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Body Liquid Eyeliner

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Brand: Body Collection / Type: Eyeliners / Suitable for: Eye

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    3 Reviews
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      03.05.2013 18:53
      Very helpful



      This is a very good and cheap eyeliner

      WHAT IS IT?

      A bottle of liquid eyeliner.  Mine is black but the same eyeliner can be bought in brown.  


      The bottle looks big but it is quite small really and only looks bigger because the handle is very long.  The brush has got a slim shape and it holds quite a lot of eyeliner so that I can perform one full sweep every time I dip the brush into the bottle.  I think the handle is very easy to hold and the brush on the end does not tip or wobble when I am applying it.  I think the bottle looks nice.  


      I use all sorts of make up from different priced brands and this is a very cheap eyeliner that my sister gifted me to try. I think it is very good and even though it does not feel like luxury to use it works very well and has a deep black colour that is bright and strong.  

      The colour is strong as soon as I apply the first coat but the brush is very thin so I have to make more coats to build up a thick eyeliner line, I think I would not have to do that if I just wanted to have a thin line because the colour is good it is just the thickness of the line that is not good enough.  It is not glossy and dries to a matt finish, that is ok but if I am going out I like to use different eyeliner just so that I can make my eyes glossy.  I wear this during the day and have always been able to get the look that I want when I use it.  

      The colour stays on my eyes for a long time and I have not had to reapply the eyeliner at all, it dries like marker pen on my skin so I think that if I had to apply it again it would go over the top very easy without the colour flaking or looking like a mess.  I apply my make up at about 8 every morning and when I got home from work at 4pm yesterday my eyeliner was still strong and black on my eyes.  


      The Body Collection liquid eyeliner costs only £1.29 for 7ml of product and I think that is a very good bargain because it is just as good as other eyeliners that I use that cost a lot lot more.  That is why I do not mind to try cheap make up because sometimes you can save a lot of money if you find something like this that is effective.  

      5 Dooyoo Stars.


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      01.08.2010 22:24
      Very helpful



      The cheapest yet best liquid eye liner I have ever used

      Whilst in Bodycare one time, I came across "The Body Collection" range. I had been after a liquid liner, after finding Kohl Pencils a bit difficult to apply as I ended up with it smudged all under my eyes and well, it didn't look very good. I thought liquid liners would solve this problem as they essentially dry where you apply them and stay put. After buying a couple of brands, one of which was dried up when I bought it and got it home - (pretty unbelievable!), I decided to give the Body Collection a try. It is available in 3 shades: Black, Navy & Brown, and I purchased this in Black.

      Priced at around £1, I was amazed at how cheap it was, however I also wasn't expecting much in terms of quality, or well anything. How wrong can you be?! I have found this liquid eyeliner to be the best liquid eyeliner I have ever used, with amazing staying power that doesn't smudge or move and is also really easy to remove at the end of the day.

      To apply the eyeliner, there is a soft brush applicator that is very gentle on undereyes, and because it is thin, means it is precise so you can really draw a smooth line. When applying it, it feels as if you are using a wet paintbrush on your undereyes, however the product itself isn't runny or watery, and doesn't go everywhere either. After applying this you need to let it dry for about 30 seconds before moving your eyes around again, as otherwise it may smudge a little. After doing this, the eyeliner will literally stay put all day.

      If you do find it has smudged, it is very easy to neaten up using a cotton wool bud. Although it has fantastic staying power, it is also gentle to remove when using a cotton bud, as little effort is required and it doesn't scratch or cause irritation from doing this.

      The bottle has a very unique and stylish design, and certainly doesn't look like it costs £1! However, there isn't anything of a label or text apart from the title printed onto the bottle, meaning you can't check for manufacturing details/ingredients or even how much there is in 1 bottle, although after further research I have found each bottle contains 7ml worth.

      Overall, I think this eyeliner by Body Collection is an absolute steal at just £1. Rival brand Barry M, have a similar looking design to their liquid eyeliners, yet these are priced at £4.50. Price wise, you really can't go wrong with this eyeliner! What is really fantastic, is for once a cheaper price does not mean you are loosing quality or results, as I really cannot fault this eyeliner for either of those factors. If you are wanting an eyeliner which gives a painted-on effect and will last throughout the day or evening if you are going out, then I would recommend giving this product a try.


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      07.02.2010 21:10
      Very helpful



      Body Collection Liquid Eyeliner

      My number one eyeliner. Simply because it is one of the few I have found that Im not allergic to and that doesnt leave big, red rings around my eyes! Anyway a few years ago when I was at college I was broke, like every other student I imagine and I simply couldnt afford to go out and buy myself top notch make up so I had to start looking for cheaper alternatives. Now although I didnt want to spend a lot I didnt want to compramise on quality so even though I was being a proper cheap skate I decided to try out a few different cheap liquid eye liners and then setlle on which one was the best. One of those cheaper liners was this Body Collection in a bold black shade. To be honest I wasnt expecting great things from this when I first came to use it but in this case I was very happy to be shocked and proved totally wrong!

      Useful Information:
      Price: 50p!!!!!!!!
      Stockists: Bodycare is the only place Ive seen it sold.
      Shades: Black, Brown, Blue & Green.
      Shelf Life: 12 Months

      This is the only slight problem I have with this eye liner and that is the "brush". It is rock hard. Kind of like a paint brush that hasnt been washed, now I dont think this is a problem because I can apply eye liner very easily but I do find it much easier with a proper brush. If you arent great at applying liquid eye liner then I dont recommend you start of with this one OR simply do what I did and swap this brush for an old liquid eye liner brush and that removes any problem.

      There is no real way to explain exactly how to apply liquid liner only that in this case practice makes perfect. Just try and try and in the end you will be able to apply a straight, bold line without even paying attention.

      In a way this brush is easier than a bristle brush because rather than trying to paint a really straight line along your eyelid you can just dab so some people may find it hard and others may find it even easier. I guess it all depends on how good you are at applying liner in the first place.

      The Liner:
      As soon as I pulled this brush out of the little pot I could see how thick this was which was a great starting off point because I hate those proper watery liners you can get that abrely give you any colour at all. As soon as I applied this I was chuffed to bits because I literally only needed one line to give me a really bold, full colour and it had gone straight accross my eye lid without me needing to put more liquid on the brush.

      Another great thing about this liner is the fact that it dries almost instantly. There is another liner I use that takes about 5 minutes to totally dry and I have to sit there with my eyes closed waiting but I had no such bothers with this one. So its a great liner if your in a hurry before going out.


      It doesnt irritate your eyes at all. Which really has to be the best thing for me because of all the problems I usually have with these types of products. It lasts for quite a long time without fading down at all I reckon, around 6 hours which is great if your going on a night out and need something long lasting.

      Overall Opinion:
      This is a cheap and cheerful little make up item that just proves you dont have to pay loads of money for quality all the time. Im not saying all cheap make-up is great but this is a little diamond and it's so brillaint I would mind paying full whack for this. Im glad I tried it out because this is one of the few things that will remain conatant in my make up bag for as long as Bodycare continue to sell it!

      Thanks For Reading

      x0 Salz 0x

      Also Posted On Ciao Under The Username sexybeest.


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