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17 Blow Out Mascara

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Brand: Boots 17 / Mascara / Type: Mascara / Suitable for: Eye

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    2 Reviews
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      20.10.2013 12:04
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      My make-up style is basically a lot of dark eye make-up; I wear lots of eyeliner, black eye shadow and mascara and that's about it. I wear this for night and day even though it's probably a bit overboard during the day!

      I'm not very brand-loyal when it comes to mascara and I usually buy one that looks cool and is on offer at the time - there's always one! On this particular occasion I saw this blow-out mascara from 17 for sale for £6.29 with a free blow-out jumbo eye-liner pencil (which I was more excited about to be honest).


      I love the packaging for this product! It's a big chunky black tube - probably twice as chunky as a standard mascara tube - with graffiti style white writing saying "Blow Out" and then big yellow writing underneath saying "Volumise, Sculpt, Tease Mascara" and then a pink banner claiming "x12 volume". It looks really cool and edgy which is kind of the style I want my make-up to be. (By the way on the boots website the product is currently bright yellow - I don't like this as much but it still looks cool!)


      The mascara is as easy to apply as any other mascara - despite the big chunky bottle, the wand isn't much thicker than a regular wand. The Applicator may be slightly thicker and it provides a nice even coat on all my lashes. During the day I only tend to wear one coat as this is enough. I haven't noticed it forming any clumps, even after multiple coats.

      The product contains vitamin E and Argan oil to condition your lashes; I don't know if this has made a difference, but it's a nice thought to think it's not destroying them.


      I have to say my lashes look great with this mascara! I'm not sure about the 12x volume claim, but I haven't measured!! It certainly volumises and lengthens my lashes, but not so much that they look ridiculous. As I've said I do wear this during the day and it's not completely appropriate if you go for more of a natural look during the day, but at the same time it's perfectly adequate for your big night out make-up.

      I would say it lasts all day, but if I'm wearing it all day and all night I will re-apply in the evening as I always wear two coats on a night out. I can easily take it off with a make-up wipe when I'm done wearing it.

      I have worn this in the absolute pouring rain and although there was a little smudge (it was POURING) but it wasn't streaming down my face which I thought was pretty impressive.


      Overall I have to give it 5/5 - I don't think you could get much better for the price and I think it is in the same league as some of the much more expensive mascaras. I love the way it looks and it suits me perfectly. Would definitely recommend!


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        17.02.2013 19:50
        Very helpful



        If you wear mascara to make the most out of your lashes, this is for you.

        17's BLOW OUT mascara does it all; great separation, added length, it lifts & holds the shape my lashes are pushed to, and I think that this mascara gives me the most noticeable volume increase that I've ever had. People have commented on my false lashes when I have worn this mascara, it really is that good.

        I never really understood why this is labelled as a 'teasing' mascara, until I'd played around with it for a few weeks; it simply refers to how the mascara sets and holds the curl of the lashes all day. Not only does it holds the curl you may give your lashes using a curler, but the formula also holds any lift you add to your lashes by pressing the wand against lashes during mascara application.

        It is so easy to build up the finished look of your lashes with BLOW OUT, and the formula never cakes or flakes. Plus it holds my curl all day and is easy to remove. The volumizing abilities of this are unbeatable at this price point, plus the increase of length is good too - my lashes end up hitting the tops of my sockets. On an average working day I work at a computer and sometimes wear glasses, meaning that I'm prone to rubbing at my eyes and I have my makeup on for up to 14 hours, so I've really had the opportunity with road-testing how well BLOW OUT holds up against my other mascaras.

        The first time I used this mascara I was disappointed by the fact that the brush is big, which I'm not fond of as I can end up getting mascara on my eye sockets. However the size of the brush is a plus point with BLOW OUT, as the size and shape of the brush separates, fans and curls lashes, right from the roots to the tips, so my eyes really pop.

        I apply a first coat to concentrate on the shape by going straight from the base to tip of my lashes, pressing the brush firmly against the lashes, to push them into the shape I want. Then I usually apply a second coat of mascara to add as much volume as possible to my lashes [me and subtlety don't really go together], by using the 'zigzag' method of wiggling the brush whilst coating lashes.

        BLOW OUT comes in three shades; brown/black and black, which both come in a black tube, and blackest black, which is in a yellow tube. I used to have the regular black and whilst the shade is indeed black, I now have the blackest black, which I prefer as the shade seems to be richer and slightly glossy in colour. I know that the blackest black formula contains argan oil, so I guess that explains the difference.

        A friend uses the black/brown shade of BLOW OUT, but to be honest I don't think the shading difference is very noticeable from black, so it is a bit of a pointless having separate shades.

        What else can I say? BLOW OUT is an amazing mascara in the drugstore ranges and the price is really good for a drugstore mascara nowadays. I'll have to try more of Boots 17 [sorry, the brand wants to now be known as Seventeen] mascaras - the couple I've used are both really good. It's weird that the No 7 mascaras have never wowed me, as I assumed that they used the same supplier.

        - - - - - -

        [17 is a brand exclusive to Boots stores]


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