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Bodymoods 1 Month Mascara

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Brand: Bodymoods / Type: Mascara / Suitable for: Eye

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    3 Reviews
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      27.05.2013 22:45



      Better with the right applicator tools.

      I use this to dye my lashes and brows and I think the key is the choice or applicator. For my brows I use an old lip brush. It's fine enough for me to be able get a good shape but sturdy enough to load with the dye. For my lashes I use a disposable mascara wand ( if you ask nicely at Boits or Body Shop they might give you one for free!) Then I just apply like mascara. You can use the little stick provided to load the mascara brush or just dip it in and give it a stir around. The trick is to curl the bush as you apply so that the dye is evenly distributed. You probably already do this with your mascara anyway.
      It doesn't take long to develop and I never leave it for ten mins.
      I like this stuff. It means I can touch up easily when I need to and it's less expensive than a salon, though you don't get coffee and little biscuits!


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      08.01.2009 03:49



      worth a go

      I use this all the time, though not really for its intended purpose. i'd never recommend it as a mascara substitute, because nothing can replace mascara, but it makes you look better when you have no make up on!

      Foxyred has gone into great detail about the process of dyeing in the other review, but for my twopenneth, i have used this so many times, i'm really slack about it, and have never had any problems. it works fairly quickly, so theres minumum inconvenience, and as was previously suggested, doesnt last a month, rather about two weeks on me before i need to reapply, but what it is very good for is making you look less scary without make up. Its also very good for lower lashes as often mascara under eyes can look a bit caked and easily smudges. after i use this i dont bother with lower lashes really, as this is good enough.

      i've not had any problems with skin staining either with it which is always a good sign. to summarise, its not a mascara substitute, but its handy for erm...natural beauty..(.shhh! )


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      15.11.2008 01:25
      Very helpful



      Worth a go but do be careful!

      I love the thought of never having to use a mascara again, don't you ladies? Imagine it! It's all so trying and tedious work isn't it? Not least of all the application of it but the wearing of it and removal of it and even buying one in the first place that does what it says it will do is a very tricky buisness indeed I find.

      Mascara is a minefield for sure! Usually I spend out on a mascara and get it home and it's clogged up, dried up and gives me short stumpy eyelashes at best. At worst I suffer horrendous eye infections because I can't wear it or I can't remove it properly. Mascara for me is simply a must wear item as well due to having light eyelashes that need some definition added to them as they arnt in the best condition.

      However hope and faith was restored when I saw this product in Bodycare in my city centre (Coventry) at the price of £3.99 a box. Sounded like a bargain to because for that price it offers a months supply (tops) of permanent mascara and not just one months wear per box as I thought when I bought it! No. For that price it gives at 'least' 12 applications so you get a years worth of coloured eyelashes for that price! Ok now your interested eh? lol!

      Now I have had my eyeslashes professionally tinted in the past. At the time the treatment set me back about a tenner and the results didn't wow me at all. I had darker eyelashes for about 8 days (I was told they'd last me about a month) but the process didn't lengthen and/or thicken my eyelashes in any way shape or form and so to go out for an evening etc I still had to use mascara over the top!

      Lets be realistic though just for a minute here. All a Beauty Therapist does after all is dye what you have so I'm not sure why I was so disappointed anyway! lol Anyhow I couldn't justify paying that amount for me to have them done unless I was a fresh faced beauty who just wanted a bit of daytime definition to my eyes. I don't and I didn't so as I say I haven't bothered even considering permanent dying since. Till now....

      The Packaging....

      Cardboard lilac and purple box with white writing all over it. On the front I'm told it is a BodyMood product and that it is 1 Month Mascara (Eyelash And Eyebrow Dye Kit) and then there is a picture of woman with long black natural looking lashes and then I'm told it contains over 12 applications for naturally beautiful lashes. Then the box has a colour coded dot and in in my case that dot is black and in white writing over the top of that I'm told it is black lol I think this is also available in brown but I'm not sure to be totally honest I've only ever seen this available in the black option but my friend says she had it in brown a few months back. On one the side of the box I'm given warnings, on the other side of the box I'm told about having a sensitivity test. On the back of the box once again I'm told it's a Bodymood product and then I'm told a bit about the product, given cautions and finally ingredients are listed. On the bottom of the box contact details for Original Additions (the manufacturers of Bodymood products is given) along with the recycle symbol being displayed and the bar-code.

      Inside the box there is a cheap see through plastic tray with all the bits you need to tint with. There is a small amber coloured bottle which is the activator in a 10ml size with a white screw on/off lid and it has a white label around it's middle clearly stating what the product is so you don't get mixed up. Then there is a 5ml white coloured tube again with a screw on/off lid and on that in black writing I'm clearly told that it is the cream colour for lash colour. This bottle and tube sit in the grooves of the tray securely and then you have like a little white plastic stick mixer thing and there is a round dent in the tray as well to mix the solution up in. There is a sheet of extensive instructions and warnings and everything that comes in the box.

      About The Product (According To The Back Of The Box)....

      Bodymoods 1 Month Mascara will darken lashes and brows to a naturally glossy finish for up to 30 days. Read full instructions (enclosed) before using.

      Ideal for darkening light coloured lashes and brows.
      Complete tinting kit.
      Easy to use.
      Perfect for an active lifestyle.

      Now I'm not going to go into all the warnings for this product or I'll be here hours and bore you all to death. If you have half a brain I simply refuse to patronise you but I will say there is nothing you wouldn't expect to be said that isn't etc. Also recommended is a skin sensitivity test which you carry out yourself before whacking this all over your eyes of course.

      To Use....My Way....

      Well I made sure that my eyelashes were clean and free of oil and make up first of course. I then mixed up about 2cm of the eyelash dye with 5 drops of the activator solution in the dent in the tray (as recommended). This was a really tricky buisness indeed. I couldn't really tell the if the consistency was correct as I wasn't sure really what I was aiming for appearance wise and wasn't sure I had 2cm of the colour or not (I just don't know about these things lol) and I found it all a bit scientific.

      The instructions say to mix it up till it's blended and doesn't drip and appears creamy looking. So I mixed it up and tried to bash out the lumps and added more activator solution to the mix and I ended up throwing out 2 attempts (2 months worth to you and me!) just trying to get the dye to look smooth to use it and get an even application over my lashes. Eventually on the third attempt I thought blow it I can't do this any better I'm using this batch up no matter what now. I rubbed a little petroleum jelly over and around my eyelids (avoiding my lashes of course) to protect my skin from staining and away I went and I applied the dark brown gunk to my eyelashes lol (recommended again).

      Now I applied this with the applicator (once again as recommended) and the applicator was worse than useless. You try applying this lumpy looking solution via a shiny and straight piece of stick type thing and running it over and under eyelashes! I did get it everywhere including eyelashes though lol) and I did have a couple of damp cotton wool buds on hand to mop up excess dye in case of the emergency I knew I was going to have and mistakes were removed very easily.

      The lotion didn't smell or drip at all though it did feel heavy during application and once it was on my eyes. It took me a couple of minutes to make sure the dye had completely covered all of my eyelashes and clean up the mess I had made during my application and then I went to close my eyes and rest on my bed for 5-10 minutes (as recommended) and bang my eyes started running the dye was running down my face and down my chest and I was in a right old state. My sensitive eyes were burning up and I could and always can feel skin swelling and tightening and I just wanted and want to rub at my eyes with my fingers and I couldn't/can't lol. I grabbed 2 cotton wool pads and I drenched them in clean cold tap water and wiped the stuff off as quickly and cleanly as I could and I did get almost immediate relief from the water doing this. The lotion came off easily and left no visible residue over my face and surprisingly I had dark, glossy and more defined eyelashes then when I had started lol!

      Eyelashes even felt/feel smoother to the touch and more fluttery! However this wasn't as apparent as I would have had liked because I couldn't leave the solution on long enough to get maximum results and my eyes felt and always do feels a bit swollen and always appear rather red after I've used this for a couple of hours after. I still use this once a month if I can bear to!

      Since then I do dye one eye at a time and there is no difference really. It still hurts me every-time I use it though the effects do vanish over time and I can still only use this or 2-3 minutes before my eyes start to scream at me. I just bear as long as I can and then remove but I never can bear it long, it's a killer.


      Ok. I'm sure if my eyes could take it for longer I'd have better results than I get and the ones I do achieve do appear quite pretty and natural and very soft looking indeed. Aside from being difficult to apply and to mix it up it looks visually good when on. I would say though really do, do a sensitivity test first and if you get on with this it's really great for naturally darker looking lashes!

      However for me I don't like using it cos although I know this is only pain in the short term it is isn't worth the results I achieve. I need longer and I can't stand the stinging but as I said I do still try and use it to get my moneys worth!

      Of course this is also suitable for eyebrows and I haven't used it for that to be honest but all you do is mix it the same as you would to use it on eyelashes, it's as simple as that. I would assume at least this wouldn't hurt but I don't think I'd suit black eyebrows even though I have black hair so won't be trying that!


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      Colour lashes and brows effectively for an entire month without the need for additional cosmetics / Up to 12 applications / Black /

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