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17 Instant Glow Wash Off Shimmer Powder

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2 Reviews

Brand: Boots 17 / Powder / Type: Bronzing Powder / Subcategory: Powder

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    2 Reviews
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      19.04.2010 17:21
      Very helpful



      worth trying a tester

      I've been looking for a good bronzer for months now as my usual one is no longer available & believe me it's no easy task choosing a good one when you're faced with so many choices!

      I have light auburn hair (with the colouring to go with it) & as I'm no longer a 'spring chicken' I needed something that gave me some coverage & colour without looking too fake or 'made up'.

      I spent a long time in Boots trying out testers on my hands & finally decided to go for 17's Instant Glow Wash Off Shimmer which cost just £4.99. It comes either in a compact or a twist brush with powder. I chose the one with the brush because it seemed more convenient to carry around.

      The actual tube is under 4" high & about the width of a body spray - it has a perspex cap which is sealed & inside the brush is protected by a kind of tube of perpex which keeps the bristles nice & compact when not in use. The base shows the fine powder which means you can see at a glance how much you've used.

      In theory all you need do is remove the seal, twist until the brush splays out & then work gently over the face (& body if you want) avoiding the eye area. In practical terms this isn't so easy as there are no instructions & it took me a good few minutes to work out how to get the brush to release the powder. Now I've fathomed this out I can't foresee any problems lol!

      The brush itself is about 1 & 1/2 inches & is nice & soft & easy to sweep around the face & it gave me good coverage in less than a minute. I also use it on my hands & forearms (to cover my freckles - or are they age spots?!) & again it gave great coverage without using too much of the product.

      I was a little worried by the term 'shimmer' because I want to wear it during the day, but no fear, I don't look like a disco queen - in fact I still can't detect any shimmer which is great for me but may be disappointing for others.

      I was also a little concerned that this might sink into my fine lines (wrinkles really!) but as I'd popped on some good foundation this powder didn't settle in them at all. I wouldn't say I have a flawless-looking skin when using this but more of a smoother & healthier look.

      It's also easy to remove with cleanser/ make-up remover & I've not experienced any irritation despite having a slightly sensitive skin.

      I'm not sure that I'd recommend this to everyone because our skin types are so different & the looks we're all aiming at may be different - however, having tried out about 30 different powders ranging from £2.99 to over £30 I'm going to stick with this despite the fact it's fiddly to get started as I got there in the end!


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        05.01.2009 01:14
        Very helpful



        It's ok but I'm not sure it's worth the price tag to be honest

        I have written a few reviews during my time here on Dooyoo about blushers and bronzers and while I admit I adore and simply couldn't live without blusher as I'm really pale skinned, bronzer on the other hand I find really very hard to get looking right. We are told most women suit shades of brown make up. I don't, and it really is as simple as that! Most bronzers I find far too dark no matter how light handed I try to be and I end up looking like Jordan with black black hair or like I've been playing with my Mummy's make up!

        However I always say I'll never buy another bronzing or fake tanning product for as long as I live, as I throw the one I've purchased and throw it at the bin at 100 miles an hour, swearing about what a waste of money that was.... yet again! I just can't accept I can't be a glowing goddess for some reason and I really do keep trying lol

        I love Boots and I love bargain hunting and this I purchased simply because there was a deal on No17 (Boots own product) that at the time spend over a fiver get a free gift (do look out for deals within this range). Yes I like me freebies and money off lol. The usual price of this is £5.49.

        The Packaging....

        Browny/bronze, shimmery round plastic compact which is recyclable. On the front in gold letters I'm told it's 17 then in bronzy coloured writing I'm told it's Instant Glow Wash Off Self Tan and then once again in gold writing I'm told it's Shimmer Powder. On the bottom in small gold writing I'm told a bit about the product, that my chosen colour is Aztec Gold (2 colours available as far as I'm aware), ingredients are listed, contact details for Boots are given, the weight is stated, there is a bar-code on there and the recycle symbol is displayed. It's a rather chunky but light compact that you flip open and it's the same colour as the outside on the inside and the product is on the bottom, still round and like a pressed powder. I don't mind the packaging it just seems rather bulky if for any reason you wanted to take it out and about with you in your handbag for any reason and could do with being a wee bit smaller (same amount of product).

        A Bit About The Product (According To The The Bottom Of The Compact)....

        Brush over the face and body to achieve a naturally bronzed look. Dermatologically Tested. Fragrance Free.

        Using It....

        Well I can accept there is no mirror in the compact but what I find hard to understand with such a product is that there is no applicator of any type given. There would be room for a smallish one in such a large compact and I just feel an applicator in a product such as this would be a wise idea as bronzers (as a rule) can be fairly dark and/or shimmery and I get fed up after using a product such as this on my regular brushes and getting remnants on my skin when I don't want to!

        Applying it however is straight forward/ish. My preffered method is to use a very large, good quality blusher brush. I sweep my brush gently over the colour and I apply it to where I want to. Now with my skin tone I go very gently and build the colour gradually taking my time. If I use a smaller blusher brush I find that it is better for defining areas I.E cheekbones but I find the colour too harsh for my skin tone (great for those of you darker skinned gals though!). Even trying to blend it once it is on is difficult so as I said I prefer to just gently sweep it on for a bit of a glow.

        It goes on easily on top of a make up base or on naked skin. It is a fine, dry powder and none clumpy and when you sweep a brush in it the powder clings to the brush and doesn't get 'dust' everywhere which makes this fuss free to use. Sweep it wherever you want colour, face, shoulders, declotage. Once again though my particular colour is far too dark to use anywhere but brushed very lightly on my face and it does take a bit of work to get it to blend it isn't just one you can sweep on and go and you do have to watch your step with it.

        The colour is quite flat and you really do have to search for the promised shimmer (which is there but it is very subtle). I find if I go too heavy handed with it I can't blend it very well at all and it can look smeared on. Once on the skin though it doesn't smell, doesn't irritate and stays put till you chose to remove it which is really very simple indeed.

        This is ok but I have to take my time applying it and checking in different lights that it really doesn't look fake or to patchy. Would I recommend it? Well I wouldn't say it's awful if used with a big brush and brushed on very delicately but if your pale you do have to be very careful with it and this is probably best suited to darker skinned girls than I!


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