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Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Mascara

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Brand: Bobbi Brown / Type: Mascara / Suitable for: Eye

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    2 Reviews
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      11.06.2012 23:39



      Splash your cash on your lash

      I am not usually one to splash out on make up but I had some spare cash and thought why not I purchased the Bobbie Brown Mascara at Camps I have always read good reviews and at £16.00 I did think it was quite pricey but got it anyway.
      The packaging is small and quite plain the same with the mascara tube itself, neat and compact it looks very stylish, however there is nothing other than the brand name on the tube.
      The brush is perfect not too clumpy and light in weight, the brush is designed to coat every lash and to prevent clumping and it most certainly does just that, the bristle are almost in a spiral shape which runs the length of the brush.
      It drys very quick and there is no unpleasant smell which you get with some mascara's, I do suggest putting two layers on simply because it is quite a light mascara and doesnt appear dark enough for me personally.
      When it comes to removing Bobbie Brown mascara I would advise a make up remover I found when I tried to remove it with warm water it smudged rather than removed it, with a make up wipe it came off really easily, no constant rubbing which makes your eyes red roar and none of the black eyed panda look.
      I would defiantly purchase this again it is well worth the money, as they say, you pay what you get for, if you are having those, 'should I buy it' thoughts go for it your be pleasantly surprised.


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      07.04.2012 22:12
      Very helpful



      A good mascara but too pricey

      Over the years I have tried many different mascaras, however now I do tend to stick to the same few that I know work well for me. However recently my Dad somehow received a free sample of Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Mascara, it was not a full sized tube but he gave it to me to try out. To be honest I had never really heard of Bobbi Brown products before then but I was willing to give it a try after all my current mascara was running out so this would keep me going for a little while.

      The Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined mascara came in a small shiny black tube, basically a smaller version of regular mascara tubes. The packaging was quite plain, the only information on the tube are the words "Bobbi Brown" written on one side of the tube and "Perfectly Defined Mascara" written on the other, this is all written in white writing. This is the only information on the tube, however I have since looked up this mascara and it seems that even the full size tubes have limited information on them and are quite plain and simple, however this didn't bother me as it's the mascara that I am interested in not the packaging. The tube has a large screw on lid which also contains the mascara brush, this is easy to remove and replace when needed. The only other information is a small round sticker on the base of the tube containing the colour of the mascara, which in this case is black and the size of the tube.

      As I have mentioned since receiving this sample of Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Mascara I have looked up the product as I was quite impressed with it. The mascara is said to make the most of every single eye last. The multi comb brush is designed to lengthen, separate and curl each lash. The brush on first glance looks just like a regular mascara brush and nothing fancy, however if you look closely you can see that it is made up of tiny perfectly positioned bristles which are almost in a spiral effect down the brush, these small bristles help to coat and separate each lash with mascara without clumping. Even though I only received a small sample of this mascara the brush is pretty much normal size making it easy for me to apply the mascara.

      When I applied the Bobbi Brown Mascara I found that it went on very smoothly and didn't clump at all, it dried quickly which allowed me to apply a second coat, I didn't have to sit and wait for ages for the first coat to dry, however you could get away with just one coat of this, 2 is just my personal preference. This particular mascara is designed for everyday wear and is flake and smudge resistant. I have worn mine all day for work and at the weekends and have to agree with this statement, the mascara does not crumble at all and after several hours of wearing it there is no sign of it being smudged under my bottom lashes. The fact that it is flake resistant makes it ideal if you wear contact lenses like me as you do not end up with bits of mascara in your eyes and under the lenses which can cause irritation. Bobbi Brown Perfectly defined Mascara is derma logically testes and is very gentle on your eyes, personally I have had no problems with it causing irritation, however the ingredients do not appear on the tube I have so if you do have any allergies to certain ingredients it is best to do a bit of research before trying it, ingredients on the tube would be handy.

      Removing the mascara is very easy, you can simply remove it with warm water or make up remover. What I found when I removed the mascara was that instead of as you rub it with water or cleanser it smudges under and around your eyes until it is all removed, it seems to just crumble away from your lashes. I did find this a bit odd, however it did mean that I could remove the mascara quickly and did not end up with it around my eyes as I washed it off, however because it did crumble away when rubbed with water or cleanser I had to be careful not to get it into my eyes, although this for me didn't seem to be too much of a problem.

      Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Mascara can be purchased in a variety of department stores such as Debenhams, House of Fraser and Selfridges. The price of this product when purchasing a full sized tube varies a little but from what I have seen its generally sold for between £16.00 and £18.00, personally I do feel that this is quite expensive for a mascara. I do usually pay around £7 to £8 for my mascara but this is a little bit too pricey for my liking. I do think it is an excellent product and do really like how It makes my lashes look but I do not think I would be prepared to pay full price for this product.

      Overall I would recommend Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Mascara, once applied it left my eye lashes looking long and nicely fanned out rather than clumped together. The mascara lasted extremely well and when applied first thing in the morning it was still in perfect condition by the evening even after a day at work. Removing the mascara is easy and there is no scrubbing at your eyes making them sore. The mascara is gentle on your eyes and flake resistant which for me was perfect as I didn't get any under my contact lenses. I particularly liked the style of the brush as it meant I could quickly apply my mascara, it allowed me to cover all lashes even the small ones in the corner and separated them out at the same time, I did not have to go back and remove the clumps from them the brush did this for me as I applied the mascara. For me the only disadvantage is the price, yes it is an excellent product and of a very good quality, however for me £16.00 to £18.00 is a bit too much to pay for one tube of mascara, I would definitely buy it for a special occasion but for every day this is a bit out of my price range. Generally I would recommend this purely because it is such an excellent mascara but I would say to hunt around to see if you can get it when on offer or a bit cheaper as it is not the cheapest of mascaras.


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