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Bobbi Brown Rockstar Eye Palette

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3 Reviews

Brand: Bobbi Brown / Type: Eyeshadows / Suitable for: Eye

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    3 Reviews
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      16.07.2011 16:19



      Overall, a great buy

      I bought the Bobbi Brown Rockstar Eye Palette when trying to find a set of eyeshadows that could create both a subtle and bold smoky eye look. Nothing I have tried compares to this Bobbi Brown set. It ranges from white light to a blacky colour that means with just one little box you can create highlights on your eyes as well as a real rockstar look for night time. It may be strange but I also use the lightest colour for highlights all over the face such as cheekbones becasue the texture is just brilliant and so smooth that it looks so natural.
      So if you are looking for a set of eyeshadows for a smoky eye that ranges in subtlety and stays on your eyes for hours on end then this is definately the one for you. I give it at least an 8 out of ten...and that is being slightly stingy. Perhaps the only criticism is that i wasnt too keen on the brush that comes with it but no real problem as i always use my own other ones anyway.


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      28.06.2011 23:23
      Very helpful



      Its a really good product, but personally I don't think its worth the money.

      This Bobbi Brown Rockstar Eye Palette is a great product from a well known brand, and I cannot fault the product itself. The colours which the compact contains are really great for any time, and they are easily blendable, so you can get the exact colour that you want really easily.
      Once applied the eye shadows do not smudge very easily, and they stay on for ages, so you won't need to waste your time touching up though out the day. The colours are also very powerful, they are pretty dramatic and look really good on.
      The palette also comes with an applicator brush, which is good quality and works well.
      The only fault that I have with this product, is that it is very expensive compared to most eye shadows and you can get others which also do a good job for the fraction of the price, so I don't think that it is particularly worth so much extra money.


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      18.04.2011 18:13
      Very helpful



      A fantastic Set! Highly Recommended! :)

      Bobbi Brown Rockstar eye Palette

      I have only been using bobbi brown products for a week or so, including the bobbi brown extreme party mascara (review only on dooyoo) and I really like the products. I bought a pack of the make up blending wedges from the bobbi brown UK site and I had a code to two this set free (which included a travel size mascara, eye cream sample and this eyeshadow palette).

      *About the product*

      The palette comes in the normal bobbi brown packaging, with the black plastic and white text on the front. It contains five eyeshadows - white, light brown, plum, silver and black. It also comes with a small eyeshadow brush inside the palette. This set is part of the bobbi to go range, which can not be bought from their site but I think it might be available in airports. Each eyeshadow is 0.7g each.

      *My opinion of the product*


      I really like the packaging it is really sleek and it looks quite expensive (and I got it free!). It has some information on the back of the palette, which includes the names of all of the eyeshadows which you don't usually get with eyeshadow palettes. It has a small eyeshadow brush in the set which is actually quite bigger than normal brushes that you get in sets like this. There is also a big mirror in the lid of the palette, it is similar in shape and style to my pixi mini palette but the mirror in this set is a lot bigger than mirrors in other palettes of the same size.

      -What colour eyeshadows are in the palette?

      There are five eyeshadows in this palette and they are really nice, they include:

      Ivory: A creamy white matte colour
      Cement: A gorgeous matte light brown
      Heather (my name!): A matte plum colour (a mix of dark pink and purple)
      Rockstar: A metallic eyeshadow (the only metallic shadow in the palette) which is silver
      Caviar: Matte black

      -Eyeshadows (colour, use, pigmentation)

      Ivory: In the palette this off white matte colour looks really nice and I was going to use it as I use all white/cream eyeshadows - as a brow bone high light or for the inner corner of my eye. But this eyeshadow is awful, the white does not even show up on my skin, there is no colour payoff at all - it is not pigmented and it is the my least favorite in the set (just because I can't use it as it is not pigmented at all).

      Cement: This is my favorite colour in the palette and I have been wearing it everyday since I received the palette. I have been using this shadow all of the time as it is so wearable and it is great for day and evening wear. This eyeshadow is really pigmented, it has a good colour payoff and it is matte so it can be worn in many different ways. I like to use this as an all over the lid colour and I just light press my finger into the shadow and lightly pat it onto my lid.

      Heather: I also like this colour, it is not a colour I would normally wear but I really like it. It is a gorgeous plum/purple colour and it works well with my pale(ish) skin tone. It is really pigmented - you don;t need to pick up a lot of the eyeshadow on your brush or finger as it is really pigmented.

      Rockstar: This is not a colour I would wear in the daytime as it is really shimmery and glittery. It is a gorgeous colour when it catches the light and it is the only shimmery/glittery shadow in the set. It can be used on it own or it can be used with the matte black in the set and it also works well blended with the 'Heather' shade. It is really pigmented and it has a lot of shimmer, which is great for evening make up.

      Caviar: This is a matte black and it is quite versatile, it can be used as an eyeshadow and it is can be used as an eyeliner (which is how I use it). I just take a small angled eyeliner brush and I press the shadow onto my lid really close to the upper lash line and flick it out slightly at the outer corner to create line - but it is softer and more natural looking than normal liquid or gel liner.
      Overall, I really like the shadows, the only thing I don't like is the Ivory colour as it does not show up on my skin at all as it is not pigmented - If the ivory shade was pigmented then this set would be amazing! All of the other colours (excluding Ivory) are pigmented, have a good colour payoff and they blend incredibly easily.


      I have been wearing these eyeshadows for a week or so now and I have been using them on their own (with no primer under neath) and they have lasted all day with only a very small amount of creasing, which is amazing. I have not used these shadows with any primer underneath - just a thin layer of my foundation on my lids and then the shadow and they stay put all day! When applying the shadows there is no fall down of the shadow, there is no creasing and they do not go caky or flaky either!

      -Brush provided with the set

      With all brushes that come with small sets like this they are never that good and this brush is no exception. The bristles of the brush are really soft and smooth so they don't pull on my skin or feel harsh. But after only two times using this brush some of the bristles have started to fall out (I have not washed it either). It is really lightweight, it is thin and if you are traveling and you don't want to take a lot of brushes then this one would be fine, but it is not the best.

      Overall, I really like this set, it is small and compact and it would be really good for traveling - as it has quite a large mirror which is of a high quality. It has some really wearable eyeshadows that can be used for day and evening wear and it comes with a brush. The only problem with this set is that the Ivory colour is not pigmented and all and the brush could be improved but other than that the set it great!

      *Price and availability*

      I received a code for this product from the official bobbi brown site (a purchase is needed to be able to use the code). It is a fantastic gift - and definitely the best free gift I have had from a site. It can not be purchased from the UK site and it is part of the bobbi to go range which I think is only available in airports (but I am not sure on that).

      Good points

      *Really nice sleek, expensive looking packaging - light weight and thin
      *Great size for traveling or putting in your bag
      *Large mirror and a ok brush included

      *Fantastic eyeshadows that are really pigmented, very blendable and are really wearable
      *Very easy to take off the shadows with make up wipes
      *The shadows last all day on my eyes with out a primer underneath

      Bad points

      *Not widely available
      *Ivory colour is not pigmented at all and does not show up on my skin

      If you would like the code (which may still work) just message me

      Thank you for reading my review - this review will be posted on ciao as well with pictures and swatches under my username labellavita1992


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