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Birchbox Color Club Custom Collection

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2 Reviews
  • I found another use for it
  • not convinced by this brand
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    2 Reviews
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      27.11.2014 17:14
      Very helpful


      • "I found another use for it"


      • "not convinced by this brand"

      Not for me, it was streaky.

      I have subscribed to Birch Box for two years now and receive a box of goodies in the post each month.

      A few months ago we were sent a message from the site offering a choice of Colour Club colours that were exclusive to the Birch Box shop.

      I chose pearl diver, a colour that seemed the most neutral and versatile. It was a creamy white shade that I thought I would wear a lot.

      In use I was a little disappointed by how uneven this went on the nail. I am used to this happening with the first coat sometimes but this was terrible and by the third coat I had given up.

      I did however find a better use for this nail varnish. As it was quite thick I tried it as a stamping polish with my konad plates and it worked really well against a darker contrasting shade.

      I think these are quite cheap polishes really, they are popular in America and quite hard to get hold of over here although I won't be trying too hard!

      I have seen these in TK Maxx by the set and they are around £12 for a set of four.

      Following my experience with the pearly shade I got with Birch Box I will not bother buying any more of these polishes as I was not that happy with the application process or the finish although the colour was not too bad.

      All in all I don't reacommend these nail polishes.


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      14.02.2013 09:51
      Very helpful
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      Being a bit of a beauty product addict, I always like to try out new things and vary the brands that I use. One of my most exciting discoveries in recent months has been finding online companies that provide beauty boxes. These usually contain various make-up, skin care, fragrance products etc, and I have been trying a few from different suppliers. I received my Colour Club Collection nail polish in a previous delivery from "Jolie Box", now rebranded as "Birchbox".

      I had not heard of Color Club before, but they seem to be an American brand so this is probably why they've escaped my attention so far. I love to do my nails and am always looking out for new brands and shades to add to my collection of nail polishes. I give myself a full manicure every week at home, and as I have long nails I like to make a lot of effort to keep them looking neat and in good condition. The Medal Collection was released by Color Club in collaboration with Jolie/Birch Box with the theme focusing on social media. This is limited edition collection containing 4 shades and can be purchased directly from Birchbox's website http://www.birchbox.com/shop/color-club-custom-collection.

      Product description: "If you update your polish nearly as often as you check your Twitter feed, you're not alone. We designed this share-worthy custom collection with Color Club for all the social media addicts out there. You'll be inspired to tweet, pin, tag, and post these four gorgeous shades with your followers."

      I was happy to see that I received a bottle of polish in the Pinterest themed shade, as Pinterest is my favourite social media site of the moment and I am thoroughly addicted to it. The collection features four different shades of polish, but to me the theme doesn't really work as the colours don't seem to match in with what I think of as the branding for each of the sites. E.g....
      "Put a Pin in It" - social media site: Pinterest - nail colour: rose gold - site branding colour scheme: red
      "Insta-This" - social media site: Instagram - nail colour: cobalt blue - site branding colour scheme: rainbow stripe
      "Status Update" - social media site: Facebook - nail colour: grey - site branding colour scheme - blue
      "Tweet Me" - social media site: Twitter - nail colour: chartreuse - site branding colour scheme - blue
      So I guess I don't really understand the decisions around the colour scheme of the collection. I would expect a collection based around social media sites to have taken inspiration from their branding and provide some recognisable link to the site, but the colour choices seem quite random and I don't really know how they are supposed to tie in with any of the sites themselves.

      The "Put a Pin in it" colour is very pretty and comes in a shade that I really like so I was pleased with the way that it looks. It has a glitter finish with a pale rose colour, described as rose gold but I'd say it has a cooler edge to it and there is no noticeable warm golden tone showing through even from the glitter effect. I find the polish really easy to apply as it is the perfect consistency to allow fluidity, but without being thin or runny. One coat of the polish goes on easily and spreads well giving a good level of colour, but I prefer to apply to coats of polish to get a smooth finish and full coverage. It dries reasonably quickly and is touch-proof in good time without having to wait an excessive length of time for it to finish drying. However, the colour itself and the ease of application are sadly the only positive points!

      I was really pleased with the finish and the look after applying this polish, but was quite shocked by how easily it chipped. In less than a day a large quantity of the polish had flaked away, and by the end of the second day of wear there were only small sections of colour left. It seemed that the first area to go was the middle section across my nails, followed by the tips, leaving me with small crescents of colour near my cuticles. I thought this was quite odd, but the pattern has always been the same on each following occasion that I've used this nail polish. I have never used such a poor quality nail polish that flakes away so easily, and the staying power is practically non-existent. This is worsened even more quickly if I have my hands in hot water, and taking a bath pretty much obliterates any remaining bits of polish that may have been left behind. I find that my nails end up in a terrible looking state so fast that I just remove the rest of it within a day or two, and the glitter finish is an absolute nightmare to remove, it takes a lot of soaking and rubbing with polish remover before I get clean nails again, which is ironic compared to the speed and ease with which it chips!

      I was so unimpressed with the performance of this polish that after several tries I have decided to just give up and get rid of it, despite there being lots left. It has proved to be of poor quality and not worth the time that it takes to put on and take off. And I still don't get why this collection was created with shades that don't match the theme!


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