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Brand: Boots / Type: Foundation

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    1 Review
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      17.08.2011 12:27
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      My little confidence boosting secret

      I am having major skin problems again right now; I seem to go through some kind of cycle. My teens were blemish free thank goodness, but my twenties have been plagues with a year of lovely, clear, porcelain skin and a year of patchy, dry / greasy, spot prone skin. I'm currently, unfortunately, in the latter cycle at present and as I type this I have a dry patch above my mouth, in between my eyebrows and on my jaw line and several spots on the opposite side of my jaw line which are very noticeable, red and seemingly getting larger by the second!

      I have tried various skin care product and I try to take advice from beauticians and skin 'experts' (sales people!) at the beauty counters in Boots or House of Fraser. I hate to cover spots with concealor or foundation as it just seems to breed more spots, so I tend to go au natural, which in turn gives me zero confidence about myself and makes me feel pretty down in the dumps.

      A while back now I went in to Boots and checked the advantage card machine. There was an offer for a free 17 Hide and Chic Concealor - review at www.dooyoo.co.uk/makeup/boots-17-hide-chic-concealer/1568871 (more of a highlighter like Touché Éclat) when purchasing any 17 product. I decided to get some as a) it was free, b) I am addicted to buying, if not wearing, make up with nice packaging and c) to tackle my dark under eyes. As I own most of the 17 range I didn't really need to buy anything, but as I wanted the freebie for the aforementioned reasons I chose to take the 'new' Adaptitude foundation, which was on an introductory offer of £4.99. It was also 3 for 2 and I only paid the £4.99 for the foundation and I chose mascara as well as my free concealor (so I didn't feel too guilty about the unexpected splurge).

      The mascara was lovely and the concealor was awful. The foundation though was really good. I chose Extra Fair as I have the most transparent complexion, typical English Rose colouring. Now, all of the shades, Extra Fair, Fair, Medium and Medium / Dark, seem to have a yellow undertone. I was a bit worried as my skin doesn't usually look great when I use yellow or lilac bases, it's much better with pink or green undertones. I was also concerned about the price of the product. I know it sounds a bit silly, but I've found that cheap make up typically looks awful on me, especially foundations they seem to cake and I have to mix them with moisturiser to make them sheer enough for my skin. I much prefer make up that works with my skin rather than masks my skin you see. But times are currently bad and a mask wouldn't go a miss...

      The foundation claims to adapt to your skin, hence the name, bragging that you can 'Achieve a flawless makeup look without the fuss of complicated shade matching'. You can expect that it 'Blends seamlessly for an even skin tone and a natural, flawless finish.' As well as these claims, it's supposedly weightless and has an SPF15 built in (always an absolute minimum for me when I am purchasing skin products to prevent premature aging). It costs RRP £6.29 for 30ml and is available exclusively from Boots.

      What can I say? It does, it is, I love, it works and it's amazing... I started off in good light, and at this time I didn't have any glaring spots on my skin, using a small amount (about the size of a fattish pea!). I dotted it around my face and used a foundation brush to begin blending it. I needn't have bothered using the brush as it simply melted in to my skin and I honestly thought I looked no different - it had almost disappeared. I added about the same amount again and just rubbed it in messily like I would a moisturiser. Once rubbed in I didn't feel like my skin looked any different and I certainly didn't feel like I had make up, particularly foundation, on. I went out that day and we took pictures. It wasn't until the pictures came back that I saw the effect Adaptitude has.

      My skin looked, literally flawless. I kept looking at myself on the pictures - something I usually shy away from. I loved how it looked - most importantly to me there wasn't a line where the foundation stopped and my real skin on my neck and décolletage began. And I looked flushed, bright, glowing, and not sallow like I usually do when I use a yellow undertone base. It really did seem that the foundation had adapted to my skin tone. It also didn't just slip off like some foundations tend to do. When I took my make up off that day the cotton pads were covered in foundation - weird given how it so easily melted in to my skin and didn't feel like a mask.

      I don't use foundation as a general rule of thumb on a daily basis. It's reserved for the odd night out and special occasion. But lately while I've been experiencing this problematic skin, I've popped a bit of Adaptitude on, just to boost my confidence a little. It really does work and I recommend it, because it hasn't made my skin any worse, so no more leaving my spotty clock to the elements to try and clear it up! I grabbed a bargain when I bought this, but it's still a bargain now at £6.29 - it's a decent sized tube which will last you around two months if you use make up every day because a little goes a long way.

      Thanks for reading!


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