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Benefit Thrrob

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3 Reviews

Brand: Benefit / Type: Face Powder

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    3 Reviews
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      17.11.2012 01:26
      Very helpful
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      I'm thrrrilled with Thrrrob! Despite buying it partly for the cute box it is too big for my MU bag!

      My previous blusher was getting old and due to overuse the product only remained around the outside of my old compact so I knew it was time for a new blusher.
      I bought Thrrrob box of powder by Benefit as I had seen these little boxes that Benefit make for their products and I quite fancied one.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      It is available from most department stores and some larger Boots stores for £23.50. It is currently reduced on www.debenhams.co.uk to £21.15 with free delivery.

      ~ Packaging ~
      The box is made from a thick rigid cardboard with a red and pink lace up design on the front of the box and the word 'thrrrob' at the bottom and the word 'benefit' in small letters in the top right hand corner of the box.
      The front of the box also tells you that there is 12g of product in the box.
      The box is a square shape. It is around 2 inches by 2 inches and is around an inch tall.
      The bottom of the box has a large label with a list of the ingredients, contact addresses etc. on. It also says, 'Brush across cheekbones, forehead and chin & let the excitement begin!'. It also mentions to avoid the eye area.
      The box is easy to open. The lid just needs to be gently pulled off to reveal a blusher brush. This sits in a clear plastic tray which is removed to reveal the pink blusher.
      I think the packaging for many of Benefit's products including this one seem to be aimed at the teenage market.

      ~ Use ~
      As I have mentioned before in make-up reviews I find that when a make-up product comes with a brush or applicator I feel inclined to use it rather than my own make-up brushes.
      The brush that comes with this blusher looks quite nice. It is over an inch wide and less than a centimetre thick. The 'handle' is black and rectangular shaped and the bristles are white and pink and feel very soft on your skin.
      Using this brush with this blusher is something I find awkward. The brush is so wide that it is hard to apply the blusher where you want it. Instead it goes where you want it and another few centimetres up your face.
      Although I keep Thrrrob with its brush, I prefer to use it with my own blusher brushes as I find them more precise and they are much better quality than the one that comes with this blusher.
      I have very pale skin and the pink of this blusher looks nice against it.
      When applied correctly with my own brush, this gives me a lovely glow. The blusher is matte and is a very fine powder and it looks to be of very good quality both in the box and on my skin.
      It is exactly the look I want from a blusher and I have found it to be long lasting.
      I do often carry it around with me in my make-up bag even though I do feel it is a bit large. I wouldn't like to carry it around separately in my handbag as I imagine the lid would come off quite easily and the powder could get damaged.

      ~ Overall ~
      Overall I am thrrrilled with Thrrrob! I think it is a great blusher and although it is pricey, it comes with a rubbish brush and the packaging size is aimed more at your dressing table than your make-up bag, I think the quality and the final look achieved makes up for it!
      I would recommend this blusher for anyone who applies their blusher at home as it can be awkward to carry around with you. It would be fine if the box wasn't so tall.
      I really like this blusher and I'm happy with it for the moment, but when it's all gone I don't imagine I will buy this blusher again due to the inconvenient size of it. I imagine that Benefit can't be the only company making fantastic quality blusher, so I will look elsewhere for something more practical next time, but I am pleased with this product for now.


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        04.03.2012 22:40
        Very helpful



        Unfortunately this shade isn't for my pale skin.

        I purchased this Benefit Thrrrob 'box of powder' after having owned Benefit's Coralista and loving it. They are both blushers, but the coralista is s slightly darker shade compared to 'Thrrrrob'.

        The shade is exactly how it appears in the image above, a very light pink. I think this is one of the lightest shades of blusher that Benefit do. The shade is exactly what made me want to buy the blusher, as I thought it would make a nice change, and the lighter one would be perfect for wearing during the day, as opposed to Coralista which I usually wear on a night time.

        The blusher comes in a little box which contains a brush. I love the brush as it can easily be carried around in the box and so I don't end up getting traces of powder in my bag from carrying a brush around separately, and also I think the brush is the perfect size for an easy application. My Thrrrob powder does not come with a mirror included, but Benefit have recently started including mirrors in them now, as I recently purchased a new tub of Coralista which has one included. The lid also no longer comes off completely, and is now attached to one side of the box, so it can be lifted off, but not completely.

        I have quite pale skin, and I only ever really use fake tan or bronzer on my face for a night out. As I bought this mainly to wear during the day, this is mostly when I have pale skin. Unfortunately, this is also when the blusher isn't that noticeable on my skin. I have to apply a lot more of the powder to my cheeks than I am used to applying, to really notice a hint of colour. The shade is so subtle on fair skin. I also have to apply this frequently throughout the day as I cannot notice it much on my skin after a couple of hours, unlike I do with the Coralista one.

        You can apply this blusher not only on your cheekbones but also your forehead and chin for a nice subtle pink glow. I do like to apply it on my forehead and never actually thought of doing this before until one of the shop assistants at the Benefit counter in Debenhams recommended me to try it!

        This blusher stands out on my skin more when it is tanned or bronzed, so when I am wearing it on a night out. It is nice but I prefer the Coralista and so I won't be purchasing the Thrrrob shade again. I think it would be better suited for those with naturally darker skin.

        This Benefit Thrrrob blusher is available from Benefit counters which can be found in Debenhams, some Boots stores, House of Fraser and also online directly from the Benefit website. It is priced at £23.50 for 12g, so it is pricey and this is the reason why I won't be purchasing this again. I do like how this shade looks when applying it on my forehead, but I'm not willing to pay £23.50 for this as I mainly want my blusher for my cheeks, and so when I have ran out of this I will be sticking to the Coralista by Benefit instead.


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          06.01.2012 21:18
          Very helpful



          A great pink blusher

          I am a huge fan of Benefit Cosmetics fan and quite a few products in my make up bag happen to be from the Benefit range. Benefit is an American brand which achieved cult status with its chic 50s themed packaged and has gone from strength to strength since coming across the pond. Benefit products are just a little more special in my opinion as they have created products which are quite inventive and creative teamed with packaging which alone is worth buying because it is just so unique.

          I have already reviewed several Benefit products but the one I am reviewing today is Benefit Thrrrob and amazing it wasn't already in the Dooyoo catalogue. It has now been discontinued by Benefit UK which is a real shame but no doubt there will be a replacement product at some point. Benefit Thrrob is a blusher which is supposed to give you a natural looking cheek colour and to bring out the natural colour tones in your cheek should you start to flush!

          What Benefit say about Thrrrob:

          "Our cool pink powder recreates the flirty flush you get when your heart races. This pulse-racing shade is a turn on day or night!"

          Benefit Thrrrob like the other Benefit blushers comes in a small compact box which features a corset design on the front making it look a little bit provocative but in a sultry, sexy way which is typical of Benefit. Inside the box itself there is a little clear tray which holds a natural bristled blusher brush which has slightly pink bristles. On the base of the box there are the ingredients as well as instructions and of course contact information for Benefit - all of which is pretty standard for any cosmetic product.

          Personally I don't use the brush that comes with Thrrrob as I find it's rectangular shape hard to deal with especially when you are trying to get an even coverage along your cheek bones. I prefer to use an angled blusher brush but obviously each to their own as no doubt some users of Benefit's blushers use the brush that comes with it. Thrrrob is a sweet, candy floss coloured blusher which is actually quite bright compared to other pink blushers and I was a bit concerned that I would end up having bright pink cheeks, sporting a clown look!

          Applying Thrrrob is not difficult but Benefit to advise to steer clear of the eye areas and just to apply along your cheekbones and forehead should you want to. Applying it over your eyelids may lead to them looking redder which is certainly not a good look. To get a lovely, even look you simply need to lightly dab your brush of choice onto the blusher itself and then sweep onto your cheeks. I quickly found with Thrrrob that you really do not need to use a lot to get a lovely pink glow and it is far too easy to get the clown look so use with caution! The blusher contains a lovely subtle shimmer which is only just about noticeable but just enough to add a touch of sparkle making it suitable for both day and night wear.

          What I like about this blusher is that the powder is ultra fine so if you wanted that builded up look then this probably won't be the blusher for you as it would take ages to get that real blusher look. But what it does give is a lovely delicate pink colour to your cheekbones without looking false. I have naturally olive skin and it really does suit my skin tone as it blends in easily without being in your face. Even though it is fine in texture when you put your brush onto it you don't get a pink dust cloud at all so you don't get excess on your brush which is great.

          The lasting properties for Thrrrob is actually quite impressive. I generally apply it around 8am in the morning (on work mornings) and still by lunch at around 1pm the blusher is clearly noticeable and has blended a little bit more and by the time I leave the office around 5.30pm it is still noticeable although at this point if I was going to an after work event I would probably re-apply just to get the pink tone a little pinker and more noticeable but I don't think that is bad going for a blusher at all. To remove you simply wash off or take off with a make up wipe and it's gone without a trace!

          Overall, this blusher is wonderful. I tend to only use it when I am going to work and want a more defined look on my cheekbones so it is perfect. It is easy to apply and lasts for hours without wearing off. It may not be for everyone's tastes as it is such a pink colour but it doesn't come off so brightly as it blends well onto the skin without giving a drastic look. Definitely a recommendation for someone looking for a new pink blusher. 5 stars from me as I cannot find fault with it.

          ~ Useful Info ~

          Brand: Benefit
          Price: Around the £22 mark
          Availability: Online or in store such as Boots


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