definitely worth the money. I always take this box away with me to save valuable make-up space, its got 90% of the things I need! (minus foundation and eyeliner but lets not get too fussy). The only thing I could really fault is the brush but I don't think its something to really down the box for. Its the right size for travel and for only £19 in the sale I couldn't really go wrong!


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        27.06.2013 11:50
        Very helpful



        Definitely worth treating yourself to!

        I am an absolute sucker for make-up gift sets. I'm not sure what it is about them that draws me in, but I love anything that comes as a selection in a box. My guilty pleasure is the Benefit range because they do a great selection of little make-up palettes and the like. This usually sees me parting with my money at airports especially because I figure if you can't treat yourself on holiday, when can you treat yourself? Problem is I work from an airport, so it isn't just on holiday that I treat myself. Oops. Anyway during one of my regular trips through the duty free shop, I spotted the latest offering from Benefit, which is this fabulous She's So Jetset collection. Benefit rather cutely say 'It's First Class Beautification In A Box' and I have to say that I agree.

        ===What's In The Set and Is It Any Good?===

        The first item is a small 7.5ml squeezy tube of Porefessional, which is a multifunctional balm. It can be used under make up to give you smoother skin and to make your make-up stay. The great thing about it is that you can also use it over the top of make-up to touch up throughout the day. I love this stuff for many reasons. I actually think it does a fantastic job of giving smooth skin. It is a light beige colour, but it blends in to look invisible on your skin. I was worried that it would be too pale for my fairly dark skin but it actually does blend into my skin brilliantly and doesn't change my colour or tone. It does make my skin really smooth too. I tried it when I first got it on the back of my hand to see what happened and I could actually see how it filled in the little lines, which is pretty impressive. It works really well over the top of make-up too if you gently dab it in. I find that it doesn't smudge my make-up at all but it works to cover up blemishes that have appeared after my make-up has rubbed off a bit during the day. You don't need very much of it to have an effect and the design of the tube helps here because there is a tiny little hole in the top, which means that you don't end up getting it everywhere. The last thing I love about it is that it actually smells really nice. I tend to find that make-up has a bit of a chemically smell to it, but this smells quite fragrant, almost like a light perfume. It isn't so strong though that it is overpowering when you put it on. I'll definitely be buying a bigger bottle of this stuff when the tube in this set has run out.

        The second thing in the set is a four colour eye shadow palette. The four colours are Champagne Please, Gold Card, Pretty in Mink and Elegant Espresso which are all shades of brown. I don't tend to wear bright and brash colours of eye shadow when I wear it, so these four are perfect for me. The shadows all have a little bit of shimmer in them which is gives a really nice effect. Champagne Please is a really pale beige colour that makes it a really good base colour for the day look if you go over the contour line with Pretty In Mink, which is a light chocolatey brown colour. Gold Card is a rich gold colour as you might imagine and it works really well as a base coat for the dark brown of Elegant Espresso for an evening look. I also use Champagne Please as a highlighter on my cheek bones and Elegant Espresso and a really thin brush to make an eye liner effect to give a more striking look.

        There is a double ended spongy eye brush in the set. I only tend to use this when I am on holiday and can't take my whole make up bag with me because it is quite short. I personally prefer a brush to these spongy type applicators, but this does a fairly good job in a pinch. The two ends are different sized; one end is bigger which makes it ideal for covering your eye lid with one of the lighter colours, whereas the other end is much narrower so you can get a good line over your contour as you have more control over it.

        Next is the First Class Face Powder which comes with a little brush. The brush is one of those little flat ones but it is not at all cheap and nasty. I was very pleasantly surprised by it because the bristles on it are so soft and flexible that it is actually a really good brush for applying face powder. The powder itself is actually two shades; the first is a very pale peachy colour and the second a fairly bright pink colour. The idea is that you swirl your brush over the two colours to get a more neutral and natural look. I think it is a nice effect and it does a good job of highlighting my cheekbones. I actually find that the lighter powder makes a good highlighter and I use it under my eyes to lighten the area there a bit.

        Next in the set is the Life On The A List lip gloss which is one of the best products in the set for me. It is quite a decent sized product at just over 5ml. I might sound a bit like I am obsessing over the smell of things, but this smells lovely too; it's got a really fruity scent and I love wearing it. The gloss is quite pale, but it gives my lips a really nice shimmer whilst still looking natural. I find that it is quite sticky when you first apply it but this wears off after a few minutes and I find that it stays on quite well. It is no match for heavy duty eating and drinking but it lasts well for every day wear.

        The last product in the set is the ultra-popular They're Real mascara. We sell this where I work and it is one of the fast selling products we've had for very good reason. The mascara is a miniature but it is still a good sized bottle at 4ml. I like this mascara a lot because it is does a really good job of lengthening my lashes so that they look quite bold but not ridiculously long or fake. I have a nasty habit of rubbing my eyes too but this mascara is quite steadfast which is excellent.

        ===Sounds Good, Is There Anything Else Great About It?===

        The 'benefits' (do you see what I did there?!) keep coming. There is a brilliant instruction leaflet in the set, which is something that tends to come in most Benefit sets. These leaflets are really handy and they have good step by step instructions on how to best use the make-up. There is also a decent sized mirror on the inside lid of the set. The set comes with a plastic cover that sits on top of the make-up. I'd recommend not throwing this away as soon as you open it as it is really good to protect the powders and stop them covering the mirror in mess.

        The thing I love most about this set is that it has everything I need for travelling. I often find that sets like these focus on one area and miss other important make-up items out but this literally does have everything I need. The box is about eight inches wide by about four inches so it isn't the smallest, but it is small enough that you can stick it in your handbag which is really handy. It is a good enough size too that it makes a really good present for somebody else because it looks quite substantial. I was so happy with my set that I have already bought three more for my sister, mum and neice. The colours are quite neutral so that it is suitable for all ages and it is really good for everyday wear, but you can also vamp it up a bit for evening wear or party wear.

        ===Is There Anything At All Bad About It?===

        It might seem impossible, but there is genuinely nothing about it that I don't like. If I was being super picky I'd say that I'd prefer a brush to the sponge eye shadow applicator, but that really is being picky!

        ===Price and Availability===

        The gift set is £25 which I think is exceptionally good value for money. I know all the products in it are smaller than the full sized ones, but to give you an idea of the value the mascara would be about £20 for an 8ml bottle (so this one is about half that size), the Porefessional is just over £20 for a 22ml bottle and the lip gloss is about £12 for a tube the size you get in the set. I've had the set for a couple of months now and I have hardly used any of even though I do use it on quite a regular basis so I can see it lasting for a long time. The set is currently available on airlines and in airports at this price. I had a quick look on the internet and the only place I can find it available apart from the airlines and airports is at John Lewis, but they say it is temporarily out of stock due to popular demand. You can get it from the Benefit USA website for $36 plus post and packaging if you can't wait for John Lewis or the next holiday!


        I think it is pretty clear that my answer to this is going to be a resounding yes! The She's All That Jetset is really worthy of five out of five stars. The kit has a really funky design that makes it a fabulous present for all age groups. Apart from that it has everything you need for an instant makeover and it is excellent value for money so you don't need to feel guilty about treating yourself to it either. Definitely recommended, so look out for it when you are next passing through the airport!


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      • Product Details

        Upgrade your look in an instant / Benefit's post and polished make-up kit brings out the jet-setter in you / Follow the 'in-flight' make-up manual for an effortlessly glamorous look on eyes, lips and cheeks / Lift off to lovely! / Benefit She's So Jetset Kit contains: Benefit 4 Shade Eyeshadow Palette 7 / 0g / Benefit The POREfessional 7 / 5ml / Benefit They're Real! 4 / 0g / Benefit First Class Face Powder with Brush 3 / 0g / Benefit Life on the a List Lipgloss 5 / 2ml / Double Ended Sponge Applicator / Please note that Benefit is available to customers in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden only /

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