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Body Eyebrow Pencil

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Brand: Body Collection / Pencil / Type: Eyebrow / Subcategory: Eyebrow Pencil / Suitable for: Eyebrow

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    1 Review
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      15.04.2013 19:41
      Very helpful



      I am giving this four stars because the plastic lids could be a little stronger.

      ~~~~BODY COLLECTION CRAYON Á SOURCILS (Eyebrow Pencil)~~~~

      I have been plucking my eyebrows for years now. I think I probably started tweaking and trying to shape my brows when I was around the age of thirteen. I remember that when I first started tugging with the tweezers it used to hurt and make my poor eyes sting and sometimes even water and I used to bathe the area in a cold flannel first and sometimes even try to numb the area concerned with a solution of diluted TCP. But I soon got used to using the tweezers and after a year or so of beautifying in this area I didn't even flinch.

      And I do remember plucking a few hairs here and a few more there, matching the other eyebrow up and then realising I had removed too many hairs and so then having to match up once again. I remember at one time I went too mad with the tweezers and ended up being almost without brows and then I had to use my mum's eyebrow pencil before I could even bear to leave the house and rush out to buy my own very first eyebrow pencil. From then on I knew that I definitely needed an eyebrow pencil.

      And so, since my early teenage years an eyebrow pencil has been a 'must have' cosmetic item to always be included in my make-up bag and now that I am in my fifties I still use an eyebrow pencil, although definitely not the same one! I do think that brow pencils are one of the cheaper items of make-up but that they can really make a difference to one's look and so these pencils do work out as a good value item, in my opinion. I have had so many eyebrow pencils over the years and I have found that they can vary greatly in quality, although the most expensive are not necessarily always the best to use.

      A few months back I was browsing around the department store, Bodgers of Ilford. I don't often shop here but at this time I was looking for accessories to purchase for my new kitchen as I knew that this store was having a sale in its home ware department. Well, on the way up to the top floor, I couldn't resist stopping to have a look around the middle floor. Here, there were many rows of baskets laid out with toiletries, and various items of cosmetics and beauty products inside. I have purchased cosmetics and toiletries from this shop before but with differing results. I like to buy a few items for my next holiday and often choose individual items of mascara and face powder but look out for small travel size sets of eye shadows, blushers or anything really that catches my eye, as long as it is lightweight for luggage weight restriction reasons and is reasonably priced.

      On this occasion I found several items that I wanted to purchase and amongst these was an eyebrow pencil. All items that I chose were intended for my planned holiday in May, although I was naughty and admit to you that some have been used already. I simply couldn't resist!
      The eyebrow pencil that I am reviewing is from BC or Body Collection.


      I didn't really need a new eyebrow pencil at this time but on seeing this one I wanted to purchase it purely because I saw that it was double ended. One end was the actual pencil and the other end had an eyebrow shaping brush which is like a thin (although shorter in length) mascara wand or brush intended to define and blend the colour from the pencil into one's eyebrows. With this eyebrow pencil one has choices in how to use and can achieve a defined line or thicker, fuller look or, indeed, both.
      I also liked the fact that both ends had a plastic cover/lid. As to the lids though, I soon trod on one and broke it; they are rather thin and delicate and as they are transparent difficult to find if dropped. The other lid has a crack in it.

      I intended to put this pencil aside for my holiday but one day soon after buying it I couldn't find my usual pencil sharpener and as I was in a big rush to get out I used this new one from manufacturers, Body Collection. After I had used it once I was very impressed and so now have been using it ever since. Not only do I like it because it has a shaping brush but I find the texture of the pencil to be wonderfully soft and moist and because of this it is so easy to add just a tiny amount onto my eyebrows and it is then very easy to blend and spread along the brows, achieving what I consider to be a natural look.


      Now, over the years, whilst using eyebrow pencils, I have seen fashions in eyebrows, as well as with other eye make-up, change. I have used these pencils to recreate brows when I was too heavy handed with the tweezers and had barely any brows left. Luckily I have always liked to draw! And now I tend to use a brow pencil very lightly and then blend it in so that my brows, hopefully, look natural and not too heavy. An eyebrow pencil is great for filling in any areas where the brows are sparse. For the subtle look this pencil really comes into its own as, once I have, very lightly (barely touching) added a faint and thin brown line to one eyebrow, I use the other end of this pencil where there is a wand type brush to be found and I blend it in well. I then repeat the process on the other eye and think I manage to end up with a natural look. This process takes about one minute.

      I suppose for some an eyebrow pencil isn't a vitally important make up item, especially for those who have well-tended brows, but for any imperfections present a pencil can usually hide these well.They can be used for repair and to define or create. I also think that a nice pair of eyebrows can even make one's eyes look more defined, as well.

      And now I understand from one of my daughters (and she doesn't approve of this look!) that the fashion is for darker, longer, fuller, indeed thicker brows, a brush such as this will help to achieve this look if it is desired.


      I have only used the sharpener once but did find on use that it sharpened the eyebrow pencil well. I don't sharpen pencils often as they mostly seem to last a long while without needing it and although I use a pencil regularly, I am very light on the amount of the actual product used, on each application, therefore I only need to sharpen on rare occasions, but when I do sharpen I like to obtain a nice smooth finish on the pencil's tip.


      The pencil comes packaged in a transparent plastic box which has black lettering on. This included instructions for 'professional use' (which I really didn't find necessary) of the pencil and a free pencil sharpener was also in this box.

      The brow pencil itself has a plastic see through lid to fit over each end of the pencil.
      I already have a good eyebrow sharpener so another one wasn't really needed and didn't influence my purchase; however it could be useful for many other purchasers. I was only interested in the pencil really.

      ~~TO PURCHASE~~

      The Body Collection brow pencil comes in two colours which are medium brown and dark brown. I purchased the dark brown colour but don't actually find it too dark.

      I purchased this eyebrow pencil, as mentioned, from the Bodgers of Ilford department store, where it was reduced from £3.00 to £1.75. It is also available from many stockists including Amazon and E-Bay as well as the following:

      http://www.saveonmakeup.co.uk £1.59

      http://www.lovethymakeup.com £1.49


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